Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 755 – The Central Region of Second Level

Chapter 755 – The Central Region of Second Level

The Central Region of Second Level

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A moment after Jiang Chen entered the Second Level, he had already exterminated a devil clan and killed thousands of devils. Since these devils could breed rapidly and had very strong survivability, Jiang Chen’s ma.s.sacre was akin to a chestnut in the sea. It wasn’t significant at all.

Jiang Chen was refining the devil souls as he flew. There were twenty Seventh Grade Devil Emperor, six Eight Grade Devil Emperor and two Ninth Grade Devil Emperor devil souls. He was utilizing his dragon transformation art to absorb all of them. Jiang Chen didn’t refine any devil souls that are below Seventh Grade Devil Emperor as they wouldn’t bring much benefits to him. He might as well keep it for other uses. Only those devil souls that are of the eighth grade or above could significantly help him. The Seventh Grade Devil Emperor was going to become ineffective to him soon.

His Dragon Transformation Art was advancing rapidly while he was refining the devil souls. In a mere span of ten minutes, all the devil souls were refined completely. Despite the great number of devil souls, he only managed to condense five hundred dragon marks out of it. There were still five hundred dragon marks more to go before he reached the eighth grade.

Although Jiang Chen had predicted such result, he still shook his head. It was absurd to require such ma.s.sive amounts of energy in advancement. He was a Seventh Grade Combat Emperor now, if he reached the Minor Saint, Great Saint or even higher rank like the Immortal realm, the energy requirement would be out of his estimation. This was undeniably a ma.s.sive process in his cultivation path.

However, these problems didn’t concern him. Dragon Transformation Art would become more difficult to advance as he increased his grade but when upgraded, it would enhance his pool of energy and increase his combat strength. With the power of his current grade, it was enough to handle a First Grade Minor Saint. Any opponent below the Minor Saint Grade wouldn’t pose a problem to him. These were all due to the Dragon Transformation Art. Although he had reached the height of being the Greatest Saint before, he didn’t achieve such miraculous result as compared to now. There was a huge difference between before and after he had been reincarnated.

“I can’t care too much about it, I should continue to kill devils and rush my grade to the Eighth Grade Combat Emperor.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes flickered with brilliance. His arrival to the Devil World was a nightmare to the devils on the Second Level. No one knew how many devils would face their death.

The Second Level in Devil World was a very big area, it was like a huge domain. There were devils scattered around every corner of the area but there weren’t many clans present. He wanted to find a large devil clan to begin his ma.s.sacre because killing these scattered devils were a waste of time. Furthermore, there were limited benefits in killing scattered devils. He had to find a stronger clan that consisted of high grade devil souls to help him in advancement.

As he flew, he ignored all the devils that were moving below. He must find a powerful clan as his requirement for advancement was too big. After a few hours of travelling, he encountered some devils that blocked his path, but they were all killed instantly, none of them could be his opponent.

The devil Qi a hundred miles in front was at its peak. It was thicker than any devil nest he went through. Using his divine sense, he found out that there was a big devil clan ahead. This clan was many times stronger than the previous clan. There was a high chance that this was the central region of the Second Level.

Jiang Chen was moving fast. In a few blinks, he reached the place that was a hundred miles away. Sure enough, there was a devil castle. It was at least ten times larger than the previous castle. Over ten large devil clouds were drifting above, making the place even darker and it sent out some kind of pressure towards anyone who went near it.

The devil Qi here was at its maximum. The devil Qi gave out a chilling intent and a powerful corrosive effect, imparting a very unpleasant feeling to people within range. Any ordinary people who came here wouldn’t be able to withstand the environment. Even a powerful human cultivator would be affected by the atmosphere of the environment, decreasing his power. Such atmosphere was akin to Jiang Chen’s suppression of fire on those devils.

However, all of these weren’t affecting Jiang Chen at all as he himself was the suppressor of the devils.


Without saying a word, he drew out his Heavenly Saint Sword and landed above the castle. He then slash a devil cloud into half, a powerful light of sword landed from the sky, slas.h.i.+ng and crus.h.i.+ng the magnificent building below.

*Howl* *Howl*

There was a sudden flurry of movement among the devils. Every corner in the devil castle was filled with edgeless howls. A vast amount of devil Qi had formed above the sky as the wave of devil aura soared up. Jiang Chen was like a boat that was made of a piece of leaf standing in the ocean of Devil Qi, he was as steady as Tai Mountain. His whole body was burning with flames which looked like a s.h.i.+ning sun in the darkness, totally undisrupted by the devil Qi.

It was a death attempt to attack the devil clan located in the central region. Every ferocious devil was aiming at him. This castle was certainly a lot larger than the previous one. There were more than ten Ninth Grade Devil Emperors in it. Nonetheless, Jiang Chen didn’t feel worried in face of such a situation, instead a smile was shown on his face. He urgently needed the devil soul of Ninth Grade Devil Emperors. If he could kill all the Ninth Grade Devil Emperors here, their devils souls would help him to reach the Eighth Grade Combat Emperor.

A few Ninth Grade Devil Emperors lunged at him as they saw him. Jiang Chen also struck without waiting for them to arrive. The brilliant light of sword of his Heavenly Saint Sword reached a devil leader in a blink of an eye. Its face changed as it felt the domineering aura from the sword. The slash was too fast for it to dodge.


The devil let out a wail in agony and was slashed into half. He stabbed into the devil soul and brought it to himself.

*Howl* *Howl* *Howl*

The scene was seen by many devils. Each of their faces was exuding fear. Even the other Ninth Grade Devil Emperor was making loud howls. There was some kind of fright in their eyes. That was right, it was fright. The human in front of them was too frightening. A single strike was enough to finish their Ninth Grade Devil Emperor. This made the remaining Ninth Grade Devil Emperors froze at their spots.

*Hong Long*

This time, a strong howl was heard. A very powerful big devil appeared. It was an old man in black robe. It didn’t look any different from a human elderly. It had reached the stage of shape s.h.i.+fting.

Its Qi originated from the source of devil, so it was easy to tell that it was a devil.

Its’ eyes were like a chilling blade, it s.h.i.+fted its glace to Jiang Chen in a second. This was a mighty First Grade Minor Devil Saint, it was similar to First Grade Minor Saint human cultivator, and those Devil Emperors couldn’t be compared to it.

Jiang Chen didn’t show any sign of fear even after seeing the appearance of the First Grade Minor Devil Saint. On the contrary, he felt happy. Now he could confirm the fact that a Minor Devil Saint actually existed in the central region of the Second Level. Despite losing Ah Da and Ah Er, his current grade was enough to confront a First Grade Minor Devil Saint.

“What a smart human! You dare to come to the central of the Second Level! You truly have no idea what death is!”

The old man spoke in human language. By looking solely at its face, there was no doubt that it was a human, no one would have guessed that this old man was a powerful devil.

“Cut down your nonsense. This place will be razed to the ground, none will be left alive.”

Jiang Chen’s Qi fluctuated as he bellowed at the old man.

“Haha! What a wildly arrogant young man! In that case, allow me to send you to h.e.l.l!”

The old man laughed. It felt that it heard the funniest joke it had ever. There were at least a hundred thousand devils here, they were just boastful words as one man couldn’t possibly kill so many devils.


Jiang Chen let out a cold humph. The wave of flames on the Heavenly Saint Sword was soaring above. He approached near the elder in a flash. Initially, he wanted to use the edifying light to edify this Minor Devil Saint, but a First Grade Minor Devil Saint couldn’t do much for him. He didn’t want to waste the edifying light on this useless devil.

*Hong Long*

The s.p.a.ce was cut and was torn to pieces by the Heavenly Saint Sword. A deafening blast was created, it was as though the sword was creating an opening at the sky. The old man changed its countenance dramatically because it could feel a dangerous Qi from this slash. The Qi was too frightening.

Jiang Chen’s combat strength had enhanced by a few folds after condensing five hundred dragon marks. With the help of the flames, he didn’t require much effort fighting against a First Grade Minor Devil Saint.

The old man didn’t have any hesitation. It immediately unleashed a powerful attack to defend the incoming slash. However, its attack couldn’t hold the powerful slash of Heavenly Saint Sword and was crushed by it.

*Deng* *Deng* *Deng*

The old man staggered over ten steps backwards before finding its balance, but its Qi wasn’t balanced anymore. A mere strike had crushed its confidence in battle. It was too weak to be Jiang Chen’s opponent. The scene was witnessed by all the devils. Each of them was opening their mouths wide. This brought them another shock. The shock was far greater than the time when the Ninth Grade Devil Emperor was killed. The gap between a Ninth Grade Devil Emperor and a First Grade Minor Devil Saint was so wide, it couldn’t be imagined. The power gap was as wide as the heaven and the earth. Despite that, not even the Minor Devil Saint was strong enough to be his opponent. What kind of human was he? How could his power reach this extent?

“This young man is hard to handle, not even I can be his opponent. It seems like I need to request some help.”

Its face was filled with fear but it had stopped its attacks. It made a heaven-and-earth shaking howl while it faced the sky. The sound was turned into layers of sound waves to reach someone. Those Ninth Grade Devil Emperors understood the action of the old man because there was a stronger being hidden in the deeper region of Second Level. The old man was requesting aid from it.


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