Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 754 – Doom

Chapter 754 – Doom


He was like a divine and powerful sun G.o.d descending from above. With his body engulfed with flames, all the devils were incinerated into nothingness. These flames were indeed the flames that could suppress these vile devils.

Over tens of devils with Devil King grade were crushed by a single punch. The devil souls were drifting out from the dusts one after another. He then kept them all. Every soul was a fortune. Jiang Chen was wickedly acc.u.mulating wealth.

The fight just now had alarmed the entire castle. However, Jiang Chen didn’t care and did not try to conceal himself, he didn’t need to reason with them. He just wanted to destroy the castle using the most barbarous method.

*Howl* *Howl*

Howls resounded from inside the castle. Silhouettes that blotted the light had emerged. There were devils everywhere, intensifying the devil Qi and blackening the atmosphere. The Devil Emperors also unleashed a powerful devil Qi, this was their trump card. They were clearly infuriated because someone dared to attack their castle.

Jiang Chen smiled upon seeing a huge devil that was around forty meters tall. It was a powerful ninth grade devil emperor. It was obvious that this Ninth Grade Devil Emperor was the master of this castle—the strongest of them all.

Through scanning the entire castle using his divine sense, he found out that there were more than tens of thousands of them. However, he was not interested in devils that were below the seventh grade of the Devil Emperor realm. Though this devil clan wasn’t considered a strong one, it was also not a weak clan.. In fact, there were two Ninth Grade Devil Emperors, six Eighth Grade Devil Emperors and about twenty Seventh Grade Devil Emperors. These devils were Jiang Chen’s target.

*Howl!* *Howl!*

Howls could be heard again. The leader among them gave the order to its army, and, consequently, thousands of them lunged at Jiang Chen like a swarm. For a moment, the area that spanned a thousand miles wide had turned very dark as the devil aura soared to the sky.

“Fire dragon flame!”

He bellowed and waved his big palm. A fire dragon of roughly forty meters long was then summoned. It looked very divine as it let out a deafening dragon roar. The flames that were unleashed from its body had burnt the void. It then charged towards the army of devils.

*Hong* *Hong* *Hong*

At this instant, a sea of fire erupted on the area along with the howls and wails of the devils. The devils were not powerful enough to stop Jiang Chen’s fire dragon. They were all incinerated into nothing. Those who were lower in grade disappeared along with their devil soul.

The variation in power was just too great. It wasn’t just one or two grade difference. Moreover, Jiang Chen’s flame was the bane of the devils. The swarm of devils were burnt to death group by group. Devil souls flew out from the dead and shot straight to him like a meteor shower. Jiang Chen had kept all of them as they were valuable resources.

Though it was only a minute’s time, at least over a thousand of the devils had already died under Jiang Chen’s fire dragon. The entire scene was akin to mowing the lawn. The ferocious devils couldn’t withstand even a single blow and the remaining devils were still dying.

The situation had frozen the leader. It knew that his human was merely a Seventh Grade Combat Emperor but the power of the fire dragon was beyond its imagination.

The leader bellowed once more. Afterwards, countless devils stopped their attacks, while all Eighth and Seventh Grade Devil Emperors started to surround Jiang Chen. These Devil Emperors were considered very dangerous to humans. Any human with the same level of cultivation as these devils would find it hard to fight them, he wouldn’t even stand a chance

Nevertheless, Jiang Chen didn’t have the slightest change in his expression. His hand struck and the dragon fire returned to his side. He then grabbed the tail of the fire dragon and swept it around the devils.


All the devils howled. They didn’t dodge the attack, but launched their attacks instead, preparing to shred this mad human to pieces. Although the fire dragon could suppress their strength, they were very confident in their power. They didn’t believe that this kind of suppression could affect them much.

*Bang* *Bang* *Bang*

The result was disappointing and cruel. Six Eighth Grade Devil Emperors and twenty Seventh Grade Devil Emperors launched their strongest attack, but none of them could stop Jiang Chen’s fire dragon. Wails filled the atmosphere. A round of sweep had wiped out half of them. If the remaining devils didn’t run away quickly, they would meet the same fate.

*Hua La La*

Strong devil souls entered entered Jiang Chen’s body. This time he didn’t keep them into his spatial ring but refined them instead. He circulated his dragon transformation art and purified all the devil Qi in the devil soul, and then absorbed the purest energy.

The energy from the Devil Emperors were undoubtedly enormous. As a result, dragon marks started to condense in his Qi Sea. When he refined the essence of the Mulberry Divine Tree, his body had acc.u.mulated fifty three thousand dragon marks. Thus, he only needed a thousand more dragon marks to rise to the eighth grade. Today, he could use his advantage and power to seize devil souls and advance to the eighth grade.

As his grade went higher, it would be harder for him to advance using the Dragon Transformation Art. A tremendous amount of energy was needed for every advancement. He had refined quite a number of devil souls but only a few dragon marks were formed.

“Haha! They all are dead. Let me have a gluttonous meal.”

Jiang Chen laughed wildly. His black hair was dancing randomly while he rushed forward. He wildly struck with his fire dragon seal combined with the true dragon palm. The remaining Eighth and Seventh Grade Devil Emperor couldn’t escape from his attack. In a few blinks, they all died and their souls were seized by him.


The leader exclaimed in shock, as he spoke in human language. Fear and shock was written all over his face. The human before it was too strong, absolutely beyond his imagination. The battle was one-sided, it was a ma.s.sacre. None of them had a chance to counter the human’s attack. All of them died as soon as they were struck with his attack. There were no exceptions, even for the Eighth Grade Devil Emperors.

“F*ck, let’s attack together to get rid of him!”

The leader clamored. He and the other Ninth Grade Devil Emperor lunged at him together. Two s.h.i.+ny black devil weapons had suddenly materialized in their hands. The weapons exuded a very dark and gloomy Qi, which made it seem very ghastly. They were low grade devil weapons.

These devil weapons were no doubt rare treasures. If these devil weapons were obtained by the Dark Devil Religion, their overall strength would increase.

The two Ninth Grade Devil Emperors charged at Jiang Chen. Obviously, they were many folds stronger than the previous Devil Emperors. They believed that despite being suppressed by a tiny Seventh Grade Combat Emperor, he certainly wouldn’t be their opponent.

Unfortunately, these two Devil Emperors had it all wrong. They hadn’t witnessed his terrifying power before, so they had unknowingly walked into their death path.

Jiang Chen kept his fire dragon and came before the two Ninth Grade Devil Emperors with a sway. He sent out two not so fancy punches. Its speed was very fast. Each punch had precisely pounded against their devil weapons.


The two Devil Emperors were sent flying away by Jiang Chen’s punches. The devil weapons slipped away from their hands. They were shocked by the attack, they had just realized how strong their opponent was.


Jiang Chen didn’t give the two devils a chance. He strode forward and appeared above the other devil and stamped on its skull. As soon the skull broke, the cracking sound was heard. Blood gushed out like a fountain and a devil soul was caught by Jiang Chen.

Next moment, Jiang Chen appeared above the leader like a ghostly figure. Likewise, his foot landed on its skull, causing it to die instantly. To Jiang Chen who cultivated the Azure Dragon’s Five Steps, every step he made was beyond any ordinary person’s imagination. To these devils, every step represented death.

From the start of the battle until now, only five minutes had pa.s.sed. All the Seventh Grade and above Devil Emperors were dead. There were also countless of them who were killed by Jiang Chen. Two of the strongest devils were gone, the remaining devils were full of fear in their eyes. How could they continue to fight Jiang Chen? They hastily scattered and escaped.

*Hua La*

Jiang Chen moved again and arrived at the castle. The flames burst out from his body. In that moment, the area within a hundred miles had become a sea of fire.

“Ah…” “Ah…” “Ah…”

Devils’ wails filled the void. Any devil that was touched by the flames died instantly. Devil souls were flying towards Jiang Chen through the sea of fire and was kept by him.

Due to the ma.s.sive number of devils and their frantic escape, Jiang Chen couldn’t kill all of them despite his incredible power. It was already considered terrifying killing five to six thousand devils, which was at least half of their total number. This was without a doubt an astonis.h.i.+ng result.

A powerful devil clan had been exterminated. Not even a human Minor Saint could achieve Jiang Chen’s result. The entire process was akin to pulverizing a rotten wood. All of these devils were like insects to him. He could pinch them to death at his will.

Seconds later, a very strong energy rushed out of Jiang Chen’s body, aiming at the castle below. The firm and solid castle was instantly destroyed and became a flat land.

Jiang Chen’s Qi was overpowering. Without any delay, he turned into a light and moved into the deeper region of the Second Level.


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