Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 753 – The Second Level of Devil World

Chapter 753 – The Second Level of Devil World

The Second Level of Devil World

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Jiang Chen didn’t have any doubts regarding this fact. There was no mistake that Tyrant is a rare genius that would only emerged once every ten thousand years. He has wisdom that is rarely seen now. His future achievements would certainly not be lower than Green lotus’ ancestor.

“Ya, great master, Tyrant has brought a monument back. Do you have any idea about its origin?”

Jiang Chen suddenly thought of that creepy monument. Back in the Death Mountain, many would have died without the help of the monument. Not even Jiang Chen had seen such a divine monument before. One should know that whatever treasure that Jiang Chen didn’t have knowledge of, Great Master Ran Feng wouldn’t have it either. However, the monument had recognized Tyrant, which meant that it was somehow related to Buddha Sect. Perhaps Great Master Ran Feng had heard about it.

“The first thing that Tyrant showed me when he returned was the monument, but, not even I have seen it before. How ironic is it that I can’t lift the monument, but Tyrant can. There is certainly a connection between Tyrant and the monument, this is his fate.”

Great Master Ran Feng smiled.


Jiang Chen froze. He thought that the reason he couldn’t lift the monument was mainly because of his lack of strength. Great Master Ran Feng was a Ninth Grade Minor Saint, but he too, couldn’t move it. In that case, the origin of the monument should be extraordinary.

“However, there was a historic incident in Buddha Sect. Many years ago, there used to be a holy monument at the side of the Buddha. As time pa.s.sed, the Buddha disappeared along with the monument. The Buddha had probably gone to a greater world, the Immortal World. If the monument of Tyrant was related to the Buddha’s divine monument, this story should be true.”

Great Master Ran Feng hypothesized, but it had happened a very long time ago. There were no records to be found. At any rate, Tyrant was already fated to possess the monument.

Jiang Chen furrowed his brows after listening to the story. The Buddha had disappeared many years ago, the Death Mountain had also existed for a very long time. From his guess, could it be that the Buddha had gone to the Death Mountain and went to colossal sect? If this was true, there was a high chance that the Buddha was related to the extermination of colossal sect.

Of course, these were all just guesses without proof.

“Drop it, I should stop thinking about all of these. I’m not interested in knowing the matters of Buddha Sect. Tyrant is my brother. I would naturally feel happy for him for obtaining such a treasure.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile. There were no evidences to prove that his guess was true and he was also not interested in finding any proofs, even if he did, there was no way to bring the colossal sect back. It was similar to the glory in his past life, it was already unrelated to his current life.

He had another chat with Great Master Ran Feng before leaving for the Devil World. Initially, he wanted to pay a visit to Tyrant, but he was already in seclusion. At any rate, the main purpose of his visit to Western Domain was to go to the Devil World.

Great Master Ran Feng didn’t ask why he was going there. In great master’s eyes, Jiang Chen may be young but was very experienced and mature. He definitely had his reasons. Jiang Chen would’ve told him if he wanted to. If he didn’t, great master wouldn’t ask.

Devil World encompa.s.sed a thousand mile area, it was a place with no human habitation. Very few people would go there even during the normal days. The high-ranked monks and some disciples from the major powers of Western Domain would come here to undergo harsh training.

Jiang Chen landed at one place. It was the weakest area of the Devil World, so it was easy for anyone to enter through this place. With Jiang Chen’s current strength, it would be very easy for him to enter the Devil World.

*Weng* *Weng*

There was an edge that connected the place to a deeper area. While standing near the edge, one could hear a deafening buzzing sound and see the eerie devil Qi from the inside. There were devils that were expelled for some period of time but they weren’t plenty and most of their cultivation grade weren’t very high. Thus, these devils couldn’t create any significant waves of attack as they would be immediately exterminated by human cultivators. If there was a powerful devil or devils that would came out, it would alarm the Great Lightning Tune Temple. They would then send high-ranked experts to exterminate or suppress them.


A howl suddenly came from the inside of the Devil World. A black claw stuck out from the darkness. Jiang Chen couldn’t help but smile, it seemed like he was here at the right time. There were devils being expelled from the Devil World but these devils were destined to meet their end after meeting Jiang Chen.

That sharp claw was trying to penetrate the edge of the barrier. Its body only became visible after a few attempts.

“Don’t waste your effort.”

Jiang Chen extended his great palm and grabbed the devil’s sharp claw, pulling it out of the barrier. When it felt human Qi, it immediately opened its big mouth, wanting to eat his flesh.

It was a pity that this devil was just too weak. Its’ cultivation level was merely a Devil King. Jiang Chen could easily kill it in a breath.

He raised his folding fan and slapped it at the devil and the devil soul that drifted out was kept by him.The devil soul of a Devil King realm couldn’t help his advancement at all, even if he refined it. He had to refine the devil soul of a high grade Devil Emperor or even of a Minor Devil Saint to see its effectiveness.

These devil souls were useless to him and to the other people as well. He wanted to obtain a large amount of devil souls and bring it back to the Dark Devil Religion as these devil souls were considered valuable treasures to them.

After killing a devil with ease, he made a sway and entered the Devil World.

The dark winds were whistling. The devil Qi was everywhere, it had completely blotted the sky and the sun. There wasn’t day or night here. The color of the atmosphere was the same throughout the year. The place where Jiang Chen was located was at the first level of the Devil World. He had been here before with Heavenly Sect last time, during their harsh training.

The strongest devil in this level was a Ninth Grade Devil King. Jiang Chen would be in luck if one or two Devil Emperors would emerge from here, otherwise this place wouldn’t even pose a threat to him.

He moved using the spatial s.h.i.+ft and turned into a light, flying towards the deeper region of the Devil World. He was heading to the second level. There would be plenty of Devil Emperors or even Minor Devil Saints there. For his advancement, he would even try to go to the Third level to train.

He knew that after the battle in the Death Mountain, Nan Bei Chao would rapidly advance his cultivation using his Immortal physique. He had no idea how much his arch-enemy had advanced. Thus, he didn’t want to waste any time. He had predicted that the Mysterious Domain would soon face its doom. He had to train hard in the Devil World to drastically improve his cultivation.

His foundation had become even stronger. Even if he devoured the devil souls to advance his grade, it wouldn’t have a negative effect on his foundation.


A powerful Devil King howled loudly and emerged from the void, blocking Jiang Chen’s path. It was a stronger devil compared to the previous one, it was already a Ninth Grade.

This Devil King was going to eat him, unfortunately, it had already met its end when it encountered Jiang Chen.


Jiang Chen’s attack was cruel. His abrupt punch had crushed the head of the devil. A devil soul appeared and was grabbed by Jiang Chen and kept it in his spatial ring.

Jiang Chen’s speed was fast, he had reached the deepest region of the First Level. There were also some cultivators that were training in this place. Some were amazed when they saw a light flying straight past them into the Second Level.

“Who was that? He is going into the Second Level?”

“I can feel his powerful Qi. I think he is a high grade Combat Emperor. For a being like that, there won’t be any challenges for him in the First Level.”

“But the Second Level is too dangerous. I heard that there are Minor Devil Saints existing there. Even a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor would die if he met such a devil.”

“Who cares about him? There are dangers everywhere and lives would be taken any time. We should take care of ourselves.”


Due to the large demand of devil souls, a lot of cultivators had come to the Devil World to obtain them. They could use the devil souls to exchange for their desired cultivation resources. This was why there were always some human cultivators in the Devil World.


After pa.s.sing through a barrier, Jiang Chen entered the Second Level of the Devil World. The atmosphere here was more gruesome than that of the First Level. There were some kind of a corrosive force and a greater devil Qi in this level. However, it didn’t affecting him at all, he possessed a lot of treasures that could suppress any skill of the devils. The Dragon transformation art could naturally suppress the devils.

Jiang Chen always had the advantage when it came to dealing with devils. Without a doubt, he could suppress all the devils. With his current strength, he had no problems facing a First Grade Minor Saint human cultivator. If he was met with a First Grade Minor Devil Saint, he was confident that he would be able eliminate it with ease because it couldn’t exert all of its power while being suppressed.

After flying for over ten minutes, he saw a black castle ahead. It was the castle of the devils, a clan of the devil race.

“Good, I have found a clan. It is quite a big clan, I think there would be plenty of powerful devils inside. I will start my ma.s.sacre here and collect unimaginable benefits.”

Jiang Chen revealed a cold smile. He boosted his Qi and flew towards the castle.

There was a group of Devil Kings guarding the castle. After they noticed that a human was approaching, they charged at the intruder.


Jiang Chen struck a punch with golden waves. Over ten of the devils were pulverized on the spot.


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