Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 752 – Meeting Great Master Ran Feng again

Chapter 752 – Meeting Great Master Ran Feng again

Meeting Great Master Ran Feng again

and the Twelfth.


A dramatic change happened in the old man’s countenance. Whatever that was, it had put him in a dangerous position. This was exactly like dreaming. The golden light pillar was very familiar to him. It was precisely the attack he launched just now!

There wasn’t much time for contemplation as the powerful attack was already in front of him. He had to block it. Despite being a Second Grade Minor Saint, he was confused by the situation. He hadn’t thought that such a scene would happen, so he just stood there, waiting for Jiang Chen to be destroyed when he sent that attack.

He was caught unprepared when his strongest attack was reflected. Even if he was at his peak condition, he would still need to use all of his effort to defend this attack.

*Hong Long*

As he was running out of options, he raised both of his hands and launched his strongest attack again . It was a pity that the old man didn’t have a treasure like the Brilliant Mirror to reflect the attack. The attack hit the old man directly.

He was sent flying away after receiving his strongest attack. Looking from afar, the old man could only find his balance after flying for more than ten miles.


A considerable amount of blood shot out from his mouth. Consequently, his face had turned slightly pale. In truth, he should be able to handle such an attack with ease. However, it happened too fast and was totally beyond his expectation. It was too unusual. Who would have thought that his attack would actually be reflected and attack him instead? He was completely caught off guard. He suffered a serious injury because he was unable to defend himself. One could say that this was rather an amusing incident.

“Brat! What treasure is that?”

The old man asked in a cold tone. His gaze was totally focused on the Brilliant Mirror in Jiang Chen’s hand. Logically, he understood that the situation became like this because of the powerful mirror, otherwise Jiang Chen would’ve died for sure.

“Brilliant Mirror.”

Jiang Chen replied in a similar tone.

“What? The Brilliant Mirror of Nebula Sect could have such an astonis.h.i.+ng power?”

The old man exclaimed. There was a divine mirror in Nebula Sect, called the Brilliant Mirror. It wasn’t a secret to the public, but no one knew of its true function and power. As time pa.s.sed, a lot of people had already forgotten about this treasure. n.o.body had ever thought that the Brilliant Mirror could be this powerful.

“Old man, I have the Brilliant Mirror with me. You can’t kill me. If you do, you will eventually die under your own hands.”

Jiang Chen made a stride forward with the mirror. It produced a buzzing noise and was s.h.i.+ning brightly, making it looked very divine.

The old man’s facial expression changed. His eyes were like torch-fire that was fixed on Jiang Chen, he noticed that Jiang Chen’s face was healthily red and his Qi was exceptionally normal, there wasn’t a sign of weakness in him. The old man started to lose his confidence in killing this kid. At the same time, Jiang Chen was also extremely frightened, but he must maintain his composure by showing a domineering spirit. If the old man found out that he had actually expended all of his energy and couldn’t reflect another attack, his opponent would definitely kill him at all costs.

“Brat, consider this your lucky day, but I would certainly take your life next time.”

After leaving a sentence, the old man vanished. He didn’t choose to continue fighting as he had been hit hard, which inhibited him from performing his strongest attack again. Moreover, if he was. .h.i.t again by the Brilliant Mirror, not only would he fail to kill the brat, his life might be in danger. For safety purposes, he had to let his prey go. It was clear to him that the Brilliant Mirror could only reflect the attack of a Second Grade Minor Saint. If it was an attack of a Third Grade Minor Saint, it wouldn’t work at all. Though he failed to kill Jiang Chen this time, he had at least witnessed Jiang Chen’s trump cards, which was still worth it.

As the old man left, Jiang Chen kept the Brilliant Mirror. He didn’t resume his journey but went to the remote mountains. Currently, he had become extremely weak.

“d.a.m.n! This Brilliant Mirror is really a bloodthirsty thing. Luckily the old man left because of fear, otherwise, I would be dead.”

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but curse. Although the Brilliant Mirror was very powerful, the requirement to reflect a single attack was too great. Jiang Chen’s enormous pool of energy was sucked dry. If he was replaced by another Combat Emperor, it would be impossible for him to reflect the attack.

He did not procrastinate. He quickly sat down with his legs crossed and immediately circulated his dragon transformation art. A large amount of energy from the Heaven Rank Restoration pills was absorbed. At the same time, the heaven and earth Yuan Force in a hundred mile radius had been sucked clean by him.

A few minutes later, Jiang Chen had recovered half of his energy. Then, he stood up and left, heading in the direction of the Western Domain. There wasn’t even half of the journey anymore, he would continue his recovery while travelling. The dragon transformation art allowed him to heal incredibly fast.

Far away in the void, the old man of the Tan Family was also recovering from his injuries, but a sudden thought struck him.

“There was something not right about that kid. The Brilliant Mirror is a peak Minor Saint weapon. It was unimaginable that a Combat Emperor could use such a weapon. Furthermore, using the weapon would require a ma.s.sive amount of energy. It was impossible for that kid’s energy to remain unchanged after using it.”

The old man made a sway and vanished. In the next moment, he returned to the battlefield and found out that the heaven and earth Yuan Force was virtually zero. Now he knew that he was deceived by Jiang Chen.

“Such a wretched boy! d.a.m.n!”

The old man was infuriated and bellowed. He wouldn’t have guessed that Jiang Chen was forcefully maintaining his strength back then. Jiang Chen had already exhausted all of his energy. If he attacked once again, that brat would certainly not be able to reflect his attack and would die for sure. Due to his own misjudgement, he had let his prey run away.

He couldn’t see the shadow of Jiang Chen anymore. He was able to set an ambush here due to the messenger talisman sent by a disciple of Tan Family outside Nebula Sect. Now, Jiang Chen was gone, without even leaving a single trace of Qi, he wouldn’t be able to chase after him.

He felt deep remorse and resented Jiang Chen to the core. As the saying goes, ‘A cooked duck had flown away.’ Not to mention, he was also placed in a difficult position in the battle. Undeniably, this was a very shameful incident. When he returned to the Tan Family, he would certainly be disdained by the other elders.

At the present moment, Jiang Chen was already more than ten thousand miles away from the previous battlefield. All of his expended energy had been fully recovered. After the dangerous battle with the Second Grade Minor Saint, he understood the power of the Brilliant Mirror. He could use it as a powerful trump card but couldn’t place all of his hopes on it since its consumption of energy was just too great. To Jiang Chen, it was only a one-time use. After that, he would definitely be killed by his opponent.

A few days later, Jiang Chen arrived in the Western Domain. The place was full of holy and pure Qi, very similar to the nation of Buddha Sect. Despite being in such a place, he could still smell the stench of blood and Qi of slaughtering. Western Domain wasn’t a huge territory. However, there wasn’t merely Buddha Sect here. There were also other minor and intermediate powers. When he arrived, he abruptly thought of Heavenly Sect. In that year, he and Heavenly Sect had become sworn enemies, and it had brought the Dark Shadow’s a.s.sa.s.sins into the picture.

Nevertheless, Jiang Chen still didn’t want to settle their old score, it was not his main objective in coming here. With his current strength, he was still incapable of fighting against the sect. His main priority was the Devil World. He wanted to experience a challenging battle in the Devil World, to obtain unimaginable benefits and to increase his cultivation level.

“Since I have come here, I must make a trip to Greenlotus Mountain to see how that monk is doing.”

Jiang Chen smiled. He intended to visit the Greenlotus Mountain before heading to the Devil World. Tyrant had already returned to the Greenlotus Mountain to receive the inheritance of Ancestor Greenlotus. The benefits would be unimaginable. That monk might even be able to experience a transformation. Also, it had been a long time since Jiang Chen bade farewell to Great Master Ran Feng.

The Greenlotus Mountain was as serene as before. This was the most famous place in Western Domain. No one would dare to disturb anyone here. Since Great Master Ran Feng had entered the Great Lightning Tune Temple, no one would come to disturb him, if its not a significant matter.

As Jiang Chen stepped into the Greenlotus Mountain, a silhouette appeared beside him. It was Great Master Ran Feng.

Jiang Chen put his palms together. “Great Master.”

“Little friend Jiang Chen has come to pay the old man a visit. This old man is really happy.”

Great Master Ran Feng sounded kind and gentle. He had already witnessed Jiang Chen’s divinity. He wouldn’t dare to show any disdain towards this rare genius. Besides, Jiang Chen had helped him before by giving him a Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill. Under the nourishment of the pill, his grade was enhanced promisingly.

“Judging from great master’s dignified bearing and robust Qi, great master is already half a step into the Great Saint realm. I believed that it won’t take very long for great master to reach the Great Saint realm.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile.

“Thanks to little friend’s Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill.”

Great Master Ran Feng said with grat.i.tude. His gaze scanned Jiang Chen a few times, and couldn’t help but sigh after knowing Jiang Chen’s grade. “Little friend is truly a monstrous genius, to achieve so much in your advancement. This is absolutely a miracle.”

“My purpose of coming to Western Domain is to have an intense training in the Devil World. On the way there, I have pa.s.sed through the Greenlotus Mountain to check how Tyrant is doing.”

Jiang Chen asked.

“He is not bad, better than my expectation. He has already received the inheritance of the ancestor. He is now in seclusion. It depends on him on how far he could advance.”

Great Master Ran Feng said. His mouth revealed a trace of a smile when he talked about Tyrant. Obviously, he had a good impression of this disciple. Although Tyrant didn’t restrain himself according to the precept of Buddha Sect, he was a genius with wisdom.


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