Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 751 – The power of the Brilliant Mirror

Chapter 751 – The power of the Brilliant Mirror

The power of the Brilliant Mirror

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The old man laughed loudly. His laughter caused the entire void to vibrate. The sound had travelled far in the night, frightening many of the beasts under the mountain. The old man laughed so hard because he felt that he had just heard the funniest joke in the world.

“Kid, I have to admit that you are the most arrogant young man that I have ever met. Too bad, such arrogance must come with capabilities. It seems like you don’t know the strength of a Minor Saint. Let me tell you, however powerful a Combat Emperor is, he will never be an opponent of a Minor Saint. You are simply depending on these two dead things, but they are nothing in front of me.”

The old man was tickled by Jiang Chen’s statement. He seemed not in a hurry to attack. In his eyes, Jiang Chen was already a trapped prey. He would definitely be able to kill Jiang Chen. He just needed to wave his hand and it would be as effortless as blowing dust.

“That’s right. I heard that you brought these two things from the Death Mountain. Even the five tyc.o.o.ns were deceived by you. You’re a sly one, but I am very curious, how were you able to subdue these two things? If you speak it out, I will grant you a quick and painless death and would absolutely not be torturing.”

The old man looked at Ah Da and Ah Er and spoke to Jiang Chen. A Combat Emperor could subdue two dark souls of Minor Saint grade. Not just anyone could possess this ability, and because none of them knew how could this be done, he needed to obtain the answer from Jiang Chen.

“You are really talkative.”

Jiang Chen shook his head. He felt very lazy to converse with him anymore. His Heavenly Saint Sword appeared in his hand, rippling violently. It slashed the void into half, and the slash reached the old man in a flash.

As if he could feel the scariness of Jiang Chen’s sword, his face instantly changed and he hastily sent out a palm. A brilliant palm seal collided with the Heavenly Saint Sword, bouncing it off.

*Deng* *Deng* *Deng*

Jiang Chen could feel a strong recoiling force. He couldn’t stand it and staggered three steps back before he steadied himself. However, such a situation was already considered acceptable for him. It was impossible for him to deal with a Second Grade Minor Saint with his current combat strength. The impact just now had allowed him to gain a certain understanding about his own combat strength. Although he couldn’t handle a Second Grade Minor Saint, he would be able to handle a First Grade Minor Saint.

“Fantastic. This is truly shocking. A mere Seventh Grade Combat Emperor has a combat strength beyond the Combat Emperor realm. This is comparable to a First Grade Minor Saint, truly a miracle. If a monstrous genius like you are eliminated early, future threats will be definite.”

The old man’s countenance had lost its calmness. It couldn’t be helped because this was the first time he faced such an abnormal being. Although the attack just now wasn’t a threat to him at all, the combat strength that came from Jiang Chen was just too scary. The Tan Family was considered a top power in Mysterious Domain, so they had numerous geniuses. Despite the large number of geniuses, there wasn’t a single one that was as monstrous as Jiang Chen. He couldn’t help but feel that all the geniuses of the Tan Family were trash compared to Jiang Chen.

“Kid, go and die!”

The old man unleashed his murderous intent. He had kept his playful mood. He struck with another palm. A huge palm seal as large as forty meters in diameter shone in the night sky, like a brilliant sun. The void was immediately destroyed by it. It created a rumbling sound while it was lunging at Jiang Chen.

“Ah Da, Ah Er, attack now.”

Jiang Chen yelled at Ah Da and Ah Er. The two dark soul kings let out heaven-and-earth shaking howls before rus.h.i.+ng towards the huge palm seal. Jiang Chen didn’t stop. He struck again with his Heavenly Saint Sword. All of his Yuan Force had been injected into the sword. He joined Ah Da and Ah Er and launched a joint attack.

*Bang!* *Hong Long*

A loud explosion was heard. Powerful waves had incinerated the surrounding void. The area, a hundred miles away from the battlefield, were also affected by it. The Second Grade Minor Saint was just too powerful. Even with the joint attack of Ah Da, Ah Er and Jiang Chen, they weren’t the opponents of the old man. They were all sent flying away with just a single strike.

A trace of blood flowed out of Jiang Chen’s mouth. His body had absorbed a huge blow. He immediately circulated the soul energy of the wood element and the dragon transformation art. His injuries recovered in an instant. This kind of powerful healing power was terrifying.

However, Ah Da and Ah Er didn’t have such a rapid recovery. There were visible cracks on their bodies. Jiang Chen furrowed his brows when he saw this. The two of them were originally dead things, however powerful the soul energy of wood element could be, it still couldn’t help heal them.

“In that case, Ah Da and Ah Er would certainly fall in today’s battle.”

Jiang Chen squinted his eyes. He knew in his heart, that although Ah Da and Ah Er were both First Grade Minor Saints, they didn’t have any other advantage or special skill besides physical attack. They weren’t the opponents of a Second Grade Minor Saint at all. If this battle continued, it wouldn’t take a few rounds for Ah Da and Ah Er to be completely exterminated.

Escape was definitely not an option, given the situation he was in. The old man had locked this entire void with his sphere of power. There was no way for Jiang Chen to escape. The only way was to face the old man head on. Despite that, Jiang Chen didn’t have any concerns, as he still had some more powerful techniques. As for the death of Ah Da and Ah Er, so be it. When he reached the Devil World, he would edify even more powerful devils with the edifying light, those were actual devils, which were greater than the dark souls. Dark souls didn’t possess Yuan Force, they could only depend on their st.u.r.dy physique to battle.

“You have healed?”

The old man couldn’t help but was stunned. He had undoubtedly injured Jiang Chen with his strike just now, causing his Qi to be imbalanced, but Jiang Chen had totally recovered in just a few moments. The old man wouldn’t dare believe it if he didn’t see it with his own eyes.

“This kid is truly a peverse being. He can’t be kept alive. It seems that I have to strike with a stronger attack. I can’t give him the chance to breath.”

The old man revealed a violent look. “I will finish these two dark souls first before finis.h.i.+ng off Jiang Chen.”

The old man then moved and bellowed suddenly, “Imprisoning arrest art.”

Both of his hands were stuck into the dark void and summoned two scary golden cells. With the old man’s powerful sphere of power, Ah Da and Ah Er were contained by the cell. This old man was very cunning, he summoned a third cell, wanting to contain Jiang Chen as well, but Jiang Chen dodged it with spatial s.h.i.+ft.

*Hong Long*

Under his exertion of force, an incredible strength from the golden cells crushed Ah Da and Ah Er into powder. The two dark soul kings were dead but they had contributed a lot ever since they were brought out by Jiang Chen. However, their death had still infuriated Jiang Chen. In spite of his anger, he had to wait. He was waiting for the old man to launch his strongest attack. Then, he would use the Brilliant Mirror to reflect it.

The edifying light could absolutely not be used on the old man as he wasn’t of the evil kind. It wouldn’t work on him.

“Jiang Chen, accept your fate without any more resistance. Don’t even think about escaping alive, even if you were given three wings.”

The old man’s Qi became fierce, unlike the weak old man before. His domineering aura made him look like a king.

“Come and kill me if you dare to.”

Jiang Chen’s body swayed as he casted his nine phantom wolves and spatial s.h.i.+ft. For a moment, the void was full of Jiang Chen’s shadows which had blurred the old man’s vision.

“This kid is too divine. I have to kill him to avoid any possible accidents.”

The elder’s countenance had become heavy. His purpose of coming here was for Jiang Chen. This Jiang Chen had too many techniques and skills. He was a divine being, a being that had also initiated heavenly tribulations. In order to avoid unpleasant dreams and sleepless nights, the old man wanted to finish Jiang Chen off with a strike.

He saw that the old man’s Qi was soaring, like a huge wave rolling up to the sky. Both of the old man’s palms were facing upwards, gathering all the energy of his body towards a single point. A brilliant and huge pillar of light was condensed. It looked like a pillar that used to support the heavens, which was scarier than Jiang Chen’s nine solar finger.

“The opportunity had come.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes sparkled. He was waiting for the old man to launch his strongest attack. He could take this opportunity to test the power of the Brilliant Mirror. There shouldn’t be any problem if he used the Brilliant Mirror to reflect the attack of a Second Grade Minor Saint with his current strength, but he would certainly face danger if his opponent was a Third Grade Minor Saint. Jiang Chen’s grade had limited the power he could control from the Brilliant Mirror.

“Jiang Chen, die now!”

The old man bellowed. The powerful light pillar produced a deafening rumble, pulverizing the void once more as it lunged at Jiang Chen.

“Brilliant Mirror, came out now.”

Jiang Chen’s arm swayed and the Brilliant Mirror appeared. He then instilled his Yuan Force into the mirror. The palm-sized mirror suddenly enlarged and became roughly forty meters in diameter. What happened next really made him want to curse. This mirror was like an abyss, sucking in all the Yuan Force from Jiang Chen’s Qi Sea in one shot. Such an incident was truly rare for an abnormal being who didn’t need to worry about the depletion of Yuan Force.

Jiang Chen’s body was shaken. He quickly absorbed some Heaven Rank Restoration pills to stabilize himself. He couldn’t allow his opponent to see through his plot.

*Weng* *Weng*

The Brilliant Mirror had obtained Jiang Chen’s Yuan Force, it illuminated a dazzling light. It was like a brilliant sun s.h.i.+ning brightly in the dark. Its surface was aimed at the golden light pillar that was charging at Jiang Chen.

The light pillar crashed on the surface of the mirror. Nonetheless, no rumbling sound was produced, as though the powerful attack was precisely absorbed by the Brilliant Mirror. However, in the next moment, a deafening sound began.

*Hong Long*

The Brilliant Mirror erupted from the silence. A similar light pillar rushed out of it. The light had already locked on its target - the old man. It traveled very fast and appeared before the old man in a blink.


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