Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 750 – Blocked by a Second Grade Minor Saint

Chapter 750 – Blocked by a Second Grade Minor Saint

Blocked by a Second Grade Minor Saint

and the Tenth.

The moment the edifying light was shot out, Nebula Kidd couldn’t help but glistened his eyes once again. Although he didn’t know what that light was, it represented some kind of powerful brilliance. The light it illuminated was solid and righteous. He absolutely knew that it wasn’t a simple light.

After the edifying light entered the Brilliant Mirror, its resistance was negated, it had calmed down completely. The golden light became brighter and stronger. Such a response had given Nebula Kidd some kind of intuition. It was the intuition that the Brilliant Mirror had finally found the true holy item that could truly represent righteousness and was ready to follow the light’s order.

In truth, the Dragon Transformation Art had already subdued the Mirror, but the edifying light was a holy treasure of Buddha Sect and had the same frequency as the Brilliant Mirror. Due to Jiang Chen’s constant supply of Divine Sense and soul power, the Brilliant Mirror had also accepted them. The mirror had imprinted Jiang Chen’s soul on its surface.


Jiang Chen’s eyes sparkled and he spoke softly. Ma.s.sive lights were rising up from the sacrificial altar. A four meter large mirror was shrinking. In a few minutes’ time, the Brilliant Mirror had turned into a palm-sized item and was gripped by Jiang Chen.

“This is truly an excellent treasure.”

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but praise. He could feel the great power of the Brilliant Mirror. One couldn’t judge it by its size. The Brilliant Mirror wouldn’t simply follow anyone because of their cultivation. A cultivator could be a lot stronger than Jiang Chen, like a Minor Saint, but that didn’t mean that he could wield it. Now, Jiang Chen had successfully wielded the Brilliant Mirror and it appeared in his palm like nothing.

“Excellent, Jiang Chen, you are truly the reincarnation of the Greatest Saint with exceptional luck. This mirror had been inherited a long time ago but during that period, no one was able to subdue it. It has finally been subdued by you. Due to your level of grade still being weak, you still can’t use the true power of the mirror and it will be difficult for you to wield it. Anyhow, the Brilliant Mirror has already become one of your rare trump cards.”

Nebula Kidd was very excited. Although the Saint weapon had fallen into other people’s possession, it would still be considered that one of his wishes was fulfilled. He wished to see the full power of the Brilliant Mirror while he was still alive. Besides that, he had treated Jiang Chen like his own family member. He had decided to follow Jiang Chen since he found out Jiang Chen’s true ident.i.ty. He was a forward-looking man. His future would be full of advantages if he followed the greatest Saint.

“The Brilliant Light is not bad eh! I am more confident confronting the chaos in Mysterious Domain with this mirror in hand.”

Jiang Chen’s body twisted and walked down from the altar towards Nebula Kidd. His Qi was bursting and his gestures were domineering that it could subdue anyone.

“I feel gratified, to be able to see the divine power of the Brilliant Mirror again.”

Nebula Kidd nodded.

“I will leave Nebula Sect and head to the Western Domain. When I’m not around, you have to advance to the Fifth Grade Minor Saint and try to join forces with the Dark Devil Religion. Freedom Palace, the Tan Family and the Skyhill School will be our enemies. If the two sects won’t ally themselves together while facing Freedom Palace, we would become the prey of Nan Bei Chao sooner or later. Thus, Nebula Sect and the Dark Devil Religion must form an alliance.”

Jiang Chen entrusted this important task to Nebula Kidd. Now, the situation in the Mysterious Domain was very straightforward. There was the existence of Nan Bei Chao in Freedom Palace and his desire to rule the entire domain. The Skyhill School and The Tan Family had turned hostile against Jiang Chen, but their relations.h.i.+p with Freedom Palace wasn’t very good. Anyway, they were still placed in an unfavorable situation. Nebula Sect and the Dark Devil Religion had to join forces to enhance their overall strength and defenses.

“Alright, go now. There is still me and that Wu Yi Mo here in Mysterious Domain on guard. There won’t be any problem.”

Nebula Kidd said. He was a powerful Minor Saint after all. With two of the Minor Saints guarding the domain, it wouldn’t be an easy task to wreak havoc on them.

Later, Jiang Chen straightaway left the spatial zone. This time, he didn’t tell anyone else and left the sect alone, heading towards the Western Domain.

Jiang Chen was truly on his own. He didn’t even bring Big Yellow with him.

Jiang Chen left at night. He was like a stream of light that vanished into the darkness with a ‘swoosh’.

However, Jiang Chen hadn’t realized that there was a black silhouette that was lying in ambush in the deep mountains, like a ghostly figure. No one knew how long did this black silhouette waited. The moment he saw Jiang Chen’s departure, a talisman appeared in his hand and with his control, he turned into a green smoke and disappeared.

There were eight domains in the Divine Continent. They were Heaven Domain, Earth Domain, Mysterious Domain, Yellow Domain, Qian Domain, Kun Domain, Vertical Domain and Transverse Domain. There were some names which were created because of their specific location such as the Vertical Domain and the Transverse Domain. Transverse Domain was also named as Western Domain, the holy land of Buddha Sect.

The journey from the Mysterious to Western Domain was very far. With his current grade, he would need at least three days’ worth of time to get there. However, Jiang Chen wasn’t in a rush to get there. He had obtained quite a huge amount of information and he needed some time to digest them all.

In his journey to the Western Domain, he tried to focus on his Dragon Transformation Art. This divine cultivation method had brought him different kinds miracles each time. He thought that Dragon Transformation Art was merely a cultivation technique but after he started cultivating it, he was amazed by the results. Every metamorphosis of the art would allow him to reap huge benefits, especially the last time, when a drop of dragon blood appeared. It was the time when he dealt with the Brilliant Mirror. An ancient dragon roar appeared in the depths of his soul, crus.h.i.+ng the Brilliant Mirror. Plus, he had seen the image of the dragon transformation during his enlightenment. All of these had helped him understand that the Dragon Transformation Art wasn’t a simple art after all. There were many secrets in the art that were yet to be revealed.

During the purgatory h.e.l.l period in the Eastern Continent, there was a blood talisman. He remembered that the blood talisman had helped him deal with the Earth Demon Beast. Back then, he could already feel a blood connection with the talisman. In his heart, he knew that he didn’t have any connections with the talisman, it was all because of the Dragon Transformation Art and the blood talisman.

Jiang Chen had never forgotten about the blood talisman in the purgatory h.e.l.l. There would be a day, when he would return there to find out what was the actual function of the blood talisman and what’s the connection between the talisman and the Dragon Transformation Art.

While he was totally immersed in his contemplation about the Dragon Transformation Art, he had unknowingly headed towards his destination, until daybreak. Suddenly, something external had awakened Jiang Chen from his contemplation.

*Swoosh* *Swoosh*

Jiang Chen used his Divine Sense, Ah Da and Ah Er rushed out of the spatial ring guarding his sides. Jiang Chen’s Great Soul Derivation technique had given him great senses, sharper than any ordinary man, especially when he was faced with danger. Just now, he had sensed a dangerous Qi.

The sky was full of darkness, but in Jiang Chen eyes, there wasn’t a distinction between darkness and light. Jiang Chen’s eyes swept around like a poisonous snake.

“Come out.”

Jiang Chen clamored coldly at the void.

“Very sharp senses, you are certainly not an ordinary person, it’s a pity that such a genius is going to fall today.”

After the aged voice sounded, a silhouette appeared in the void like a ghostly figure. It was an elder. He seemed to be either seventy or eighty years old. He was stooping down and seemed very weak, as if a strong wind could blow him anytime.

If anyone treated this old man like a weakling who couldn’t even stand the blow of the wind, he would certainly suffer some serious consequences.

“Second Grade Minor Saint.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes shrunk. A powerful Second Grade Minor Saint had ambushed here. He was certainly not here to have a talk with him.

The old man gazed with his bright eyes. He then s.h.i.+fted his gaze to Ah Er and Ah Da who was beside Jiang Chen. A plain smile was revealed at the corner of his mouth. As a powerful Second Grade Minor Saint, he wouldn’t put the two First Grade Minor Saint in his eyes, not to mention, they were also non-living things.

“Who are you?”

Jiang Chen’s tone was plain without showing any signs of nervousness.

“Very good composure. You are still able to maintain your composure while seeing me. This is truly rare, but too bad. It is too bad that I am a person of the Tan Family. I think you already know my purpose of being here.”

The elder revealed his ident.i.ty, but Jiang Chen didn’t feel surprised. It was imaginable that the Tan Family would seek him for revenge.

“You have killed so many geniuses of our Tan Family. You have truly committed a crime that is truly unforgivable. I am here to eliminate you: eliminating the future threat of the Tan Family. Initially, I have planned to set an ambush here, waiting for you to approach and secretly attack, pulverizing you, but I have never thought that your senses were so sharp. You could actually sense my existence here. However, it’s still a pity that this doesn’t make any difference. I just simply need to move my hands in order to kill you.”

The old man said indifferently. If a dignified Second Grade Minor Saint had to set an ambush to kill a Seventh Grade Combat Emperor was spread, it would certainly bring shame to the Minor Saints. However, from the tone of this old man, he didn’t sound ashamed at all.

“A lot people wanted to kill me, but I am still alive until now. Let me advise you, if you leave now, perhaps you would still have a chance. Otherwise, not only would you not be able to kill me, but you would be killed by me instead. It would be a great loss to your Tan Family if they lose a Second Grade Minor Saint.”

Jiang Chen said coldly.

The old man was stunned after hearing Jiang Chen’s words. He doubted that his ears might have had problems. A Seven Grade Combat Emperor wanted to kill him? Even with the help of the two First Grade Minor Saints, it would still be a very funny joke.


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