Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 749 – Subdue the Brilliant Mirror

Chapter 749 – Subdue the Brilliant Mirror

Subdue the Brilliant Mirror

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“I won’t discuss about the matter in Dan King County for now. Master, I intend to go out for a period of time.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Oh? Where do you plan to go? You have too many enemies now. You have killed all the geniuses of the three major powers. Currently, they really hate you to their core and wants to shred you into a million pieces. The safest place to reside at will be in Nebula Sect.”

Nebula Kidd said. Given Jiang Chen’s current situation, Nebula Sect is the safest place to stay.

“Nebula Sect isn’t safe at all, the same goes to the Mysterious Domain. A major chaos would soon ensue in the domain. I have a feeling that Nan Bei Chao is already preparing a big sinister plot and something bad would certainly arise soon. I don’t want to stay here and get eliminated together with Nebula Sect. I plan to lead Nebula Sect to a prosperous path, so I have to take my leave now. The reason behind this is to strive for intense cultivation to drastically enhance my power and grade; to be able to deal with the chaos that is fast approaching.”

Jiang Chen said with a solemn tone. What he said wasn’t an exaggeration. Nan Bei Chao and Jiang Chen had been arch-enemies way back in Eastern Continent. He was the one who knew his enemy best. They actually had a very similar personality, they would achieve whatever goal they had set.

Nebula Kidd’s facial expression changed slightly after hearing this. Upon closely examining the present circ.u.mstances in Mysterious Domain, conflicts really often occurred among the few major powers and it worsened their relations.h.i.+p even further. However, it was still very far away from the doomsday of Mysterious Domain. If these words were spoken by other people, he would think that this person must be seriously joking and wouldn’t believe it. Since Jiang Chen said it, his entire perception changed. He couldn’t deny Jiang Chen’s words, he could also feel the sense of danger. His strength alone would not be enough to protect the entire Nebula Sect, but perhaps Jiang Chen could, even if he was merely a Seventh Grade Combat Emperor.

“Where do you plan to go?”

Nebula Kidd asked.

“Western Domain.”

Jiang Chen said. The fastest way to improve his current strength was to go to the Devil World outside the Western Domain. That is the world where numerous devils exists. Jiang Chen’s Dragon Transformation Art would suppress their ferocious devils’ skills. He could also edify those devils with the edifying light. By using both of this skills, not only could he ma.s.sively enhance his combat strength, but he could also subdue powerful devils for his own use. This was his main purpose of going to Western Domain.

“Alright, the Western Domain is the territory of Buddha Sect but you still have to be careful.”

Nebula Kidd nodded but didn’t ask where Jiang Chen was going because he didn’t have the right to ask for details.

“Jiang Chen, do you still remember the Brilliant Mirror?”

Nebula Kidd changed the topic suddenly.

“Isn’t the Brilliant Mirror one of the guarding treasures of Nebula Sect? It was the one who detected that I have an ulterior motive for coming here.”

Jiang Chen was stunned as he didn’t know why Nebula Kid raised this matter up.

“That’s right, the Brilliant Mirror is one of the guarding treasures of Nebula Sect. It is an inherited treasure and also a very powerful Minor Saint weapon which has already reached the peak state. It consists of souls that also existed in legendary Great Saint weapons. This treasure has always been used to scan the newcomers hidden motives. There isn’t any other use for it. It’s not because the Brilliant Mirror had no other uses, but rather, no one was able to control it.”

Nebula Kidd said. He couldn’t help but smile bitterly when he raised the matter about the Brilliant Mirror.


Jiang Chen was surprised. As the greatest Saint, he naturally knew that there was a soul power in it. These weapons with souls would often choose their master. If there wasn’t anyone who could subdue it, the person could still wield the weapon but he cannot use its full power.

“That’s right. Although I am the master of Nebula Sect, I was not recognized by the Brilliant mirror that’s why I’m unable to control it. However, you are different. You are the reincarnation of the greatest Saint. The techniques you have must be extraordinary. Perhaps, you can gain control of this mirror. In that way, you would have another trump card in dealing with Nan Bei Chao.”

Nebula Kidd said. From his tone, it seemed like he wanted to present the Brilliant Mirror to Jiang Chen. This was something that Jiang Chen didn’t expect. The Brilliant Mirror was the inherited treasure of Nebula Sect, it was a weapon which is at the peak of the Minor Saint grade. This proved that Nebula Kidd was determined to treat Jiang Chen as his family by gifting such a precious treasure to Jiang Chen.

“Where is the Brilliant Mirror, I want to have a look at it.”

Jiang Chen suddenly felt very excited. Initially, he was uninterested about such a weapon. The Heavenly Saint Sword was his natal weapon. It had been growing stronger along with his advancement, but until now, it was only an Emperor grade weapon, whereas the Brilliant Mirror was already a powerful Minor Saint weapon that had a soul like those of Great Saint weapon. If he could really have such combat weapon, his combat strength would definitely rise. Thus, he was quite interested in the Brilliant Mirror.

*Hua La*

Nebula Kidd had already prepared for it. He extended one finger. pointed at the void and moved. A crack was opened from the void. Nebula kidd made a sway and vanished into the opening.

Jiang Chen moved along, following behind Nebula Kidd.

The scene in front suddenly changed to a spatial zone with nothing inside. It wasn’t a very big place. It only has a radius of about ten miles. There was an ordinary sacrificial altar in front. The altar was the only thing in this spatial zone. Besides that, there wasn’t anything else.

On the sacrificial altar was a large mirror. It was golden in colour and was carved with unknown patterns which made it seemed very divine.

*Weng* *Weng*

The mirror started buzzing as if it could sense that someone was coming. Light that carried the aura of a saint flowed out from it. Its was three meters large. It acted like a bright sun on the altar. It was so bright that n.o.body dared to look at it directly.

“This is the true body of the Brilliant Mirror. Do you know why it is called the Brilliant Mirror?”

Nebula Kidd faced Jiang Chen.

“Tell me more.”

Jiang Chen shrugged.

“This mirror symbolizes brilliance and divinity, it represents righteousness. If anyone from the devil religion or evil sect obtain this mirror, they won’t be able to wield it. Furthermore, the mirror would also deal a huge blow to the devils. The strongest power of this mirror is its counter attack. It can fully reflect your opponent’s attack back to him. If your opponent is a devil, the mirror’s attacking power would be doubled, which made it terrifying.”

Nebula Kidd explained the power of the Brilliant Mirror. Even he, could feel a sense of fear from such powerful damage.

Jiang Chen’s eyes glittered after listening to his explanation. He couldn’t deny the resilience of the Brilliant Mirror. It could actually absorb people’s attack and reflect it. This was truly defying the heaven.

“An excellent mirror. If I could control it, it would become one of my indispensable trump card.”

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but praise.

“Unfortunately, no one could control this mirror. Not even me, the master of the sect, could obtain its recognition.”

Nebula Kidd smiled bitterly. He had lost count of the number of times that he tried to communicate with the Brilliant Mirror. The result was a failure, each time. It was a huge blow to him. This was also the reason that he was willing to show Jiang Chen the mirror. Such a powerful treasure would only be wasted by putting it here.

“Let me try.”

Jiang Chen’s pupil moved. He felt very interested in this challenge.

“Alright, if you could obtain its recognition and could control it. This mirror would be yours.”

Nebula Kidd said.

Jiang Chen nodded. He swayed his body and jumped onto the sacrificial altar. The Brilliant Mirror shook intensely when it sensed that someone was approaching. That was a great energy of rejection.

“You symbolize brilliance. I also symbolize brilliance. Surrender to me.”

Jiang Chen said plainly but his tone didn’t accept refusal. He slowly extended his hands. There was golden light on his palm, he secretly casted his Dragon Transformation Art. The Dragon Transformation Art could initiate brilliance and it is also a peerless cultivation technique. Its original properties were similar to the Brilliant Mirror.

Jiang Chen placed his hands on the Brilliant Mirror and felt a hot and boiling sensation. The Brilliant Mirror’s shaking diminished gradually after sensing Jiang Chen’s Qi.

Nebula Kidd, who was below the altar blinked when he saw the sudden change. Jiang Chen was really greater than him. He had no idea how many times he had tried subduing it but the Brilliant Mirror would always shake intensely as a response. The situation in front of him didn’t happen before. Although there were still a few steps needed before it could be totally subdued, it was already very rare for such conditions to appear. It was enough to say that Jiang Chen had a higher chance of subduing it.

Later, Jiang Chen casted his Divine Sense and utilized his soul power to enter the Brilliant Mirror. He wanted to have a deeper connection with the mirror.

*Weng* *Weng*

Unexpectedly, the Brilliant Mirror shook again after sensing the external Divine Sense and soul power. It treated Jiang Chen like an intruder, creating a huge rejecting force.


Nebula Kidd couldn’t stand it and sighed. From the reaction of the Brilliant Mirror, he was afraid that Jiang Chen would fail. Anyway, he hadn’t placed that much faith on Jiang Chen.

“The Brilliant Mirror isn’t easy to subdue, but I won’t give up. In this world, there isn’t any combat weapon that could not be subdued by Jiang Chen. If the Dragon Transformation Art isn’t enough to subdue it, I will use the edifying light. You symbolize brilliance. The edifying light is the magical skill of the high-ranked monks of Buddha Sect, it can suppress all evil and it also symbolizes brilliance. Pairing you together with the edifying light is not an insult to you.”

Jiang Chen made a cold humph. The edifying light was like a spiritual serpent, it went into the Brilliant Mirror with a swoosh and it integrated with his Divine Sense and soul power.


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