Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 748 – Healing the Meridians

Chapter 748 – Healing the Meridians

Healing the Meridians

and the Eighth.

Gu Mu brought Wu Ningzhu away. The mood he had when he left was entirely different from the time he came. Before, he came with an aggressive aura that seemed like he would kill anyone who blocked his way. However, he didn’t show any of that aggressiveness when he left, but grat.i.tude towards Jiang Chen instead.

There was no doubt about it. Gu Mu was very grateful to Jiang Chen and he would carry Jiang Chen’s request with him.

“Junior Jiang is really a divine person. Could he be the reincarnation of an immortal? He could actually help a Seventh Grade Minor Saint to advance? This is truly extraordinary.”

Seeing all of these with his own eyes, Gu Shao Fei felt even more impressed in Jiang Chen. However, it’s not only him alone that held such feelings, Jiang Chen had become a living miracle in everybody’s heart. He was truly a heaven defying genius. If one asked whether there was someone who wouldn’t be surprised by the scene in front them, then It would only be Nebula Kidd.

“Although we have already known him for a long time and already got used to his miracles, the miracle he creates every time is truly unexpected.”

Nangong Wentian revealed a smile at the corner of his mouth. It wasn’t because Jiang Chen wasn’t divine enough, it was because he had grown accustomed to this kind of surprises. So, his expression appeared to be calm.

“Dammit! That old dude is really courting death! At any rate, today is Little Chen’s wedding day but that was interrupted by the old man. They didn’t even have the chance to perform the ‘bedroom activity.’”

Big Yellow was full of rage on his face. It seemed like he was more infuriated than the bride and groom.

“I would just straight away finish him if it was me. You even gave him some insights and allowed that old man to obtain huge benefits?”

Judging from Big Yellow’s face, if it wasn’t because of his weak grade, he would have went straight and bit the old man.

“What do you know? Little Chen wasn’t helping Gu Mu but Sister Ning. Since Gu Mu received Little Chen’s help, he will feel indebted to him.. When he reached the Gu Family, he will take care of Sister Ning’s safety. Ah, I have never imagined that Sister Ning is actually a descendant of Gu Family”

Nangong Wentian said.

“Of course Master Dog already knows this!”

Big Yellow naturally understood Jiang Chen’s action. He acted like that because of some suppressed grievance and all the while feeling very uncomfortable that the wedding ceremony was ruined. Any person would feel uncomfortable when their wedding day was interrupted.

“Junior Jiang has made a very sensible decision. With Junior Jiang’s current level of grade, it is absolutely unwise to make the large clans of the Pure Land your enemy.”

Guo Shao Fei said. He was also impressed by Jiang Chen’s composure while facing the matter just now. If he impulsively offended Gu Mu today, even if he could protect his own life, the people of the Gu Family would also be offended. The Gu Family could not be compared to the likes of Freedom Palace and Tan Family. It was one of the large clans in the Pure Land. They were one of the greatest power in the Saint Origin World! They were capable of destroying a tiny power like Nebula Sect a hundred times over with just a single blow!

After Wu Ningzhu left, Jiang Chen made a sway and his red groom robe vanished and turned into white. His face was calm but slightly cold. Today’s matter had made him quite angry. In the two lives that he lived, this was the first time that he would be married. It was a very important day, but it was disrupted by another person. It was impossible for him not to get angry. His impression of the Gu Family had turned sour in his heart.

Dan King waved his hand. “Everyone is dismissed.”

Dan King’s current mood was also not good. The joyous event had turned into disappointment. He had lost all his face because of this. What made him felt even more unpleasant was that his daughter was taken away.

On the same day, Jiang Chen bid farewell to Dan King.

“Chen Er, although you haven’t married Daughter Ning, you are already considered my son from now on. Why are you in such a rush to leave? Stay here longer, for I still have some questions regarding alchemy that I needed to discuss with you.”

Dan King said. He felt loath to be parted from his son-in-law.

“Father, there is still a very important matter waiting for me to resolve in Mysterious Domain. The main purpose of me, coming to Dan Yuan City was to marry Sister Ning. I have to make haste and return. The domain is currently in chaos. I’m afraid that I would need father’s help in the future. As for the matter about alchemy, we still have many chances to discuss it in the future.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile. He had to rush back now because of the feud among the major powers that was like water and fire. Most importantly, he had killed the first and second geniuses of the three major powers. This would certainly fuel their rage. However, this wasn’t Jiang Chen’s greatest worry. He was only worried about a single person, Nan Bei Chao. As long as this man still existed in Mysterious Domain, there would always be future threats. Furthermore, Jiang Chen felt that the day of chaos was getting closer, the day when Nan Bei Chao would struck. Although he had reached the Seventh Grade Combat Emperor, it wasn’t enough to handle the chaos that was going to descend in Mysterious Domain. He must quickly elevate his combat strength.

“In that case, I won’t delay you any longer. If you required any help, feel free to ask father.”

Dan King said. He really treated Jiang Chen like his own family.

After bidding goodbye to Dan King, Jiang Chen brought Big Yellow, Nangong Wentian and Guo Shaofei on the way back. Except for the incident during the wedding, his reward for this trip was considered huge. He had obtained the essence of the Mulberry Divine tree, it helped him form his Wood Dragon Seal and pushed his grade to the seventh. Currently, he already had four elements in his possession. There was only one more which was the essence of gold element. As for the gold element, he already knew where to get it. In other words, he had already found a way to get this element earlier. He was merely waiting for this day.

Also, Jiang Chen had a feeling in his heart that once the five elements were all gathered, all of the elements of the Combat Dragon Seal would undergo a complete metamorphosis, reaching its completed form. At that time, not only would the power of this combat technique be enhanced by many times, his Dragon Transformation Art would also undergo a transformation. He would be able to recover the enlightenment that he had lost and acquire the true transformation of the human-dragon form, enhancing his combat strength even further.

Silence accompanied them on their way back. Three men and a dog were rus.h.i.+ng back with all their might. As a result, they reached the Mysterious Domain in two days’ time. Without delay, they headed straight to Nebula Sect and found Tan Lang and Tan Zhi Hao.

“Little Chen, you have returned?”

Tan Lang’s face was filled with delightfulness seeing that Jiang Chen was back. Except the broken meridians, his injuries and Tan Zhi Hao’s had completely recovered during these past few days. Their complexion had improved so much compared to last time.

“Cut down all the small talk. I have already obtained the essence of the Mulberry Divine Tree, the essence of wood element. I will heal your broken meridians now.”

Jiang Chen said.

They were surely stunned after hearing that their meridians could be repaired. Joyfulness could be seen on their faces. They felt very happy from the bottom of their hearts. That was right. They were so happy. Back then, they thought that their life was already wasted when their meridians were broken. They have never imagined that there would be a day when they could return to their optimum form. This situation was akin to seeing the light in the darkness.

It wasn’t a simple matter to heal the meridians. Even with the support of the powerful wood essence, it would require at least one day to completely heal them.

In the fully sealed compound, Jiang Chen placed his palms at the back of Tan Lang and Tan Zhi Hao. The both of them were wrapped by the soul energy of wood essence. Their bodies illuminated a green light and exuded a vigorous Qi.

Sweat had drenched their faces as their bodies trembled. Pain was painted on their faces as if they were undergoing some kind of metamorphosis. Regenerating the meridians was basically a very torturous process. The pain in the process was greater than when the meridians were broken.

Furthermore, when it reached the final stage of the metamorphosis, the pain would become more excruciating. At the final stage, despite the tough endurance that Tan Lang and Tan Zhi Hao had, they still couldn’t help themselves from letting out a wail of pain. It was fortunate that they weren’t ordinary people. Thus, they were still able to pull through even though the pain was horrendous.

After a day, Jiang Chen kept his palm and made a deep and comfortable breath. Such process required great consumption of energy, even him, could feel a sense of tiredness. On the contrary, Tan Lang and Tan Zhi Hao whose meridians had already been repaired were lively and vigorous.

“Haha! Finally healed! I can feel my Yuan Force circulating in my body. This feeling is great!”

Tan Zhi Hao laughed. He couldn’t hide his happiness. There were many things in this world that you would only find its value when you have already lost it. s.n.a.t.c.hing away the cultivation level and the ability to cultivate was more torturous than killing them.

“Fantastic! I can finally cultivate. I am no longer a crippled man.”

Tan Lang became very emotional.

The both of them paid their utmost respect to Jiang Chen. The kindness of healing their broken meridians weren’t any different from the kindness of saving their lives. Not only did Jiang Chen save their lives, he also helped them heal their injuries. This was a heaven defying kindness that they didn’t know how to repay.

“Your meridians have been nourished by the wood essence’s soul energy. Moreover, they have become tougher than before. This is without a doubt new revival. This will benefit your future cultivation greatly. So, you two can stay in Nebula Sect and continue to cultivate.”

Jiang Chen smiled and said. This time, he had fulfilled one of his wishes after helping them regenerate their meridians. The next thing that he was going to think of was how to deal with the chaos that would decend in Mysterious Domain.

Currently, while Jiang Chen was resting, he was summoned by Nebula Kidd.

Jiang Chen hurried over, without delay. His status in Nebula Sect had already risen to a very high level, not to mention that he also had the special permission of Nebula Kidd. So, he could virtually go anywhere in the Sect.

“Jiang Chen, I have already heard about the incidents that happened in Dan Yuan City. You have done well this time, establis.h.i.+ng a connection with Dan King is a powerful alliance.”

Nebula Kidd said with a smile.

Nebula Kidd’s condition had become more powerful after absorbing the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill given by Jiang Chen. He had reached the peak of Fourth Grade Minor Saint. It wouldn’t take him long to reach the Fifth Grade.


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