Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 747 – The Kindness of Rebirth

Chapter 747 – The Kindness of Rebirth

The Kindness of Rebirth

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“The young lady possessed the Gu Family bloodline. When you return, you will be able to access the cultivation resources of the Gu Family. It will allow your cultivation level to soar.”

Gu Mu nodded and said. He came this time due to the orders he received from the higher ups to bring Wu Ningzhu back. It would naturally be the best if Wu Ningzhu voluntarily followed him back. If anyone blocked his way, he would immediately get rid of that person.

Wu Ningzhu didn’t care about Gu Mu. She didn’t have a good impression of the people in the Gu Family, but she must go there. She had just found out about her true origin recently and her main purpose of coming to the Divine Continent had always been to find her real mother. She had a feeling that her mum wasn’t living very well in the Gu Family.

As Wu Ningzhu came forward and knelt down towards Dan King. “Father, about my origin, I also have found out about this not too long ago. My blood belongs to the bloodline of the Gu Family but I don’t have any relation with them. Your grace to Daughter Ning is unrepayable. From the day you became my father, you will forever be my dad.”

Dan King quickly held her up. He never had descendants nor kids, so he treated Wu Ningzhu like his own daughter. Now that Wu Ningzhu was leaving, it was impossible for him to not be sad, but he knew very clearly that since Wu Ningzhu’s family origin was related to the large clans of the Pure land, he couldn’t interfere with it because it had gone out of his hands.

“Daughter Ning, Gu Family is a very large clan in the Pure Land. Father feels happy that you would be able to cultivate there.”

Dan King smiled. Although Dan King County was also conducive for cultivation, there was still a large gap between his place and the Gu Family.

Afterwards, Wu Ningzhu walked closer to Jiang Chen and gave him an embrace, saying,“Young man, remember our wedding ceremony.”

To Wu Ningzhu, she felt extremely infuriated when the wedding ceremony that she had been expecting was suddenly interrupted, but she couldn’t do anything about it. This elder, Gu Mu, who was in front of them, was enough to handle them all.

“Don’t worry, you are already my woman.”

Jiang Chen smiled.

Wu Ningzhu swayed her body and came to Gu Mu’s side and said with a plain tone. “Let’s go.”


Gu Mu revealed a trace of a smile and turned to leave.

“Wait up.”

At this time, Jiang Chen clamored. He made a sway and appeared in front of Wu Ningzhu and Gu Mu like a ghostly figure.

“Kid, you dare to block my path? I will send you to h.e.l.l immediately.”

Gu Mu’s eyes glittered with two fiery flames, indicating that he was a hot tempered old man.

“There are many people that wanted to kill me but unfortunately, I’m still alive. Old man, don’t try to act highly in front of me.”

Jiang Chen gave him a glance. That glance was like he did not put Gu Mu in his eyes. Dan King couldn’t help but gasp a cold breath of air when he witnessed this scene. Jiang Chen was just too impulsive. His audacity was over the limit. He looked exactly like a lawless person who didn’t put anyone in his eyes. The person who stood before him was an overpowering Seventh Grade Minor Saint. If he got infuriated, one finger was enough to destroy Jiang Chen.

Gu Mu was stunned for a while and got angry. A tiny Seventh Grade Combat Emperor dared to retort in front of him directly and he did not even put him in his eyes? This was absolutely crossing the limit. However, before Gu Mu could make a slap to kill Jiang Chen, Jiang Chen opened his mouth again.

“I blocked you just to present you an insight. If I am not guessing wrongly, your temper wasn’t this bad last time. You were a modest and composed man, but due to your fire-property cultivation reaching a bottleneck and not being able to make a breakthrough, your hot temper started to form. Furthermore, your temper has caused your body to acc.u.mulate a lot of fiery poison and the more hot-tempered you become, the harder it is for you to make a breakthrough. Although the fiery poison isn’t going to affect you much, you can only be a Seventh Grade Minor Saint for the rest of your life. It is absolutely impossible for you to reach the Eighth Grade Minor Saint.”

Jiang Chen showed a plain smile and said.

These words made Gu Mu widen his eyes. His hand had relaxed and he looked at Jiang Chen in disbelief. Only he, himself understood the problem as he hadn’t told anyone about this before. He just met this youth for the first time, but he had blurted out all of the problems that he had encountered. He had been stuck at this bottleneck all these years. Due to his body being attacked by the fiery poison, his temper became worse. Until now, he had no idea how to pa.s.s the bottleneck and make a breakthrough. Nonetheless, this young man only used such a short amount of time to enumerate all of the things he experienced. It really made him feel surprised.

While he was still stunned, a communication message was sent into his mind, like a tidal wave. The content of this message was actually given by Jiang Chen. Gu Mu was instantly attracted to the content and was stunned once more. However, after a few moments, his body started to shake intensely.

They could see that Gu Mu’s body trembled and produced the crackling sounds of bones. There was a layer of fiery red flames that surfaced on his body. His expression suddenly turned into delight. Jiang Chen’s message actually helped him solved the problems that had been troubling him.


Suddenly, a very strong Qi rushed out of Gu Mu’s body. Jiang Chen’s reaction was fast. He quickly pulled Wu Ningzhu along to avoid the eruption. It wasn’t a good thing to stand near the Qi that burst from a Seventh Grade Minor Saint.

The entire sky above the Dan King County turned into a sea of fire. An intense pressure was released from Gu Mu’s body. A lot of people below had pale faces, their bodies started to tremble. Some of them who were weaker in strength fell flat on the ground.

“My G.o.d! What just happened? This old man just straightaway advanced to the Eighth Grade Minor Saint?”

Elder Lu who was still on the stage was shocked.

“It was young master. Gu Mu’s cultivation method was heading to the wrong path, he wouldn’t be able to reach the Eighth Grade Minor Saint if it wasn’t for young master’s insights.”

“G.o.d! What kind of being is young master? A simple insight actually allowed an old man who was stuck in a bottleneck to advance? I can’t believe this.”

“It had been a long time since Gu Mu was stuck at the bottleneck. Today, he obtained some insights from young master and his bottleneck was broken through and instantly stepped into the Eighth Grade Minor Saint.”


Everybody was so shocked, especially those Minor Saints. Their eyes were about to pop out. The people in the crowd might not know what had happened, but they had seen it clearly. Gu Mu had made a breakthrough due to the insights he received from Jiang Chen. This had further improved their impression of Jiang Chen.

“Young master is possibly a reincarnation of an immortal, to be this divine.”

Elder Lu sighed and gave Dan King a glance. Dan King couldn’t help but nod and was even more determined to establish a good rapport with Jiang Chen.

“Little Chen, why did you help him?”

Wu Ningzhu looked at Jiang Chen.

“Help him? I was helping you.”

Jiang Chen smiled.

Wu Ningzhu was stunned and her face revealed an expression of grat.i.tude. “You are truly good.”

Wu Ningzhu wasn’t an idiot. Given Jiang Chen’s temper, it was already considered good that he didn’t explode when he was treated badly by Gu Mu. However, Jiang Chen even helped Gu Mu in his advancement, disregarding his grudge. On the surface, he was helping Gu Mu, but in reality, he was helping Wu Ningzhu.

Although there was a complete bloodline of the Gu Family in Wu Ningzhu’s veins, she had never been to this large clan. Gu Lan might not be living well. Otherwise, Wu Ningzhu would be able to gather some information about her mum. He was afraid that Wu Ningzhu’s life wouldn’t be any better than it was now when she arrive to that clan. Jiang Chen’s action in helping Gu Mu was the same as finding Wu Ningzhu a support.


Gu Mu’s Qi surged for over ten minutes before it finally stopped. His cultivation finally stabilized when he reached the Eighth Grade Minor Saint. With his divine sense, all the sea of fire in the sky went back into his body and the sky returned to normal.

“Haha! Eighth Grade Minor Saint. I have finally broken through. I, Gu Mu have finally made a breakthrough. All the fiery poison in my body has completely disappeared. Haha…”

Gu Mu’s laughter was long, like a madman. That kind of excitement and satisfaction could not be understood by any other person. He had been stuck at the peak of Seventh Grade Minor Saint for all these years. He didn’t have the chance to touch a higher sky. Today, with the insights from Jiang Chen, not only had his level of grade made a breakthrough, his line of thought became smoother and his problem was solved. Thus, reaching Ninth Grade Minor Saint or even the Great Saint realm shouldn’t be a problem for him anymore.

As the saying goes, ‘when one obtains enlightenment, everything will become smooth’. This would certainly make his cultivation path smooth-sailing.

Gu Mu stopped laughing and came beside Jiang Chen. His expression towards Jiang Chen had completely changed. All of the ferociousness and anger in his eyes had turned into grat.i.tude. He couldn’t help himself from feeling shocked. A young man who was only in his early twenties actually helped him solve the problems in his cultivation path. This young man might actually be a Great Saint. Although Gu Mu was an Eighth Grade Minor Saint now, he no longer dared to look down on Jiang Chen.

“Junior Jiang Chen’s kindness is unrepayable.”

Gu Mu slightly bowed to him and said with a very sincere tone. This grat.i.tude came from the bottom of his heart, without the slightest pretense.

No one would be able to understand how much Jiang Chen’s kindness meant to Gu Mu without stepping in his shoes. This was the kindness of rebirth, it was enough for Gu Mu to repay it with his life.

“You don’t have to thank me. You should already know why I helped you. I don’t want to see sister Ning suffer when she reached your Family.”

Jiang Chen got to the point.

“Young master, you can be rest a.s.sured. With my, Gu Mu’s presence, I will guarantee sister Ning’s safety in the Family.”

Gu Mu guaranteed it with solemn tone. His att.i.tude towards Jiang Chen had completely changed. He also knew that Jiang Chen helped him to help Wu Ningzhu in reality.


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