Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 744 – The Essence of Divine Tree

Chapter 744 – The Essence of Divine Tree

The Essence of Divine Tree

and the Fourth.

“Young master’s insights has enlightened me. Golden Silk Ca.s.sia is merely an ordinary herb. Due to its ordinary features among the fifty eight herbs, it can easily be neglected. Nevertheless, its property is similar to the Tai Yi essence of gold, which, in turn, these two things compatible to form a medicine. I have been mixing the Golden Silk Ca.s.sia and the other herbs together. The other herbs’ medicinal properties were too strong, thus, the property of the Golden Silk Ca.s.sia was totally suppressed. Naturally, the blending with the Tai Yi essence of gold couldn’t be completed. My G.o.d, this is such a simple logical sense but it never crossed my mind. Young master is really a pro.”

The elder was impressed and admired Jiang Chen so much that he was willing to prostrate before him. Although the explanation was very simple, he was afraid that he would forever be stuck in that hole without Jiang Chen’s guidance, and as a result, it would leave the problem unresolved.

Not only him, even Dan King and the other alchemists were also looking at Jiang Chen, surprised. They had discussed about this matter before but they couldn’t find any solution. They had even thought of finding another herb to replace it but still failed eventually. Now that the solution was given to them, they were very surprised by its simpleness. The elder only said his problem but Jiang Chen blurted out the answer without even thinking. It was enough to say, that Jiang Chen’s skills in alchemy is way better than them.

“Chen Er, you have really polished my impression on you.”

Dan King had the feeling that he had gotten a treasure.

“Father has overly praised me. I won’t dare to say this in other aspects but in alchemy, I won’t decline any questions and problems. If the elders have any problems, raise it out to me and I will solve it all for you.”

Jiang Chen’s tone was soft but it carried a heavy weight of confidence. It was the confidence that came from his bones, however he wasn’t being boastful. After his knowledgeable explanation about the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill and the Golden Soul pill, they had changed their opinions on him, thus, they didn’t dare to look down on him anymore. They didn’t know why such a roughly twenty-year-old young man could have such great skills in alchemy. This had gone beyond their imaginations. Jiang Chen was a miraculous existence who could initiate heavenly tribulation starting from the Combat Soul realm. He could also concoct the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill during his heavenly tribulation, A miracle, truly a miracle.

It is indeed true that there are some monstrous genius in this world that couldn’t be measured using common sense.

“Young master, I do have a lot of questions that needed your insights.”

Another alchemist said. In the following hour, a few alchemists took turns to ask for his insights about the numerous problems that they had encountered in concocting pills. It was like they had blurted out all of their problems in life. Even Dan King had a few questions to ask. Though they had asked a lot of question, Jiang Chen’s speed of answering was fantastic. He spat out the answer the moment the question was asked, and moreover, it was the best solution!

The scene had stirred up everyone’s excitement. It was akin to a teacher giving lessons to his students. Every gesture of his was full of dignity. He was very knowledgeable to the point that it seemed like there was nothing in this world that could baffle him. Those Minor Saint alchemists lowered their heads when they were enlightened by a junior, the expression of a kid was seen on their faces.

There were also elders who were not in the field of alchemy but had been observing the whole process. The amazement in their eyes had reached the extreme. Despite not being an alchemist, they had picked up some knowledge about alchemy while following Dan King. This was undeniably the first time that they saw such a crazy being. If they denied that they weren’t surprised, it would certainly be a lie.

“Who is he? How can he be this knowledgeable? Is he really only twenty years old? I feel like he is an old fox that has lived up to a thousand years.”

“That’s right. An ordinary youth would be stuttering while seeing so many Minor Saint seniors. However, he had no problem maintaining his composure from the beginning until now. Such calmness is very uncommon in the younger generation. And his skill in alchemy has actually surpa.s.sed Dan King’s. This young man is a monster.”

Those two men shook their heads and smiled bitterly. For over half the time that they had lived, they have finally witnessed what was called a miracle.

“Haha! The doubts and problems that have been troubling me has finally been unlocked. I can feel that the heaviness inside of me is gone. I felt really refreshed. I could already feel that my skill in alchemy would be certainly enhanced. And, I think that it won’t take long for me to advance to the Fourth Grade Minor Saint. Young master, your kindness is unrepayable. If young master has any grudge against anyone, I will use all of my efforts to help young master resolve that grudge.”

“That’s right. Young master has given us great benefits that can’t be replaced by any treasures or wealth. This is the true essence of alchemy. The benefits to us is unlimited.”

“Young master is truly a genius. Young master has actually achieved such a skill in alchemy at such a young age. I’m afraid that not even the most eminent alchemist in the Saint Origin Universe can match young master’s skill in alchemy!”


Up until now, even Dan King didn’t feel reluctant to throw himself down in admiration for Jiang Chen. He was totally convinced. In their eyes, Jiang Chen wasn’t merely a Sixth Grade Combat Emperor who had strong combat strength, but an alchemist who had reached an unreachable level. Their reverence for him was created. That was right! It was reverence because Jiang Chen had the qualifications to be revered by them.

Wu Ningzhu, at one side, was watching her own man with adoring eyes, without attempting to hide her expression. In truth, it was like Wu Ningzhu had known him once more. She had never imagined that Jiang Chen had reached such terrifying level in alchemy. Those complicated questions weren’t a problem to him at all. He had solved all of them with ease. Such an excellent man really made Wu Ningzhu proud.

Gu Family, so what? Pure Land of Divine Continent, so what? Even if it was a Great Saint alchemist, he/she could not be compared to Jiang Chen. The Gu Family is very strong but they would be surpa.s.sed by Jiang Chen sooner or later. Wu Ningzhu had no doubts about it.

“Father, your son has one request and hope father will grant it.”

Jiang Chen suddenly said it with heavy tone. The situation in front of him had undoubtedly reached the perfect time.

“What do you need? Just let me know. I will allow you to take whatever you need in Dan King County.”

Dan King said straightforwardly. He had to admit that he had obtained huge benefits from Jiang Chen today. Besides the matter of the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill, Jiang Chen had also helped solve the unresolved problems of the various elders. This was undeniably a great fortune that couldn’t be bought by any amount of wealth.

“In that case, I head straight to the point. I want the Mulberry Divine Tree.”

Jiang Chen stopped beating around the bush and spat it out immediately.

Everyone's facial expression changed instantly after hearing this. They didn’t think that Jiang Chen actually wanted the Mulberry Divine Tree. The tree was Dan King’s lifeblood!

“Chen Er, what do you need my Mulberry Divine Tree for? You should know that the concentrated amount of heaven and earth Yuan Force here was because of its existence.”

Dan King said but without a hint of anger. He couldn’t express his anger in front of a holy alchemist after all.

“To be honest, I am cultivating a combat technique that requires the essence of the five elements. This Mulberry Divine Tree has the most powerful essence of wood. So naturally, I know the how precious this tree is because the benefits it has is boundless. However, I’m not intending to take the tree away. I only need to extract half of its essence. Thus, it won’t affect the heaven and earth Yuan Force much.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Dan King, the Mulberry Divine Tree is your lifeblood. I shouldn’t say this but since young master needs it: Why not give it to him? Not to mention he only needs half of the essence of the divine tree. We have already obtained great benefits from young master today, it was far more precious than the half of its essence.”

An alchemist said.

The others also nodded their heads simultaneously. A single Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill was equal to half of its essence if we are talking about its value. Adding the insights that Jiang Chen gave them, it was really worth it.

If Dan King County didn’t reward Jiang Chen for making such contribution, conflicts would arise among them. Besides, Jiang Chen only wanted half of the tree’s essence. As long as the Mulberry Divine Tree wasn’t dead, it still had the chance to regrow.

“Alright, father will promise to give you half of the essence of the divine tree.”

Dan King didn’t contemplate for long and granted Jiang Chen’s request. Jiang Chen’s potential alone was worth the price of the essence. He had no doubt about it that Jiang Chen’s future achievement was unimaginable.

“Thank you father.”

Jiang Chen and Wu Ningzhu expressed their thanks to Dan King. The Mulberry Divine Tree was his greatest reward in this trip to Dan King County. As long as he could obtain the essence of the tree, his Wood Dragon would directly undergo a metamorphosis. Under the transformation of the wood dragon seal, his grade would be pushed to Seventh Grade Combat Emperor.

“Chen Er, I will bring you to the tree to extract its essence.”

Dan King led the way out of the hall and, naturally, Jiang Chen followed suit. Very quickly, they had come to the center of the herb garden. In the garden, there’s a tree that had the height of an ordinary human. Its trunk had many bends and curves, like a dragon, which looked very divine.

Jiang Chen’s gaze had fallen on this divine tree. Due to the vigorous Qi that was released from it, the herbs around it were robust. Even the flowers and gra.s.s had shown vigorous vital force.

The divine tree was a symbol of life. It was imaginable that after getting its essence, his power of regeneration would reach a terrifying extent. The rate of regeneration of Dragon Transformation Art itself was already very fast, and thus, the effect would be unimaginable after adding the essence of the divine tree.

Moreover, he would be able to heal Tan Lang and Tan Zhi Hao after absorbing the tree’s essence.


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