Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 745 – Seventh Grade Combat Emperor

Chapter 745 – Seventh Grade Combat Emperor

Seventh Grade Combat Emperor

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“Chen Er, this is the Mulberry Divine Tree. Everything in Dan King County’s territory is affected by it. Since you requested to extract this divine tree’s essence, you can do it now.”

Dan King said. To him, this was the most generous thing that he had ever done.

“Thank you father.”

Jiang Chen nodded. He knew very clearly how much the Mulberry Divine Tree meant to him. It was like his life’s blood and also his most precious treasure. His inclination to grant Jiang Chen’s request had shown that he truly wanted to establish a good relations.h.i.+p with him. Furthermore, Jiang Chen was also generous towards his friends and relatives. Today, he had received the kindness of Dan King. So, he would extensively repay it one day.

Since Dan King had already told him to do so, he naturally wouldn’t delay it any longer. His hand clawed, causing Yuan Force to shoot out from his palm, akin to a tidal wave. The dragon shaped Yuan Force enveloped the entire Mulberry Divine Tree. The Mulberry Divine Tree trembled intensely, as if it had sensed that an external force wanted to absorb its essence.

“Wood Dragon Seal, calm down.”

Jiang Chen softly clamored. He silently casted the Wood Dragon Seal. Suddenly, the Mulberry Divine Tree stopped trembling, as if it had received some kind of order, letting Jiang Chen extract its essence freely.

After seeing this, Dan King and the other Minor saints couldn’t help but exchange glances among them. Each of their eyes were filled with shock. They had to admit the excellence of Jiang Chen’s techniques. Although the Mulberry Divine Tree had a soul, but it had been fully controlled by Jiang Chen.

“Seems like young master’s combat technique is really divine. It can even subdue the Mulberry Divine Tree.”

Elder Lu stroke his beard while praising Jiang Chen.

The essence of the Mulberry Divine Tree was exuberant. With the help of the Wood Dragon Seal, it only took over ten minutes to absorb half of its essence. The Mulberry Divine Tree that was left with half of its essence didn’t seemed to be as vigorous as it was before. It appeared to be weaker, its trunk had already bent downwards slightly. Its vital force foundation, however, still remained. Hence, the lost essence would slowly grow back, but it would certainly need some time.

“Alright, half of the essence is just perfect. Any extra will result in wastage. My Wood Dragon Seal will undergo a metamorphosis immediately, instantly pus.h.i.+ng my strength to the Seventh Grade.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes sparkled. Without delay, under the circulation of the Dragon Transformation Art, the powerful essence of the divine tree was rapidly absorbed again. At the same time, a world-shaking change was happening on the Wood Dragon Seal.

*Weng* *Weng*

Jiang Chen’s body produced a buzzing sound. A shapeless energy had blown his robe until it fluttered. The Qi that was unleashed by a Sixth Grade Combat Emperor Jiang Chen was actually greater than a powerful Ninth Grade Combat Emperor.

Jiang Chen straightaway sat down with his leg crossed, concentrating on forming the Wood Dragon Seal and pus.h.i.+ng his grade to Seventh Grade Combat Emperor. Since everyone present were his relatives, Jiang Chen could calmly refine the essence and advance his grade.

“Young master has absorbed the essence of the divine tree and is trying to refine it. Look at his Qi, it is the Qi of one who’s advancing to Seventh Grade Combat Emperor.”

“Very amazing! Young master is really a being that rarely appears every ten thousand years. He is truly a monstrous talent.”

“Keep quiet! Don’t disturb young master’s cultivation.”


A few people who were standing not far away from Jiang Chen were watching the changes and transformation that was happening on Jiang Chen’s body closely. This was the restricted area of Dan King County, so there’s no need to worry that someone would accidentaly b.u.mp into this area and disturb the young master, unless he is already tired of living.

After half an hour's time, Jiang Chen had finally absorbed all the essence of the divine tree. At this time, the Wood Dragon Seal had completely transformed. Jiang Chen had the sudden impulse to wave his hands, causing a magical seal to appear. A green dragon let out an ear-trembling roar was summoned by him.


The green dragon was akin to a real one. It was roughly forty meters large. It roared out continuously, moving around above the herb garden, which made it seemed very divine.

“A very powerful Green Dragon Seal. The attack power of this green dragon is very high. It can even kill a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor. Besides its powerful attacking power, it also consist an exuberant energy. It is the energy that represents life.”

Someone exclaimed.

Under Jiang Chen’s control, the green dragon didn’t attempt to destroy anything but bursted above the herb garden, turning into a green rain that fell onto the garden. This green rain was like the rain of life of the heavens and earth. Anyone could smell it.

*Hua La*

The green rain fell and landed on the herbs. Those vigorous herbs showed some kind of pleasant response as if they had obtained some kind of great nourishment. All the herbs, flowers and gra.s.ses swayed. In the blink of an eye, their lengths increased rapidly. Even the half withered Mulberry Divine Tree had returned to its normal condition after the nourishment.

“My G.o.d, after the young master absorbed the essence of the divine tree, his combat technique actually created such a great impact. In a twinkle, all the plants and herbs have grown to such an extent. This is truly terrifying!”

“Awesome! This is a miracle. I can smell the true Qi of life. The green rain represents the source of life and has a very powerful regenerative power. Dan King, young master was able to amplify the effect of the divine tree.”

“That’s right. If Dan King County can always get such a rainfall, the heaven and earth Yuan Force will be many times stronger than it is now. Young master is truly a miracle. After absorbing the essence of the Mulberry Divine Tree, he didn’t just consume the essence but has projected the regenerative effects of the essence instead. Who would believe it without seeing it with their own eyes?”


No one wasn’t astonished, even the Dan King was so astonished that his mouth was left wide-open. Initially, his heart-ached slightly for losing half of the Mulberry Divine Tree’s essence. Now, it seemed that the essence had shown greater effects under Jiang Chen’s possession. Not letting him use this essence was really a waste, akin to wasting G.o.d’s gift.

After Jiang Chen had absorbed the essence of the divine tree, his Wood Dragon Seal not only acted as a combat technique, but it also consisted regenerative and healing power. It was imaginable that any ordinary injuries could be healed by Jiang Chen’s wood energy. It was more effective than any herbs and elixirs. As for Dan King and the elders who could concoct pills, they knew it very well in their hearts. Because of this, they felt even more amazed by this young man’s ability.

*Weng* *Weng*

At the same time, a buzzing noise was created again from Jiang Chen’s body. His Qi began to tremble intensely, his Qi was continuously climbing.

“Look, young master is going to advance to the Seventh Grade Combat Emperor.”

Elder Lu exclaimed.

At this moment, dragon marks were starting to form in his body. Blood-red dragon marks had occupied his dantian. It increased to fifty one thousand dragon marks and then to fifty two thousand dragon marks.

*Ka Cha*

The Seventh Grade Combat Emperor’s barrier was immediately broken through. That advancement came from the ma.s.sive energy of the Wood Dragon Seal. Jiang Chen’s Qi didn’t just stop there, after reaching the Seventh Grade Combat Emperor. It still continued to rise, it only stopped after a few minutes. There were already fifty three thousand dragon marks in his body. Not only had he achieved the Seventh Grade Combat Emperor, but he had also reached the peak of it. He would only need to condense a thousand more dragon marks to reach the Eighth Grade Combat Emperor.


Jiang Chen roared facing the sky. His voice was akin to a dragon that shook the sky. His entire being had reached a terrifying extent, his Qi was like the mighty ocean that had tremendous rus.h.i.+ng power.

“Very strong. A Seventh Grade Combat Emperor could actually possess such a powerful Qi. This is the strongest combat emperor that I have ever met. With his current combat strength, not even the strongest Ninth Grade Combat Emperor can withstand his palm attack.”

“That’s right. Even if he can’t defeat a First Grade Minor Saint, it is very difficult for the Minor Saint to kill him. I have never seen a Seventh Grade Combat Emperor reach such a powerful extent.”


Everyone in the scene received another surprise. Jiang Chen was truly a peerless genius that defied their expectations every time. If they didn’t see it with their own eyes, it would be hard for them to believe that such a man actually existed.


Jiang Chen made a long gasp for air and slowly opened his eyes. His pupils became extremely bright. It was as bright as the stars in the night sky, that no one dared to look at him directly. The current Jiang Chen could produce a ‘Ka Ka’ sound with any simple move. It was a great feeling. He felt that if there was a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor in front of him, one slap was enough to slap him to death. Even if his opponent was a First Grade Minor Saint, he would still dare to fight him. Even if he couldn’t defeat the minor saint, his opponent wouldn’t be able to kill him either.

“Chen Er, I have never imagined that the Mulberry Divine Tree can bring such a huge benefit to you. Good, this is very good.”

Dan King sounded very happy.

“Father, I will imprint your kindness in my heart. I will repay it in double one day.”

Jiang Chen held his fist at Dan King. Obtaining the essence of the Mulberry Divine Tree was his greatest reward ever and this was all due to his connection with Dan King.

“Alright, we are families now. Why are you still being so polite? You and daughter Ning, go and prepare now. The marriage would be held three days later. Haha!”

Dan King patted Jiang Chen’s shoulder and laughed.

“Congratulations, young master. Congratulations, young lady.”

The elders congratulated them.

Jiang Chen lost some of his composure when he heard of the marriage. He was the person who dominated the entire world and he didn’t fear anyone. It suddenly made him feel apprehensive. He had reincarnated into this body and he had never thought that there would be a day that he would get married.

While thinking that he was going to marry Wu Ningzhu soon, an image automatically emerged in his mind. It was the image of Yan Chenyu who was still in the Icy Frost Island. He still didn’t know how she is right now.


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