Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 743 – A Talented Person

Chapter 743 – A Talented Person

A Talented Person

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Jiang Chen bowed to Dan King and called him ‘father.’ Dan King saved Wu Ningzhu, and had given her cultivation resources. Her father would also be his father, giving her a new life was just the same as him living a new life. He is not the Greatest Saint anymore, a mad cultivator. He has a father, he is the son of a wealthy man in Fragrant Sky City..

“Haha! Good, very good…”

Dan King laughed. There was no way to describe his happiness towards this young man. His performance on the battle platform had shaken the heavens and earth. The future of such an unmatched and outstanding person would be inestimable.

“Young master, I heard that you are also an awesome alchemist, besides having a strong combat strength, you can also concoct the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill. I don’t know whether this is true or not.”

An elder impatiently asked. Although Dan King had openly recognized him as his son-in-law and had given him the status of a young master, the prestigious Minor Saint elder didn’t really care much about it. They only cared about whether Jiang Chen could concoct the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill or not.

“Chen Er, that day, when you killed Lu w.a.n.g and the others outside the city, it was all seen by me. I could see that you possessed a divine flame. Later, I also heard that you have gifted daughter Ning a Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill. I a.s.sumed that your alchemy skill isn’t that bad.”

Dan King said. Everyone on the scene felt very interested about his ident.i.ty of being an alchemist. If he was really an alchemist, he would be treated differently and would not treated as a simple young master.

Jiang Chen didn’t answer. His palm turned and a Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill appeared in his hand. The appearance of the pill had attracted everyone’s attention. The pill was drifting above his palm. It was wrapped by dense lightning. At the same time, he released is True Dragon Fire and True Thunderfire and the Qi of the Nine Solar Saint Water, the pill was completely integrated with his Qi.

The alchemy skill he showed was undoubtedly a skill of an eminent alchemist. Their eyes were sharp enough to discern it.

“Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill. My G.o.d! This pill contained the energy of lightning and the Nine Solar Saint Water. Its color was jade-like, it looked exactly the same as what the description of the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill was. This is the true Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill. I never would have thought that I would be fortunate enough to see such a treasure in my life.”

“See, the Qi of this pill has already integrated with young master. That is the energy of lightning. Only the people who have been through a lightning tribulation could absorb such lightning. Young master has already been through a heavenly tribulation at such a young age, truly a gifted being. And that fire, they could actually be combined together. Our fire is nothing compared to his.”

“Amazing, truly amazing. This Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill was really concocted by young master. I won’t believe it even if I bet with my death. Putting aside the materials needed to concoct this pill and the blessing of Nine Solar Saint Water, no one could absorb the power of lightning under the tribulation. Not even a Great Saint alchemist, otherwise, the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill would only exist in legends and would not appear before us.”

“Young master is truly an unusual genius.”


Everyone was shocked. Those highly respected elders widened their eyes while looking at Jiang Chen’s Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill. How could they still maintain their usual composure? They were overly excited. This moment had changed all of their impression on Jiang Chen. That kind of change was like turning the world upside down. It turned into respect. That was right, respect. Any alchemist should respect anyone that could concoct the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill.

Dan King’s widened eyes grew even larger. His eyes had never left the pill the moment Jiang Chen took it out. The greater the alchemist, the more excited he would become. He finally knew that Wu Ningzhu didn’t lie to him. The pill in front of him was the best proof. The integration of Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill with Jiang Chen’s Qi indicated that it was concocted by Jiang Chen’s hands. They didn’t need further explanation, they could already see it with their eyes.

Wu Ningzhu felt very happy inside, seeing the expressions of these elders who were prominent in the field of alchemy. She felt like she was the one who concocted Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill herself.

“The legendary Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill has appeared. Chen Er was only a Sixth Grade Combat Emperor but he could already concoct such a pill. This has gone beyond logic. Your existence is a miracle itself.”

Dan King said with praise.

“As an alchemist, their combat strength should be lower, but young master did not only have such a high proficiency in alchemy, but he also has an incredible combat strength. Young master is merely a Sixth Grade Combat Emperor but is already unmatched below the Minor Saint grade. I have not seen such a genius like you before.”

Lu Mang kept on nodding while praising Jiang Chen.

“Father, I give this Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill to you as a meeting gift. Please don’t refuse it. I will also give you a bottle of Nine Solar Saint Water as a betrothal gift for marrying sister Ning.”

Jiang Chen said and took out a bottle of Nine Solar Saint Water and a Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill to Dan King.

He was stunned, the other elders felt even more stunned. Who would have thought that Jiang Chen would actually present the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill to someone as a gift? As well as the precious Nine Solar Saint Water. Such betrothal present was just too extravagant that even a Fifth Grade Minor Saint felt overwhelmed.

The greater the alchemist, the more valuable the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill meant to him. Jiang Chen had generously taken out a Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill and the Nine Solar Saint Water. This gift was just too great and too big. Dan King was a Fifth Grade Minor Saint. If he could obtain the benefits of the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill, it wouldn’t take long for him to advance to the Sixth Grade Minor Saint.

“Chen Er, this gift is too expensive.”

Dan King sounded slightly afraid to accept the gift.

“We are a family from now on. Don’t be too polite towards me. By the way, I have something that needs father’s help.”

Without giving the Dan King a chance to explain, he straightaway brought the pill and water to Dan King’s hands.

Dan King didn’t try to argue any further and kept the treasures.

“In that case father will keep it. What condition do you want me to fulfil? Speak out, father will definitely promise you.”

Dan King said in a solemn tone.

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but smile. What he needed was this sentence from the Dan King, or else he didn’t know how to get the Mulberry Divine Tree.

“Young master is able to concoct the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill and it was enough to prove your skill in alchemy. I have recently encountered some problems in concocting pills. Does young master mind to enlighten me?”

An elder said. Everyone understood this elder’s action. Besides his sincerity to get an answer to the problem, he also wanted to test him. In their point of view, Jiang Chen’s ability to concoct the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill was wholly dependent on the heavenly tribulation and that wouldn’t tell his true skill in alchemy.

“Please say elder.”

Jiang Chen smiled and said. He didn’t know what this old man want, but he understood that this old man had spent half of his lifetime trying to solve some problems because this was something very common. If their doubts would be resolved, it would greatly benefit them in their cultivation or in pill concoction, they could achieve many things once they saw the light.

Jiang Chen could use this chance to help the elder and repay his kindness to Dan King in advance.The most important thing for him now was for them to realize his ability and talent. Alchemists would naturally respect another alchemist. Soon, even Dan King would need to respect him. At that time, his plan to acquire the Mulberry Divine Tree would be smooth sailing.

“I have been doing some research about the Golden Soul Pill. This pill is extremely hard to concoct because the herbs were needed to be combined together with the Tai Yi essence of gold. Tai Yi essence of gold is used for refining items which is the total opposite of concocting. Plus, the Tai Yi essence of gold is so hard to melt and is very difficult to mix with the herbs of the pill. It made me doubt the recipe of the Golden Soul Pill, maybe it was fake, but this pill had already appeared before.”

The elder said. This problem had been troubling him for a very long time.

“If my guess is not wrong, elder must be blending the fifty eight different herbs first before mixing it with the Tai Yi essence of gold right?”

Jiang Chen smiled.

After hearing this comment, everyone fixed their gaze on him, including the Dan King, their facial expression changed once again. Golden Soul Pill was a rarely seen pill, but Jiang Chen could determine that it needed fifty eight different herbs to concoct it. Hence, this was enough to prove that Jiang Chen really had the knowledge and skill in alchemy.

“That’s right.”

The elder nodded.

“You have made some mistakes. The herbs and the Tai Yi essence of gold can never be combined together. There is a herb named Golden Silk Ca.s.sia. This herb isn’t a very popular one. It isn’t the most expensive herb among the fifty eight herbs and would always be neglected. However, the Golden Silk Ca.s.sia is a must to have in order to combine the Tai Yi essence of gold.”

Jiang Chen paused for a moment and continued, “Thus, the first step to concoct the Golden Soul Pill was to extract the essence of the Golden Silk Ca.s.sia and mix it with the Tai Yi essence of gold. At this point, the Tai Yi essence of gold will pose no problems in mixing with the other herbs. And the other fifty seven herbs would be perfectly blended with it, without any resistance. Finally, the Golden Soul Pill would be created.”


As Jiang Chen’s words faded, a commotion resounded throughout the hall, especially the elder who asked the question. His eyes were sparkling with a brilliant light. That was an answer that could awaken a sleeping person. These few simple sentences of Jiang Chen made him feel like he had seen the light in the darkness.


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