Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 742 – Entering the Dan King County Compound

Chapter 742 – Entering the Dan King County Compound

Entering the Dan King County Compound

and the Second.

After killing nine great geniuses, Jiang Chen’s ferocity had now been etched in everyone’s memory. He was standing alone, no one even dared to go up anymore. He stood still at the tall platform looking at the people below.

“Alright, since no one is coming up, the winner of this compet.i.tion is Junior Jiang Chen! However, winning the compet.i.tion doesn’t mean he will become my son-in-law immediately. He has to pa.s.s the test of my daughter first. Until my daughter agrees, he is still not considered as pa.s.sed.”

Dan King stood up from his seat and spoke with his loud voice. As a result, the people in the entire concourse heard him clearly. After a while, Dan King smiled lightly at her daughter. He had already known that Wu Ningzhu’s current mood was the best but he acted like he didn’t know and asked, “Daughter Ning, are you satisfied with him?”

“I will follow father’s decision.”

Wu Ningzhu’s smiled.

“Good, let me announce it. Jiang Chen has defeated all of his opponents, and has also gotten the approval of both me and my daughter. From now on, Jiang Chen will be the son-in-law of Dan King and also Dan King County. The marriage would be held three days later!”

Dan King announced with clear voice. To Dan King County, it was a very good thing to have a young person like Jiang Chen to be part of them. And, the current Dan King was too impatient to wait for Jiang Chen regarding the matter of pill concoction. He really wanted to know whether Jiang Chen was actually a very skillful alchemist.

“Haha, good. Congratulations Brother Jiang for getting to embrace the beauty.”

“Congratulations. Brother Jiang’s name would be known to the people of the entire continent now. You are really the model of our generation.”


A commotion of congratulatory remarks resounded throughout the concourse area, a lot of people were congratulating him loudly. Despite Jiang Chen’s low level of grade—Sixth Grade Combat Emperor—his performance today had made everyone respect him greatly. No one dared to look down on him anymore. Countless of youth had treated him as their idol.

Under Dan King’s lead, Jiang Chen and his friends went to the Dan King County’s compound. As for the geniuses of the eight domains—one after another—their heads lowered with disappointment and left Dan Yuan City. It was pointless for them to stay any longer unless they wanted to join the wedding dinner of Jiang Chen and Wu Ningzhu.

They were gritting their teeth while thinking about Jiang Chen. They were afraid that once they got back, the upper-ranked seniors would immediately give the kill-on-sight order for Jiang Chen to their subordinates. They had suffered a huge loss in this compet.i.tion. Even if the geniuses couldn’t be the son-in-law, they couldn’t die. Unfortunately, they had met a mad person like Jiang Chen that had entirely changed the result of the compet.i.tion.

Also, it wasn’t an easy thing to seek revenge on Jiang Chen now, given the current situation. Putting the Nebula Sect aside, Jiang Chen was the son-in-law of Dan King County now; which meant that he is a citizen of Dan King County now. So, how could Dan King willingly let others kill his son-in-law?

In the compound of Dan King County, there was a big and splendid garden. Perhaps it was because of the Mulberry Divine Tree, the heaven and earth Yuan Force in this place was ten times greater than outside. This was a perfect place for cultivation. No wonder Dan King held the compet.i.tion on the concourse area and not in Dan King County. It was much better that such a treasure shouldn’t be exposed to the public.

“This is truly a very beautiful place. Cultivating here is much better than cultivating in Nebula Sect.”

“Dan King is really the pill king. Look around in the compound, you can see herbs planted everywhere.”

They were continuously praising the compound of Dan King County, especially so for Nangong Wentian. This dude had taken a lot of elixirs and herbs, so he was very sensitive towards herbs or any kind of medicines. Frankly speaking, he could even tell the year and name of the herb with just a single glance. This was the experience that he had gained from consuming so much herbs.

However, Big Yellow had a different expression. His attentive eyes hadn’t stopped looking around at the herbs, his saliva was dripping. This was too shameful! As a result, Nangong Wentian and Guo Shao Fei took the initiative to pull Big Yellow farther away from it, afterwards, they acted like they didn’t know him or at least not very close to him.

Jiang Chen didn’t dare to stray too far from this dog because he had to keep a close eye on him. Otherwise, this dude would just straightaway pluck those herbs. There wasn’t anyone who would dare to cause trouble in this compound, but Jiang Chen wouldn’t dare doubt Big Yellow’s audacity. Back when Big Yellow sensed the Mulberry Divine Tree, he was the first one who wanted to rob it.

Due to the incident of the compet.i.tion being spread in the entire Dan Yuan County, everyone looked at Jiang Chen with respectful eyes. Consequently, they all felt satisfied with this future son-in-law.

Wu Ningzhu resided beside the bamboo mangrove. She had already prepared a house for them to stay. It had been a long time since they gathered. Now that they were together again, there would be a lot of stuffs to talk about.

On that day’s afternoon, a crystal table was placed at the bank of the stream. High grade wines and dishes were placed on it. Jiang Chen, Wu Ningzhu, Big Yellow, Nangong Wentian, and Guo Shao Fei—four people and a dog—sat on rock stools. This scene in the Divine Continent was something they never dreamt of.

“This is really a nice environment. Miss Wu is really a person who knows how to live a good lifestyle. Plus your music is beautiful. I’m afraid this is the only environment that can match with that music.”

Guo Shao Fei praised Wu Ningzhu and the environment.

“Brother Guo has overly praised me.”

Wu Ningzhu smiled. She had already unveiled her face, shocking Guo Shao Fei.

Jiang Chen had already introduced them to Wu Ningzhu. As for Guo Shao Fei, she also knew about him. She followed Jiang Chen, also addressing him as Brother Guo. However, Guo Shao Fei knew that if it was according to the level of strength, he should be the one calling Jiang Chen as Brother Jiang but the people among them weren’t the kind who cared about these minor details.

“Sister Ning is getting prettier. I regretted that I was late to make the move.”

Nangong Wentian sighed deliberately.

“Sister will find you a suitable partner and introduce her to you.”

Wu Ningzhu smiled. Today was her happiest day after arriving in the Divine Continent for so long.

Big Yellow didn’t speak much nonsense because he couldn’t bear the delicious food in front of him.

Old friends had gathered again. They had chatted about a lot of things. Jiang Chen had told her about all his encounters again. Comparing his and Big Yellow’s life to Han Yan or Wu Ningzhu or to the one who was stuck in the Death Mountain—Nangong Wentian—their lives were a lot harder.

Until evening, laughter could still be heard from them, they weren’t over yet. When Wu Ningzhu felt that they have interacted enough, she said to Jiang Chen, “Little Chen, I’ve told my father about the matter of the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill. As a result, he became impatient and wanted to see you. However, because he doesn’t want to interrupt our gathering, he didn’t say a word about it. I think that his patience was about to reach its limit soon.”

“I also have some matters to find him. Sister Ning, please lead the way.”

Jiang Chen stood up from his seat. He knew all too well how precious a Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill to an alchemist. Thus, Dan King wouldn’t be able to stand the temptation of the pill. However, that was considered as normal. Otherwise, it would be considered abnormal instead.

Coincidentally, Jiang Chen also wanted the Mulberry Divine Tree. He had to talk to Dan King personally about this matter because no one else, not even Wu Ningzhu could make a decision about the tree.

“Alright, I will bring you to see my father right away. Ah Nan, Brother Guo, you all and Big Yellow continue your chit-chat.”

Wu Ningzhu said.

“No problem. Little Chen, try to be more polite and courteous when you meet your father-in-law because the divine tree isn’t that simple to obtain.”

Nangong Wentian said.

At the center of the compound of Dan King County was a big garden. In the internal area of this garden was a big hall. At this moment, all the experts of Minor Saint grade were present and half of them were alchemist. Presently, their expression was expectant. Dan King was pacing back and forth in the hall, showing that he was preoccupied by some unsettled troubles.

“Dan King, you really believe that Jiang Chen can concoct the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill? He is merely a Sixth Grade Combat Emperor, how could he have such an ability? Could it be that miss lied to you?”

A Third Grade Minor Saint alchemist said in disbelief.

“No way. Daughter Ning won’t lie to me. Plus, she has taken the pill, which pushed her cultivation to the ninth grade. Most importantly after the advancement, not only was her foundation not affected, it even remolded her physique instead. According to your experiences in alchemy, except for the legendary Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill, what other pills can have such an effect?”

Dan King said. He deeply trusted Wu Ningzhu without a doubt.

“This man is a gifted genius. He can already initiate a tribulation when he was still a low grade cultivator, which was rarely seen. If he can truly concoct the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill, it means that his skill in alchemy is way better than any of ours.”

“I have met many problems in alchemy all these years. I really want to ask for his opinions in alchemy, to see whether he is really a master of alchemy.”

A lot of people were still seriously doubting Jiang Chen’s ability in alchemy, but the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill proved that it was true. So, this made them very expectant. They wanted to see Jiang Chen, and to obtain some insights about alchemy.

At this time, two silhouettes walked in. They were Wu Ningzhu and Jiang Chen. This was a restricted area of Dan King County and only Wu Ningzhu could enter and leave freely.

“Father, elders, Jiang Chen has come.”

Wu Ningzhu greeted all of the seniors.

“Greetings, Dan King and elders.”

Jiang Chen held his fists at them.

“Hehe, you don’t want to call me father like how Wu daughter Ning did?”

Dan w.a.n.g chuckled.

Jiang Chen smiled bitterly after hearing this. In his eyes, Dan King was merely a small part of the puzzle. It was quite shameful for this Greatest Saint to be treated as junior, but since he was Wu Ningzhu’s father, it was a courtesy to call him ‘father’.


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