Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 741 – His Fame Rose to the Top

Chapter 741 – His Fame Rose to the Top

His Fame Rose to the Top

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Seven Combat Emperors who had reached the peak of Ninth Grade Combat Emperor leaped onto the battle platform. Each of their murderous aura soared up to the sky. The original nature of the compet.i.tion had changed. Since Jiang Chen’s partic.i.p.ation in the compet.i.tion, two people had died and that had made the platform a slaughtering platform.

To the seven geniuses, it was a seven versus one battle, a very shameless act. All of them had a certain pride. They never dreamt of such a situation happening. However, the problem now wasn’t about their faces. They had to kill Jiang Chen together. Once he was killed, their lost face would be worth it.

“Seven versus one…Seems like they are the people who have the Source of Combat Strength Talisman. I have no idea whether Jiang Chen can hold it.”

“This scene is too intoxicating! I hope that Jiang Chen can win. That will definitely create a miracle. His name and fame will soar maximally. By that time, there would be no one that doesn’t know him.”

“We’ll see. I predict that someone will die in this round. Although Dan King County has set the rules, Jiang Chen isn’t a person who follows rules.”


Expectant faces could be seen on the bystanders. Their blood uncontrollably boiled like boiling water when they saw such a crazy incident happening. Many of them are worried about Jiang Chen because there was a big difference between Jiang Chen fighting seven geniuses and him fighting Huang Sheng Wen. The difference in difficulty was like heaven and earth.

However, three people among the bystanders are smiling. They didn’t look worried at all. They were Big Yellow and the other two friends of Jiang Chen. The others might not know Jiang Chen’s techniques, but they knew it very well. There were two First Grade Minor Saints guarding him. Unless these geniuses could use a higher grade talisman, it didn’t matter much even if there were more Source of Combat Strength Talismans. Obviously, that wasn’t possible. The Source of Combat Strength Talisman was a very precious item. It was considered lucky when a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor could hold a First Grade Minor Saint Source of Combat Strength Talisman as a trump card.

While facing the seven people, Jiang Chen’s face remained unchanged. His composure hadn’t dropped. Such confidence relieved Dan King and Wu Ningzhu quite a lot.

“If the seven of you admit defeat now. I won’t kill you all. If you don’t, the next thing you all face is not defeat but death.”

Jiang Chen said in a cold tone. As long as these seven people dared to attack him, he would make sure that they couldn’t leave. In his battle, it is not the case of winning or losing but to live or to die. He didn’t care about the s.h.i.+tty rules. The only rules existed were either to live or die.

In this world, the weak are the ones who follows the rules while the strong are the ones who breaks it.

“Jiang Chen, don’t get all-over yourself. Who knows who will die and who will live? Brothers, let’s do it now, we will eliminate him!”

Hu Sheng bellowed to the other six people. Every one of them had taken out their Source of Combat Strength Talisman in a few breaths time and activated it.

*Hong Long*

Seven Source of Combat Strength Talisman were activated together. A piercing noise that could potentially crush their eardrums was heard. The seven talisman turned into seven different styles of attack. Seven colors of light had filled the s.p.a.ce on the battle platform. Every light had the power of destruction.

Many people focused on the battle platform without blinking. This was the crucial moment of the battle. They had no idea how much stronger this combined attack was as compared to Huang Sheng Wen’s previous attack. It was hard to imagine how a Combat Emperor would live after being attacked by seven different attacks.

*Howl* *Howl*

At this moment, two piercing howls were heard. Two large human skeletons rushed out of Jiang Chen’s body. Each human skeleton was around forty meters tall, standing at the left and right side of Jiang Chen.

“What is that?”

“Very powerful death and dark Qi. Those are dark souls, non-living things of First Grade Minor Saint. Jiang Chen actually can subdue such beings for his own use.”

On the tall stage, those Minor Saint seniors couldn’t help but stood up. With their eyes, they naturally could discern the scariness of Ah Da and Ah Er.

“So this is Jiang Chen’s trump card.”

Dan King was shocked but his worries for Jiang Chen diminished when he saw Jiang Chen’s trump card. Those were true First Grade Minor Saints. Even if there were more Source of Combat Strength Talismans, it still wouldn’t be comparable to him. Talismans could only let out one attack and it wasn’t the strongest attack of the Minor Saint owner. On the contrary, these two giant dark soul kings could launch countless numbers of attacks.

Ah Er and Ah Da howled again. They didn’t fear the destructive force that was circling around them. As dark souls, they did not know fear. Now that they had been edified by Jiang Chen, they willfully obey his orders without any delays.

Ah Da and Ah Er moved very quickly. They attacked with their full-force. In a flash, all the attacks from the talisman were blocked. Although the powerful attacks had trembled them, they didn’t receive any harm.


“What the h.e.l.l is that?”

“Jiang Chen, what the h.e.l.l did you do? You evil cultivator. Anyone has the right to punish you.”


The facial expression of the seven geniuses completely changed. Their plan had failed. It is now impossible to kill Jiang Chen. They started to feel regretful. They regretted coming up to the platform. They had no idea that Jiang Chen had such a great trump card. Even if they possessed a lot more Source of Combat Strength Talisman, they still wouldn’t be able to kill Jiang Chen.

“Ah Da, Ah Er.”

Jiang Chen shouted at Ah Da and Ah Er. Two dark soul kings howled wildly and extended two pairs of sharp claws, imprisoning the seven of them. Regardless of how much they struggle, they couldn’t find a way out of the claw cage.

“Jiang Chen, what do you want? Quickly release us.”

Hu Sheng clamored when he truly felt the fear and dread.

“Release you all? I think you have forgotten my words earlier.”

There was no emotion in Jiang Chen’s eyes. He gave Ah Da a glance and it opened its mouth and bit off Hu Sheng’s head with a ‘Ka Cha’ sound. The entire scene turned b.l.o.o.d.y and cruel, raising everyone’s goose b.u.mps. Some couldn’t help but vomited. This dark soul king was too cruel. No one could stare at it for long.

This scene had completely frightened the other six. Each of their faces turned pale one after another. This was the first time they felt how weak they were. They were nothing but ants in front of the dark soul kings, waiting to be slaughtered.

“Jiang Chen, we admit defeat. Don’t kill us.”

“Dan King, quickly stop Jiang Chen. We have already admitted defeat. You have said just now that if we admit defeat, we will be spared. Argh…”

Before the man could finish, he was struck by Ah Er. His entire body was ripped by the sharp claw and was shredded into a few portions.

“Dan King, they had used some First Grade Minor Saint Source of Combat Strength Talismans the moment they reached the platform. Clearly, they wanted me dead. If you are talking about breaking the rules, they were the first ones who broke it. So is it to say that they are allowed to kill me but I’m not allowed to kill them? What kind of sense is this? Furthermore, I have reminded them before they came to the platform. Not admitting defeat is equivalent to death.”

Jiang Chen was bursting with murderous intent. His words dropped and before Dan King could say a word, Ah Da and Ah Er killed the remaining five of them. All seven of them died pathetically on the platform.

Dan King could only sigh. Initially, he wanted to stop Jiang Chen as his opponents had already admitted defeat. However, Jiang Chen was too fast. He didn’t even allow him time to respond. Of course, he wouldn’t blame him because of this. He had to establish a good connection with such a rare genius. Plus, he would be his son-in-law in no time.

Using his Divine Sense, he kept Ah Da and Ah Er and came to the edge of the platform, looked down at the crowd and said “Who else?”

Countless of them have the urge to vomit blood after witnessing this scene. Who else? d.a.m.n! Who else dared to go up there? Unless they wanted to die so badly. Until now, who else still couldn’t see that Jiang Chen was unmatched? No one would be able to stop him. This man was cruel and brutal. Anyone who went up will definitely die.

Hu Sheng, Huang Sheng Wen and the others were the top geniuses in their domain but were easily killed by Jiang Chen. This was definitely a huge loss to their sect and family. Also, Jiang Chen’s had offended many major powers due to this act.

“Jiang Chen, you have killed our sect’s genius. Wait and feel the rage of Heaven Rank Sect.”

“Jiang Chen, our w.a.n.g Family will not live with you under the same sky, we won’t let you go.”

“Jiang Chen, you are finished. You have offended all the people under the heaven. It won’t be enough even if you have nine lives.”

Many people below were threatening Jiang Chen. They didn’t dare to go onto the platform but only could express it using their mouths. These people weren’t speaking nonsense. Those were the truth. After today’s battle, Jiang Chen’s name would become known across the continent and the eight large domains. He would become a famous figure but at the same time, an enemy of countless major powers. His action of killing so many people were equal to making all the people under the heavens his enemy.

“Come and kill me if you can.”

Jiang Chen was extremely arrogant. This was his personality. It wasn’t the first time that he made the entire continent his enemy. A truly strong cultivator must have countless number of enemies. He had to step on the corpse of his enemies and continuously move forward to create his own empire. Jiang Chen was a Greatest Saint his previous life and that was also done by continuous killings along the way.

“This is too handsome. This man is truly my idol. If I can be like him one day, it is worth it even if I am killed by the enemies under the heaven the next day.”

“Yeah! This is too domineering. Try to ask who else in this world dares to be so proud in front of the entire continent? After today’s battle, he has established his name and status.”

“The number of younger generation in the eight large domains. I’m afraid only the peerless geniuses of the Pure Land can compete with him.”


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