Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 74 – Peerless Evildoer, Nan Bei Chao

Chapter 74 – Peerless Evildoer, Nan Bei Chao

Chapter 74 – Peerless Evildoer, Nan Bei Chao

After finally exiting Origin Mountain, Jiang Chen could clearly feel the natural energies getting stronger. The concentration was at least two times higher. Besides, this was only the border between the inner and outer Qi Province. The concentration of natural energies would only increase after venturing deeper into the Qi Province.

Not only this, the places where the four big sects were residing must be places with the greatest amount of natural energies. Powerful warriors could make good use of those places. They could construct special formations that can gather natural energies, making it a place suitable for cultivation and a place people would yearn to be. This allowed the sect to be everlasting.

The scene outside Origin Mountain was not a crowded place like they had imagined. Instead, it was a gra.s.sland where the wind was constantly swaying the gra.s.s. There were a couple of people and caravans moving across the gra.s.sland, but there weren’t many of them.

“A huge gra.s.sland outside the mountain?”

Yan Chen Yu was a little surprised.

“Origin Mountain is too remote. The people from the Qi Province rarely come to this place. Only a few caravans will come here in order to search for treasure. This gra.s.sland covers at least a five thousand mile radius, and after crossing this gra.s.sland, there will be another big area with many hills. That’s another eight thousand mile radius. Only after pa.s.sing through that area can we be considered to be in the Qi Province.”

Big Yellow explained.

“No wonder the big four sects don’t bother putting their hands on Red city’s territory.”

Jiang Chen understood now. This area was just too desolate. The ten thousand mile radius Origin Mountain alone was a huge barrier, and then there was also this gra.s.sland and those desolate hills. This was why Red city had never attracted any attention.

“Let’s go, the sky's darkening. It would be better if we can cross the gra.s.sland and the desolate hills by tomorrow morning.”

Big Yellow said.

Jiang Chen and Yan Chen Yu nodded their heads. The trio started running with great speed through the boundless gra.s.sland. These three beings were genii amongst genii, so their speed was naturally incredibly fast. Let’s take Big Yellow for example; he was an heir of the ancient Dragon Horse, the king of speed. Jiang Chen knew an incredibly good movement skill, and he had also absorbed a Blood Winged Hawk’s Demon’s Soul. Naturally, his speed was remarkable as well.

As for Yan Chen Yu, she had a Divine Body, and after merging with the Ten Thousand Year Freezing Crystal she had broken through to the Mid Mortal Core realm. Although her speed was not as fast as Jiang Chen’s and Big Yellow’s, she was only slightly weak when compared to them.

Hoo hoo……

The strong wind pa.s.sed by their ears. Yan Chen Yu’s pretty face was filled with excitement. She enjoyed the pleasure that came from running through the gra.s.sland, having never imagined such beautiful scenery before.

Yan Chen Yu glanced at Jiang Chen who appeared relaxed. A curve appeared on her lips. She knew that by following this man, her future life would definitely be wonderful.

The next morning, after running for a long time, the trio had crossed the gra.s.sland and the desolate hills. They had completely left the desolate area. While they could do this in such a short period of time, it would be impossible for any other ordinary Mortal Core warrior to achieve this.

Even a Mortal Core warrior couldn’t run continuously at full speed. After running for a long period of time, they would eventually run out of Yuan energy. But, none of these three individuals were normal. Jiang Chen cultivated the Dragon Transformation skill and had incredibly strong Yuan energy, making it impossible for him to completely run out. Big Yellow was a Dragon Horse, and Yan Chen Yu possessed the Nine Yin Meridians. Their Yuan energies were just too strong.

After crossing the desolate hills, they could finally see more people on the road. Some of those people were fighting just because they didn’t like each other. Yan Chen Yu had naturally never seen a scene like this, so she curiously looked at everything that was going on. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were already used to scenes like these. In the world of cultivation, people fighting each other just because they didn’t like each other was a completely normal thing.

“If my memory serves me well, after pa.s.sing through this hill and a couple miles after that, we will find a city. But, I’ve never been there, so I forgot the name of that city.”

Big Yellow said while wiggling his tail.

“Let’s go to the city first. We need to know about the most recent events in the Qi Province.”

Jiang Chen said. The trio had slowed down their pace compared to before. Soon after, a city distantly appeared in front of them.

“There is indeed a city, and it looks to be the same size as Red city!”

Yan Chen Yu said.

“This is the smallest city in the Qi Province. It can’t be compared with any of those huge cities.”

Big Yellow said.

Soon, the trio arrived at the main entrance of that city. The three feet high main door looked mighty, and on top of the door were three words, ‘Silver Moon City’.

There were a lot of warriors walking around Silver Moon City, and the beautiful Yan Chen Yu had already attracted many eyes.

“This young girl is so beautiful! She is just like an angel!”

“You’re right, I could stare at her for hours… I have never seen such a pretty girl before!”

“I wonder where she came from… She is really beautiful and charming!”

Numerous gazes and praises, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but let out a sigh. A girl like Yan Chen Yu, no matter where she went, she would always be the center of attraction. Not only in this tiny Silver Moon City, even those female Saints from the big sects in the Divine Mainland a few hundred years ago didn’t have the innate beauty Yan Chen Yu possessed.

“Kid, the decision of bringing her along is the same as bringing along a lot of trouble.”

Big Yellow said.

“You’re the trouble here!”

Yan Chen Yu gazed at Big Yellow with an unsatisfied expression.

“Alright, let’s enter the city.”

After saying this Jiang Chen walked with large strides toward the front door of Silver Moon City.

“Stop there. You need to pay three Mortal Restoration Pills to enter the city!”

In front of the main door stood four to five guards, and the guard who just spoke was an arrogant one. These five guards were all Qi Hai warriors, and the one in the lead was a Late Qi Hai warrior.

A Late Qi Hai warrior was considered a powerful man in Fragrant Sky City. He would even be respected by everyone in Red City, but in this tiny Silver Moon City, he could only be a door guard. This was the difference between the two regions.

“What the f.u.c.k, we need to pay Mortal Restoration Pills to enter the city?!”

Big Yellow immediately became unhappy.

“Where did this dog talking trash come from? This is the rule set by the Mayor; everyone needs to obey!”

Another guard said impolitely.

“d.a.m.n you, you’re just a guard, but you’re still so arrogant?! Let your father show you how I bite you to death!”

Big Yellow immediately showed his sharp teeth to the guard, but Jiang Chen hurriedly stopped him from going any further. He knew this big yellow dog too well. This guy dared to create trouble in the Heavenly Sword Sect; there was nothing he wouldn’t do. If Jiang Chen was any slower, Big Yellow would surely tear the guard into pieces.

Jiang Chen wouldn’t mind paying just a few Mortal Restoration Pills. He didn’t want to provoke anyone right after arriving at the Qi Province. He had offended the Heavenly Sword Sect, so his future life already wouldn’t be too good.

Jiang Chen waved his hand casually, took out nine Mortal Restoration Pills from his storage bag, threw them onto the guard’s hand, and then walked straight into the city.

“I have never seen that young man before, they must come from some other place. He looks like a rich brat, I should have asked for more…”

Jiang Chen could clearly hear the guard’s voice from behind.

“That pretty chick is incredible. If she could spend a night with me, then that would be true pleasure!”

Another guard’s face was filled with l.u.s.t as his gaze landed on Yan Chen Yu’s back. Saliva almost began to pour out from his mouth.

But right after that guard’s words left his mouth, his body suddenly started trembling, and the smile on his face froze. His body then produced a cracking sound, and just a split second later, transparent ice appeared on his body. He had completely turned into an ice statue.

“Hey, w.a.n.g, what happened to you?”

“Why is he frozen?! s.h.i.+t! He’s not breathing!”

“w.a.n.g is dead, what happened?! Who did this?!”

Those guards became panicked, and their faces showed terrified expressions. A man who was alive and kicking just one second ago had now turned into an ice statue; he had been frozen to death. It was just like seeing a ghost in the broad daylight.

“It was that young man just now!”

The leader of the guards said. They all raised their heads, but they failed to locate Jiang Chen.

Within the Silver Moon City, Big Yellow had a huge smile on his face, “Hehe, Xiao Yu has learnt to be cruel now; you killed someone instantly!”

“He said something rude. I was just trying to teach him a lesson, but I never thought he would be so weak that he immediately died from the cold…”

Yan Chen Yu said while feeling wronged.

“Cough cough……”

Hearing this, Jiang Chen started coughing out violently. “Big sis, the Nine Yin Meridians merged with the Ten Thousand Year Freezing Crystal are incredibly powerful, and you asked a Mid Qi Hai warrior to withstand it… Can you blame him for being too weak?”

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were speechless. Even an ordinary Mortal Core warrior couldn’t withstand Yan Chen Yu’s frost, not to mention an ordinary Qi Hai warrior. That guard was just looking for death. Sometimes you could eat whatever you want, but you couldn’t say whatever you want. Yan Chen Yu was not the same naïve girl she was in Red City. After being with Jiang Chen and Big Yellow for so long, she grew accustomed to killing.

“Have you heard? The result of the fight between the inner circle disciples of the big four sects has been released!”

“It has come out? Who took first place? I heard that Liang Xiao from the Heavenly Sword Sect, Bai Hu Die from the Valley of Happiness, and Guan Yi Yun are all Late Heavenly Core warriors. The compet.i.tion between the inner circle disciples was actually between these three persons!”

“That’s right, these three men are all genii among genii; each of them possess strong abilities. To find out who is the strongest amongst them, I am afraid that it would only cause harm to both sides.”

“You all guessed wrong! The first place for this year’s Qi Province inner circle compet.i.tion is none of them; it is Nan Bei Chao from the Burning Sky Pavilion!”


Along the way, the Qi Province compet.i.tion was being discussed everywhere. It was hard for Jiang Chen to not hear any of it.

“What is the Qi Province compet.i.tion?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“This compet.i.tion is held together by the four big sects in the Qi Province. Held annually, it’s categorized into the inner circle compet.i.tion and the outer circle compet.i.tion. The reason why it’s called the Qi Province compet.i.tion and not the Big Four Sect compet.i.tion is because all genii in the Qi Province are allowed to partic.i.p.ate in it to give a fair chance to everyone. Of course, this is what they say, but in fact, it is still a compet.i.tion between the four big sects. Most genii in the Qi Province were attracted into one of the four big sects, so there’s no way for those ordinary people who partic.i.p.ate in the Qi Province compet.i.tion to compare with the genii from the four big sects.”

Big Yellow said. Looking at how he explained it, one could easily tell that he was really familiar with the Qi Province.

“Nan Bei Chao? I have never heard about this name before. I only know that there’s a man from the Burning Sky Pavilion named Wu Sheng, but in a fight with Guan Yi Yun two months ago, he was defeated. I thought the Burning Sky Pavilion would definitely lose the compet.i.tion this time… Who is this Nan Bei Chao?”

“Maybe you guys haven’t heard, but this Nan Bei Chao came out from nowhere! He is only 18 years old this year, but he has reached the Mid Heavenly Core realm! His talent is peerless, and with his Mid Heavenly Core, he managed to defeat Guan Yi Yun and the other two, going all the way and grabbing first place in the inner circle compet.i.tion! He is really awesome!”