Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 75 – Serving dishes for the arrogant dog

Chapter 75 – Serving dishes for the arrogant dog

Chapter 75 – Serving dishes for the arrogant dog

“What?! An eighteen year old Mid Heavenly Core warrior?! What kind of genius is this Nan Bei Chao? It’s terrifying to just think about it!”

“An eighteen year old Mid Heavenly Core warrior is indeed terrifying, but what’s more terrifying is that he defeated a Late Heavenly Core warrior with just his Mid Heavenly Core strength! And the ones he defeated were Guan Yi Yun and Bai Hua Die. Both of them are top ranked inner circle disciples from the four big sects; they’re not just some ordinary Late Heavenly Core warriors!”

“I never expected such a peerless genius to appear in the Burning Sky Pavilion! The disciples from the other three big sect must feel great pressure from this! Besides, this Nan Bei Chao is only eighteen years old. His future is limitless, and he might be a potential threat to the other big sects!”


Many people were discussing this Nan Bei Chao who appeared out of nowhere. The QI Province compet.i.tion was incredibly important for the four big sects, and this Nan Bei Chao was able to suppress all the inner core disciples by himself. This demonstrated how talented he was. Besides, he was only eighteen years old now, and this had made him become a rising star in the Qi Province.

“What’s there to be proud about? The real genius is here!”

Big Yellow stared at Jiang Chen. In his eyes, Jiang Chen was the biggest genius he had ever met. Although he was only an Early Mortal Core warrior, it was incredibly difficult to find anyone underneath the Heavenly Core realm who could defeat Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen wasn’t even sixteen years old; his achievements in the future would be much greater than Nan Bei Chao’s.

“Big Bro Jiang Chen, that Nan Bei Chao seems really strong!”

Yan Chen Yu said.

“Looks like the Qi Province is a place for crouching tigers and hidden dragons… But, this is a good thing. It makes my effort of coming here profitable. If the geniuses in the Qi Province were normal, this would just be boring.”

Jiang Chen smiled and remembered the name Nan Bei Chao. It was rare to find someone near his age with a name worth remembering.

“Kid, after spending so much time in the mountains, your father’s mouth has almost lost all feeling! I think you need to buy me a big meal!”

Big Yellow said.

“Sure, pick a place then.”

Jiang Chen was very generous, he could still easily afford to pay for a big meal.

“How would I know which place is good? This is your father’s first time coming here. Your father wants the most delicious food!”

Big Yellow said without any hesitation.

Jiang Chen then stopped a pedestrian and asked, “Brother, where is the best restaurant in this Silver Moon City?”

“You must be a newcomer, little brother, since you don’t know about the Silver Moon Restaurant! Just walk this road for about an hour, and then you’ll see the Silver Moon Restaurant. But it is not a cheap place to dine; ordinary people cannot afford it.”

The pedestrian pointed towards a wide road and explained.

“Alright, let’s go to the Silver Moon Restaurant. Today, your father will eat all the food in the Silver Moon Restaurant!”

The big yellow dog was jumping up and down in excitement, just like a beggar who had starved for three days and suddenly heard that there was a roasted chicken in front of him.

Big Yellow was walking in front while wiggling his chubby body. Jiang Chen and Yan Chen Yu were following behind him.

In the Silver Moon City, only the mayor was allowed to own a property with Silver Moon in its name. Therefore, the Silver Moon Restaurant was the mayor’s property.

The mayor was in completely control of Silver Moon City; all the other influences had to bow down before the mayor. The mayor was a Heavenly Core warrior, the only Heavenly Core warrior in Silver Moon City. That was why he could be the sole ruler.

Not long after this, Jiang Chen, Yan Chen Yu, and Big Yellow arrived at the Silver Moon Restaurant. It was a magnificent restaurant with luxurious decorations, and on top of the entrance hung two words, ‘Silver Moon.’ It was a two story building, and the decorations were magnificent and luxurious. Anyone could sense an aristocratic aura from this place.

Obviously, those who could dine at the Silver Moon Restaurant were the n.o.blest and richest men in Silver Moon City. This was a restaurant that didn’t accept gold coin; it only accepted Mortal Restoration Pills as payment. This was not something an ordinary man could afford to pay.

It was noon, and this was the busiest time each day for the Silver Moon Restaurant. Many rich and famous people wearing expensive clothing kept arriving.

“Welcome ladies and gentlemen, please come in! Have some top grade dragon tea!”

A young man who looked like a waiter was bowing and greeting the customers while shouting out orders. In this Silver Moon Restaurant, even a waiter was at the Qi Hai realm. This was definitely something Red city couldn’t compare with.

When the waiter saw Jiang Chen and the other guy, he hurriedly came forwards and greeted, “This must be the first visit to the Silver Moon Restaurant for the both of you. Please come in!”

The waiter had good judgment. He could clearly remember all the customers who had come to the Silver Moon Restaurant, and so if he saw someone for the first time, they were definitely people who had never been here before. Also, when he looked at Jiang Chen and Yan Chen Yu, the man looked handsome and talented, and the girl was as beautiful as a fairy from the heavens. Both of them emitted a n.o.ble aura; therefore, he did not dare to be impolite.

Jiang Chen nodded his head casually and walked into the Silver Moon Restaurant. Big Yellow followed behind with his tongue hanging out of his mouth, and a face filled with joy. His speed was even greater than Jiang Chen’s.

“Hey, hey! This is a high cla.s.s restaurant; pets aren’t allowed here!”

Only now did the waiter notice the big yellow dog behind them. He immediately blocked them from going any further.

Hearing the word ‘pets,’ Big Yellow immediately became angry. He leapt up into the air toward the waiter and pushed him down onto the ground.

The waiter was at the Qi Hai realm, but when he was pushed down by Big Yellow, it felt like a huge mountain was pressing down on him. Just breathing was alone a difficult task for him right now, not to mention attempted resistance against Big Yellow.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, who is the pet you’re referring to? I, your father, am an outstanding man! How dare you call me a pet?! And how dare you call this trash restaurant a high cla.s.s one?! I, your father, is being kind to you by dining here… f.u.c.k, how dare you look down on your father. Do you believe I won’t bite you till you die?!”

Big Yellow was not someone who could be easily messed with. He was a Dragon Horse descendant. He had one of the n.o.blest bloodlines in this world, but this waiter had treated him as a regular beast pet. How could Big Yellow not be angry?

Looking at the situation, Jiang Chen hurriedly stopped Big Yellow. He was scared that Big Yellow really would bite the waiter to death if he became too agitated, and that waiter had just said the word ‘pet.’ This was not something that should be punished with death.

At this moment, many people in the Silver Moon Restaurant started looking at what happened. Most of them had their gazes on the big yellow dog. A dog who knew how to talk, this was something extraordinary.

“What happened?”

At the same time, an old man walked out from a room within the restaurant. This man had a thick energy surrounding him; he was a Mortal Core warrior. When the man saw the trio, his expression immediately changed. His experiences were so rich that the waiter’s experiences could be considered poor. He could tell with just one look that this trio could not easily be messed with.

“Young master, we have plenty of money, but your Silver Moon Restaurant is preventing my friend from entering. What does this mean?”

Jiang Chen’s face turned cold, speaking indifferently.

“I dare not prevent you, please come in!”

The manager gestured a welcoming pose. It wasn’t until now that Big Yellow finally moved away from the waiter. He walked towards the tables like a boss.

“What are you looking at? Have you never seen a dog this handsome?”

Big Yellow gazed around with his narcissistic eyes.

The f.u.c.k?! What was there to be proud of when you were a dog?

Everyone were speechless.

Behind Jiang Chen, the waiter stood up looking wronged,but he went to stand next to the manager politely. He knew that he had stirred up trouble; therefore, he didn’t even dare breathe out loud.

“Pay more attention in the future! Hurry up, serve them properly!”

The manager gazed at the waiter.

When Jiang Chen started walking towards the tables, he could immediately feel a pair of eyes looking towards him. When he turned around to look at the source of these eyes, he could see a young man who only seemed to be 10 years old and was wearing a blue robe. His black hair was divided from the center of his head and looked clean. His face was handsome, and his eyes were glowing brightly. Although he expressed a lazy att.i.tude, his senses were amazing.

The young man in the blue robe stepped onto a chair with one of his feet while leaning towards the wall with a wine bottle in his hand made from crystals. When he saw Jiang Chen looking at him, he raised the wine bottle towards Jiang Chen and smiled.

Jiang Chen’s lips curved upwards. He greeted the youngster back with a smile.

“Please come here!”

The waiter welcomed them attentively. He brought the trio over to a big table in the center of the room. The way he looked at Big Yellow was a look filled with fear. This dog was really terrifying; even the energy emitting from his body was not something the waiter could resist.

“Is there anything you would like to order?”

The waiter asked.

“Server me everything you’ve got, serve me the best dishes in this restaurant! Give me a portion each… no, better make it three portions for each dis.h.!.+”

Big Yellow said without any hesitation. Also, because his voice was very loud, he again attracted surprised gazes from the surroundings.

“What? All of the dishes?”

The waiter was startled; the Silver Moon Restaurant was the largest restaurant in Silver Moon City, and the dishes in it were the most expensive. If every dish was served, it would cost at least two or three hundred Mortal Restoration Pills. Even the richest families in the city wouldn’t order that much. And not only this, the dog asked for three portions for each dish, and that would cost them more than a thousand Mortal Restoration Pills.

“What’s wrong? I, your father, have all the money needed! Hurry up and serve me those dishes. If you dare neglect my orders, I’ll tear you apart with my teeth!”

Big Yellow again showed off his sharp teeth.

“Yes, of course!”

The waiter didn’t dare show any neglect. He had finally met a super rich customer, and he was more happy than sad.

“That dog is too special; he has a big stomach!”

“They are incredibly rich, but what they’re doing is just wasting resources!”

“That young girl is so beautiful. I wonder where she came from…”


While everyone was discussing the events, the waiter brought out all sorts of dishes on big and small plates, filling all of the s.p.a.ce on the table. Among the dishes, there was even a Mortal Core demon beast’s heart that was cooked with a variety of herbs and ginsengs. It was incredibly luxurious.

“Hehe, your father can’t wait any longer!”

Big Yellow was laughing out loud in excitement. His body stood up like a human on two feet. Both of his front legs stepped up on the table, and his saliva was dripping on the plate with the demon beast’s heart.

Looking at this, Jiang Chen and Yan Chen Yu both furrowed their bros. Could this d.a.m.n thing still eat? Their appet.i.tes immediately disappeared upon seeing this.


The whole restaurant was filled with Big Yellow’s laugh. This dog spat out his tongue that was more than a meter long.

What happened next shocked everyone in the restaurant. Big Yellow, like a tornado, swept through the table with his tongue. In just a minute, his long tongue had grabbed all the dishes on the table and put them into his mouth. The plates were so clean that they could be used as mirrors.

“The taste isn’t bad, serve me another table of food!”

Big Yellow’s saliva was being poured everywhere. He shouted at the startled waiter standing to the side.

“d.a.m.n it, why are you still standing there?! Hurry up and serve me more food!”

Big Yellow’s front legs slammed into the table, making al of the plates fall onto the floor.

The f.u.c.k!

Jiang Chen covered his face with his hands. He just wished he could leave immediately with Yan Chen Yu and never admit to anyone that he knew this dog. This was too disgraceful.