Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 73 – Letting one go purposely

Chapter 73 – Letting one go purposely

Chapter 73 – Letting one go purposely

Jiang Chen made sure to include some of his soul force when he spoke, causing Liang Dong to start to tremble. His eyes were no longer on Yan Chen Yu; they were now on this young man in white.

“Who are you?”

Liang Dong asked.

“Jiang Chen.”

Jiang Chen said his name indifferently. He had already created a plan mentally.

“Senior brother Liang, this kid is messing around with that big yellow dog. He can’t be a decent man! I’m sure he is in leagues with the dog. Let’s kill them both!”

One man said ferociously.

“You better not provoke me. If you do, all off you will end up like that trio. Chen Shuang, Ruan Ling, and Shao Hua, all of them were killed by me.”

Jiang Chen continued speaking with an indifferent tone.


When they heard what Jiang Chen said, the four of them couldn’t stop themselves from shouting out in disbelief. Their eyes were locked on the young man in front of them, carefully examining him.

“Kid, do you still not know who we are? Let me tell you, we’re from the Heavenly Sword Sect! You dared to kill disciples from the Heavenly Sword Sect; there won’t be any place for you to survive in the Qi Province. It doesn’t matter if it is underneath the ground of above the skies, no one will be able to save you!”

The Mid Mortal Core warrior said arrogantly.

“Good, very good! Jiang Chen, I don’t care who you are, and I don’t care where you’re from. Since you dared to kill the disciples of the Heavenly Sword Sect, you will have to die! You and that big yellow dog are both going to die today! As for that pretty girl, I’ll be sure to take good care of her after this!”

Lang Dong spoke coldly, but when he looked at Yan Chen Yu, his eyes reflected how l.u.s.tful he was right now.

“You have no idea what you have brought onto yourself by saying those words.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes turned extremely cold. He had already mentally sentenced Liang Dong to death.

“Hmph! Kill him!”

Liang Dong firmly gave out his order.

Right after he spoke, two of the Early Mortal Core disciples unleashed their energy and started das.h.i.+ng towards Jiang Chen.

Looking at the situation, Jiang Chen shook his head. Two Early Mortal Core warriors, they were just looking to die.


Jiang Chen suddenly moved. His body vibrated slightly. It then turned into a white flash and reached the two men in a split second.

Jiang Chen’s speed was extremely fast. He pointed out both of his index fingers as fast as lightning, touching the men between their eyebrows. The two men’s strong energies immediately disappeared, and their bodies, which were das.h.i.+ng forward, immediately became hard like stone. They stopped moving.

Jiang Chen pushed them slightly. Both men fell down onto the ground with their faces looking up at the sky. Between their eyebrows was a hole filled with blood. Warm blood flowed out without showing any signs of stopping. Both men had their eyes wide open. Their eyes were filled with fear before they died.


Witnessing what happened, Liang Dong and the Mid Mortal Core warrior couldn’t stop themselves from taking a deep breath. The way they looked at Jiang Chen now had completely changed.

The men who were laying on the floor now were Mortal Core warriors. Even if Liang Dong attacked them with all his strength, he wouldn’t have been able to kill them so easily. What happened now told him one thing; this young man in front of him was incredibly strong.

Only now did these two men remember that this young man was the one who killed Chen Shuang, and Chen Shuang was a Mid Mortal Core warrior who even possessed a low-ranked combat weapon.

“Hehe, look at this. This is the consequence of your actions! Try fighting with I, your father, and you will be significantly more miserable that you are now! You’ll die with mutilated bodies!”

The Big Yellow Dog laughed out loud. This mean fellow ran to the dead bodies and used his rock hard feet to crush their skulls. When Big Yellow striked, it would be cruel.

“Ridiculous! Jiang Chen, do you know what you are doing right now?”

Liang Dong shouted. He couldn’t believe what he had just seen. In the entire Qi Province, there had never been anyone who had dared to kill disciples of the Heavenly Sword Sect publicly. They were just too daring.

“Don’t tell me only you are allowed to kill!”

Jiang Chen gave a snort of contempt. He walked slowly towards Liang Dong and the other man. A faded aura of someone superior could be felt from his body. Just his gaze alone had made these two men feel like they were being suppressed.

Liang Dong was doing slightly better than the other guy. The Mid Mortal Core disciple had started trembling. After Jiang Chen had broken through to the Mortal Core realm, he had become someone whom these two men in front of him simply couldn’t compare with.

“Senior brother Liang, what should we do now?”

That man asked with a frightened expression.

“Hmph! Don’t be afraid. I can feel that this guy is only an Early Mortal Core warrior. He is no match for me.”

Liang Dong humphed coldly. He moved his arms and took out a glowing long sword. The sword moved like a snake as he attacked Jiang Chen.

“You cannot withstand even a single blow from me.”

Jiang Chen casually pointed out his finger and sent a huge golden finger flying towards Liang Dong with an irresistible force.


Liang Dong shouted out in disbelief. He could feel a powerful energy from the golden finger. It was as if a huge mountain was flying towards him. He was completely locked down. It was even hard for him to breath.

“Bring it on - Sword Splitting Style!”

Liang Dong grinded his teeth. He was a Late Mortal Core warrior, so he immediately retaliated with the Heavenly Sword Sect’s sword art. The sword produced a cracking sound as it swung towards the huge golden finger.


A huge explosion reverberated after the huge golden finger collided with the long sword. Even after Liang Dong retaliated with all his abilities, he had still failed to defend himself against the powerful Six Solar Fingers skill.

Liang Dong was sent flying away by the impact. His back slammed onto a huge tree dozens of feet away, destroying the tree in the process. Liang Dong was laying on the ground and spitting up blood. The long sword was a few feet away from him.


Liang Dong vomited out again. Some pieces of his inner organs could be seen in the blood he puked out. This showed how severely wounded he was. At this moment, even the Mortal Core in his Qi Sea had some cracks on its sh.e.l.l.

Jiang Chen walked over to Liang Dong, bending down and s.n.a.t.c.hing the long sword. It was a low-ranked combat weapon.

“Let…. Let me go….”

Liang Dong slowly raised his head, begging. n.o.body wished to die, especially when they had a bright future.


Just after Liang Dong finished his words, Jiang Chen casually swung the long sword in his hands. With just one swing, Jiang Chen had destroyed both of his eyes.


Liang Dong’s body cramped up, and he screamed out in a horrifying way. He covered both of his eye sockets while crying out with a broken heart, “My eyes, my eyes, you destroyed me eyes!”

“I just wanted to let you know how it feels to be blind. Now that you have tasted that feeling, it’s time for you to die.”

Jiang Chen didn’t have any mercy. He impaled Liang Dong’s neck with the sword. The pitiful cries were silenced immediately. Jiang Chen had already decided that he would kill him from the moment he met him, destroying his eyes before killing him as punishment for looking at Yan Chen Yu profanely.

After killing Liang Dong, Jiang Chen turned around and started walking towards the other man. The man trembled with fright. His face paled, and he looked at Jiang Chen as he would a demon. Just a simple stare from Jiang Chen was enough to send s.h.i.+vers down his spine.

“No, don’t kill me! I don’t want to die!”

The man kneeled down on the ground without showing any dignity. In fact, under Jiang Chen’s oppressive aura, he had no way to defend himself even if he had any dignity.

“Look at your pathetic face. Killing you would just make my hands dirty.”

Jiang Chen said with a look of disgust.

“That’s right, killing me will only make your hands dirty! Please think about me as a fart and let me go!”

The man kept kowtowing. When he heard Jiang Chen say that killing him would only make his hands dirty, even though it was a direct insult, it made him happy. It was as if it wasn’t an insult, but praise.

“d.a.m.n you. You’re just useless!”

Big Yellow said with a look of despise, “Kid, move away. Let me crack his head with my kick!”

When he heard Big Yellow say ‘crack his head,’ the man immediately started crying out. Tears and snot cascaded out like a waterfall, and some yellow liquid was even leaking out from his pants. The Heavenly Sword Sect disciple had p.i.s.sed his pants due to fear.

“Get lost!”

Jiang Chen furrowed his brows and shouted to the man in a cold manner.


The man trembled. He looked at Jiang Chen with shock. He couldn’t understand what Jiang Che meant. How could Jiang Chen let him go just like that and ask him to get lost? How could this be possible?

“Hurry up and disappear from my sight before I change my mind.”

Jiang Chen gazed at him with disgust.


This disciple felt like he had just been pardoned by a king. He rolled and crawled his way towards the outer area with great speed. Of course, he was running for his life How could he be any slower?

“Kid, why did you set him free? You have killed disciples of the Heavenly Sword Sect in front of him, and now you’re letting him go? The Heavenly Sword Sect is definitely going to come after you now. What were you thinking?”

Big Yellow looked puzzled. Cutting the weed without removing the roots, this was not something Jiang Chen would do.

“You know nothing.”

Jiang Chen gazed at Big Yellow and said, “With you by my side, the Heavenly Sword Sect will come after me regardless of what happens. If I don’t let him go, there will be more men from the Heavenly Sword Sect who would come look for this group, just like this group went looking for the previous group. If we didn’t b.u.mp into them now, they would follow the trails and reach Red city sooner or later. Once they get there, what happened in that city will be exposed to them.”

Hearing what Jiang Chen said, Yan Chen Yu now understood his action and felt somewhat frightened, “What Big Bro Jiang Chen said is right. If this is the case, the Heavenly Sword Sect will blame the Yan family and the Jiang family, and with the strength of the Yan family and the Jiang family, there is no way for them to defend themselves against the Heavenly Sword Sect!”

“I needed to make sure that Red city stays safe. Now that I’ve let that guy go, the Heavenly Sword Sect will just make us their target, and they won’t go the Red city. The Heavenly Sword Sect, I, Jiang Chen, can still fight them, but the Yan family and the Jiang family can’t.”

Jiang Chen’s face turned serious. This was the main reason why he let the man go. If he killed him, the Heavenly Sword Sect would send another group to search for these 4 men. Sooner or later they would reach Red city. By letting him go, he brought all attention to himself.

“Nice kid, you do have guts!”

Big Yellow praised and said, “But we haven’t even reached the inner Qi Province yet and have already made the Heavenly Sword Sect our enemies. Your future life won’t be smooth sailing young man.”

“If I was looking for a smooth life, I wouldn’t be coming to the Qi Province. I would just stay in Fragrant Sky city and be the young master; that’s a smooth life.”

Jiang Chen smiled and said, “Let’s go. There’s just another thousand miles before we’re out of Origin Mountain and reach the inner Qi Province.”

Jiang Chen brought Yan Chen Yu and Big Yellow with him and continued their journey. Yan Chen Yu’s big pretty eyes kept staring at Jiang Chen. She felt a sweet sensation in her heart.

This was the man that she wanted. He was a hero in her heart. He was handsome, stylish, responsible, and super strong.

A thousand miles was nothing for this trio. There were no demon beasts in this outer area of Origin Mountain that would pose any threat to them. Therefore, after just two hours, they had completely left Origin Mountain.