Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 738 – Battle Platform

Chapter 738 – Battle Platform

Battle Platform

and the Twelfth.

The enormous area could at least accommodate hundreds of thousands of people. It could even be able to hold up to a million. In such a s.p.a.cious area, it was full of people. There were virtually groups of people who stood in every corner. Today’s event would be recorded in the history of Divine Continent. Geniuses from the major powers of the eight domains had gathered here. It seemed that only Dan King had such influential powers, to be able to do this.

At the centre of the concourse area was an erected battle platform. It was supported by pillars made from mysterious stones. The pillars were three hundred meters high, piercing through the clouds. The platform was of a round shape, like a geomantic compa.s.s and its structure was firm. A formation had been set by Dan King on the platform. Thus, regardless of how much damage the geniuses of Ninth Grade Combat Emperors caused, it wouldn’t cause any damage to the battle platform.

Not far from the platform was a stage which was as high as the battle platform. Seven seats were placed on it. Those were the seats for the high ranked officials of Dan King County who weren’t present yet.

Currently, the geniuses of the eight domains had already arrived on the concourse area. They were standing away from each other. Each of their faces were filled with pride and arrogance. All of them were the outstanding geniuses of the younger generation, giving them the right to be arrogant. They eyed at the tall battle platform with their combat intent.

“Let’s get this straight. Today is destined to be a fierce battle. None of us is certain to who would win the battle. Do you think your power is enough to defeat Jiang Chen?”

“Humph! What’s that Jiang Chen? I didn’t eliminate him during the night at Blue Moon Lake to give him an extra few days of life. However, if he’s here today, I will kill him on the spot and shred him to pieces.”

“Regardless of whether I captivated Young Lady Wu Ningzhu’s heart or not, my trip to the city isn’t in vain, considering the fact that I can have a battle with so many geniuses of the Divine Continent.”


The battle hadn’t started yet, but the geniuses were already itching to fight each other. Some even wanted to rush to the battle platform now. .

At this very moment, a few brilliant rays of light rushed past from Dan King County with incredible speed. The lights reached the tall stage in the concourse area in a blink. The lights consisted of exactly seven people. The person who stood in front was the leader among them. He had a heroic bearing and wore a dan robe. Although he had an average body size, he looked very powerful, especially if one looked him straight in the eyes. It could subconsciously force people into submission.

This middle-aged man was the true lord of Dan Yuan City, the Fifth Grade Minor Saint Dan King.

There were another five Minor Saints beside him. It was hard to see that many Minor Saint experts in the normal days. One should know that whoever achieved the Minor Saint grade would outrank anyone. The high and mighty status of the Minor Saint grade has always been everyone’s desired goal on the path of cultivation.

However, among the group, there was another person who wore tight black clothes. The length of her long black hair had reached her waist. Although she had a layer of thin veil covering her face, it couldn’t cover her unique and elegant posture. Wu Ningzhu’s appearance had attracted the attention of all the people there.

“Too beautiful, it is exactly like a heavenly beauty that will make the people not dare to have any profane thoughts towards such beauty.”

“It is worth it to make all these geniuses my enemy for this lady.”


Everyone was sighing. A dazzling beauty like Wu Ningzhu was the woman which every man dreamt of.

Dan King swept his eyes below the stage and raised his hand. Consequently, the crowd below immediately became silent and all their focus had s.h.i.+fted to Dan King.

“Dan King’s charisma is really extraordinary. A hand is enough to gather the attention of all the crowd.”

Guo Shao Fei couldn’t help but praise him.

“The combat strength of a Fifth Grade Minor Saint is undeniable. There isn’t any other Fifth Grade Minor Saint in the entire Mysterious Domain.”

Nangong Wentian nodded.

Although Jiang Chen felt indifferent about the fifth grade Minor Saint rank, this Dan King was no doubt an uncommon person. There was a strong and positive charisma surrounding his body, making him look like a rare hero.

“Gentlemen, I welcome all the geniuses’ arrival to partic.i.p.ate the compet.i.tion of son-in-law. Let’s cut this short. The battle platform is ready. The son-in-law has to be the strongest of all. You all will compete on the battle platform. All of your performances will be observed by me and my daughter. In the end, a prominent genius will be selected end. The marriage will then be held three days later.”

Dan King said straightforwardly.

After hearing the marriage that was going to be held three days later, all of the geniuses became very excited. This was a golden opportunity that would only happen once in a thousand years. Putting aside the matter of getting Wu Ningzhu as a wife, the chance of becoming Dan King’s son-in-law was more attractive because it meant boundless benefits.

“Alright, we will begin. There are no rules for today’s compet.i.tion. Gentlemen, you are all allowed to perform at your own will.”

Dan King’s waved his hand before sitting down on his seat. A battle without rules was the hardest battle of all.

For a moment, all geniuses had fallen into deep contemplation and no one had gone to the battle platform. No rules meant that the battle platform had become a battle arena. Who would be willing to be the first to go onto the battle platform? Even if one could win three rounds of battle, would one continue to win? One should know that everyone present here was without a doubt a great genius. All of them had their ultimate skill and trump cards. The continuous battle would wear any of them out sooner or later and the end result would be defeat because they couldn’t shamefully rest in the middle of the battle.

Thus, those who had their ultimate skills would want to be the last to enter the battle platform. They only had to defeat those who were left on the platform.

“Let me go first.”

A loud voice was heard from somewhere. A very brawny man leaped onto the platform and held his fists at Dan King County’s stage, and then said, “I am w.a.n.g Suo from the w.a.n.g Family of Earth Domain and the first to accept anyone’s battle.”

w.a.n.g Suo is a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor. w.a.n.g Family was considered one of the greatest power in Earth Domain. Its overall strength was on par with Tan Family. In his point of view, Dan King and Wu Ningzhu didn’t emphasize that they would hundred-percent choose the final candidate who won the compet.i.tion. As long as he performed well, he might have a chance.

“Liu Peng of Heavenly Sect of Western Domain has accepted the challenge.”

At this time, a powerful silhouette emerged. He leaped to the platform, standing opposite to w.a.n.g Suo. Both of them were Ninth Grade Combat Emperors. The battle between them would be like diamond cutting diamond, which would make the entire battle full of excitement.

Both of them didn’t exchange another sentence and started to battle. Due to the formation set by Dan King on the platform, the impact of the attacks didn’t ruin any of the structure. This could also avoid a disaster that would cause innocent deaths. There were many bystanders. If Dan King didn’t take any precaution, the intense battle between two Ninth Grade Combat Emperors would be a disaster to an ordinary person.

*Hong Long*

They both traded blows and had battled over a hundred rounds. In the end, Liu Peng of Heavenly Sect had won the battle by defeating w.a.n.g Suo, and thus, became the first winner of the arena.

“Haha! Who else?”

Liu Peng laughed. He had just won a battle, and as a result, boosting his confidence and spirit. He started to become wildly proud.

“People of Heavenly Sect, this is too good.”

Jiang Chen revealed a cold smile at the corner of his mouth. He leaped and reached the battle platform, and stood opposite the man. Initially, he planned to only go to the platform after a few battles, but he didn’t imagine that people from Heavenly Sect would appear. He absoutely couldn’t tolerate this sect. The sect had given him a very unfavorable impression before. At the time in Western Continent, he was framed by Heavenly Sect and could only escape from it with Great Master Ran Feng’s help.

In addition, Jiang Chen hypothesized that it had to be the Heavenly Sect that had hired a.s.sa.s.sins of Dark Shadow to kill him. The sect didn’t dare to offend the people of Great Thunder Tune Temple. Furthermore, Great Master Ran Feng had given the words to refrain them from touching Jiang Chen. Due to them being afraid that great master would find out about it, they had sought the help of Dark Shadow. Although this was only his hypothesis, he couldn’t think of anyone who would possibly hire a.s.sa.s.sins of Dark Shadow. As for the other enemies, none would need the help of the a.s.sa.s.sins to deal with him because they would find Jiang Chen themselves like Nan Bei Chao unlike Heavenly Sect which was restricted by Great Master Ran Feng to settle the score with Jiang Chen.

“Who are you? Declare your name!”

Liu Peng saw Jiang Chen and asked. His eyes turned disdainful when he realized that Jiang Chen was merely a Sixth Grade Combat Emperor. Due to his absence in Blue Moon Lake, he didn’t know that this man was Jiang Chen.

“It’s Jiang Chen, he finally appeared. A good battle is going to happen.”

“Haha! Jiang Chen has come. This Liu Peng actually looks down on him. He is courting death. I think he is definitely not Jiang Chen’s opponent.”

“Isn’t it obvious? Unless he has some kind of powerful trump card, he won’t be able to defeat Jiang Chen.”


A commotion was caused by Jiang Chen’s appearance. He was a dark horse in everyone’s bet, the possible game changer of this compet.i.tion. Quite many of them had come to watch the compet.i.tion because of him. They hadn’t thought that Jiang Chen would not hide his ident.i.ty and fight in the second battle instead. Perhaps only a very confident person could act in such a way.

Wu Ningzhu’s face revealed a trace of a smile seeing Jiang Chen on the battle platform. That was the smile of pride and comfort. Dan King also smiled. His gaze fell upon Jiang Chen. It seemed like Jiang Chen’s performance was something they had longed for.

“You are Jiang Chen?”

Liu Peng responded. Although there was a huge gap of grade between them, he had heard about Jiang Chen from the discussion below the platform. Furthermore, despite his absence in the Blue Moon Lake incident, he was well informed of Jiang Chen’s power. He was afraid that only Jiang Chen who was a Sixth Grade Combat Emperor dared to step on the battle platform. Most importantly, Jiang Chen wasn’t unfamiliar to him at all. The incidents that happened in Heavenly Sect that year were known to him. The incidents had virtually made him a famous figure in the Western Continent. His eyes revealed traces of murderous intent after knowing that he was Jiang Chen.

“That’s right, I am Jiang Chen of Nebula Sect from Mysterious Domain.”

Jiang Chen said with a clear voice.

“I heard that you were able to defeat a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor with the strength of only a Sixth Grade Combat Emperor, but I don’t believe it. Today, I would like to see whether it is true or not.”

Liu Peng laughed coldly.


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