Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 739 – Unmatched

Chapter 739 – Unmatched


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The thirteenth and,

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He had never seen it with his own eyes but had only heard of it. Liu Peng had never been to Blue Moon Lake before. Thus, he didn’t have the slightest fear inside of him as he hadn’t witnessed Jiang Chen’s true power. He insisted to not believe that a Sixth Grade Combat Emperor was capable of defeating a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor. Even if it was true, it would only happen by accident or luck. He had to personally experience the battle with him to find out.

“Then you should try it.”

Jiang Chen’s tone was plain but consisted of coldness, which made Liu Peng uncomfortable.

“Raging flames fist!”

Liu Peng moved. He cultivated an art of a fire property. He launched a punch that was wrapped with fiery red flames. The nearby void shook when this punch struck, burning the air around. Clearly, Liu Peng didn’t dare to have any reservations in his attack. h=He struck with all his might and energy. This was the strongest punch he had ever struck.

Jiang Chen shook his head, he didn’t put Liu Peng in his eyes. It was because the man’s combat strength was a level lower than Lu w.a.n.g. Moreover, it hastened his defeat because he used a fire property skill in front of Jiang Chen. His water dragon seal would be able to suppress it completely.

Nonetheless, the water dragon seal wasn’t even needed to defeat Liu Peng. Jiang Chen just made a step forward as he punched. It wasn’t a fancy punch but it carried an inestimable strength.

*Bang* *Ka Cha*

The two fists met, creating a vibrating noise, along with sound of bones cracking. In the shocked gazes of the people, Liu Peng was sent flying away by Jiang Chen’s punch until he reached the edge of the battle platform. Liu Peng had lost all of his calmness. One of his arms was now broken, totally crooked. White bones could be seen, visibly at his wrist and his sweat was dripping from his forehead. The excruciating pain had made his face twist.

“My G.o.d! Too powerful. This Jiang Chen is really a peerless and monstrous genius!”

“Really scary, he only needed a punch to defeat a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor. Who will believe it without witnessing it personally?”

“Too strong, Liu Peng isn’t his opponent at all. Although he’s only a Sixth Grade Combat Emperor it is hard to find anyone who is not a Minor Saint that can fight him head on. I’m thinking, what if he reach the eighth or Ninth Grade Combat Emperor. Can he fight a Minor Saint at that grade?”


Everyone was shocked by Jiang Chen’s incredible punch. As a result, it had caused a commotion from the crowd.

On the high stage, Dan King’s eyes became very bright, as well as the other Minor Saint seniors. They had no comment towards Jiang Chen’s performance. Moreover, they could discern that Jiang Chen’s punch wasn’t even his full power. If he exerted his full force, Liu Peng would be a corpse by now.

Jiang Chen revealed a slight smile and walked step by step to Liu Peng.

Liu Peng was overwhelmed with fear and the pressure exuded by Jiang Chen. He wasn’t able to believe it before their bout just now. However, he knew finally that the rumors of Blue Moon Lake was real. Jiang Chen was really too strong. He was wasn’t eligible to be matched to Jiang Chen.

“I admit defeat.”

Liu Peng said quickly. He had already felt the murderous intent from Jiang Chen’s body. If he didn’t declare defeat now, the next thing that would happen to him would be death. He knew very clearly the incidents that happened between Jiang Chen and Heavenly Sect.

“Surrender? I don’t allow that.”

Jiang Chen said and then his hand clawed on Liu Peng. His true dragon palm turned into a big cell, imprisoning Liu Peng. He wanted to admit defeat? This had to be a joke. If it was someone else, Jiang Chen would let the person leave after surrendering, but this was the disciple of Heavenly Sect. Hence, Liu Peng wasn’t qualified to admit defeat before Jiang Chen as he had only one road - death.


Jiang Chen launched his attack. His true dragon palm landed on Liu Peng like a mountain, crus.h.i.+ng him alive! A Ninth Grade Combat Emperor died on the stage just like that. It was undoubtedly a pathetic scene.


Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air. Those geniuses from different domains had changed their facial expression instantly. This wasn’t a compet.i.tion. It was a life-and-death battle. Who would have thought that Jiang Chen was such a ruthless person? He had killed a compet.i.tor in the first round, even if the compet.i.tor had admitted defeat.

“Mother! What does this b.a.s.t.a.r.d want to do? This is a compet.i.tion of sons-in-law, not a life-or-death battle. He kills his opponent the moment he fights. Does he want to turn this platform into a slaughterhouse?”

“Too cruel! This man cannot stay up there. It is too dangerous for us to fight him.”

“That Liu Peng had already admitted defeat, but he didn’t show any mercy. He is too tyrannical!”


Seeing Jiang Chen’s ruthless act, a group of geniuses who wanted to leap onto the battle platform gritted their teeths instantly.. A compet.i.tion was entirely different from a life-or-death battle. Many people had thought that once they got on the platform, even if they had lost, they would somehow gain experience from it. However, after seeing Jiang Chen killing someone, how the compet.i.tion was viewed had changed. A lot of them didn’t dare to go to the platform anymore. They were afraid to face Jiang Chen.

As for the onlookers, they burst into an emotional commotion after seeing the dramatic changes of the compet.i.tion. Jiang Chen’s tyranny and aura had attracted a lot of admiring eyes.

“Junior Jiang Chen, why did you still kill him even when he had already admitted defeat?”

Dan King asked. He had to say something at this moment because today’s compet.i.tion wasn’t a life-and-death battle. The tone that he used didn’t have the slightest hint of blame. It was deemed as a gentle reminder.

“There are things that Dan King doesn’t know. When I was in the Western Continent, Heavenly Sect plotted against me, and I almost died because of that. Now that I met one of the sect’s people again, I will naturally kill him. I will never show mercy to my enemies. If people of Heavenly Sect come to find me one day, I will still kill them without hesitation.”

Jiang Chen’s tone was domineering. There were three people of Heavenly Sect below the platform. Their faces turned ugly after hearing Jiang Chen’s words. As a result, they no longer dared to go to the platform.

“I a.s.sume everyone heard it loud and clear. Junior Jiang Chen has only an unresolved conflict with Heavenly Sect and that’s the reason why he took his opponent’s life. For the following battles, one should stop fighting when one person admits defeat.”

Dan King said to the geniuses. These words acted as clarification for Jiang Chen’s action. The geniuses’ worries had all been diminished. At least they still had the chance to surrender, or else the consequences would be unimaginable.

Despite having the chance of surrendering, not many of them dared to go up to battle Jiang Chen. Such a predictable battle was basically pointless to them because they knew that they would lose for sure. So, why would they want to lose face by losing the battle?

“Seems like the battle today has to go on smoothly, but we have to eliminate this Jiang Chen first. Let me be the one to handle him!”

At this moment, a youth in red robe stood out. With a sway of his body, he reached the battle platform, and he then stood opposite of Jiang Chen. He had very strong Qi, many times stronger than Liu Peng. He had reached the peak of Ninth Grade Combat Emperor!

“State your name!”

Jiang Chen said.

“Huang Sheng Wen of Earth Domain.”

Huang Sheng Wen said.

“Let’s begin.”

Jiang Chen had a vague impression about this guy. That day in Blue Moon Lake, there was a genius of Heaven Domain named Hu Sheng that confessed to Wu Ningzhu but was met with refusal. Unfortunately, Jiang Chen was the one invited instead. He could imagine how much resentment this Huang Sheng Wen had against him now.

*Hu La*

Sheng Wen moved his arm and a black combat blade appeared in his hand. The atmosphere of the battle had turned intense, a cold and chilling aura was released from the blade. Obviously, this blade was not used for anything other than to kill. No one knew how much blood had stained this metal.

“Bluish sea of blade light!”

Huang Sheng Wen didn’t hold back. He launched his strongest attack in the first round. He had predicted that he wasn’t an opponent for Jiang Chen, but he had to at least try. At this moment, countless blade light was drifting in the air with killing intent, covering the entire sky above the battle platform. Eventually, the battle had again turned into a life-and-death battle.

One had to admit that Huang Sheng Wen was truly powerful. The Qi of the sword strike could shake the heaven and earth and killed anyone who stopped it.

However, such an attack was still far away before making an impact on Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen’s Qi fluctuated and his Heavenly Saint Sword rumbled. Under the circulation of Dragon Transformation Art, the Heavenly Saint sword had completely turned into a dragon sword. The hilt had turned into a ferocious blood-red dragon head. Dragon marks which seemed imaginary were forming on the surface of his sword, giving a very divine reflection.


Jiang Chen shouted softly as the sword in his hand slashed out. The edge of the sword was indestructible. The blade light from Sheng Wen perished under the attack of Jiang Chen’s sword, making the scene akin to a touch of a finger pulverizing the rotten wood.

*Chi La*

Jiang Chen made another slash.

Due to Jiang Chen’s incredible speed, Huang Shengwen’s face changed instantly despite his early preparation. He couldn’t defend the other strike as he had been forced to the edge of the platform. The Heavenly Saint Sword had now emerged on his left, like a ghostly figure, cutting off his left arm with a swoosh.


Huang Sheng Wen let out a loud wail. Hatred and regret were expressed in his eyes while seeing his detached left arm. He hated himself for trying his luck with the strike. He should have used his trump card in the very first round. Losing an arm was really a big loss. It would become a major obstacle in his cultivation road in the future.

“You have cut down my arm! What the h***, Jiang Chen! d.a.m.n you!”

Shengwen cursed out of his anger. His eyes were full of rage like a volcano which was about to erupt. That kind of resentment had gone deep down into his bone marrow.

“My G.o.d! Huang Shengwen of Earth Domain’s arm has been cut down with only one slash. How powerful is this Jiang Chen?”

“He is a very cruel man! But that Shengwen deserves it as well. He has an ace card in his hands but chose to fight head-on with that abnormal being using his own strength. Now, he has lost an arm. This will definitely become a major challenge to him during advancement.”


Too powerful and domineering! Jiang Chen was no doubt the incarnation of a peerless warrior. It was very difficult to find a genius under Minor Saint that could be matched with his strength. However strong a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor might be, he wouldn’t be able to bear Jiang Chen’s single attack.

“You have lost.”

Jiang Chen came to Huang Shengwen, ignoring his furious expression and said with a cold tone.

“I haven’t lost. Who said I am defeated? Jiang Chen, you have cut down my arm. I want you to repay it with your life. I want you dead!”

Huang Sheng Wen bellowed.


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