Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 737 – The Day of the Competition of Sons-in-law

Chapter 737 – The Day of the Competition of Sons-in-law

The Day of the Compet.i.tion of Sons-in-law

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Dan King nodded. A young man like Jiang Chen was rarely seen. Even with his experience and knowledge, this was the first time he saw someone like him. However, another thing that surprised him was the place where the six dead bodies were incinerated.

“Elder Lu, did you realise it? The flames that he casted wasn’t ordinary flames.”

Dan King said.

The old man who was called Elder Lu turned his attention to the dead bodies that were burnt into nothingness. Although he wasn’t an alchemist, due to him being with Dan King’s side for a long period of time, he was somehow influenced by Dan King. So, his senses and knowledge in concocting weren’t zero. Besides the powerful spiritual force that was needed in concocting pills, powerful flames were also required.

“The flames were full of vigorous Qi, it is like the flames of the heavens and earth combined. This is actually much scarier than your flowing-cloud scarlet flame. This is truly rare. How can a young man possess such a divine flame? Is he an alchemist as well?”

Elder Lu could feel the extraordinary Qi of the flames and felt shocked.

“Even if he isn’t an alchemist, he possessed an innate talent of being an alchemist. It seems like my Daughter Ning is interested in this youth as well.”

Dan King revealed a smile. This time, he really wanted to pick an extraordinary genius to be his daughter’s husband. Within these few days, Dan King had been secretly keeping track on those geniuses, he had even seen Jiang Chen’s performance in the Blue Moon Lake. Dan King was really surprised when he found out that Wu Ningzhu had already have some feelings for Jiang Chen. This was more than what he had expected.

“That’s right. When miss arrived at the Blue Moon Lake, she personally invited him into the boat.”

Elder Lu smiled.

“En, this kid is not bad. I will watch his performance on the day of the compet.i.tion.”

Dan King nodded. For a genius like Jiang Chen, no one wouldn’t praise him. His enemies would hate him the most but his own friends would grow fond of him.

“The youth who held the big ruler just now had elixirs all over his body. It seemed like his body was created using rare herbs and precious elixirs. This is truly a miracle.”

Dan King’s eyes became sinister. He had fixed his eyes on Nangong Wentian. As an alchemist, Nangong Wentian was exactly like a container of medicine. If this guy was thrown into the concocting furnace, whatever that came out would be G.o.dly and divine. However, Dan King didn’t intend to carry out such an act. He believed that a miraculous being like Nangong Wentian must have had a reason for existing in this world. That was the law of nature.

There were only a few days before the day of compet.i.tion begins. A lot of the geniuses had gone into seclusion, preparing for the day of the compet.i.tion. The appearance of a powerful enemy like Jiang Chen made everyone agitated. As for the death of Tan Zhi Peng and Lu w.a.n.g, who would care about it? Even if it was the death of an experienced cultivator, it wouldn’t attract their attention due to the overwhelming presence of the geniuses in Dan Yuan City. Thus, losing a few people in their group wouldn’t draw any attention.

These past few days, the compound of Dan King County was decorated with colourful streamers and lanterns. These were the preparations for Wu Ningzhu’s marriage. She had clearly stated that the one who could dominate the geniuses would be the one to marry her.

On the third day, after the incident in the Blue Moon Lake, Wu Ningzhu successfully broke through to the Ninth Grade Combat Emperor. A wave of energy rushed out of her residence in the bamboo groove. Her Qi of Ninth Grade Combat Emperor was rippling in the air above, causing a great vibration in the compound of Dan King County.

This was a notable amount Qi wave, even Dan King was alarmed.

“It is my Daughter Ning. She has actually reached Ninth Grade Combat Emperor. This is beyond my expectation.”

Dan King’s eyes were filled with joy. He swayed his body and came to the side of the bamboo grove and saw Wu Ningzhu sitting cross-legged in front of the house. Her advancement to Ninth Grade Combat Emperor was complete, so she was just absorbing the excess Qi.

“Haha, daughter Ning, I have never imagined that you would actually reach the ninth grade so quickly! You just made your father extremely happy!”

Dan King laughed.

Wu Ningzhu quickly stood up and bowed slightly to Dan king. “Father, It was due to someone’s help that I managed to advance faster.”

“Oh? The help of someone?”

Dan King was stunned, but his eyes sparkled. His fiery gaze fell onto Wu Ningzhu. According to his senses, he immediately identified that Wu Ningzhu’s advancement was due to some kind of pill because the effects of the pill hadn’t worn off yet.

After he found out about this, he felt even more shocked. He was astonished to find out that even after she had consumed the pill, there’s no side effects to her body. Instead, her energy had even become more vigorous. Her body and bones had undergone some kind of changes, as if her entire body had been replaced by a new one.

One should know that it was very difficult for an Eighth Grade Combat Emperor to advance to Ninth Grade Combat Emperor. It wasn’t impossible to rely on pills to advance one’s grade because Dan King could concoct such a pill. However, the side effects after the advancement would be great. It would affect one’s foundation or even inhibit further advancement, and as a result, terminating one’s chance of advancing to the Minor Saint grade.

Despite all these, Wu Ningzhu was an entirely different case. She also took a pill to advance her grade but her foundation was strengthened instead, some of her potential power was also activated. Hence, she wouldn’t face any problems when advancing to the Minor Saint realm in the future.

This was why Dan King was startled. He was well aware that there weren’t many pills like this in the world. In the entire Divine Continent, such a pill must be very rare.

“Daughter Ning, what kind of pill did you consume? Who gave it to you?”

Dan King asked in a solemn tone.

“Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill.”

Wu Ningzhu said.

“Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill?”

The name of the pill sounds familiar to him but he couldn’t recall where he had seen or heard such a pill. However, a moment later, his body shook wildly as if he was struck by lightning. His facial expression changed dramatically and his eyes showed a brilliant glint and exclaimed, “Daughter Ning, what did you just say? Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill? Is it the legendary Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill? How can such pill exist in this world? Tell me quickly, who gave it to you? I must meet this person who can concoct the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill. There isn’t one person who can do that under the heavens.”

She already expected Dan King’s to have such a reaction. As the pill king, there wasn’t anything that could attract him more than the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill. Wu Ningzhu could already imagine that after saying Jiang Chen’s name, Dan King’s would have a much better impression of him.

“It was Jiang Chen.”

Wu Ningzhu said.

“Jiang Chen? The young genius who came from Mysterious Domain?”

Dan King’s eyes widened, doubting his own ears.

“That’s right. I invited him to my boat that day. He then gifted me a Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill in return. It was concocted by him. Jiang Chen is a heaven defying and a rarely seen genius. He had already initiated heavenly tribulation while he was still advancing to the Combat Soul realm. The tribulations were also initiated when he reached the Combat King and Combat Emperor realms. He had concocted the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill during his tribulations. There are still some of them left with him.”

Wu Ningzhu said.

Dan King was dumbstruck. He just couldn’t believe this. A young man who seemed to be only twenty years old could actually concoct the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill? He wouldn’t believe it if it wasn’t told personally by Wu Ningzhu. Even if he was beaten to death, he still wouldn’t believe it.

“A true and young genius. Also a rare one at that. He can actually initiate heavenly tribulations, but the ability to initiate tribulations and concocting a Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill are two totally different matters. Concocting the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill requires one to be in a harsh condition. It requires the combination of the Nine Solar Saint Water and the power of lightning. Even if the person was immune to lightning and wants to concoct the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill, it would still be extremely difficult. This requires a high proficiency in alchemy. With your father’s level of alchemy, even if I have all the necessary materials and conditions, it would still be very hard for me to concoct one.”

Dan King sighed. His impression of Jiang Chen was instantly raised many levels higher. The skills and attainments in alchemy wasn’t based on age. Jiang Chen’s ability to concoct the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill had sincerely convinced Dan King. He no longer dared to view Jiang Chen as a junior.

“Jiang Chen has said that after defeating all of the geniuses in the compet.i.tion, he would present a Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill to father as a betrothal gift.”

Wu Ningzhu said with a smile. Jiang Chen hadn’t told her anything about the engagement present but she made the decision that the present should be for her foster father. She was sure that Jiang Chen wouldn’t dare refuse her request. Although the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill was precious, would the pill be even more valuable than her?

“Alright. Father has to treat him warmly, given his talents in alchemy. At that time, I will certainly exchange pointers with him about concocting pills.”

Dan King was elated. Jiang Chen’s appearance was his biggest reward for organizing this compet.i.tion. As an obsessed alchemist, his life would not be considered wasted if he could see a Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill.

“To be frank to father, daughter has already been in a relations.h.i.+p with him even before this. We have known each other in the Southern Continent. This compet.i.tion of choosing a husband is solely made for him because he had already promised me that he will defeat all of the geniuses before marrying me. Daughter only wants him to fulfil his promise.”

Wu Ningzhu didn’t try to hide anymore facts, she recounted all of the incidents and stories between her and Jiang Chen to her father.

“Haha, you don’t have to explain it anymore. Your father had already guessed this. When Jiang Chen entered Dan Yuan City, he simply gave a thousand Heaven Rank Restoration pills to the guards. He even gave Dong Mei a high grade Emperor Weapon. He was very generous in giving gifts. Furthermore, he gave you a Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill. How could he present such a priceless pill to another person? It was pretty obvious that this man is really truthful to you.”

Dan King laughed. He was very satisfied to have such a son-in-law.

“Father is ridiculing me.”

Wu Ningzhu smiled sweetly. Jiang Chen’s arrival in Dan Yuan City had boosted her reputation. He was a true man that would make his woman proud of him.

Both father and daughter were discussing the matter about Jiang Chen, Dan King had already subconsciously viewed him as a glorious son-in-law, albeit indirectly. If this scene was seen or known by those geniuses who were busy preparing for the compet.i.tion of the son-in-law, they would be extremely envious.

The days pa.s.sed very quickly and the day of the compet.i.tion finally arrived. This day was destined to be the liveliest and busiest. The concourse area had been crawling with people since early in the morning. Young Lady Wu Ningzhu was going to select her husband today, so naturally, only the strongest would be chosen. The battle platform wasn’t in Dan King County’s compound, it was in the concourse area. In spite of that, Dan King, Wu Ningzhu and the upper-ranked seniors would still be present.


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