Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 731 – Gu Family

Chapter 731 – Gu Family

Gu Family

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Jiang Chen slowly stood up from his seat and held his fists at Dong Mei.

“Young gentleman Jiang, our young lady has invited you, please, come to the boat.”

Dong Mei’s voice wasn’t low. Even the cultivators on the lakeside could hear her very clearly. At this moment, countless of admiring and envious gazes fell on Jiang Chen. He must have great luck to be called to the boat by young lady Wu Ningzhu.

The geniuses of the eight domains were staring at Jiang Chen with fiery eyes.

It was shameful, truly shameful. There was no one on the scene who didn’t have prestigious fame and ident.i.ty. They were admired by countless numbers of ladies in their domains. They were here for the chance to date Wu Ningzhu once, but a silent brat was being invited instead.

“Dammit! Him again. Why is his luck so good? How could young lady Wu Ningzhu have picked him?”

“It must be his previous actions that attracted the attention of Wu Ningzhu. This is regretful. If I knew this would happen, I would have fully perform my skills just now. I would throw Jiang Chen into the lake even if I have to use my trump card. Perhaps then, young lady Wu Ningzhu would pick me.”

“Humph! This Jiang Chen is really detestable. It won’t make much of a difference even if he is on the boat now. There are only a few more days before the actual compet.i.tion. We shall see who will be the son-in-law of Dan King on that day. The compet.i.tion will depend on one’s true strength.”


Many geniuses who possessed trump cards and great techniques regretted their lack of action. From their point of view, the reason Wu Ningzhu chose Jiang Chen was because she saw Jiang Chen’s performance on the pavilion just now. All of them were here to prove themselves after all. Jiang Chen was the strongest at that moment because he had thrown everyone into the lake. Naturally, Wu Ningzhu would select him, which made sense to them.

However, this brought a lot of dismissal against Jiang Chen, making him the object of scorn and the number one enemy of all the geniuses. It was imaginable that Jiang Chen’s day wouldn’t be very pleasant during the compet.i.tion.

“Junior Jiang, if gazes can kill a person, you are already dead by now.”

Guo Shao Fei shook his head. He was fully convinced by the actions of his junior and the things that happened to him. Jiang Chen would surely be the center of attention wherever he went.

Jiang Chen grinned. The fierce gazes didn’t faze him one bit. He leaped and reached Wu Ningzhu’s boat.

“Young gentleman Jiang, please come inside.”

Dong Mei gestured him to come in.

Jiang Chen smiled slightly. His palm turned and a long and narrow precious sword appeared in his hand. The sword released an aura of cold killing intent. Dong Mei’s attention was attracted by the sword. Her eyes sparkled. She was a Combat Emperor so it was natural that she was able detect the scariness of the sword just by using her eyes.

“I present this sword to you as a meeting gift.”

Jiang Chen simply threw it at her. She subconsciously caught the long sword and was then rooted to the ground. The thought of receiving a present from Jiang Chen didn’t even cross her mind since it was their first meeting. He was truly generous and straightforward.

“Have you thanked young gentleman Jiang for that?”

A voice sounded from the room, it was Wu Ningzhu’s.

Dong Mei regained her senses a split second later and quickly bowed at Jiang Chen. “Thank you very much for young gentleman Jiang’s gift.”

Dong Mei’s tone was filled with thrill and excitement. The sword was a true Emperor Weapon. Moreover, it was a high grade one at that. The bursting killing intent from the sword suggested that it had been used in hundreds of battles. A scary weapon like this wouldn’t be comparable to any combat weapon that would be gifted by the geniuses on the day of the compet.i.tion. Jiang Chen actually gave this sword to her just like that. This elevated Dong Mei’s impression of Jiang Chen to the maximum, as if she had already recognized him as her young gentleman.

The scene was seen by everyone clearly. They praised Jiang Chen for his extreme generosity. Just a few days before, he had presented a thousand Heaven Rank Restoration pill to the guards at the entrance. Now, he had given an Emperor Weapon to a servant girl. This really made him look like a spoiled brat.

The geniuses were rendered speechless. Not even the weapons they possessed could be compared to that kind of weapon. Even if they had such a weapon, they wouldn’t simply give it to someone else. It was still fine to give such weapon to Wu Ningzhu but this brat actually gave it to a servant girl.

To Jiang Chen, he didn’t care about such a little toy. Actually, it was the combat weapon he got after killing Sword Ming, it was a weapon belonging to Dark Shadow and it was given to Dong Mei. He was simply presenting flowers to Buddha with borrowed flowers. Nevertheless, this had at the same time raised Wu Ningzhu’s impression of him.

Furthermore, Jiang Chen still had a lot of other combat weapons. Putting the combat weapons he got from the Death Mountain aside, the combat weapons he had gotten from the stronghold of Dark Shadow were all Emperor Weapons. He had over forty of such possessions in his hand. Such a fortune could be considered truly terrifying to others.

Since Jiang Chen had already the Heavenly Saint Sword, it was pointless to keep so many combat weapons. So, he might as well give some to Dong Mei even though it was like presenting borrowed flowers to Buddha.

Despite the envious and murderous gazes of the people, Jiang Chen entered the room of the boat and then the door was closed.

There was a delicate fragrance filling his nose the moment he entered the room. It was the fragrance of flowers and gra.s.ses that could refresh one’s mind. It was a very valuable item but it wasn’t counted as such to Dan King.

There was a crystal-made table in the room. When Jiang Chen entered, he saw Wu Ningzhu. The woman was facing away from him.

“Young lady Wu Ningzhu, am I not permitted to sit?”

Jiang Chen mocked her. Then, he strode to the table and sat down without much courtesy. As he sat down, he took off the veil on her face.

“Truly impolite.”

Wu Ningzhu gave an offended glance at him but her expression indicated otherwise. How could she be angry? Meeting Jiang Chen again had made her heart very happy.

“Sister Ning, you are being too mean. Why didn’t you inform us when you have settled down in Divine Continent? You made me worry about you every day.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile.

“Did you really worry about me every day?”

Wu Ning Zhu mocked him. She also sat down beside Jiang Chen, showing a charming eye expression.

Jiang Chen rolled his eyes. He could smell the unique feminine scent from her body. Even with his strong-willed mind, he was slightly affected by it.

Since he couldn’t hold it any longer, he might as well let it all out. He extended his arms and wanted to embrace her, but Wu Ningzhu dodged away from his arms as if she was prepared for it.

“Gege, sister will be your woman sooner or later, what are you hurrying for? But you have said you will defeat all the geniuses for me.”

Wu Ningzhu chuckled.

“So you have organized a compet.i.tion of the son-in-law just to test me.”

Jiang Chen rolled his eyes once more.

“Of course, this is also a chance for you to establish your reputation. I have known about your deeds in Mysterious Domain. I’m afraid you are the only one that can shake the big domain to chaos, this is the reason I have picked you.”

Wu Ningzhu didn’t attempt to hide her praise for Jiang Chen’s talent.

“Sister Ning, since you have found such a good life in Dan Yuan City, why didn’t you inform me earlier.”

Jiang Chen asked.

“I have been inquiring about you everywhere. But, since the Divine Continent is huge, finding you guys was like searching a needle in the ocean. Even with the capability of the Dan King County, it is still very hard to seek your whereabouts. If you all didn’t cause any influential incidents in Mysterious Domain, I won’t be able to find you at all.”

Wu Ningzhu sounded helpless. Jiang Chen understood the situation well. Han Yan, who was the young master of Dark Devil Religion, could only find Jiang Chen after he had used the forces of Dark Devil Religion but what about Wu Ningzhu?

“Ah Yan is the young master of the Dark Devil Religion in Mysterious Domain now. Ah Nan has obtained huge benefits in the Death Mountain. All of us who had gone to Divine Continent have been reunited. Consider one of my wish realized. How’s Dan King treating you?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“En, Dan King is obsessed with concocting pills. He doesn’t have any wives or kids. Although I am only her foster daughter, he regards me like his own. He had imparted the concocting techniques to me. I am also as an awesome alchemist now. Of course, I’m still not comparable to the abnormal you.”

Wu Ningzhu felt very satisfied with her level of grade and concocting skills, but she couldn’t help but sigh when she compared herself with Jiang Chen.

“Sister Ning, give me your arm.”

Jiang Chen said suddenly.

Wu Ningzhu was clueless about what Jiang Chen was going to do to her, but she obediently extended her arms. Jiang Chen put his forefinger on her wrist, a wave of energy ran through the meridians in her body and then subsided.

“The bloodline of your family is truly terrifying. You have inherited the complete bloodline of Gu Family. Thus, your speedy improvement is explainable.”

Jiang Chen nodded. After hearing Wu Ningzhu’s secret, he immediately guessed that she was related to Ancient Race. From the current situation, it was as expected. Wu Ningzhu possessed the complete Gu family’s bloodline in her body and she had reached the peak of Eighth Grade Combat Emperor, being only a step away from the Ninth Grade Combat Emperor.

After hearing the two words ‘Ancient Race,’ she was petrified. “Little Chen, is my mother related to that Ancient Race? Where is Gu family located? How strong it is? My purpose of coming to Divine Continent is to find my mother, but I have no news of her despite being here for so long.”

Jiang Chen frowned slightly. At the time in Eastern Continent, he didn’t tell her the truth. It seemed like it was the right time to let her know now. They had been growing rapidly along the way. With their current strength, they would be able to get in touch with that crazily powerful Ancient Race.

“Sister Ning, you should have heard about this before. Besides the eight domains in Divine Continent, there is another scarier domain, it is called the Pure Land of Divine Continent. There are eight races existing on the land. These eight races are the true conquerors of the Divine Continent. They are the scariest beings to ever exist. They had dominated the Pure Land. Gu family is one of the eight families. If I am not mistaken, your mother is a member of it.”

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