Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 730 – The Lucky One

Chapter 730 – The Lucky One

The Lucky One

The Fourth

The scene was truly shocking. This was the true definition of might. This wasn’t only s.n.a.t.c.hing one’s seat, this was a direct occupation of the pavilion. A loud commotion was heard from the bystanders at the side of the lake, making Jiang Chen the focus of their attention.

“My G.o.d! Where did this man came from? How can he be this strong? A Sixth Grade Combat Emperor has thrown all the Ninth Grade Combat Emperors out? Could he be a genius of an ancient family on the Pure Land?”

“Domineering…absolutely domineering. Every one of them has been thrown out into the lake. Those are the geniuses of different major powers. Every one of them has a prestigious background and were powerful, but they were all thrown into the lake just like that. All of their faces was lost.”

“It seems like the compet.i.tion to marry young lady Wu Ningzhu will be very lively this time. This white-clothed youth must be the strongest dark horse. He may probably be the son-in-law adored by Dan King. Resources would be endless after getting connected with a prominent person.”


n.o.body could calm their emotions. They had just witnessed a scene which they didn’t even dare to imagine. It was a scene where the geniuses clashed and fought. All of the geniuses here were very strong, but the white-clothed youth was stronger and very aggressive. He threw everyone into the lake regardless of who they were.

The geniuses at the other pavilions looked over to see what had happened. Their faces changed in an instant the moment they looked at Jiang Chen. To them, he was a very powerful enemy.

“Dammit! How can that dude grow so fast? No wonder those two dudes from Skyhill School were killed by him. It looks like it would become pretty hard for us to take revenge.”

“Yeah. That man just grows too fast. If he isn’t eliminated quickly, he would become a huge trouble in the future. If he succeeds in this compet.i.tion, he would be recognized by Dan King and would gain access to a lot of resources, increasing his rate of growth even more. It would be very unfavorable to us if Nebula Sect got the support of the Dan King County.”

The faces of the geniuses from the Freedom Palace and Tan Family had turned unpleasantly ugly. Others might not know of Jiang Chen’s background, but they—who came from Mysterious Domain—knew everything about him. Currently, Jiang Chen was already a notorious figure of Mysterious Domain, no one in the domain would say that they had never heard of him. However, judging from the present situation, Jiang Chen’s fame wouldn’t only linger in Mysterious Domain but also in the entire Divine Continent after the compet.i.tion for the son-in-law ended.

“Don’t worry. He is merely a Sixth Grade Combat Emperor. According to my knowledge, the geniuses of the other big domains have a very powerful trump cards with them. Jiang Chen will never be their opponent even if he is strong.”

The leader of the Tan Family’s group showed a cold smile on his face.

“Interesting, seems like the compet.i.tion will become very interesting this time.”

A youth who wore black clothes fixed his blade-sharp eyes to Jiang Chen. A smile was expressed at the side of his mouth. He was also a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor. Although he witnessed Jiang Chen’s fearsomeness just now, he didn’t even feel intimidated in the slightest—as if he was going to dominate Jiang Chen and was pretty sure of winning this compet.i.tion.

Besides this youth in black, there were also a few who seemed very confident. Despite the fact that Jiang Chen had performed a tyrannical act, they didn’t seem to put him in their eyes.

Jiang Chen ignored the gazes that fell upon him. He simply picked a seat and sat on it. Such a big pavilion, but it was only occupied by three men and a dog. Although there were many available seats in the pavilion, no one dared to go over there. This building had been fully booked by Jiang Chen. Wouldn’t it be seeking for one’s disgrace if they went over there?

*Hua La*

Those experts that were thrown into the lake had flown out one after another. The protective barrier of Yuan Force had evaporated all the water that was stuck on their bodies. Even so, they were unable to cover their terrible blunder.

A stout and strong youth was full of fury. He drifted on the lake, pointed at Jiang Chen and clamored. “Brat! I dare you to state your name!”

“Jiang Chen of Nebula Sect in Mysterious Domain.”

Jiang Chen declared his name loudly without attempting to hide anything. His purpose of coming to Dan Yuan City was for Wu Ningzhu. He also needed powerful alliance. The Dan King County was a powerful force. If he could establish a good relations.h.i.+p with it, it would bring great benefits to Nebula Sect. Thus, Jiang Chen had to reveal his ident.i.ty.

“Jiang Chen, I, Lu w.a.n.g, will remember today’s incident. When the compet.i.tion begins, I will settle today’s score.”

Lu w.a.n.g stepped in the air and left after saying his piece. The other geniuses who rushed out the lake felt that they didn’t have the face to continue staying there, and so they left the place too .

“That fatty was Lu w.a.n.g. I heard that that man is very famous in the Vertical Domain. His fast blade can overrun places under the heavens. I had never imagined that he would be defeated under Jiang Chen’s hands, but someone like him must have had a very powerful trump card.”

“There’s no doubt about it. Which powerful genius doesn’t have a trump card? But, they won’t easily show it until the day of the compet.i.tion.”


The moonlight shone like the waves on the lake. Today’s moon was very round and beautiful. Accompanied with the Blue Moon Lake that was brightly lit, the surface of the lake reflected the colorful brilliance of the night. It was very fascinating.

Such a night was hard to come by. It was similar to the hardly lively crowd that gathered around the Blue Moon Lake. They were all waiting for the appearance of Wu Ningzhu and, at the same time, they were all becoming impatient.

All of a sudden, a melodious sound of guzheng sounded from afar. The sound was clear and melodious. Strands of the sound reached the ears of the people around the lake, it made them feel very comfortable. A flower-decorated boat then appeared in the middle of Blue Moon Lake. It wasn’t a large boat. Atop the boat a room was built . It was a beautiful room, covered with silk and brocade, and layered with seven glowing colors—like a rainbow.

A pretty girl was sitting in front of the room. In front of her was a table that was completely made of crystal. There was guzheng on the table. Her jade-like hands were like b.u.t.terflies moving back and forth of the musical instrument. Beautiful notes travelled through the air, causing ripples to appear on top of the lake.

The musical sound was just too pleasant. For a moment, there was no other sound besides the beautiful melody. It was akin to the most beautiful thing in the world, the people couldn’t help but be fascinated by it.

Jiang Chen’s gaze fell upon the elegant figure, and then he fixed his gaze on that figure. Their feelings grew deeper and stronger overtime. It all started the moment her veil was taken off.

They experienced different kinds of situation, from the Eastern Continent to the Divine Continent but it happened for quite some time now. At that time, he still didn’t have any news about Wu Ningzhu, which raised his concern for her. After knowing that she had become the foster daughter of Dan King, he still didn’t put down his worries. It was like his worries for Yan Chen Yu, even though she was very far away and at the other side of the world, he still couldn’t get away from the thought.

At the current moment, Wu Ningzhu had truly appeared in front of him. He could loosen his concern now.

She was wearing a veil on her face, accompanied by a pretty female servant just like before.

When the melody ended, Wu Ningzhu stood up slowly and went into the room. Only now did the people start to regain their composure.

“A very nice music. Truly unpredictable, Wu Ningzhu actually has such a great musical talent.”

“Beautiful, really beautiful. Did you all see Wu Ningzhu’s figure? Even with the veil, her beauty is enough to conquer all men. Any man who can win her tender care will be a bliss for him.”

“If I can find a companion like her, even if I can only live for one day, it’s still worth it.”


Everyone was emotionally praising the melody of the music and the elegance of that beauty. They felt satisfied even if they didn’t see the real face of Wu Ningzhu.

“Young lady Wu Ningzhu, I am Wu Sheng of the Heavenly Domain. May I have a talk with you on your boat? Could young lady Wu Ningzhu allow my little selfish wish?”

At this moment, a youth stood up from the pavilion and said to Wu Ningzhu while holding his fists.

“I am Huang Shengwen of the Earth Domain, specifically here for Wu Ningzhu. If I can obtain the good graces of young lady Wu Ningzhu, I will have no more regrets in my life.”


The geniuses in the pavilions began to perform their sweet talk to Wu Ningzhu. All of them wished that they could get the permission to meet her on the flower-decorated boat because that would be extremely honorable.

The eight domains of Divine Continent were named Heaven, Earth, Mysterious, Huang, Qian, Kun, Vertical and Horizontal. Besides these eight domains, there is also a territory at the center most of the continent. It was called the Pure Land of Divine Continent. That is the mainland of the Divine Continent and is also the most powerful territory of the continent.

Wu Ningzhu was completely indifferent to the geniuses’ requests. At this time, the servant girl moved forward, held her fists and said to them with a clear voice, “All geniuses, I am Dong Mei. I understand that everyone desires to meet our young lady. You all don’t have to be so hasty. Everybody will have a chance to see her real face on the day of the compet.i.tion. Our young lady has seen your elegant demeanor and felt fortunate enough to be able to meet you all. Thus, she has decided to allow one person to come on the boat to have a date with her.”

As her voice faded, a commotion was created from the crowd. Everyone was guessing who this lucky one would be. Nervousness was shown on the faces of these geniuses. Some were tidying their sleeves and clothes, showing their most stately and handsome appearance.

“I have no idea who will be the lucky one today. He will have a chance to attract young lady Wu Ningzhu and become the most possible person to be the son-in-law of Dan King.”

“That’s right. There are so many geniuses here. It’s not easy to be selected by young lady Wu Ningzhu.”

“Likewise, whoever goes to the boat will be hated and would become the common target of all, but it’s totally worth it.”


Arguments and comments were flooding from the crowd. After a while, it turned into silence, as they were expecting Dong Mei to announce the name of the lucky one.

“Has young gentleman Jiang come?”

Dong Mei appeared to be slightly shy and said to the geniuses of pavilions.

“Keke…Little Chen, it’s your turn.”

Nangong Wentian chuckled. He wasn’t surprised of this conclusion. If the person invited to the boat wasn’t Jiang Chen, it would be out of the norm instead.

*Face - reputation

*Guzheng - A Chinese plucked string musical instrument with a more than 2,500-year history.

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