Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 732 – Mulberry Divine Tree

Chapter 732 – Mulberry Divine Tree

Mulberry Divine Tree

This is the Sixth.

Wu Ningzhu’s facial expression didn’t look pleasant. Obviously, Jiang Chen had already guessed who she is before this, but he only chose to tell her now. Although she had been gathering information about her own background after reaching Dan King County, she hadn’t made any progress.

Pure Land of the Divine Continent was a sacred land. The power of the eight families were beyond her imagination. Why did she hadn’t thought that her mother was a member of the Gu family? Pure Land was an area resided by the high and mighty beings. Even with an ident.i.ty the same as that of Dan King could not enter that place.

“Little Chen, how much do you know about this Gu family?”

Wu Ningzhu asked.

“I can only tell you that that place is the greatest power of the Divine Continent. The tyrannical beings on the Pure Land are matchless, even to the major powers of the eight domains. There are peak-Great Saints that still existed in Gu family. The number of Minor Saints is innumerable. To them, our current strength is comparable to an insect. I’m afraid that only the Great Thunder Tune Temple of the Western Continent can be compared to them. The Western Continent is one of the most powerful continent amongst the eight continents after all.”

Jiang Chen said. He still had the knowledge about the eight families on the Pure Land. When he dominated the world, his battles included the fights he had with the eight families.

“In any case, I have to find my mother.”

Wu Ningzhu revealed a resolute face. Her main goal in journeying to the Divine Continent was to gather information about her background, and to find Gu Lan. She didn’t feel a tiny bit pleasant about this powerful Gu family. Back then, it was the Gu family that separated her parents. Her mom, Gu Lan, was ruthlessly taken away from her. It was such an emotionless family. Even if it is the greatest family in the world, she wouldn’t want to be involve about them.

“Don’t worry. I have promised you that I will help you find your mother, but this is not yet the right time to go there. Our strength is still too weak. We have to at least reach the Minor Saint grade first.”

Jiang Chen comforted. They were merely high grade Combat Emperors, which is still a distance away from the Minor Saint grade, let alone the Great Saint realm.

“Thank you.”

Wu Ningzhu looked at Jiang Chen with tender affection.

“Why are you so courteous towards me?”

Jiang Chen smiled. Wu Ningzhu’s matter would be his matter sooner or later. He would not naturally hold back in helping her.

“Ya, Sister Ning, Big Yellow has sensed a treasure in the Dan King County. You should know what is it right?”

Jiang Chen thought of the treasure in the Dan King County, he couldn’t help but ask. One could tell that there was nothing that she didn’t know about in the Dan King County given her ident.i.ty and status.

“Treasure? My foster dad had kept lots of treasure, I don’t know what kind of treasure Big Yellow had sensed.”

Wu Ningzhu was stunned.

“The treasure that Big Yellow sensed must be the most precious treasure in the Dan King County.”

Jiang Chen said. In truth, he wasn’t really interested in the treasures of the Dan King County, as he wasn’t short of treasures now. However, that treasure was detected by Big Yellow. Jiang Chen wanted to know what it was. If the treasure was useful to him, he would get his hands on it.

“My dad has a Mulberry Divine Tree. It was planted in the medicinal garden. This plant was quite unusual. Due to this plant’s existence, the speed of growth of other herbs had increased, it also improved the heaven and earth Yuan Force in Dan King County, which is at least ten times more of the Yuan Force outside. The treasure that Big Yellow sensed should be the Mulberry Divine Tree.”

Wu Ningzhu said.

As soon as her voice faded, Jiang Chen stood up from his seat. His face was filled with surprise and delightfulness.

“Dan King County actually has a Mulberry Divine Tree, this case is similar to the saying that when one wants to find something rare with all his wits, it will instead appear in front of him by chance.”

There was no reason for him not to be thrilled. He cultivated the Five Elements Combat Dragon Seal, which required him to gather the essence of five elements. Up until today, he has already collected three of them. This Mulberry Divine Tree was a rare essence of wood. If he could obtain it, his wood dragon would immediately undergo a metamorphosis. Also, once he had absorbed the essence of wood, he would be able to help Tan Lang and Tan Zhi Hao regenerate their broken meridians.

Nonetheless, this tree was extremely rare. Its rarity was comparable to the Heavenly Earth Pure Water. He had never imagined that it actually existed in Dan King County, his luck was truly great.

“You want to get the Mulberry Divine Tree?”

Wu Ningzhu looked at Jiang Chen.

“That’s right, I cultivate the Five Elements Combat Dragon Seal, it requires me to gather the essence of five elements. That divine tree has the purest essence of wood. I have to get it.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Unfortunately, my dad views the Mulberry Divine Tree as an invaluable treasure, it is impossible for him to give it to someone else. It is too difficult to get the tree, virtually impossible.”

Wu Ningzhu shook her head. If Jiang Chen wanted treasures other than that divine tree, she could straightaway give it to him. Dan King would definitely not let that divine plant go. If Jiang Chen persisted, it would stir up Dan King’s enmity against him.

“Dan King is a prominent alchemist that was obsessed with concocting pills. To an alchemist, the truly valuable item is absolutely not a stem of herbs, it is something more and deeper than that. Sister Ning don’t need to worry. I will personally seek Dan King for the Mulberry Divine Tree.”

Jiang Chen smiled. It would be extremely difficult to obtain it if it was in the possession of other people’s hands. However, it might not be that difficult now that Dan King possessed it. He could just take out something even more valuable than the Mulberry Divine Tree in front of Dan King.

“Could it be that you have something greater than the Mulberry Divine Tree?”

Wu Ningzhu looked at Jiang Chen with a slight disbelief.

“When have I done something which I am not confident about?”

Jiang Chen smiled. His face was full of confidence. Wu Ningzhu could only shake her head helplessly after seeing his expression. After all the experiences she had with him, she realized that what Jiang Chen had said was true. He was a super abnormal being and could always produce miracles.

“Fine, but I won’t bring you to Dan King County now. You have to wait until the day of the compet.i.tion and defeat all of the people in the battle arena. At that time, my dad will automatically notice you.”

Wu Ningzhu said. She desired to see her lover suppress the entire group of heroes, defeating the people of the world.

“That is certain. I will certainly do it for you. I have already become the target of all. Most of them would certainly want to shred me into pieces on the day of the compet.i.tion. A fierce battle would be unavoidable at that time.”

Jiang Chen shook his head helplessly. He was fated to become the target of all during the compet.i.tion. Him stepping unto Wu Ningzhu’s boat made the countless of geniuses to focus their attention on him, as if he was the thorn on their flesh.

“There is still a few days’ time. I will wait for you at the Dan King County to marry me. Alright, you have to leave now. If you stay here any longer, I’m afraid that those geniuses might make an attempt to take your life tonight.”

Wu Ningzhu chuckled.

“I’m not scared of them. Are they seeking for unnecessary troubles for themselves in an attempt in killing me?”

Jiang Chen swept and tidied his clothes, preparing to go. After taking two steps forward, he halted, turned to look at Wu Ningzhu.

“Why? Feeling loathsome to be parted from me?”

Wu Ningzhu smiled sweetly. Her smile was enough to charm all sentient beings.

“Yeah. Sister Ning has such charming features. No man could ever resist it! How about I stay here and have an enjoyable night with Sister Ning?”

Jiang Chen chuckled.


Wu Ningzhu’s face blushed red. When this guy turned to his evil side, he could really be shameless.

“Alright, back to the real matter. I can see that you have already reached the peak of Eighth Grade Combat Emperor. I might as well lend you a hand so that you can reach the Ninth Grade Combat Emperor. This is a Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill, it was concocted by me during my tribulation.”

Jiang Chen took out the pill. There were still a few of them with him, they were concocted at the time of his tribulation. Nonetheless, these pills couldn’t be simply shown to anyone. Such a pill would have a great effect on anyone, even to Great Master Ran Feng.

“What? Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill?”

Wu Ningzhu looked at the pill on Jiang Chen’s hand and exclaimed. As the daughter of Dan King, she was already a master in alchemy. Thus, it was only natural that she had already heard the legends of the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill. It was beyond her expectation that such legendary pill actually appeared in front of her.

“My little honey, sister didn’t choose the wrong man.”

Her eyes glinted brilliantly while looking at Jiang Chen. He did not only have a strong combat strength, he was also impeccable in concocting pills, even the Ninth Solar Lightning-Dragon pill was concocted by him. This attainment was enough to win the respect and adoration of Dan King. She could already imagine how much Dan King would like Jiang Chen by the time they met.

“Sister Ning, immediately absorb the pill when you return,, and push your grade to the ninth. It will surely attract the attention of Dan King at that time. With his eyes, he will be able to discern that your advancement was due to some kind of magical pill. Then, inform him about the the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill. I want him to demand something from me so that I can use it as a bargaining chip to obtain the Mulberry Divine Tree.”

Jiang Chen smiled and said. Besides helping her advance, the other benefits of giving the pill to her was to draw the attention of Dan King. To obtain the Mulberry Divine Tree, it wasn’t enough to just defeat all the geniuses of the world and become the son-in-law of Dan King. One has to offer something Dan King is interested in.

“The way you plan things is always so thorough.”

Wu Ningzhu couldn’t help but praise Jiang Chen again. He was definitely an excellent and perfect man that no woman could pick a bone with.

After a while, Jiang Chen walked out of the room and came out of the flower-decorated boat. Dong Mei quickly bowed to Jiang Chen as she saw him. Jiang Chen nodded at Dong Mei and went back to the pavilion with a sway.

“Little Chen? Why did you come out so fast? The time you spent inside there was too short. Was it because you couldn’t take it anymore?”

Nangong Wentian asked in a strange tone.

“Your words urged me to throw you into the lake.”

Jiang Chen said and one of his hand gripped Nangong Wentian’s shoulder, throwing him into the lake with a swoosh.

“d.a.m.n! Jiang Chen, you really did it for real!”

Nangong Wentian wanted to spew blood now.

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