Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 727 – Bamboo Grove, the Sound of Guqin

Chapter 727 – Bamboo Grove, the Sound of Guqin

Bamboo Grove, the Sound of Guqin

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Yu Yuan died. Liang Chan watched helplessly as Jiang Chen killed his friend, who was the number one genius on the Sky ranking of Skyhill School. Though his friend had just been killed, he didn’t even have the courage to become angry. What he felt right now was fear. In his heart, Jiang Chen was too terrifying. Encountering Jiang Chen outside the entrance today was virtually a misfortunate.


Jiang Chen’s long sword was pulled out of Yu Yuan’s body. He then came before Liang Chan at a lightning speed. His Heavenly Saint Sword was an inch away from Liang Chan’s neck. Liang Chan inhaled a breath of cold air. Although Jiang Chen hadn’t moved anymore, he had already felt the gloomy chill from the sharp sword.

“Don’t…Don’t kill me…”

Liang Chen could hear his own voice s.h.i.+vering. He started to hate his name now*, even his soul was s.h.i.+vering.

“Give me a reason for keeping you alive.”

Jiang Chen said in a cold tone.

“I, I…”

Liang Chan started to s.h.i.+ver again. Jiang Chen’s single sentence caused him to be dumbstruck. Find a reason not to be killed? This was too hard, what reason did Jiang Chen have not to kill him? He wanted to kill Jiang Chen just now. Moreover, there were no compromises to be reached between Jiang Chen and Skyhill School.

*Pu Chi*

Jiang Chen’s launched his attack as fast as lightning. The Heavenly Saint Sword slashed Liang Chan’s head. Blood bursted out, inducing sounds of shock from the crowd. Many of the onlookers’ faces were drawn. That was a powerful Ninth Grade Combat Emperor that was just killed. In their hearts, a ninth grade was a high and mighty being because it was the embodiment of what they couldn’t reach. Now, however, this white-clothed young man killed a ninth grade as if he was cutting melons and vegetables.

Liang Chan must die. Killing one is killing, killing two is still killing. It was impossible for Jiang Chen to let a strong enemy with a power of Ninth Grade Combat Emperor go, let alone Liang Chan’s inability to give Jiang Chen the reason of not killing him.

After consecutively killing the two experts of Skyhill School, he kept his Heavenly Saint Sword and waved his hand, releasing fire. The two corpse incinerated into nothing, no remains were left. With a blow of Yuan Force, nothing was seen anymore. It was as though there hadn’t been a battle here before.

Experts of Ninth Grade Combat Emperor had a very tough physique, it was very difficult for ordinary flames to completely incinerate their bodies. However, Jiang Chen’s flames was special. His flames were the combination of True Thunder Fire and True Dragon Fire, it could melt the hard black steel in mere seconds, let alone human corpses.

After finis.h.i.+ng the task, Jiang Chen strode towards the entrance of Dan Yuan City without looking back. The other three followed him. For those who didn’t witness the battle, they would think that Guo Shao Fei was the leader of the team. Who would have thought that the leader was a Sixth Grade Combat Emperor?

Currently, many people had already gathered outside the city. As Jiang Chen and his friends approached the entrance, everyone automatically made way for them. The people looked at Jiang Chen’s comely face and then looked again at the place where Yu Yuan and Liang Chan disappeared. Fear lingered in their hearts.

The initially bustling entrance had become silent. No one dared to speak. Jiang Chen walked to the entrance and said to the four guards, who stared fixedly at them, with a smile, “How much Heaven Rank Restoration pills are needed to enter the city?”

When the leader of the guards regain his conscious, he waved hastily and said, “No, we don’t need anything from you. Young lad, this way.”

The guards of Dan King County weren’t fools. Their senses were quite sharp. This youth was so powerful that he can kill Ninth Grade Combat Emperors with ease. He might be a genius from some major power. They couldn’t afford to provoke such a man. If the charge for entering the city offended such a genius, it would cost more than the charge.

Furthermore, if this white-clothed youth became Dan King’s son-in-law, their impression in his mind would still be pleasant.

The guards refused to charge them but Jiang Chen couldn’t go in without giving them something. They were people of Dan King’s County. He absolutely had to leave a good impression, so he started with these guards.

Jiang Chen waved his hand. A storage pouch was thrown to the guard’s chest. “There is a thousand Heaven Rank Restoration pills here, use it to treat your brothers to some liquor.”

Finis.h.i.+ng his sentence, Jiang Chen crossed his arms behind his back and continued to walk elegantly towards the internal part of the city. The leader, who was carrying the storage pouch, was stunned. He only responded after a few breaths’ time.

“Boss, who is that young man? He is too forthright! He gives a thousand Heaven Rank Restoration pills in one shot and instructed us to have a drink. Mother! A thousand Heaven Rank Restoration pills, we can’t finish spending them even if we drink liquor for a lifetime.”

A guard came to the leader.

“Do you see that? He is truly an important figure, he used his power of Sixth Grade Combat Emperor to easily kill two Ninth Grade Combat Emperors. Have you seen anyone that powerful before? Have any of you seen such man before? And he is very generous with benefits. If he become our Dan King’s son-in-law, it will be even better!”

“Boss is right. He is a true important figure. A genius who isn’t arrogant compared to those geniuses of the eight domains. Those arrogant punks are pointing their noses high up every time, they are even more arrogant than the sky king, which annoys me the most.”

Jiang Chen used a thousand Heaven Rank Restoration Pills to leave a good impression on those people. Even if they were only a few guards, it was still worth it. He was here not only to defeat all the men, but also to build up some reputation for Wu Ningzhu. He wanted to let Dan King County, and the entire city to know that Wu Ningzhu’s husband was a prominent important figure.

“That youth is really the phoenix among the people. A thousand Heaven Rank Restoration pills was given away as if he was throwing rubbish.”

“What is a thousand pills to man like him? That man has strong combat strength and cruel means of killing. To the geniuses of eight domains, he is a formidable enemy. It seems like the compet.i.tion for son-in-laws will be bustling with activities.”

“I don’t know what his name is. It looks like he is a disciple of Nebula Sect. I think he will be the major topic of discussion this time.”

“Let’s go, we will enter the city as well. Some say that before the compet.i.tion of the son-in-laws, miss Wu Ningzhu will appear in Blue Moon Lake to meet the heroes of this world. This is a fine chance to have a look at her pretty face.


The nervous atmosphere subsided but Jiang Chen n.o.ble acts had already gone deep into people’s hearts. Many would remember that white-clothed youth with a good-looking face.

Dan Yuan City was very huge and splendid. There were two wide roads at two sides. Quite a number of restaurants were running. Not long after walking towards the center of the city, they smelled a savory smell of meat and liquor drifting out from the restaurants.

Jiang Chen and the other were still fine, only Big Yellow couldn’t bear it. The smell followed him wherever he went.

“Shameful, being with you is truly shameful.”

Nangong Wentian slapped Big Yellow’s head and said rudely.

“Get your hands off me! Master Dog hasn’t been to restaurants for a long time.”

Big Yellow said with grief.

“Junior Jiang, the day is still young and we still have half a month more before the compet.i.tion takes place. I think we should find a restaurant for us to enjoy a little bit, and then get an inn to stay overnight.”

Guo Shao Fei suggested.

In Dan Yuan City, the restaurants were one of the ways to spend one’s fortune. Majority of the cultivators didn’t require food, and instead, they depended on heaven and earth Yuan Force to cultivate. Thus, they wouldn’t feel hungry. However, fine food was attractive to anyone. Eating food of high calibre was called enjoyment, especially those rarely seen beast meat which tasted extremely delicious. The purpose of these restaurants existing in Dan Yuan City were to bring pleasure to the people. There were quite a lot of restaurant here and all of their businesses were blooming.

Jiang Chen nodded in agreement. Since they had reached Dan Yuan City, they might as well enjoy themselves a little bit. As for seeing Wu Ningzhu, he didn’t have to worry about that.

Three men and a dog chose a high-end restaurant and entered it. Judging from Big Yellow’s face, it looked like there were going to be some mess.

Dan King County was located at the center of Dan Yuan City. Lofts were erected, they were very luxurious and honorable. In the stretch of brocaded bamboo grove, there lies a loft. Wonderful sound of guqin flowed in the air. It was a very nice sound. b.u.t.terflies in the bamboo grove started to dance with the rhythm. It was merely a few notes that had caused nature to resonate with it. It was clear that the one who played the guqin had mastered a high level in the aspect of rhythm.

At this moment, in front the loft, there was a small piece of garden. In the garden, a woman in black clothes with a veil on her face was carrying a guqin in her arms. Jade-like fingers were moving on the surface of the musical instrument like a fish swimming in the water. It’s a very beautiful scene. Her remarkable beauty had fully integrated with nature.

At this moment, a silhouette pa.s.sed through the bamboo grove and came before the black-clothed lady and said, “Miss, Jiang Chen has arrived.”

The new-comer was a female dressed up like a servant girl but her level of grade wasn’t weak. Despite her young age, she was already a First Grade Combat Emperor.

The moment the black-clothed lady heard the name Jiang Chen, she stopped all the activities on her hands. The sound of guqin disappeared, b.u.t.terflies and birds dispersed with a swoosh.

The black-clothed girl slowly raise her head. A pair of radiant and enchanting pupils comparable to the most brilliant stars in the world were revealed. It was merely an eye expression but it was the most beautiful thing in the world.

She is none other than Wu Ningzhu.

“You have finally come.”

Wu Ningzhu showed a trace of cold smile at the edge of her mouth. Although her face was veiled, her smile was still discernible. Since they arrived in the Divine Continent, she had never seen Jiang Chen. It had been so long that she could only remember his shadowy image.

“Miss, you are truly beautiful. If Dong Mei has a tenth of your beauty, it will be much better.”

The female servant smiled and said.

“Another flattery.”

Wu Ningzhu gave a stare at Dong Mei, but she wasn’t angry. It seemed that their relations.h.i.+p was not bad.

“Miss, that Jiang Chen is very awesome. He has killed people as he arrive.”

Dong Mei said.

“Oh? What has happened?”

Wu Ningzhu was stunned.

“Just now, before the entrance of Dan Yuan City, a fight happened between Jiang Chen and the people of Skyhill School. He then killed two of the geniuses who were both powerful Ninth Grade Combat Emperors. Furthermore, that Jiang Chen was merely a Sixth Grade Combat Emperor. Truly terrifying.”

“Those two geniuses of Skyhill School dug the path to death themselves. It is not good if you provoked him.”

Wu Ningzhu grinned. She didn’t feel anything unusual about the fact that Jiang Chen had the courage to kill the geniuses of Skyhill School. In this world, there wasn’t anything that Jiang Chen didn’t dare to do.

*Chan means s.h.i.+vering in mandarin

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