Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 728 – Blue Moon Lake

Chapter 728 – Blue Moon Lake

Blue Moon Lake

The second.

“Hehe, he is the miss’ dream lover, of course he is an extraordinary figure. A young genius who can kill a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor at the Sixth Grade Combat Emperor. This is my first time hearing of such a peerless figure like him. Oh my! Dong Mei’s heart is pounding frantically now! Truly handsome!”

The female servant, Dong Mei, said with an unusual tone.

Wu Ningzhu wasn’t angry. She just stared at Dong Mei. “You are being impolite.”

“Miss, there is still half a month’s time before the day of compet.i.tion begins. Do you want to meet that Jiang Chen?”

Dong Mei said.

“No need. I want to wait until he defeats all of the geniuses for me, only then could he squarely marry me. He had once promised me about this. Dong Mei, spread the news that I will appear in the Blue Moon Lake ten days later. I want to meet those heroes. I also want to see how much has that man grown.”

Wu Ningzhu smiled. Jiang Chen had killed a few Ninth Grade Combat Emperors on the first day. This news had relieved Wu Ningzhu and had allowed her to see the possibilities that Jiang Chen could really conquer the world. However, killing two Ninth Grade Combat Emperors wasn’t equal to defeating everyone. There were many geniuses who rushed to the city because of Dan King’s prominence. Without a doubt, there would be some heaven defying existences among the geniuses. Jiang Chen was merely a Sixth Grade Combat Emperor, and thus she was afraid that he would face certain difficulties in trying to dominate all of the partic.i.p.ants.

That night, Jiang Chen and the rest had found an inn to reside until the day of compet.i.tion. It was the right time to peacefully retreat without worrying that they would be disturbed.

The only thing that was considered a threat to Jiang Chen was the Dark Shadow organization, but its stronghold had just been destroyed. The Dark Shadow would need some time to recuperate before executing another hunt. As for those three major powers in Mysterious Domain, Jiang Chen didn’t mind them at all. The news of the two geniuses from Skyhill School dying in his hand would surely alarm Freedom Palace and Tan Family. Even if there were people from those powers who came to the city, they wouldn’t dare to cause trouble for him unless they were bored of living.

Jiang Chen’s inn was very big. For the people as rich as them, they would naturally find the best environment to reside. They had chosen a secluded room that was a very conducive place for cultivation. Jiang Chen crossed his arms behind his back, raising his head to look at the full moon in the sky. He was thinking back to the journeys and incidents that they had gone through on the way here, filling him with excitements.

Big Yellow came beside Jiang Chen. His eyes shot out a brilliant light and his nose sniifed, and then said, “Little Chen, there is a treasure in this city.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes sparkled after hearing this. His trip to Dan Yuan City was solely for Wu Ningzhu, he had never thought of getting any treasures, but instead, Big Yellow had sensed the existence of a treasure. In other words, there had to be some rare treasures hidden in the city.

Big Yellow wouldn’t put any ordinary treasures in his eyes. From his expression, it was clear that the treasure was certainly not ordinary.

“Where is it?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“In the southeast direction .”

Big Yellow’s gaze s.h.i.+fted southeast.

“Come on, we have to find out.”

Jiang Chen revealed a trace of smile. Naturally, he couldn’t miss any chance of getting a rare treasure. If he could obtain it, it would be a huge reward.

Big Yellow’s big mouth grinned. A man and a dog, together, vanished from the compound in a flash. This wasn’t their first time discovering a treasure thus they had become so used to it.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow didn’t wake Guo Shao Fei and Nangong Wentian who were cultivating while they headed in the southeast direction.

Setting out from Jiang Chen’s compound, the direction they were heading to was the center of Dan Yuan City—the most bustling area. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow chose to walk instead of flying, they didn’t even use the spatial movement as there were lots of peerless experts in the city, and they would draw the others’ attention if they did so. On the contrary, walking on the ground would make it harder for them to be noticed.

Furthermore, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow’s speed were really fast. They were like two green smoke that pa.s.sed through the streets of the city. With their level, they would be unnoticeable even they went through the crowd.

“Big Yellow, have you found the location of the treasure?”

They had been rus.h.i.+ng for over ten minutes and had already reached the center of the city. Jiang Chen couldn’t help but ask.

“About to reach, right ahead.”

Big Yellow licked his mouth. The Qi from the treasure was becoming denser. Big Yellow had already determined the exact location of the treasure.

In mere moments, a man and a dog appeared in front of a resplendent big door and stopped at a distance. There was an inscribed golden board on top of the door. There were flamboyant calligraphy that named ‘Dan King County.’

Jiang Chen rolled his eyes upon seeing the name. He turned to Big Yellow. “Is the treasure you said in here?”

“That’s right. It is here, seems like it is in the Dan King County.”

Big Yellow nodded his head, confirming that the treasure was in Dan King County.

“Let’s go back.”

Jiang Chen turned to leave.

“F***, we have come all the way here, we should go in and check it out. It is absolutely a great treasure.”

Big Yellow snapped. They were here to seek for treasure and it was right before their very eyes but they had to leave now? This wasn’t Jiang Chen’s style at all.

“Trespa.s.sing Dan King County? That is not doable. Don’t forget the purpose of us coming here. After meeting Ningzhu, she will naturally know the precious treasure in there. If this treasure is beneficial to us, we will find ways to get it. If it is useless, forget it.”

Jiang Chen said. If the treasure was located in the other parts of the city, he would go and get it without hesitation. Dan King County was entirely different. There were at least a few Minor Saint guarding the place. Dan King himself was a powerful Fifth Grade Minor Saint, plus he was prominent in alchemy. His spiritual force would be very strong which also made his senses very sharp. If it was Dan King County’s precious item, the security inside must be very tight. If Jiang Chen and Big Yellow really went inside, they would straightaway alarm Dan King.

A Fifth Grade Minor Saint wasn’t comparable to a First Grade Minor Saint at all. Sneaking into Dan King County to steal a treasure? Once they were found, not only would their reputation be ruined, their lives might be endangered. If the matter really developed to such an extent, Jiang Chen was afraid that Wu Ningzhu would completely be disappointed.

Jiang Chen’s main purpose here was to get Wu Ningzhu. It was clear that Wu Ningzhu occupied an important place in the Dan King’s heart . Most importantly, Wu Ningzhu would certainly know what kind of treasure was kept in the Dan King County. If Jiang Chen found the treasure very useful to him, he would naturally have ways of getting it.

Big Yellow sighed. His motivation for hunting the treasure disappeared instantly. He wasn’t an idiot. He knew that Jiang Chen was right. With their current grades, it was fundamentally impossible to unnoticeably creep into the compound.

For the following days, Jiang Chen and his friends secluded themselves in the inn. Only Big Yellow wandered outside, trying to flirt with some pretty young ladies on the street.

The news of Jiang Chen killing two geniuses of the Skyhill School had spread. Although they didn’t know who the white-clothed youth was, the incident had deterred lots of people. Many geniuses that came from the eight domains had paid close attention to the news. n.o.body would dare to ignore the incident of a Sixth Grade Combat Emperor killing Ninth Grade Combat Emperor geniuses.

There were also geniuses who came from Freedom Palace and Tan Family. When they heard the news, they thought of Jiang Chen immediately. A person who would kill at the first battle? It was such a vengeful act. He was merely a Sixth Grade Combat Emperor, but he could kill two Ninth Grade Combat Emperors. They were afraid that there wasn’t a single person in the entire Divine Continent that was on par with him.

The geniuses of the other two major powers had received the orders from their sect to kill Jiang Chen on sight, but with the current situation, it was better to stay as far away as possible when they really saw Jiang Chen.

The people of the Dark Devil Religion didn’t come. They were of the devil religion after all. Their appearance in this place would receive much rejections.

Ten days pa.s.sed by in a flash. Today was the most bustling day in Dan Yuan City. At night, Dan King’s daughter, Wu Ningzhu, would appear in person in Blue Moon Lake.

Blue Moon Lake was located at the center of the city. It wasn’t far away from the Dan King County. This was the biggest lake and the most beautiful place in the city. The lake was as large as forty miles radius. The water was rippling, while the moonlight was reflected on the surface of the lake which made the l.u.s.ter to ripple as well. It was truly a fascinating scene.

Today, before the day turned dark, the lakeside had already been crowded with people. The entire Blue Moon Lake was brightly lit, as bright as day. At the center of the lake, there were a total of six pavilions. Each one was covered with a layer of brocade, making them very charming.

At this moment, the silhouettes of the powerful figures were flying towards the pavilions one after another. These people were the geniuses of the eight domains, they were the geniuses of geniuses. The lowest grade among them was an Eighth Grade Combat Emperor.

“Look, all the geniuses have appeared. Wu Ningzhu’s emergence today has caused them to be impatient.”

“That is obvious. These geniuses were here for Wu Ningzhu. Even if they can’t bring the beauty back, they have to at least leave a good impression on her. If they can establish rapport with the Dan King County, it will be very advantageous to their power.”

“Very admiring. Each of them is a heroic figure. Most of the geniuses will come today, I’m afraid that the six pavilions won’t be able to hold that many people. We won’t have the chance to get a place there anymore.”

“Still want to go to the pavilion? Stop dreaming. The pavilion will be the territory of the geniuses today, they are the qualified people to go there. In fact, there aren’t many of them.”


The matter had given rise to many discussions and comments at the lakeside. Experts were continually flying towards the pavilions. A combat wave happened in one of the pavilions. An expert that was a Seventh Grade Combat Emperor was thrown to the lake. The scene had made most of them relinquish the thought of going to the pavilion. Even a Seventh Grade Combat Emperor was thrown to the lake. If any of them had provoked the gang of geniuses, they might get killed and died in vain.

At this moment, among the people on the lake side, four silhouettes appeared. They were Jiang Chen and his friends.

“Let’s go, we should go to the pavilion to have a seat and meet these geniuses.”

Big Yellow said while showing his teeth.

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