Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 726 – Dead Outside the City Entrance

Chapter 726 – Dead Outside the City Entrance

Dead Outside the City Entrance

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As a disciple of the Skyhill School, even if they didn’t partic.i.p.ate in the expedition of Death Mountain, they shouldn’t not know of Jiang Chen’s existence. He was the greatest foe of Skyhill School. The school had even given the order that Jiang Chen must be killed on sight. Anyone who could kill him would be handsomely rewarded and their status in the school would soar to the peak.

Yu Yuan and Liang Chan didn’t put Jiang Chen and the other two in their eyes at the beginning. They thought that these few dudes were subordinates of Guo Shao Fei. However, Big Yellow’s presence was too strong, it instantly caused them to think of Jiang Chen and called out his name. Two cold lights shot out of Yu Yuan’s eyes, containing an unmasked killing intent.

The murderous intent was cold and chilly. It was released from a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor. It wasn’t a small movement, and thus it had drawn a lot of people’s attention. The people who were going into Dan Yuan City came to a halt, and walked to their direction instead.

“That’s right, I am Jiang Chen.”

Jiang Chen shrugged. His facial expressions remained unchanged, he totally didn’t put Yu Yuan and Liang Chan in his eyes. He initially planned not to cause any troubles when he reached Dan Yuan City, but he was a man who wasn’t scared of anything. If these two men of the Skyhill School insisted to pick a fight with him, with his strength, it would absolutely be unbearable to them. There was nothing that needed to be discussed between the Skyhill School and Jiang Chen.

“Good. This is truly the same as when you wear iron shoes in search for something that is nowhere to be found, yet you are able to find it by luck. Jiang Chen, you have killed our geniuses and elders. Now that we have met today, I will settle the score with you!”

Yu Yuan’s Qi fluctuated, his eyes were locked on Jiang Chen. His face was full of expectation. He could already imagine the big contribution that he would make by killing Jiang Chen. His status in Skyhill School would rise to another level.

“Yu Yuan, I advise you not to do it. This is for you own good.”

Guo Shao Fei shook his head, reminding him with good intentions. His reminder was full of sincerity. Yu Yuan’s desire to kill Jiang Chen was no different than courting death. Even the stronghold of the Dark Shadow was eliminated by Jiang Chen. How could a mere Yu Yuan do him any harm? Even without the dark soul kings, Jiang Chen alone could get rid of Yu Yuan with his Sixth Grade Combat Emperor strength.

“Humph! Guo Shao Fei, you are just afraid right? Junior Liang, you block Guo Shao Fei. Let me kill Jiang Chen. I will eliminate Jiang Chen before the entrance of Dan Yuan City, raising the name of the Skyhill School again.”

Yu Yuan made a cold humph and ordered Liang Chan beside him.

“Brother Yu, this Jiang Chen is a difficult enemy. He was the one who killed Elder Yan.”

Liang Chan conveyed his message to Yu Yuan via divine sense. He was slightly worried. Elder Yan who was a peak Ninth Grade Combat Emperor was killed by Jiang Chen outside the Death Mountain. It was sufficient enough to prove his power.

“What are you afraid of? Yes, Jiang Chen has killed Elder Yan, but he was borrowing the strength of dark soul king at that time. Now that the dark soul kings have already been released back to Death Mountain. What other things can he still count on? I can kill him with one attack.”

Yu Yuan smiled coldly. In his eyes, Jiang Chen had already become his prey, and thus he would certainly not let him go.


Liang Chan replied. He twisted his body and blocked Guo Shao Fei. The thing that surprised him the most was that Guo Shao Fei remained completely indifferent. His arms were crossed in front of his chest. It seemed like he wasn’t preparing to fight at all.

“You don’t have to stop me because I’m not going to attack. You all want to kill Jiang Chen, isn’t it? Go ahead and kill him. I won’t give him a helping hand.”

Guo Shao Fei shrugged. He had blurted out a sentence that rendered his enemies dumbstruck. In Yu Yuan and Liang Chan’s minds, Guo Shao Fei should spare no efforts to defend Jiang Chen. They had never imagined that not only did he not defend, he even said such words.

“It is good that you know your own limitations. Jiang Chen, stand there and receive your death. I will give you the chance to kill yourself to avoid unnecessary sufferings.”

Yu Yuan looked at Jiang Chen and said coldly.

“See that? That is the meeting of rivals. They are going to fight!”

“Those are the geniuses of the Skyhill School from Mysterious Domain. As for that white-clothed youth, I have no idea who is he. His level of grade is merely a Sixth Grade Combat Emperor. He would certainly die if he fight a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor.”

“An undeniable fact. Truly pitiful. I a.s.sume that his purpose of coming here is to have a look on young lady Wu Ningzhu’s beautiful face. He is going to die pitifully even before entering the door of the city, it is really sad to see such situation.”


Everyone around was discussing with a low voice. As for the battle that was going to start, they had no other action aside from watching the battle. It was a battle between high grade Combat Emperors, ordinary people dared not to intervene.

After hearing Yu Yuan’s words, Big Yellow and Nangong Wentian let out a sigh. Then the two of them stepped aside together as if they had a tacit understanding, standing beside Guo Shao Fei. From the expression of these two men and the dog, they acted like they were just watching a show. Such an unusual behavior made Liang Chan’s heart to pound slightly faster.

“In that case, I will kill you with my own hands.”

Yu Yuan was provoked when he saw that Jiang Chen wasn’t paying any attention to him. His Qi fluctuated, and a palm violently slapped towards Jiang Chen.


As soon as Yu Yuan attacked, Jiang Chen also moved. When Jiang Chen moved, a loud and clear slap was heard. It shocked everybody on the scene. All the onlookers could see was that Yu Yuan’s body shook and he nearly fell down. When they looked up, they’ve found a palm printed on half of Yu Yuan’s face, everyone’s eyes could see it easily.

Most of them didn’t see what had clearly happened due to Jiang Chen’s speed being too fast. In addition, the slap had made them understand most of the facts, and thus, the truth shocked them.

“My G.o.d! What kind of monster is this white-clothed youth? He slapped a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor with one palm? This was truly beyond my expectation.”

“Is he really just a Sixth Grade Combat Emperor? How can a Sixth Grade defeat a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor? It was the ninth grade who launched the attack first, but he was slapped by the white-clothed youth instead. Truly shocking.”

“When did such a powerful youth appear in Mysterious Domain? A Sixth Grade Combat Emperor slapped a ninth grade? If I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I will definitely not believe it.”


Everybody was in a state of shock. Being slapped in battle was a very common thing, but if a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor was slapped by a Sixth Grade Combat Emperor, the situation would be entirely different.

“Yu Yuan, I reminded the two of you just now but you didn’t listen, and persisted to provoke Jiang Chen. My junior Jiang is not someone nice to be provoked.”

Guo Shao Fei said sarcastically.

Yu Yuan’s facial expression turned ugly. He was ranked number one in the Skyhill School, a peerless genius. Today was the day he arrived in Dan Yuan City, but he was slapped even before entering the city. This was undeniably shameful, embarra.s.sing himself and the Skyhill School.

Also, Yu Yuan’s heart was overwhelmed with doubts and shock. As the saying went, you would only know a person’s strength when he attacked. When he attacked Jiang Chen, he failed to gain the upper hand. He could feel that Jiang Chen’s attack was entirely his own strength, it wasn’t borrowed .

“I have been careless.”

Yu Yuan comforted himself. His palm was floating with powerful energy, preparing to launch the second attack. He didn’t believe that he couldn’t defeat a Sixth Grade Combat Emperor with his powerful strength.


The moment Yu Yuan started to circulate his Qi, Jiang Chen moved. Jiang Chen’s speed was the fastest. He appeared before Yu Yuan in a blink of an eye, and a slap landed on Yu Yuan’s face again with a ‘Pa’ sound.


Yu Yuan wailed. Even with his strength, he still couldn’t dodge the attack. The slap this time was stronger than the first. He could feel that half of his face was swelling up, feeling the burning sensation of pain.


Yu Yuan opened his mouth, spitting out his three front teeth. Jiang Chen’s slap could be easily predicted, but the reality wasn’t as easy as it seemed. Yu Yuan was a powerful Ninth Grade Combat Emperor genius. If Jiang Chen didn’t show some of his strength, it would be very hard to bring his opponent under control. The attack just now consisted of nine phantom wolves and the circulation of his Yuan Force.

*Hong Long*

Jiang Chen showed no mercy. He struck again. He raised his hand and struck with the true dragon palm. Blood red dragon claw descended from the sky, landing down on Yu Yuan. Yu Yuan was already overwhelmed with anger and astonishment. Thus, he was unable to unleash his strength fully. Moreover, there was a big difference between their strengths. How could he possibly endure Jiang Chen’s true dragon palm?


The true dragon palm landed like a hill, it violently pressed Yu Yuan to the ground.


Yu Yuan could only feel that his vital organs were being crushed. After shrieking, he spurted out a mouthful of blood. Before he could struggle his way up, Jiang Chen’s big leg stamped on his face with a ‘pa’ sound.

“A lowly person like you dared to declare to kill me? You’re courting death.”

Jiang Chen said coldly. His leg pressed hard, pressing Yu Yuan’s skull deeper to the ground. He drew out his Heavenly Saint Sword unhurriedly, and aimed at Yu Yuan’s squirming body. He was about to stab it but….


Liang Chan who was standing at the side shouted. The scene had already rendered him dumbstrucked. He and Yu Yuan had never imagined that Jiang Chen was already so powerful to such extent. A Ninth Grade Combat Emperor was already not Jiang Chen’s opponent. Liang Chen finally knew why Jiang Chen’s friends didn’t show any intention to fight. It was because they weren’t needed to. Yu Yuan who was flaunting his prowess before Jiang Chen looked exactly like a clown now, becoming the object of ridicule.

*Pu Chi*

Even so, Jiang Chen ignored Liang Chen’s interruption. The Heavenly Saint Sword stabbed through Yu Yuan’s body. A terrifying sword intent straightaway cut off all of Yu Yuan’s vital force. The number one on the Sky ranking of the Skyhill School died miserably under Jiang Chen’s sword before even entering Dan Yuan City.

The scene made everyone suck in a breath of cold air. Each of them stared at Jiang Chen with fear. This comely and good-looking youth attack was very violent, even a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor died pathetically in a blink of an eye.

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