Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 725 – One can’t Avoid One’s Enemy

Chapter 725 – One can’t Avoid One’s Enemy

One can’t Avoid One’s Enemy

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In the middle of the night, raging flames were ignited on the ruined manor. The flames were fierce and unexpected. Huge fiery pillars pierced through the clouds, shaking the entire Green Fluorescent City. This was the first time that they had felt such immense movements. Those who felt it the most would naturally be the nearest Moon Pavilion.

“What happened? Where is the fire coming from? Is it the manor? Is the manor on fire?”

“Quickly, go and have a look. Let the experts of Moon Pavilion help put out the fire.”

“Not good, the manor is a forbidden area. No one is allowed to enter. There are peerless experts inside there. Such tiny flames are nothing to them. We should wait first.”


The people of Moon Pavilion were taken aback. Everyone was seeing the burning manor with startled eyes. The raging flames were quite unusual, as it only burned within the manor. Despite the short distance between Moon Pavilion and the manor, it wasn’t affected by the flames.

“My G.o.d! Quickly look, Moon Pavilion is on fire now! Who lit it up?”

“Daring to burn Moon Pavilion! This is courting death! Moon Pavilion is the greatest power in Green Fluorescent City. These is such an audacious person who dared to provoke the people of Moon Pavilion. He must be very bored of living.”

“Look like the flames is getting more violent. The whole dark night is luminously lit. No idea who did it.”


The entire Green Fluorescent City was shaken. Everyone was looking at the monstrous fire with fear lingering in their hearts. No man or woman of Moon Pavilion dared to enter the manor to help put out the fire mainly because the rules of Moon Pavilion were just too strict. It was a forbidden area that no one could even take one step into besides core figures.

They were waiting for the peerless experts to intervene but no one had emerged. At dawn, the raging flames stopped automatically, but there were still no movements in the manor. Some of the people of Moon Pavilion started to feel strange and courageously walked into the manor. They were horrified, leaving their mouths open when they saw the scene.

There was nothing. Everything was incinerated into nothingness during the night. Such a big piece of land disappeared just like that. Those peerless experts who had lived in the compound were also nowhere to be found. This place had become a wasteland that lingered with the stench of death.

The manor was gone, the people inside were also gone. The storms of Green Fluorescent City were going to change.

At the present time, the true peace-breakers had already left Green Fluorescent City and were on the way to Dan Yuan City. They had just destroyed a stronghold of Dark Shadow. Moreover, Jiang Chen had advanced to the Sixth Grade Combat Emperor after refining the two demon souls of the male lions. His face was full of contentment. He had finally expressed part of the aggrieved feeling in his heart. At least, in this short period of time, he didn’t have to worry about the revenge of Dark Shadow. It wouldn’t be possible for the headquarters of Dark Shadow to find him.

“Junior Jiang, your gains are not small. You have eliminated a stronghold of Dark Shadow, finally eliminating an unsolved trouble in your heart. You have also advanced, becoming a Sixth Grade Combat Emperor. I’m totally not your opponent now. When we reach Dan Yuan City, those geniuses will be unfortunate to meet you.”

Guo Shao Fei said with a smile. His words were sincere and true. He wasn’t comparable to Jiang Chen anymore. Yesterday, Jiang Chen had gotten rid of six Ninth Grade Combat Emperors alone with the strength of a Sixth Grade Combat Emperor. There was also the leader who was at the peak of Ninth Grade Combat Emperor. Guo Shao Fei witnessed it all with his own eyes. With Jiang Chen’s current combat strength, he was afraid that not even he would be on par with Jiang Chen.

“The son-in-law must be me. Brother Guo, tell me more about this Dan King. What is his power that can actually attract the attention of so many major powers to seek for his a.s.sistance?”

Jiang Chen asked. He was not interested about this Dan King. However, Wu Ningzhu’s relation with him made him not a stranger to Jiang Chen.

“Dan King is amazing! Besides his technique in concocting pills that has reached perfection, his level of grade is truly terrifying. He is already a Fifth Grade Minor Saint, even stronger than our master. I heard that Dan King can concoct many strange and rare pills. Due to his relations.h.i.+p with a lot of people, Dan Yuan City is not under any big domain’s jurisdiction. It stays independent, but the city still has a certain status and influence in Divine Continent. No one dares to neglect the existence of this power.”

Guo Shao Fei was a figure listed on the Hall of Fame in Nebula Sect, which meant that he was one of the greatest genius in Mysterious Domain. Naturally, he was crystal clear about the prominent Dan Yuan City.

“Wu Ningzhu is really lucky to find Dan King to be her foster father. The resources that Dan King has must be a lot. I don’t know how beautiful sister has grown, but I think that it won’t be bad.”

Big Yellow said. “When Wu Ningzhu was at Southern Continent, she was the holy maiden of Profound River Palace and was also called the number one genius, but the t.i.tle of the greatest genius in Southern Continent is nothing when she comes to the Divine Continent. Wu Ningzhu is in Dan Yuan City now, which meant that she has tremendous resources there which is a different situation for her now.”

It was similar to Nangong Wentian. The dude had heaven defying luck. He had obtained too many benefits in the herb garden, causing his entire body to become precious from head to toe. When Big Yellow thought of Nangong Wentian, he couldn’t help but say, “Ah Nan, with your body right now, I think that when Dan King sees you, he will have the urge to stew you up to concoct pills.”

“He dares to refine me?”

Nangong Wentian sneered. He wasn’t worried that Dan King would refine him. When Jiang Chen married Wu Ningzhu, both parties would become friends.

Jiang Chen revealed a plain smile at the corner of his mouth. Wu Ningzhu was an extraordinary genius. Others might not know about her background, but he knew them all. Besides the abundant resources of Dan Yuan City, there was a special blood flowing in her veins—the blood of a powerful ancient race— making her a genius.

Two days later, three men and a dog arrived in Dan Yuan City. There were half a month’s time before the day of the selection of son-in-law arrived. Jiang Chen and his friends had come earlier.

Dan Yuan City was magnificent. Seeing it from afar, it was grand. This huge city was a thousand-mile radius large. Every wall of the city was resplendent, indicating wealth and riches. Above in the sky, there was the pleasant smell of pills always drifting in the air, making the heaven and earth Yuan Force thicker than the outside.

The extent of this flourishes were rarely seen. Such a big Dan Yuan City only contained one power, Dan King County. The entire city was under the governance of the county.

Due to Dan King’s beloved daughter selecting her husband soon, there was a large crowd of people going to and fro at the big entrance.

“I heard that many geniuses of the eight big domains have arrived. They are here to see young lady Wu Ningzhu’s pretty face.”

“Young lady Wu Ningzhu’s face is always veiled but it still can’t hide her unique elegance. She has already said that whoever that can win in this compet.i.tion, she will remove the veil off for that person. I don’t know who will be the lucky man.”

“There are too many geniuses of the eight big domains. Many have already came. Dan Yuan City is going to be completely bustling and crowded with people. We should hasten to see how it is going now. We won’t have the chance to compete with the other geniuses, and thus we can only hope for the chance to see young lady Wu Ningzhu’s elegant face once.”


Outside of Dan Yuan City, many people had started their discussion. Jiang Chen and the others were among the crowd. When they heard Wu Ningzhu’s name, Jiang Chen, Big Yellow and Nangong Wentian laughed.

“How unique is this Wu Ningzhu? How can she attract so many people?”

Guo Shao Fei muttered to himself.

“At the time in Southern Continent, Wu Ningzhu was the most elegant lady but she is engaged with Little Chen privately before this. She won’t even let other men see her face. This compet.i.tion is to test Little Chen.”

Nangong Wentian said.

“The most elegant lady of Southern Continent? I would like to meet her if I have the chance. Junior Jiang really has good fortune, but this test isn’t a very challenging one for junior Jiang. How can those geniuses from the eight big domains be compared with junior Jiang? Unless, there are those genius from the true ancient races of the Pure Land.”

Guo Shao Fei commented about Jiang Chen’s situation with admiration. In his perspective, with Jiang Chen’s current combat strength, anyone below the Minor Saint grade would fundamentally not have a chance to win.

The entrance of Dan Yuan City was huge. There was a plate made of gold that was carved with three big words. Every word was three meter large. Those three words were ‘Dan Yuan City.’

The two people who guarded at both sides of the entrance were the city guards of Dan King County. During this period of time, the people who had entered the city were too many. Anyone who entered must present a certain amount of Heaven Rank Restoration pills. With such a huge amount of people, it was inestimable how much pills they had collected in a day.

“I thought that you were familiar, isn’t this Guo Shao Fei of Nebula Sect? I never thought that you are interested in the young lady of Dan King.”

At this moment, an unusually strange voice was heard. Jiang Chen and the others stopped their tracks and turned towards the source of the sound. They saw two youth walking proudly over to their side. These two’s level of grade were powerful. They were actually Ninth Grade Combat Emperor. The adornment on their clothes made them recognizable since they were wearing the uniform of Skyhill School.

Jiang Chen, Nangong Wentian and Big Yellow exchanged glances, silently implying that the world was just too small. As the saying went, they wouldn’t b.u.mped into one another if they weren’t enemies. They didn’t imagine to see them here.

“Yu Yuan, Liang Chan, you are also here to join in the fun?”

Guo Shao Fei said coldly and said to Jiang Chen and the rest via divine sense, ‘These two are the number one and two on the Sky ranking of Skyhill School, they are called Yu Yuan and Liang Chan. They are both very strong.’

Yu Yuan walked past Guo Shao Fei and looked at Jiang Chen and Nangong Wentian. When he realized Jiang Chen’s level of grade, he couldn’t help but sneer. “Seems like Nebula Sect is short of people. They actually let you bring a few shrimp soldiers and crab generals with you. Guo Shao Fei, I heard that you have obtained huge benefits in the Death Mountain and advanced to the Ninth Grade Combat Emperor, but your level of grade is truly nothing here. Oh ya, you have a b.a.s.t.a.r.d called Jiang Chen in Nebula Sect. If I ever see him, I will surely shred him into a million pieces.”

As Yu Yuan’s voice dropped, his gaze s.h.i.+fted back to Jiang Chen and Big Yellow. Two cold light shot out of his pair of eyes. “Are you Jiang Chen?”

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