Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 724 – A Minor Saint was also killed

Chapter 724 – A Minor Saint was also killed

A Minor Saint was also killed

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The night was dark and the wind was strong. The stench of blood lingered in the air. The manor had already turned into ruins. Corpses were lying everywhere, blood was flowing over the ground like a river. The whole scene was absolutely tragic. The manor was not splendid and peaceful anymore but a true Asura h.e.l.l.

Jiang Chen didn’t even crease while killing so many people. He was always brutal when killing. He knew what people he should kill. These were his enemies that had been hunting his life. He didn’t need to be courteous to such enemies. Using the most brutal way to destroy them was the only way.


Black Elder was watching the present circ.u.mstances. His chest contracted before spurting out a mouthful of blood. This mouthful of blood was partly due to the injuries caused by Ah Da and Ah Er, another part of it was due to his suppressed rage. The Moon Pavilion stronghold was built on many years of efforts. The headquarters then sent him here to guard the stronghold. Every a.s.sa.s.sin here were elites that was trained with huge amount of resources. At this moment, however, the people and buildings of the Dark Shadow were destroyed by these intruders under his very eyes. This situation had never crossed his mind.

His endlessly resentful eyes fell upon Jiang Chen. As for that pair of eyes, Jiang Chen didn’t even bother to look at them. He was calm. He conveyed another message to Ah Da and Ah Er using his Divine Sense. The two dark soul kings made another howl and lunged at Black Elder.


Black Elder’s rage pierced through the sky. He summoned his combat weapon, and a terrifying combat blade appeared in his hand. The weapon was merely an Emperor grade but it was at the peak of Emperor Weapons, but there was still a big gap compared to Minor Saint Grade Weapon. In the Divine Continent, combat weapons were very valuable, especially Saint Weapons. Normally, a First Grade Minor Saint couldn’t get a Minor Saint Weapon.

*Hong Long*

After the appearance of the combat blade, Black Elder’s combat strength soared many times but he was still interrupted by Ah Da and Ah Er, which made his hands curl into a fist. So, he didn’t have any chance to kill Jiang Chen because his life might be in danger.

“Junior Jiang, a Minor Saint expert isn’t a trivial enemy. Although these two dark soul kings can suppress Black Elder, I’m afraid it isn’t an easy task to kill him. If he chose to run away, our actions will be fully exposed.”

Guo Shao Fei said worriedly. How could a Minor Saint be killed so easily? Even if a Minor Saint couldn’t fight, he would have no problems in fleeing away. Their ident.i.ties were already revealed. Once Black Elder fled, the consequences would be unimaginable. When that time comes, the headquarters of the Dark Shadow would be enraged, they would hunt them anywhere in the world to eliminate them.

“Don’t worry. This old man can’t flee today. His anger has already affected his mind, making him confused and blurred. Plus his body was in the state of severe shock. He won’t be a match for Ah Da and Ah Er, and thus he will die sooner or later.”

Jiang Chen’s facial expression was calm. He would always inspect every detail in his plan, making him very confident in battle.

“It was impossible for him to escape. If he chose to leave before engaging in battle with Ah Da and Ah Er, he might have had a slim chance. With his current condition, he didn’t need to think about breaking through Master Dog’s formation. Let me tell you all, this formation was set up by me, it is called blanketing sky formation in the holy book of formations. The formation is profound and incredible, almost flawless. Anyone who tries to use their power to break this formation, the only result would be the formation deflecting the attack, hurting themselves in the end.”

Big Yellow said confidently. A formation that came from the holy book of formations was no doubt extraordinary.

“However, this old guy is still a Minor Saint after all. His combat strength is unusually stronger, but even he, can’t break open the blanketing sky formation?”

Nangong Wentian sounded a little worried.

“If he was not confronted by Ah Da and Ah Er, he can surely break it open,. He doesn’t have the concentration and effort to break open the formation now. The only way he could is to use every power in his body to break it open. The blanketing sky formation originated from the holy book, it is an ancient formation. This formation was set by me and Little Chen. Only a Second Grade Minor Saint can possibly break it open, this Black Elder is out of the question.”

Big Yellow shook his head and said. Their purpose of setting such a profound and big formation was to deal with a First Grade Minor Saint. If they were only dealing with Combat Emperors, they wouldn’t need to waste so much effort for that. They just need to put Ah Da and Ah Er in the sky and none of them would be able to escape.

*Chi La*

Ah Da gripped Black Elder’s arm with its sharp claw. It exerted strength, clawing out a deep wound on Black Elder’s arm. Blood gushed out of the opening. The real threat wasn’t the wound since such wound was nothing to a First Grade Minor Saint, but the situation was different. Due to the wound being clawed by a dark soul, the death Qi had permeated into his body.

It was within Jiang Chen’s expectation. Black Elder was emotionally haywire. He was unable to unleash his combat strength fully. In addition, Ah Da and Ah Er were jointly attacking him and that’s why he was wounded. The wound was just the beginning. If their intense battle continued, the wounds on his body would only increase. Ultimately, he would die under the hands of these two dark souls, becoming their food,


Black Elder was enraged. He could already see the conclusion of this battle. He knew well that if he didn’t flee now, he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to get another chance. He gave Jiang Chen a glare. It was impossible for him to kill Jiang Chen now, and thus he had to firmly remember Jiang Chen’s face, he had to remember this boy’s appearance!

*Hong Long*

After a moment, Black Elder released a blow, Ah Da and Ah Er who stood opposite of him were pushed and staggered back. He turned into a light shadow, shooting into the sky above. If he couldn’t fight, he could only flee. He wanted to let these few extremely audacious men to bear the endless hunt of the Dark Shadow.

Black Elder had already known about the formation that was set on the manor when the a.s.sa.s.sins were blocked by it earlier. Otherwise, such a big and intense combat wave would’ve also affected the other regions of the city, causing a ma.s.sive destruction in the Green Fluorescent City.

However, he didn’t put Jiang Chen’s formation in his eyes. It was a formation set by a puny Combat Emperor. He naturally wouldn’t keep that in mind. As for these two dark souls, they were out of his calculation. Dark souls were undeniably violent killing machines but they only knew how to combat and kill since they were dead. Thus, it was impossible for them to set such a formation.

“Want to trap me here with such a formation? Absolutely naïve.”

Black Elder didn’t say another word after he finished speaking. He raised the combat blade in his hand and slashed at the formation in the sky. The blade shone with a brilliant light in the air that was carrying all of his power, intending to shred the blanketing sky formation into pieces.


However, an inconceivable scene happened. As his terrifying attack collided with the invisible formation, it was instantly reflected by it. Despite the fact that the damage was reflected, it was only seventy to eighty percent of the original attack, but it was still strong enough to push a Minor Saint back. Black Elder who was in a defenseless state was straightaway forced back from the barrier.

“How could this happen?”

He was dumbfounded. He had never imagined that the formation above the manor would be this terrifying.


Ah Da and Ah Er didn’t delay. They launched their attacks simultaneously. Two attacks came from two different direction. Obviously, Black Elder confronted three attacks—adding the one from the barrier. With his confused state of mind, how could he handle them?

*Chi La*

Ah Da and Ah Er were very ferocious. They caught both of Black Elder’s arms. With their howls, his arms were torn off of his body. Under such an aggressive attack, not even a First Grade Minor Saint Black Elder could withstand it.


Both of his arms and combat blade were lost at the same time. Such injuries and mental blow had hit him hard, not even a First Grade Minor Saint could endure the pain. He then let out a wail.

“Kill him!”

Jiang Chen shouted. Ah Da and Ah Er received the order to kill and executed it, not giving Black Elder the chance to react. Two sharp claws—one at his front and the other at the back—pierced through his body. This time, Jiang Chen moved. He casted his nine phantom wolves, and appeared before Black Elder like a ghost. The Heavenly Saint Sword slashed like a lightning, detaching his head from his body.

The scene was too shocking. Guo Shao Fei was completely dumbstruck. That was a Minor Saint! In his eyes, a Minor Saint was a high and mighty being. It was his goal in life. He had never thought that a Minor Saint could be killed. He had witnessed it with his own eyes today. This Black Elder was considered to be unfortunate to encounter these two monsters. Black Elder had totally fallen into the plot of his enemies. Otherwise he wouldn’t be killed with only Ah Da and Ah Er’s might, they might be able to defeat a First Grade Minor Saint, but they absolutely couldn’t kill him.

After killing Black Elder, Jiang Chen circulated his great soul derivation technique, and a terrifying spiritual force swept the entire compound. After a while, he found out that there weren’t any survivors left, all of the a.s.sa.s.sins of the Dark Shadow were killed, and none were left alive.

He used his divine sense to beckon Ah Da and Ah Er to return to the spatial ring. After wiping out the entire stronghold, a cold smile was seen at the corner of his mouth. This was merely a stronghold. One day, he would completely eliminate Dark Shadow.

“Little Chen, if we leave now I’m afraid that our Qi will be traced here. The experts of the Dark Shadow will be able to detect it and might find us.”

Nangong Wentian sounded worried.

“No worries, I will make a huge fire, incinerating everything here until it’s all clean. By the time the experts of the Dark Shadow come, nothing will be detected.”

Jiang Chen would always think of the matters thoroughly before executing a plan. He wouldn’t let anyone find a trace of his actions.

“Kaka, the stronghold of the Moon Pavilion is going to be burnt. This must be a very heavy blow to Dark Shadow. It seems like the Dark Shadow would be calm for a period of time.”

Big Yellow laughed. He imagined that the Dark Shadow would need quite a long time to figure out who was behind this.

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