Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 717 – Invitation Letter from Dan Yuan City

Chapter 717 – Invitation Letter from Dan Yuan City

Invitation Letter from Dan Yuan City

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“The legendary Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill, the one that can remold one’s power? I never thought that this pill actually exists.”

Nebula Kidd was looking at the pill in his hand. He felt as if the pill weighed a thousand pounds of gold. As a Fourth Grade Minor Saint—even if he wasn’t an alchemist—he had heard about the legends of such a pill before. A pill like this had always been in the legends. This was because even a master of alchemy couldn’t concoct such a pill. The pill in his hand—either it was the purity or the quality—was ten times better than high grade pills, like a perfect craft of work. The price of this pill was beyond anyone’s imagination.

Despite Nebula Kidd being dumbfounded upon seeing this pill, he also felt unperturbed. He was afraid that in this world, only Jiang Chen could concoct such a pill.

“Jiang Chen, I’m indebted to you this time.”

Nebula Kidd held his fists at Jiang Chen. He didn’t attempt to push the present away and kept it instead. To a Minor Saint, every advancement was very challenging. The ordinary pills that he took didn’t bring much of an impact to him. After reaching such a grade, he couldn’t depend on ordinary pills anymore. The Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill was extraordinary. One pill had the effect of activating a part of Nebula Kidd’s potential power, as if his body was being remodeled. This was a rare thing to happen.

“No worries. It is just a matter of time before the Mysterious Domain falls into chaos. With my presence, Nebula Sect will be able to conquer the entire domain—becoming the true ruler of the domain. Cultivate well, I still have matters to attend to.”

Jiang Chen said and turned, preparing to leave.

“Oh. Dan King of Dan Yuan City has a daughter. I heard that he wants to pick a son-in-law in the coming month. Given your capabilities, why not go over there and find out? If you can get the help of Dan King, it will be very beneficial to our sect. Furthermore, you will get a beauty in your arms, killing two birds in one stone.”

Nebula Kidd suddenly thought of this matter and said with a smile.

“Dan Yuan City?”

Jiang Chen was stunned for a moment. He couldn’t recall a city like this nor its king. It seemed like this was a power who rose in the recent hundred years.

“Yeah, Dan Yuan City is not under the jurisdiction of any of the eight domains, but the Dan King is very influential in the Divine Continent. Many overlords of the big domains are willing to a.s.sociate themselves with him because his alchemical techniques is unparalleled in the world. He could concoct a lot of strange and eccentric pills. They called him a remarkable alchemist. Later, people named him Dan King, where Dan refers to pills. This time, Dan King wants to choose a husband for her daughter in person. I’m afraid that geniuses from different powers and different domains will all go there.”

Nebula Kidd said.

“I’m not desperate enough to get married or something. You should cultivate now, master.”

Jiang Chen smiled, then turned and left. He had already Yan Chen Yu and Wu Ningzhu. These two were unique among the contemporaries. They were good enough for him. He wasn’t really interested in the daughter of some Dan King. With regards to building a relations.h.i.+p with Dan King, he didn’t even felt interested. To make a comparison between Jiang Chen and Dan King, if Dan King was a king, then Jiang Chen was a dan G.o.d, which made it hard for him to put this dan king in his eyes. Even if he is really a dan king, he still couldn’t refine a Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill like Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen left. He had never treated Nebula Kidd with courtesy from the beginning until now, but Nebula Kidd didn’t feel angry about it. If Jiang Chen bowed to him, he would feel strange instead. Nebula Kidd was very clear about his relations.h.i.+p with Jiang Chen. The one who stood in front of him just now was the Greatest Saint, not a core disciple of Nebula Sect.

As for Jiang Chen’s indifference about Dan King’s daughter, Nebula Kidd didn’t continue to try and convince him. Firstly, Jiang Chen had put all of his focus on martial arts and cultivation, so he wouldn’t care about his personal relations.h.i.+p with a girl. Secondly, he was a dan G.o.d who could even concoct a Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill. How could he put a tiny dan king in his eyes?

After Jiang Chen had left the large hall, he straightaway went to find Tan Zhi Hao and Tan Lang. Guo Shao Fei didn’t treat them badly. He had arranged another compound for them, letting them retreat in peace.

“Little Chen, about this, regenerating the meridians isn’t an easy task. What techniques do you have to treat them?”

Big Yellow asked curiously. Even Guo Shao Fei beside him was attracted to the topic. Everyone was already aware that Tan Zhi Hao and Tan Lang’s injuries weren’t ordinary. Even if a master was to come and treat them, he would have no way of healing them.

Tan Zhi Hao and Tan Lang looked very anxious. They had placed all of their future and fate on Jiang Chen’s hands now. Tan Lang strongly believed that in this world, besides Jiang Chen, there wasn’t a person that could save them.

“These two are Profound Yellow pills, the two of you take it first. This pill will fortify your physique and nurture your Yuan Force, it can also nourish your broken meridians.”

Jiang Chen showed two Profound Yellow pills. These two pills were concocted by him on the way back from the large hall where Nebula Kidd stayed.

“Junior Jiang, although Profound Yellow pills are precious and effective, it is still not enough to help them regenerate their broken meridians.”

Guo Shao Fei asked.

“Profound Yellow pills naturally can’t regenerate their broken meridians. In this world, there isn’t a pill that can heal broken meridians, so the two of them will still have to wait.”

Jiang Chen said.

Tan Zhi Hao and Tan Lang’s facial expression showed disappointment. It seemed as if Jiang Chen also had no idea on how to immediately heal them. Nonetheless, they knew that their injuries weren’t ordinary. They were similar to being completely crippled. Thus, it wouldn’t be an easy task to heal it so quickly.

“Wait for what?”

Big Yellow asked.

“Until I have obtained the technique to repair their broken meridians.”

Jiang Chen smiled. “Regeneration of broken meridians is like a withered tree coming back to life once again. There might be a possibility for it to grow again. There are five elements in the world, which are also the foundations who supported this world. There are five essences among the five elements. Earth is the base of all. It can fortify one’s physique and nurture the Yuan Force, which can be used to treat injuries, as for wood, its essence has an incredible power of regeneration. I am cultivating the Five Elements Combat Dragon Seal which allows me to absorb the essences of five elements into my physique. I have already absorbed the essence of water, fire and earth. As soon as I find the essence of wood, I will absorb it and use its great regenerative power to concoct a pill of the highest grade, helping them regenerate their broken meridians.”

This was the current solution that Jiang Chen had for them. Once he got the element of wood, he would suck it into his body and only then could he help in treating them.

“But, the element of wood is extremely precious and rare, where are you going to find it?”

Guo Shao Fei frowned.

“This has to depend on my luck. The element of wood is greatly beneficial to my cultivation, so even without the two of them, I will do everything I can to find it for myself. Before getting the wood element, the two of you will have to stay here peacefully to further stabilize your pool of energy.”

Jiang Chen’s patted Tan Zhi Hao and Tan Lang’s shoulder. Without the wood element, he was helpless for the time being.

“Having a possible hope is better than having none. Anyhow, if it wasn’t for brother Jiang’s help this time, we’re afraid that we wouldn’t even have the chance to stay alive. We will be cured once the wood essence is found.”

Tan Zhi Hao smiled. Adding the incident in Asura Palace, Jiang Chen had already saved him twice. As for Tan Lang, the earliest meeting between him and Jiang Chen was in the Southern Continent. Working the math up, Jiang Chen had already save them thrice. Such kindness was ten times more precious than their lives, but, of course, Jiang Chen didn’t ask them repay his kindness.

“En, the two of you have to retain positive mindsets. Trust me, the wood essence will be found by me in no time.”

Jiang Chen consoled.

“Big brother, big brother.”

At this moment, Zuo Ling Er’s voice was heard from afar. They saw a little girl coming towards Jiang Chen with high spirit, and was holding a gold stamped letter.

“What made you this happy Xiao Er?”

Jiang Chen patted Zuo Ling Er’s head gently. He had taken quite a liking in this eccentric little sister of his.

“For you big brother. This is your letter, it’s from Dan Yuan City.”

Zuo Ling Er handed the letter over to Jiang Chen. He received it and saw his name and Dan Yuan City were written on top of it. At this instant, he couldn’t help but feel doubtful. Why would this Dan Yuan City want to send an invitation letter to him? He didn’t even have the slightest connection with the city.

“Right, I heard that Dan King of Dan Yuan City is going to select a husband for his daughter. I guess it must be because of this reason that he sent you this invitation letter. This is a big event, countless of young geniuses will rush to the city because of this event. Dan King won’t simply send an invitation letter to anyone. Junior Jiang is treated rather special.”

Guo Shao Fei mocked.

“Kaka, the daughter of Dan King must have locked on you.”

Big Yellow laughed.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d! I don’t even know who this Dan King is, let alone her daughter.”

Jiang Chen glared at Big Yellow. He expressed his doubts regarding this invitation letter.

“Big brother, what are the specifics? Open up and you will find out.”

Zuo Ling Er said.

Jiang Chen’s palm vibrated and the invitation letter broke open instantly, turning into lines of messages in his head. This invitation letter was a messenger talisman, it utilized Divine Sense to convey messages. Thus, the message wouldn’t be infiltrated by anyone.

“Little man, you have promised me that you will defeat all the men in the world for me. Now your chance has come, after you defeat all of them, marry me. I will be waiting for you, if you don’t come, I will simply marry someone else.”

The content of the invitation letter appeared in Jiang Chen’s mind. The voice belonged to someone, it was clear and absolute.

“Sister Ning.”

Jiang Chen staggered a step and almost fell to the ground. That familiar tone, that familiar voice, if it wasn’t Wu Ningzhu’s, whose voice could it be? Jiang Chen had been inquiring about her whereabouts but he couldn’t gather the latest updates on her. He hadn’t thought that she would take the initiative to find him.

“Big brother, what happened? Could it be that someone has threatened you?”

Zuo Ling Er looked at him without blinking her big eyes. Seeing Jiang Chen’s unusual facial expression, Nangong Wentian couldn’t help but say, “Little Chen, who threatened you? Even if it is Dan King, I will get rid of him for good.”

“Cut if off! You can’t even touch her, even if I give you eight times the boldness. How many days are left before the selection of the son-in-law by Dan King?”

Jiang Chen looked at Guo Shao Fei.