Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 718 – A Male Lion Barred the Path

Chapter 718 – A Male Lion Barred the Path

A Male Lion Barred the Path

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Guo Shao Fei was stunned at first, but he then smiled. He didn’t think that Jiang Chen would be interested in girls and said, “If you calculate it from now, there are about twenty more days to go. The journey to Dan Yuan City isn’t short. The city is not under the jurisdiction of any domains. With junior Jiang’s speed, you can get there very quickly. Why? Junior Jiang wants to go there to partic.i.p.ate in the selection of son-in-law?”

“Little Chen, I never thought that you are this fickle in love. You already have two unique beauties, Xiao Yu and sister Ning, and now you want to partic.i.p.ate in the selection? Are you not afraid that Xiao Yu and sister Ning will shred you apart when they find out?”

Nangong Wentian mocked.

“Men are always like that. Which successful person didn’t have a few unique beauties beside them? It’s because they were very affectionate towards their beauties.”

Big Yellow cackled, looking at Jiang Chen with ‘I support you’ face.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d! You all thought that I am going there just to partic.i.p.ate in the selection of the son-in-law? This trip is indispensable, because the daughter of the Dan King is sister Ning.”

Jiang Chen swaggered. Although he was slightly speechless about the incident, he, at least, was updated of Wu Ningzhu’s news and knew that she was living well. This had rendered Jiang Chen to feel relieved.


Nangong Wentian and Big Yellow exclaimed at the same time. They couldn’t believe their own ears. This wasn’t something they could possibly dream of. Wu Ningzhu was the head of Wu Yang City—Wu Tian Yang’s daughter—when did she become the Dan King’s daughter?

“When we came to Divine Continent together from the Eastern Continent, all of us were separated. After that, I have found you and Ah Yan, except sister Ning. I have also never thought that she has become the Dan King’s daughter. Looks like her encounters were similar to Ah Yan—being adopted by a popular figure—her life must be more comfortable than us now.”

Jiang Chen smiled.

“Huh? You mean the invitation letter was from Wu Ningzhu as well?”

Nangong Wentian’s eyes turned wide. He finally knew why Jiang Chen said that he couldn’t touch her even if he was given eight times of braveness. After knowing this, even if his boldness was increased by a hundred times, he wouldn’t dare to do it.

“That’s right. It was sister Ning who sent the letter. Obviously, she was directing this to me. She wants me to defeat all of the geniuses in the world and marry her. If I don’t go, she will marry someone else.”

Jiang Chen shook his head, confirming that this was flatly Wu Ningzhu’s demeanor.

“Good, she has individuality. I like it.”

Big Yellow promptly praised.

“Be gone! Don’t admire her, you s***!”

Jiang Chen gave a glare at Big Yellow.

“Big brother, you want to go to Dan Yuan City? Bring Ling Er along with you.”

Zuo Ling Er was pulling Jiang Chen’s long sleeve left and right, behaving like a pettishly girl.

“No way, your big brother is going to marry a wife. What is the use of a little girl like you going there? You should just stay here and cultivate.”

Big Yellow said.

“Ling Er, I really can’t bring you along this time. I will bring you there next time. Be good.”

Jiang Chen patted Zuo Ling Er’s head gently. If he was going there to merely marry a wife, he didn’t mind bringing Ling Er along. He could also bring her little sister on a sightseeing tour on the journey, but it was not feasible now as his enemies were all over the place. The three major powers were targeting his life, not to mention the horrifying Dark Shadow that struck like dark souls, not knowing when they would send him a lethal strike. Zuo Ling Er was merely a Fifth Grade Combat Emperor. To say it bluntly, she would be a nuisance if she followed Jiang Chen.

Zuo Ling Er pouted her little mouth, but she wasn’t a naïve girl. She was also well aware of Jiang Chen’s enemies. If she followed her big brother, not only could she not help, but she would become a liability.

“Then big brother, be careful.”

Zuo Ling Er felt a little lost, but she was still concerned about Jiang Chen’s safety.

“Don’t worry. The person who can kill your big brother is not born yet.”

Jiang Chen chuckled. This wasn’t a boastful statement.

“Junior Jiang, when are you preparing to leave?”

Guo Shao Fei asked.

“I will leave at once.”

Jiang Chen had always been decisive and quick in his actions. He would immediately execute whatever he had decided upon. Wu Ningzhu was waiting for him in Dan Yuan City, she was Jiang Chen’s girl who shouldn’t be touched by anyone.

“I will go along with you all. Don’t worry, I’m not going there to compete for a wife with you. Since, I can’t compete with you at all.”

Guo Shao Fei said. His admiration for Jiang Chen came from the bottom of his heart. Most importantly, when he was by Jiang Chen’s side, the thing that didn’t lack the most was the excitement and the feeling of the boiling hot blood. Those kind of feelings would always fascinate anyone.

“Alright, we will go together then. It just so happens that I also need brother Guo’s help to lead the way because I don’t know where Dan Yuan City is.”

After Jiang Chen finished speaking, he rose to the sky and flew out of Nebula Sect. Nangong Wentian, Big Yellow and Guo Shao Fei followed hastily. In a few breaths time, they disappeared.

Getting to Dan Yuan City from Mysterious Domain required a long time of traveling. Even with Jiang Chen and the others’ speed, they would need at least three days to get there. However, three days’ time was nothing to them as there were twenty more days before the true event commences. To Jiang Chen, it was more than enough.

The team of these four men was undoubtedly strong. Jiang Chen was out of the discussion. Although he was only a Fifth Grade Combat Emperor, he could easily kill any ordinary Eighth Grade Combat Emperor. He could even confront a powerful Ninth Grade Combat Emperor.

Big Yellow who possessed the terrifying Dragon-Horse Bloodline had extraordinary special abilities. He could handle any ordinary Ninth Grade Combat Emperor easily as a Seventh Grade Demon Emperor. Nangong Wentian cultivated the Phenomenal Boundless Technique, which could awaken the Qi of an ancient barbaric elephant’s strength. The more terrifying thing about him was his physique. Since he had taken too much of those fine herbs and pills, his physique had become very precious. He could also easily get rid of any ordinary Ninth Grade Combat Emperor at his Eighth Grade Combat Emperor strength.

Guo Shao Fei was also another outstanding being. He’s a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor. After he cultivated the Indistinct Sword Art, his strength became even more terrifying. He was afraid that he couldn’t find a peer that was on par with him. If he competed for the Sky Rank in Nebula Sect now, he would absolutely get the number one spot.

“Junior Jiang, the Dan King has a high reputation in the Divine Continent. Many major powers of the eight domains want to ally with him. The fact that he is choosing a son-in-law is a very good chance for them, so they won’t let this opportunity slip away. They will definitely send their most outstanding geniuses to partic.i.p.ate in this event. When that time comes, there will be geniuses as strong as Ninth Grade Combat Emperors. The event will become the fight of tigers and dragons.”

Guo Shao Fei said.

Jiang Chen nodded. He naturally understood this fact. A prominent alchemist would in fact create a major influence in the continent. There wasn’t any power that would refused to get close to such a man. Of the eight domains in the Divine Continent, there were countless of geniuses, they were the geniuses of geniuses. They weren’t any other ordinary Ninth Grade Combat Emperors. Jiang Chen was merely a Fifth Grade Combat Emperor. Although he could fight an ordinary Ninth Grade Combat Emperor, it would be difficult for him if he were to confront a powerful genius.

“Seems like I have to figure out a way to enhance my level of grade.”

Jiang Chen sighed in his heart. He had promised Wu Ningzhu that he would defeat all geniuses under the heaven. He naturally couldn’t use the help of Ah Da and Ah Er because he would be looked down by her. If he could get to the Sixth Grade Combat Emperor in this short period of time, all of his problems would be resolved. A Jiang Chen that is a Sixth Grade Combat Emperor—with the dragon transformation art—was sufficient enough to take down any figure below the Minor Saint grade. Of course, it wouldn’t apply to a being like Nan Bei Chao, but there was only one Nan Bei Chao under the heavens.

A day later, they had flown to a sky above a desolated mountain.


All of a sudden, an earth-shattering roar rumbled. A golden male lion that was about forty meters large abruptly emerged, blocking Jiang Chen—stopping them from moving forward. It looked very ferocious. It’s body was full of murderous intent and suffused with golden flames. Another scary thing was that, this male lion was a powerful Ninth Grade Demon Emperor.

The moment the male lion appeared, it had entirely locked its Qi on Jiang Chen, as if it had been purposely waiting for their arrival.

“Ninth Grade Demon Emperor, very powerful.”

Guo Shao Fei’s facial expression changed mildly and erupted a strong Qi from his body. Although a Ninth Grade Demon Emperor was scary, Guo Shao Fei didn’t put that thing in his eyes.

“Be careful, this male lion is rather strange. Look at the mountains below, the lands and mountains were already in ruins. How can a Ninth Grade Demon Emperor live in a barren place like this?”

Big Yellow’s eyes became sinister. He had detected the male lion’s strange behavior.

“The male lion is here for us.”

Jiang Chen revealed a smile at the corner of his mouth. “I was worrying about the ways to advance my grade. This male lion has come to help me.”

He hadn’t used the technique of refining a demon soul to advance his grade for a long time. His pool of energy was strong and his foundation was solid. His attempt to advance his grade using a demon soul wouldn’t have any effects on him. However, the requirement for him to advance a level had become greater, he was afraid that a Ninth Grade Demon Emperor was insufficient for him to reach the Sixth Grade Combat Emperor. In any case, after refining this lion, his combat strength would be enhanced by a notch, reaching the peak of his grade.


The male lion roared wildly, pulling its st.u.r.dy body, lunging towards Jiang Chen and the rest. This male lion was extremely ferocious. The sky in a hundred miles radius was filled with its demonic aura. It seemed like it wanted to devour Jiang Chen and his friends in its mouth.

“Big Yellow, Ah Nan, brother Guo, the time for you all to test your strengths has come. You all, get rid of this male lion together.”

Jiang Chen said. Before his tone faded, these three dudes had already rushed out. Big Yellow didn’t fear the male lion. He was originally a combat maniac. Nangong Wentian and Guo Shao Gei cultivated Minor Saint grade combat techniques, they were too impatient to test their true strength.


The moment after they rushed to out, the air in the sky trembled. A cold light of sword suddenly rippled out of the air, charging at Jiang Chen’s head.

Fast! It was really fast, as fast as lightning.

Nonetheless, any fast sword couldn’t escape Jiang Chen’s senses. He made a cold hump and was already prepared. The sudden attack of an unknown person wasn’t accidental, so how could he not notice that?