Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 716 – Let Me Assist You

Chapter 716 – Let Me Assist You

Let Me a.s.sist You

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“Jiang Chen, you have saved the people of the domain. You’ve made great contribution to my sect. When you return, find me at once.”

Nebula Kidd gave his praise to Jiang Chen before vanis.h.i.+ng after a sway of his body. He initially wanted to say that the sect would reward him greatly, but he didn’t after a serious contemplation. To the Greatest Saint of the world, he really didn’t know what kind of treasures could attract Jiang Chen’s eyes. He was crystal clear that from the moment Jiang Chen joined the sect until now, his main intention was Nebula Kidd’s Nebula sword.

Wu Yi Mo came closer to Jiang Chen. “Jiang Chen, lad, I admire your domineering behavior and style. Come over with Ah Yan to pay me a visit in the Dark Devil Religion when you have time.”

“Don’t worry devil master. We will certainly have the chance and it won't only happen once .”

Jiang Chen smiled.


Wu Yi Mo laughed, turned and left. The remaining cultivators also said their goodbyes to Jiang Chen before they left one after another. This was the area of the Death Mountain after all. No one was willing to stay here any longer. Majority of them had obtained huge benefits from the expedition, they were eager to use them the moment they returned. The chaotic incident was over and the crisis of Jiang Chen’s life was temporarily put on hold. As for the matter after this, it would be decided by the battles among the major five. They could only wait and see for the time being.

Very soon, most of the people had left, even Hua Gu Yi and two Feng Yun brothers had left. So, there were only Jiang Chen and a few of them left.

Jiang Chen turned to Tyrant, “Tyrant, when do you plan to return to the Western Continent?”

Jiang Chen knew that great master Ran Feng had a.s.signed Tyrant a very clear-cut task, which was after Tyrant had stepped into Combat Emperor realm, he had to return to the Western Continent to obtain the inheritance of ancestor Greenlotus. If it wasn’t for the expedition into the Death Mountain, he would’ve been there a month ago. Now, Tyrant was already a Fourth Grade Combat Emperor and had acquired the edifying light. When he returned, he could at least give his master a surprise.

“I have delayed it for quite some time already, I will head for Western Continent at once. We will say our goodbyes here. I will be back as soon after I acquire the inheritance of ancestor Greenlutos,.”

After finis.h.i.+ng his sentences, he held his palms together, then bid farewell to them and straightaway stepped into the sky. Seeing Tyrant’s fading silhouette, they could already imagine that after acquiring the inheritance of ancestor Greenlotus , the power he would have would be beyond anyone’s imagination, not even Jiang Chen could estimate it.

“Little Chen, Mo Sang and I have to return to the Dark Devil Religion immediately. I want to inform my father about the plot of Nan Bei Chao, allowing him to be prepared for him.”

Han Yan said solemnly.

“Very well, the benefits you have gained this time isn’t few. It requires time to digest all of them. When you return, use the resources of the Dark Devil Religion well to cultivate, we have big matters to do hereafter.”

Jiang Chen patted Han Yan’s shoulder.

“Brother Jiang, farewell.”

“Brother Jiang, we will meet again.”

Mo Sang and Sot Old Man held their fists at Jiang Chen and left along with Han Yan, heading towards the direction of the Dark Devil Religion.

At this time, Jiang Chen casted his Divine Sense. A few breaths’ of time later, two powerful silhouettes rushed out of the Death Mountain. They were Ah Da and Ah Er who had gone back into the Death Mountain earlier. They came before Jiang Chen and was kept in his spatial ring.

Nangong Wentian and Big Yellow couldn’t help but laugh after seeing this.

“I knew that you have your dirty tricks. How are you willing let go of such powerful chess pieces?”

Nangong Wentian laughed.

“Haha, big brother is really crafty.”

Zuo Ling Er also chuckled with delight. She adored her big brother’s crafty moves. Guo Shao Fei at one side couldn’t help but also laugh. Anyone who played tricks on Jiang Chen would feel ill about his art of deception, even the three overlords were tricked by Jiang Chen.

After summoning back Ah Da and Ah Er, Jiang Chen came before Tan Zhi Hao and Tan Lang. The two of them weren’t saying anything but just stood there rooted. Perhaps darkness was the only thing in their world after their meridians were crippled. They didn’t dare say a word because they were n.o.bodies now. Even if they were Jiang Chen’s friends, they would still have some sort of feeling that made them not dare to raise their heads up, it was the feeling of inferiority.

“Ah Lang, Ah Hao, your injuries are not incurable.”

Jiang Chen straightforwardly said. He was very clear that any comforting words would be useless to them now. This was the most effective statement to them.

Sure enough, after hearing that their injuries could be healed, both of their eyes sparkled. They looked at Jiang Chen with eyes that were eager for the cure, particularly Tan Lang. In his heart, Jiang Chen was a person who could do anything. So, when Jiang Chen said that they could be healed, it really meant that they could recover.

“Brother Jiang, are your words true?”

Tan Zhi Hao was slightly stirred.

“Of course, in spite of its difficulties, it is still curable. It’s your meridians that are broken after all, not your Qi Sea. For instance, it is just like a big tree that is withered but the root still remained, so that withered tree has a possibility to come to life again.”

Jiang Chen said. These words weren’t comforting sentences but the truth. To the Greatest Saint, there’s fundamentally nothing that was too hard for him.

“Fantastic, as long as we can recover, we won’t be considered crippled anymore.”

Tan Lang was very excited.

“Alright, you all follow me back to Nebula Sect first, I will try to find ways to heal both of you. Ah Nan, you have just left the Death Mountain, why not come along with me to Nebula Sect as well? We will combine our strength to deal with Nan Bei Chao.”

Jiang Chen looked at Nangong Wentian.

“Do you have to speak it out?”

Nangong Wentian revealed a smile. There wasn’t anything that was more intoxicating than fighting alongside his brother.

He had been trapped in the Death Mountain for a very long time. He was constantly looking for a way out, sighing at random times. He felt that the outside world was way much better.

When Jiang Chen and the others arrived at Nebula Sect, the disciples looked at them with respect and admiration on their faces. Apparently, they had known everything that had happened in the Death Mountain. When they saw Jiang Chen, they couldn’t help the hot blood in their bodies from boiling.

Who didn’t want to have eternal fame? Who didn’t want to ridicule the ancient and modern times? Unless they could be like Jiang Chen they could only dream.

“Brother Guo, I will hand these two friends of mine under your care, help them find a place to peacefully recover. I will find master first.”

Jiang Chen entrusted two of his friends to Guo Shao Fei before vanis.h.i.+ng with a sway and headed for Nebula Kidd’s location.

In the hall, Nebula Kidd was standing with his hands crossed behind his back, expecting for Jiang Chen’s arrival.

In a flash a silhouette appeared. Nebula Kidd’s face immediately revealed a smile. “Jiang Chen, your partic.i.p.ation in the expedition to the Death Mountain has brought great merits to Nebula Sect. Fundamentally, everyone’s heart will be following Nebula Sect now. Such achievement will be recorded in the history of my sect.”

“This was all due to Freedom King and Nan Bei Chao’s help.”

Jiang Chen smiled.

“What do you mean?”

Nebula Kidd didn’t understand.

“Master, I believe that you have already heard about the incidents. Moments before the second opening of the Death Mountain, a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor sneaked into the mountain unnoticeably and unleashed all of his Qi. It caused a big ruckus beneath the mountain, and an army of dark souls emerged, intending to bury everyone alive. It almost caused a great chaos in the Mysterious Domain.”

Jiang Chen said.

“You mean that incident is related to Freedom King?”

Although Nebula Kidd had some doubts, he didn’t have any proofs.

“That’s correct. In this world, there is only Nan Bei Chao who can enter the Death Mountain without being noticed. And only him could bring a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor into the mountain. Now, he is at Freedom Palace, there is also the White Tiger who injured you last time. That man is obsessed with tyranny, he wants to conquer the entire Mysterious Domain. This murder plot is merely the first step in conquering the domain, but it was broken by me. The domain will descend into chaos sooner or later, thus, Nebula Sect has to prepare well because intense battles and war will approach us soon.”

Jiang Chen said with a serious tone.

Nebula Kidd’s face turned somber after hearing this. He had seen Nan Bei Chao before. Perhaps Nan Bei Chao wasn’t much of a threat to him, but that horrifying White Tiger was. He naturally believed Jiang Chen’s words without a doubt. Nan Bei Chao had allied with Freedom King, their sole purpose was to conquer the entire Mysterious Domain and eliminate the four major powers for their own good.

“It seems that the domain is going to descend into a huge mess, but it isn’t an easy thing to improve the overall strength of the entire sect within a short period of time.”

Nebula Kidd frowned.

“I have brought numerous combat weapons from the Death Mountain. Besides that, I also brought back all those parchments left by Colossus Sect . There are quite a lot of Minor Saint grade combat techniques and arts inside. These items will be very useful to Nebula Sect. I have pa.s.sed those parchments to Guo Shao Fei. I will leave the management of the items to master.”

Jiang Chen said.

“What? Combat techniques and arts of Minor Saint grade.”

Nebula Kidd’s eyes glittered after listening to Jiang Chen’s words. Combat techniques and arts of Minor Saint grade…These treasures didn’t even exist in Nebula Sect. There were a lot of people in the sect who were stuck at the peak of Ninth Grade Combat Emperor, such as Hua Gu Yi and the seven Feng Yun brothers. There was a big gap to overcome before stepping into the Minor Saint grade, but if they had the chance to acquire such skills and techniques of Minor Saint grade, they might probably get some enlightenment from them and make a breakthrough to a new realm.

“That’s right, I see that you are already at the peak of the Fourth Grade Minor Saint, which was only a step away from the Fifth Grade Minor Saint. Let me help you this time, let’s hope that you can make a breakthrough to the fifth grade.”

Jiang Chen turned his palm and a golden glittering pill appeared in his hand. The pill was convulsing continuously, there were brilliant sparks within, truly divine, as if it was coming alive at any time.

“This is the Ninth Solar Lightning-Dragon pill that I personally concoct. After consuming it, it won’t take long for you to reach the Fifth Grade Minor Saint.”

Jiang Chen’s palm shook and the pill flew towards Nebula Kidd. Nebula Kidd received the pill, and he felt the waves of bursting energy from it. He couldn’t help but suck in a cold breath.