Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 715 – Subsided

Chapter 715 – Subsided


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The crowd was in an uproar. It was out of everyone’s expectation. Besides the five overlords, even Jiang Chen himself felt that it was very unimaginable. It had never crossed his mind that these people of the Mysterious Domain would actually stand up for him.

“Little Chen, it seems like it was worth saving them after all.”

Han Yan smiled.

“Exactly, those three overlords were really determined to deal with junior Jiang. They are three Fourth Grade Minor Saints. Even with the combined strength of the Dark Devil Religion and master, it is still not enough to stop the three of them. They only need two people to handle the two masters and the other one will be free to kill junior Jiang. At that time, the interference of anyone won’t change anything, but people like them were most effective in such a circ.u.mstance. The three overlords can choose to belittle their opponents, but they can’t do that to everyone.”

Guo Shao Fei smiled and said. The people on the scene were practically representing the entire Mysterious Domain. They came from every corners of the domain, representing the intermediate, minor powers and odd cultivators. Individually. their strengths were insignificant to the five major powers, but with their combined strength, they would be more powerful than what it seems to be.

If the five major powers were the high and mighty emperor, these people were the civilians of Mysterious Domain. Emperor was the boat and civilians were the water. Water could be used to carry boats or be used to capsize it. Among the disciples of the five major powers, most of them came from the different places of the domain. Their families had all kinds of connections with the intermediate and minor powers. Even if the three major powers were a hundred times more bold, they still wouldn’t dare start a ma.s.sacre.

Once the morale of the civilians was lost, even a very strong major power would perish, particularly Freedom Palace. He didn’t dare to comment anything when faced with such a situation as he felt guilty. It was him and Nan Bei Chao who caused the chaos in the Death Mountain, they wanted all of them to be buried under there, but failed eventually. This incident made many people start losing confidence in Freedom Palace. Now, Freedom King still had the chance to avoid that, so he had to stop his current action to prevent any unpleasant developments. Jiang Chen was his only target after all.

As for the situation in front them, Hua Gu Yi and the two Feng Yun brothers didn’t even think that it would possibly happen, but each of them sighed with relief. It was like what Guo Shao Fei had said, these people might not be as powerful as them, but they carried a heavy weight. Only they, could make the three overlords retreat.

Hua Gu Yi looked at Jiang Chen and gave him a praising expression, secretly praising him for saving those people. This had not only given Jiang Chen huge benefits, but also allowed Nebula Sect to become the leader of Mysterious Domain. From today onwards, Jiang Chen and Nebula Sect’s fame would skyrocket in the domain. Such a support from the civilians was something that all the five major powers tried very hard to obtain, but they were obtained by Nebula Sect with ease.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you insects! Do you all want to die?”

Tan Zhen Tian raged.

“We have never thought that we were merely ants in the eyes of the Tan Family. Seems like I have been blinded, tomorrow, I will summon all the descendants who cultivated in your Tan Family back.”

An elder shouted. Their only purpose now was to help Jiang Chen. They were ready to fight with everything they’ve got. There would be times when someone’s brain was triggered, and they would usually induce their last resort to stop the threat. In their hearts, they knew that if it wasn’t for Jiang Chen, they would all be dead. How could they possibly stand there and not speak up? Their lives didn’t belong to them anymore since the incident in the Death Mountain, they might as well sacrifice it if it could help save their savior’s life.

Tan Zhen Tian’s facial expression changed a little. Apart from him, Skyhill Daoist and Freedom King could also predict the seriousness of the outcome if it continued. The five major powers had always been occupying the high and mighty, respectful place in everyone’s heart. Most of the families would send their descendants to cultivate in the five major powers because they felt honored by doing so. A lot of the disciples from the major five powers were made up by them. The sentence that the elder spoke had awakened them. Despite the fact that it was only one person speaking, it represented all of their intentions. Once they had lost the faith of the civilians, they wouldn’t be very far from extinction even if they were one the major powers.

“Haha, Freedom King, Skyhill Daoist and Tan Zhen Tian, seems like you all can’t kill Jiang Chen today even without my interference. He has become the heroic figure of Mysterious Domain now, killing him is equivalent to making the entire domain your enemy.”

Wu Yi Mo laughed. Seeing the embarra.s.sment on their faces, he couldn’t describe the satisfaction he felt.

On the other side, Nebula Kidd’s face revealed a smile. He had initially decided to join this battle. By the looks of the current situation, it wasn’t necessary anymore. He believed that his opponents wouldn’t dare to begin a ma.s.sacre here unless they became r.e.t.a.r.ded.

Skyhill Daoist eyes swept across the crowd and said in a clear and loud voice. “Everyone, the Skyhill School and the Tan Family aren’t impervious to reasons. You have witnessed Jiang Chen killing our people. We want to avenge them, is that being unreasonable?”

“Your people were saved by Jiang Chen. Not only did you not repay him for his kindness, but you want to take his life instead.”

Someone shouted.

“Do not mix the two matters together. Given the situation, Jiang Chen had saved you all because he had to save himself.”

Tan Zhen Tian said.

“This is enough, we don’t need to continuously argue on this matter as we won’t be getting any results out of it. It is understandable that you all want to kill Jiang Chen for revenge. However, if the three of you launch an attack together, won’t it be considered a shameless act? Jiang Chen is merely a Fifth Grade Combat Emperor and a young man. If you all want to seek revenge, why won’t you send someone younger among your core disciples to fulfil this task? I won’t disagree in the slightest towards it if that was the case.”

Wu Yi Mo said.

“That’s correct. Since he is a youth, he should be dealt with by youths or are there no geniuses in the three major powers?”

Nebula Kidd said.

“In that case, we won’t say anything about it.”

The elder among the crowd said. This was a battle among the five major powers. They couldn’t intervene in this matter. Jiang Chen had saved them once and they have stopped the three overlords from killing him, which was considered returning him the favor.

“You all have to be kidding! That brat unknowingly used the power of a Minor Saint, not even a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor was his opponent. Letting our younger generations deal with him? Isn’t that the same as sending them to their deaths? This isn’t fair.”

A Ninth Grade Combat Emperor of the Skyhill School said. He saw it when Jiang Chen struck Yan Chang Ming and the elder of the Tan Family. They were vulnerable and defenseless before him. Apparently, the power he used was an external power that had to be at least of a Minor Saint grade. Regardless of how strong a Fifth Grade Combat Emperor was, he shouldn’t be so powerful that not even a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor could defend his attack.

“When Jiang Chen was in the Death Mountain, he subdued two Minor Saint grade dark soul kings. Thus, there is a high chance that the attacks he struck just now was from the two dark soul kings.

A disciple of the Tan Family said.

For a moment, everyone’s gaze fell upon Jiang Chen. Borrowing the power from evil wasn’t an upright act. Plus, if Jiang Chen was really using an external force, the geniuses of the Mysterious Domain couldn’t compete with him.

“Yeah, the attacks weren’t from me, they were from the dark soul kings that were subdued by me. Since you all want to take revenge on me, I will send them back.”

Jiang Chen said. His Divine Sense fluctuated. Ah Da and Ah Er appeared together by his side. Seeing these two powerful dark soul kings, everyone couldn’t help but suck in a cold air of terror. These dark soul kings were truly terrifying.

To Hua Gu Yi and the rest of the elders who hadn’t seen a dark soul king before, they could feel a horrifying Qi coming from the dark soul kings’ bodies. Their faces turned very ugly. The fact that shocked them most was that Jiang Chen, a mere Fifth Grade Combat Emperor, could actually subdue a First Grade Minor Saint dark soul king. If this wasn’t seen in person, who would have believed it? It was beyond one’s imagination to think that Jiang Chen could do it.

“Ah Da, Ah Er, the two of you, immediately return to the Death Mountain and never come out again.”

Jiang Chen shouted at Ah Da and Ah Er. The two of them quickly responded, they turned and rushed towards the Death Mountain and vanished in a twinkle.

“Dammit! Little Chen, those two are killing machines, you actually let them go…”

Big Yellow tweaked his ears and scratched his cheek.

“You don’t know s***, I am just hiding them for the time being. They will return to my side when I summon them again.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes widened. Ah Da and Ah Er were two of his biggest trump cards. How could he possibly throw it away? He let their Qi fuse together with the Qi outside the Death Mountain. They were non-living things, so even the three overlords couldn’t sense them, they could only see that Ah Da and Ah Er had returned to the Death Mountain.

After releasing Ah Da and Ah Er, Jiang Chen turned his head to Tan Zhen Tian and the others. His Qi shook and said loudly, “I have already let the dark soul kings go. Any core disciples of the three major powers who want to kill me is always welcome.”

“How? Jiang Chen has already let go of his external power. He is now only a Fifth Grade Combat Emperor. Is there no one among the three major powers that can deal with a Fifth Grade Combat Emperor?”

Nebula Kidd said. For today’s circ.u.mstances, they had to try and avoid the battle as much as they could because they didn’t have any advantages against their opponents.

As long as today’s matter pa.s.sed, the three major powers would join forces. As for the battle between the young geniuses, he didn’t have a slightest concern about it. Given Jiang Chen’s techniques, any genius who went up against him would eventually become rocks for him to step on.

“Fair enough, today’s matter is done. Jiang Chen, I will let you live for a few more days.”

Freedom King said. Although he was unwilling to accept the fact, he had to retreat. They didn’t fear Nebula Kidd or Wu Yi Mo, but the people of Mysterious Domain. They had to temporarily hold their positions. If they wanted to kill Jiang Chen, it could only be done after today.

Freedom King led his people back to Freedom Palace. Tan Zhen Tian and Skyhill Daoist made a cold humph together and brought their respective disciples back. This was the greatest chaos in the history of Mysterious Domain but the chaotic event subsided just like that, it was not even something Jiang Chen could imagine. However, the chaos of Mysterious Domain had just begun.