Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 714 – You Have To Go Through Us First Before Killing Jiang Chen

Chapter 714 – You Have To Go Through Us First Before Killing Jiang Chen

You Have To Go Through Us First Before Killing Jiang Chen

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Nebula Kidd had already shown that he would protect Jiang Chen regardless of the costs. The reason for such a resolute action wasn’t solely because Jiang Chen was a disciple of Nebula Sect. Nebula Kidd was the sole person who knew Jiang Chen’s unknown background. He wouldn’t dare to allow any mishaps to happen on Jiang Chen because that would bring a devastating loss either to him or the entire Nebula Sect.

As the reincarnation of the Greatest Saint, Jiang Chen had exceedingly exceptional techniques. These techniques had already been portrayed to him fully through the incidents in the Death Mountain. Nebula Kidd had no doubts about his ability.

Jiang Chen was only a First Grade Combat Emperor when Nebula Kidd first met him. Though, it has only been a month, he had already reached Fifth Grade Combat Emperor. Besides the Greatest Saint, who else would have such a terrifying speed of advancement? Who could kill a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor with ease, being only a Fifth Grade Combat Emperor? This was absolutely a miracle.

Nebula Kidd’s Qi was strong, but Tan Zhen Tian’s Qi wasn’t giving in. Today’s situation allowed no one to concede, since this was related to their reputation of being a major power. Their great elder was killed by someone. If they couldn’t make the culprit pay, where should Tan Zhen Tian put his face in the future?

*Hu Hu*

At this moment, a gale whistled. Three powerful Qis’ have arrived from different directions. They all brought a very strong saint aura. Without a doubt, the newcomers had to be the other three overlords of three major powers.

It would inevitably lead to turmoil if a very big incident were to happen here. The people of the Tan Family and Nebula Sect had informed their masters secretly. The disciples of the other three major powers naturally did the same.

At this moment, Nebula Kidd of Nebula Sect, Tan Zhen Tian of the Tan Family, Freedom King of Freedom Palace, Skyhill Daoist of the Skyhill School and Wu Yi Mo of the Dark Devil Religion—the five overloads of the Mysterious Domain—gathered again. A month before this, the five of them jointly opened the pa.s.sageways into the Death Mountain. When it was the second opening of the Death Mountain, each of them only sent three Ninth Grade Combat Emperor elders to meet the partic.i.p.ants of the expedition, but never had they thought that a twisted devil king, Jiang Chen, would emerged—forcing them to reappear outside the mountain.

Amongst the five, the most startled was Freedom King. He locked his gaze on Jiang Chen the moment he arrived. There was a bare hatred on his eyes. Someone had already informed him about the situation in the Death Mountain.

This was all because of Jiang Chen. If it wasn’t for him, he and Nan Bei Chao’s plan would’ve run smoothly, all of them would have died in the Death Mountain, which was very favorable to Freedom Palace because there would be no witnesses whatsoever. Now, the situation was reversed, not only did the plan failed, it had also put Freedom Palace in a very awkward position.

Although there were no evidences that could prove that this matter was related to Freedom Palace yet, the other four major powers weren’t fools. One could already imagine that after this incident, the other four major powers would secretly take extra precautions against Freedom Palace, their relations.h.i.+p would also not improve.

And all of these was due to Jiang Chen, it was all caused by him. Through this incident, it had shown Freedom King the huge potential threat of Jiang Chen and affirmed that eliminating him was the top priority.

“The incident already came to this extent.The five overloads are all here, seems like there is no simple settlement today.”

“Yeah, it was mainly because Jiang Chen’s boldness was just too great. His means are too cruel. He will kill anyone regardless of who they are, totally ignorant. Today, a lot of experts from the three major powers have died under his hands, they certainly won’t let this matter slip away.”

“Let’s see, the good thing is that the Dark Devil Religion and Nebula Sect have joined forces, otherwise, I don’t know how are they going to make their stand in a situation like this today.”


Everyone’s faces were in horror. Ordinarily, you can’t see these five overlords so easily. Today, however, they had all appeared at the same time which was undoubtedly a rare thing.

“Jiang Chen has killed Li Long and our elders before this. I will settle this debts today.”

Freedom King had made his intentions clear, his Qi was bursting.

“Wildly arrogant and ignorant brat, you dared to kill a Skyhill School’s great elder? Who gave you such boldness? Even if I crush you into pieces, it is still not enough to make up for your wrongdoings and faults.”

Skyhill Daoist of the Skyhill School was stern in his tone. Apparently, though he had just came here, he had already known everything that happened here. As one of the major powers of Mysterious Domain and as an overload figure, it was undeniably infuriating to learn that a brat actually didn’t recognize their existences in his eyes. If he didn’t get rid of Jiang Chen today, the faces of these major powers would be gone. How could they call themselves a major power in the future in Mysterious Domain?

“Haha! A group of old brats wanted to personally deal a yellowish-skinned brat. I feel ashamed for you all, bah!”

Wu Yi Mo laughed. This sentence had sent shapeless blows to their faces. Although Wu Yi Mo’s words sounded unpleasant to hear, they were the truth. To deal with a young generation Combat Emperor— given their levels of grade and ident.i.ties—they truly had no sense of shame.

Han Yan made a sway and came before Wu Yi Mo, then he cupped his fists at him. “Father.”

“En, Ah Yan, not bad at all. Already an Eighth Grade Combat Emperor. The bloodline of the Ancient Divine Devil is truly terrifying.”

Wu Yi Mo patted Han Yan’s shoulder. He felt very satisfied adopting this child. The possessor of Ancient Divine Devil bloodline would become a peerless devil when he grew up. Before the expedition of the Death Mountain, they didn’t have much of an advantage compared to the other major powers. They cultivated devil art, which was entirely different than ordinary cultivators. There would be very few treasure that attracted the people of the Dark Devil Religion.

Despite that fact, Han Yan had become an Eighth Grade Combat Emperor in a month’s time, which deserved the praise of Wu Yi Mo.

“Wu Yi Mo, I advise the Dark Devil Religion not to join in the muddy waters. This is a matter between us and Nebula Sect.”

Freedom King said loudly. He purposely stressed his tone on ‘us’—emphasizing that he, the Skyhill School and the Tan Family were on the same side. Also, he implied that he would use these two major powers’ forces to help eliminate Freedom Palace’s unpleasantness.

“Bah! Truly brazen. Three versus one and you still have the face to call yourself a righteous power. We, of the Dark Devil Religion, will never commit such a thing. I think I should call the three of you the shameless gang next time. As for me, I am a busybody since I was born. However, I will interfere any unimportant matters that I find improper. So today, I will protect Jiang Chen. I really want to see whether the three of you, the shameless gang, can kill him in front of me.”

Wu Yi Mo’s devil aura surge to the sky. This was the true course of action of the Dark Devil Religion, it gave people a thrilled feeling.

Jiang Chen saw everything in his eyes, but his face didn’t change even the slightest bit. After he had initiated the trouble, the status of the forces in Mysterious Domain became fundamentally obvious. Nebula Sect and the Dark Devil Religion would become friends or even form an alliance. The Skyhill School and the Tan Family were standing on Freedom Palace’s side because of benefits, but they wouldn’t truly ally with Freedom Palace out of sincere intention as the incident in the Death Mountain had made Freedom Palace the common target of all.

However, Freedom King and Nan Bei Chao wouldn’t mind this at all. Even if they were a standalone power, they wouldn’t be afraid because the other four major powers would never ally themselves together. Thus, it wouldn’t affect their plans.

Hence, the ones that had to be gotten rid of were Nan Bei Chao and Freedom King, this was Jiang Chen’s deduction all along.

“Freedom King, Skyhill Daoist, seems like today’s matter isn’t going to be settled. In that case, we might as well just have a battle.”

Tan Zhen Tian said loudly. His entire body was filled with murderous aura.

“I agree. If we don’t eliminate that brat today, the dignity of the three major powers will be tarnished completely.”

Freedom King was the first to approve. Skyhill Daoist was nodding agreeably. They weren’t idiots, they had already discovered Jiang Chen’s potential. A person like him would become a huge threat if he was allowed to continue cultivating, not to mention his speed of growth was just way too fast.

“Bring it on! I’m not afraid of you all!”

Nebula Kidd’s arm shook and the Nebula Sword was summoned. This sword was enhanced by the Heavenly Saint Sword, it was incredibly powerful. Despite it being a mere Minor Saint weapon, it was at the peak of the Minor Saint grade, which wasn’t comparable to any ordinary Minor Saint weapon.

“It has been a while ago since I exercised my muscles and bones.”

Wu Yi Mo shook and stretched his neck, creating cracking sounds. He was a ferociously valiant man. Even if it was two versus three, his face didn’t show any bit of fear.

“Stop, you all cannot kill Jiang Chen.”

At this time, a shout was heard from a group of people. It was an elder’s voice. This elder was the head of an intermediate or a minor power in the domain. His level of grade wasn’t so weak, he was already a Fourth Grade Combat Emperor.

However, a puny Fourth Grade Combat Emperor flatly didn’t dare to shout impolitely at the five overlords in the past, he would not even dare to speak to them, but this elder was hyped up with maximum courage.

“Jiang Chen is our savior. We have just left the Death Mountain and you all want to kill our savior, we oppose your actions.”

That elder shouted.

“Who are you? I want to kill him and does that have to go through you?”

Freedom King stared coldly at the elder and raged.

“No way, Jiang Chen has saved the entire Mysterious Domain, you all can’t kill him!”

“Yeah, if it wasn’t for Jiang Chen’s help, none of the core disciples and elders of the three major powers will be able to come out of the mountain alive. They would’ve died there. Jiang Chen is also their savior. You are returning kindness with ingrat.i.tude.”

“Your leaders were killed by Jiang Chen because they wanted to kill him first. Does that mean that Jiang Chen just had to stand there and wait for them to kill him? Now, that Jiang Chen has saved you all, you still want to kill him? What’s the logical sense behind this? Even if you are one of the major powers of Mysterious Domain, you can’t act unreasonably.”

“Don’t kill Jiang Chen, if you want to kill him, kill us first.”

“Correct! Kill us first, we are willing to die for Jiang Chen!”


For an instant, the crowd erupted into restlessness. Over thousands of Combat Emperors, including intermediate powers, minor powers and odd cultivators were shouting with disapproval. They had all blocked the view in front of Jiang Chen.

A man’s strength was tiny, but a thousand men’s strength was akin to a boundless ocean. Also, their joined forces represented the entire Mysterious Domain, none of them would dare to underestimate it.