Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 713 – The Tip Of Two Needles Face Each Other

Chapter 713 – The Tip Of Two Needles Face Each Other

The Tip Of Two Needles Face Each Other

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A commotion flooded the atmosphere. The scene stupefied everyone. It was too cruel and bold. The elder of the Tan Family was killed without being able to twitch his eyebrow, he wasn’t exempted from the punishment at all. Searching through the entire Mysterious Domain, the sole person that had so much audacity that he would kill an elder of the Tan Family without an ounce of hesitation would only be Jiang Chen.

Nonetheless, the scene wasn’t too shocking to those who had entered the Death Mountain. In their hearts, Jiang Chen gave them the impression of being a war G.o.d. There was nothing that he wouldn’t dare to do. In the Death Mountain, the leaders of the three major powers died under his hands. Furthermore, they could clearly remember the time before they entered the Death Mountain. Jiang Chen had killed the elders of Freedom Palace and refuted Freedom King in public, totally disrespecting him, as though he didn’t put Freedom King in his eyes.

This incident instilled fear into the three elders of Freedom Palace and the remaining two elders of the Skyhill School. Their faces turned pale immediately. To them, the spectacle was just too horrifying. They were lofty figures, and they had never felt as weak now—feeling as if Jiang Chen could take away their lives at any moment. These Ninth Grade Combat Emperors elder’s Qi were aggressive before this, but now, they didn’t even dare to fart due to the fear of arousing Jiang Chen’s dissatisfaction, making him want to kill them.

Jiang Chen was too brutal. It had stirred up the fear in their hearts. They didn’t even dare to intimidate Jiang Chen using their ident.i.ty because it was ineffective.

Besides them, Hua Gu Yi and the two Feng Yun brothers were also frightened to death. For as long as they had been in Nebula Sect, this was the first time that they had witnessed such a domineering disciple. He was also a very upright person. The miserable conditions of Tan Zhi Hao and Tan Lang had triggered his rage. The death of the elder was actually the result of his own actions.

The three elders of the Dark Devil Religion gave a glance to one another, they couldn’t help but nod at the same time. Although this Jiang Chen was a disciple of a righteous sect, his actions was almost equal to the Dark Devil Religion. He would kill whenever he liked, decisive and never fearful. Such an intimidating manner was to their liking and made them admire him even more. They couldn’t help but secretly agree that their young master’s friend was really unusual.

“Jiang Chen, you…you maniac! You have killed an elder!”

The elder that was contained by Jiang Chen had suffered so much fright that his soul s.h.i.+vered, his voice trembled intensely.

“Silence! Do you believe that I will not immediately send the two of you to h.e.l.l? So that three of you can reunite again?”

Jiang Chen clamored coldly. The elder promptly shut his mouth. He didn’t even dare to face Jiang Chen at all.


Tan Zhi Hao laughed all of a sudden after seeing this situation. He was merely sixteen years old. He was supposed to have a bright and long future awaiting him, but because of his stubbornness to meet his grandfather, he had destroyed it all. Now, he had already become a disabled person. What dreams are still left for him?

As a member of the Tan Family, when he saw the elder of his family killed, not only was he not sad, but instead, he felt extremely contented. His current frame of mind was the same when he was imprisoned in the Freezing h.e.l.l Jail. His emotional attachment for the Tan Family had already dissipated. He can only see the strife of the Tan Family, whether openly or secretly.

“Ah Lang, Ah Hao, the two of you come here.”

Jiang Chen said.

Tan Zhi Hao and Tan Lang approached Jiang Chen. Their eyes were full of grat.i.tude. They had been overwhelmed by despair for so long. The thought of meeting him again absolutely didn’t cross their minds.

“Who is the one who disabled your meridians?”

Jiang Chen said, albeit in a very cold tone.

When his words came out, the disciples of the Tan Family turned pale. There were also discomfort and fear on their faces.

“Brother Jiang, forget about it.”

Tan Zhi Hao shook his head. He didn’t want to have any connections with the Tan Family anymore.

“Forget sh*t, it can never be forgotten. I will avenge your loss.”

Tan Lang snapped. He wasn’t Tan Zhi Hao and was definitely not a member of the Tan Family. His emotional attachment for the Tan Family was nil. He had been tortured since he entered the Tan Family. How could he let this matter slip away?

Tan Lang scanned the group of the Tan Family. With his eyesight, it would be extremely easy to find his enemy.

“It’s the three of them.”

Tan Lang pointed at the three men. They looked very young, but their grades weren’t high. The highest grade among them was a Third Grade Combat Emperor, the other two were merely Second Grade Combat Emperors. Their facial expression turned ugly instantly. They couldn’t help but step back. At this point of time, they could already feel their deaths. That was right, it was death. Jiang Chen had even killed their elder, let alone them.

The three of them had the urge to spurt blood. They had never thought that such a thing would happen to them. They had bullied and humiliated Tan Zhi Hao and Tan Lang before this, not putting these two people in their eyes. Even if they beat them to death, they wouldn’t have thought that these two weaklings were actually related to this unlucky star, Jiang Chen. It happened just right after the second opening of the Death Mountain. They didn’t even have a chance to escape.

Jiang Chen didn’t even say a word. His hand clawed in the air and a terrifying blood red cage appeared above their heads. With a pull from Jiang Chen, their bodies were out of their control and were pulled to Tan Lang.

As for the other disciples of the Tan Family, all of them were trembling with fear. They didn’t even have the courage to resist.

“Jiang Chen, you….what are you doing?”

A youth among the three spoke while trembling.

“What am I doing? You should ask what he wants to do with you all.”

Jiang Chen said coldly. He had completely pa.s.sed the authority to Tan Lang.

“Don’t worry. I will never kill you all. I will only let you taste how it is like to be a disabled person. Little Chen, help me cripple them.”

Tan Lang gritted his teeth and said. Sometimes, letting people experience a suffering worse than death was more torturous.

“No, don’t cripple us. Ah Hao, we admit our faults. We beg for mercy, please…don’t cripple us!”

“Yeah, Ah Hao, think about the fact that we are also your brothers, let us go…”

The three of them were terrified. They could only beg for mercy at this moment, hoping that Tan Zhi Hao would be soft-hearted.

Tan Zhi Hao gave a bitter smile and closed his eyes. It was Tan Lang’s matter now, it was no longer related to him at all.

“Alright, I will cripple them.”

Jiang Chen’s palm shook. Three abruptly powerful blows were sent to them, hitting the spot of their Qi Sea. A sound of ‘Ka Cha’ was heard before they spurted blood. Their Qi Sea were directly shattered by Jiang Chen.

The Qi Sea was the most important spot for a cultivator, it was used to store Yuan Force. Once the Qi Sea was shattered, it would mean the end of their cultivation path. The three of them were worse than Tan Zhi Hao and Tan Lang now. They merely damaged their meridians, but their Qi Sea were still perfectly fine, which meant that they could still store Yuan Force in them. In this world, there were many ways to heal the meridians. However, to heal the Qi Sea? Even a Great Saint couldn’t do it.

With Jiang Chen’s techniques, it wasn’t difficult for him to heal Tan Zhi Hao and Tan Lang’s injuries. If it was their Qi Sea that was shattered, even the Greatest Saint, Jiang Chen couldn’t heal it.

“Argh…I am crippled. I have become a crippled person. Detestable!”

“My Qi Sea is destroyed, my Yuan Force is dissipating. I won’t be able to cultivate from now on.”

“Why did this happen? I still have a long path ahead of me. I have reached the Combat Emperor realm at a very young age. Now it is finished, totally finished.”


The three of them were extremely grieved. Hatred and regret was in their hearts. They hated Jiang Chen’s cruel action but also regretted their mistakes of hurting Tan Zhi Hao and Tan Lang, or else today’s event wouldn’t happen.

“You are truly bold! You dared to kill a member of the Tan Family? You are absolutely mad.”

At this moment, a rage of fire rose to the sky from afar. In the blink of an eye, a middle-aged man in an emperor robe carrying a boundless Saint aura appeared and came to the sky above them. His Qi was at the peak. In the middle of his eyebrows, a domineering aura was projected without a hint of anger. It was the patriarch of the Tan Family, Tan Zhen Tian.

He was a powerful Fourth Grade Minor Saint, a peerless figure of great reputation and a true overlord. After seeing the arrival of Tan Zhen Tian, the disciples of the Tan Family had found their backbone.

“Patriarch, kill this kid. He has killed great elder, Zhi Bai, and disabled our brothers.”

The elder who was contained by Jiang Chen shouted when he saw Tan Zhen Tian. In his point of view, Tan Zhen Tian’s appearance meant that he could be saved as Jiang Chen wouldn’t dare to kill him in front of Tan Zhen Tian. Even if Jiang Chen wanted to, he didn’t had the capability to do so.

“Little brat, release my people or else I will let you die miserably.”

Tan Zhen Tian’s gaze was burning like a torch while glaring at Jiang Chen. That gaze was sufficient enough to subdue tens of thousands of cultivators. To Jiang Chen however, it didn’t made an impact on him. Jiang Chen was the Greatest Saint. How could he tremble from just a Minor Saint’s Qi.

“Jiang Chen, don’t worry. I have already informed master secretly. He will reach here in no time.”

Hua Gu Yi said to Jiang Chen using her Divine Sense. The situation in front of them had gone out of control. She had guessed that the patriarch of the Tan Family would appear, so she secretly informed Nebula Kidd about the situation.

As her voice faded, another powerful silhouette appeared.

“Tan Zhen Tian, do you think that you can kill the people of Nebula Sect as you wish?”

A blue-robed middle-age man appeared. His face was as sharp as a sword and his eyes were as fierce as a tiger. His overbearing aura was bursting out of his body. He’s the master of Nebula Sect, Nebula Kidd.

The disciples and elders of Nebula Sect silently heaved a sigh of relief after seeing Nebula Kidd’s arrival. With his presence, it wouldn’t be easy for Tan Zhen Tian to kill Jiang Chen anymore.

“Nebula Kidd, your disciple has already claimed so many lives of my Tan Family and is still holding two of my elders captive. You owe me an explanation regarding this matter.”

Tan Zhen Tian looked at Nebula Kidd with a forceful Qi.

“Jiang Chen, release the two of them.”

Nebula Kidd looked at Jiang Chen.

“Get lost.”

Jiang Chen loosened the sharp claws, freeing the two elders. He knew why Nebula Kidd wanted him to let them go. Killing the two of them wouldn’t help a lot. It would only drive Tan Zhen Tian mad, which was very unfavorable to their current situation.

“You think it is over by just letting my people go? I want to settle the previous debts. Nebula Kidd, I a.s.sume that you won’t make us your enemy just because of one disciple.”

Tan Zhen Tian threatened Nebula Kidd.

“Tan Zhen Tian, don’t try to threaten me. I will be the first to oppose the one who dares to touch Jiang Chen today.”

Nebula Kidd replied with the same threatening tone. As a master of a sect, handing over his disciple to another major power was absolutely shameful.