Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 712 – Murdering Out of Anger

Chapter 712 – Murdering Out of Anger

Murdering Out of Anger

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The two Ninth Grade Combat Emperors were under the confinement of Jiang Chen. No matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t make a scratch on the sharp-clawed cage. On the contrary, the sharp claws increased the pressure exerted on their bodies until crackling sounds were heard, revealing the pain and misery on their faces.

Jiang Chen pulled it hard, bringing the elders closer to him. The scene rendered everyone dumbstruck, including Hua Gu Yi and the two Feng Yun brothers. They couldn’t remain calm after seeing such situation. They didn’t know what Jiang Chen was going to do. He had already killed the great elder of Skyhill School. If he continued to kill these two elders in front of the public, the repercussions would be devastating.

Another thing that shocked them was Jiang Chen’s power. According to their eyesight, they already know that the sharp claw wasn’t Jiang Chen’s true strength. It was not his own strength since it had at least the strength of a First Grade Minor Saint, but whether if it was his strength or not, it was still part of his methods. A Fifth Grade Combat Emperor killing a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor with ease, how could this not startle people? Even the arrogant Hua Gu Yi had to admit that even if she was the one in the cage, she too couldn’t escape the grip of the sharp claws and would die instantly.

“Jiang Chen, you wild kid! What are you doing?”

“Jiang Chen, you better release us, otherwise the repercussion will be unimaginable.”

The two elders who were contained by Jiang Chen gritted their teeth and said. They were very ill.u.s.trious men. Wherever they went, they would be respected by anyone in the Mysterious Domain. There wasn’t anyone who dared to act impolitely against them. However, Jiang Chen was holding them captive in front of so many people, this was no doubt a humiliation—how could they accept it?

“Shut up, if I hear any more words from the two of you, I will immediately kill you two off.”

Jiang Chen said coldly. His gaze was as cold as ice, it could penetrate into one’s soul. The two elders immediately stopped their threatening. They had witnessed the brutality of Jiang Chen. When he said that he would kill them, he would really do, like how he killed Yan Chang Ming. This was a frenzied being. If he wanted to kill them, how could they resist the fate of death?

The elders of Freedom Palace and the Skyhill School also stopped their motions, not knowing why Jiang Chen struck the elders of the Tan Family all of a sudden.

Under Jiang Chen’s control, the two elders were immobile, as if they were fishes caught between a fishmonger’s knife and a chopping board, totally under his discretion to slaughter them alive. It didn’t even cross their minds that a newbie who had just stepped into the Combat Emperor realm would have their lives in his hands. This was originally a good day to take revenge for their disciples death by killing him, but the situation was reversed and their lives were going to be taken away instead.

A glint of coldness was transmitted from Jiang Chen’s eyes to another elder of the Tan Family, he said coldly, “I will give you half an hours’ time to bring Tan Zhi Hao and Tan Lang over here, their lives will be used to exchange for these two elders’ lives.”

The first thing that he wanted to do when he came out of the Death Mountain was to rescue Tan Lang and Tan Zhi hao. He was cracking his brain to figure out how to save them. Breaking into the Tan Family was the most foolish action. Even with the help of Ah Da and Ah Er, it was virtually impossible to break into that place.

Tan Family was one of the five major powers, its overall strength wasn’t any weaker than Nebula Sect. If he broke into the Tan Family with his current strength, he wouldn’t be able to save anyone and he would be captured instead.

“What? Tan Zhi Hao?”

The elder was surprised as he never thought that Jiang Chen held them in captivity for a lineal young master. Of course he knew who Tan Zhi Hao was, he was considered an exceptional genius of the younger generation who was able to reach the Combat Emperor realm at a very young age. He was imprisoned because of his intrusion into the Ancestral Shrine.

“That’s right. If the two of them have any problems, I will lay the debts on the two of you. Remember, you only have half an hour's time. My patience is limited. You better not challenge me.”

Jiang Chen said in a cold and threatening tone. He believed that his opponent weren’t idiots and would agree to his request, because to him, the lives of these two Ninth Grade Combat Emperors were far less valuable than Tan Zhi Hao’s and Tan Lang’s.

Half an hour was already enough for a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor to bring someone back from the Tan Family, he definitely wouldn’t be able to use up all the time.

“Okay, don’t hurt them. I will bring Tan Zhi Hao and Tan Lang back now.”

That elder didn’t dare to delay his response. He vanished in an instant. He believed that Jiang Chen wasn’t joking with him. Jiang Chen wasn’t used to joking around. That elder had witnessed Jiang Chen’s ruthlessness with his own eyes. If it was said that Jiang Chen had the boldness to kill two of the elders of the Tan Family, none of them would doubt that statement.

Quite a lot of disciples of the Tan Family were standing there in silence. When they recalled the name Tan Zhi Hao, most of them would remember that they had once bullied and humiliated him. In their eyes, Tan Zhi Hao was a disabled person, completely abandoned by the Tan Family. They have never imagined that Tan Zhi Hao had actually some connections with Jiang Chen.

“Big Yellow, who are this Tan Zhi Hao and Tan Lang?”

Han Yan asked with low tone.

“Little Chen made a friend before this, their friends.h.i.+p isn’t as close, but the key here is Tan Lang. Back in Liang Province, our friends.h.i.+p with Tan Lang can be considered quite close, then he was personally recommended by Jiang Chen to Tan Zhi Hao to bring him back and continue his cultivation path in the Tan Family, but he hadn’t imagined that he will be faced with difficulties.”

Big Yellow explained.

Han Yan and Nangong Wentian nodded after hearing this. Jiang Chen had always been a person who valued brotherhood. Despite the fact that he was ruthless to his enemy, he was truly kind to his friends. This was deeply felt by Han Yan and Nangong Wentian.

Last time when Jiang Chen wanted to save Han Yan’s life, he entered the Purgatory h.e.l.l and fought the Earth Evil Beast*. If it wasn’t for Jiang Chen’s initiative during the chaotic period in Nangong Aristocratic Family*, Nangong Wentian wouldn’t be standing here in perfect condition.

Hua Gu Yi and the two Feng Yun brothers couldn’t help but nod secretly. Jiang Chen could be extremely audacious, but was ardent towards his friends. To Nebula Sect, this was a very good thing.

The people who came out of the Death Mountain hadn’t left yet. There were so many exciting things happening here after the expedition ended. They wanted to see how the situation would develop. No party would leave today’s matter unsettled. Perhaps the high ranking figures of the five major powers would be drawn out to the scene. Elders below the Minor Saint grade had already lost the capability to handle Jiang Chen.

A few minutes later, the elder who left had flown back. Behind him was two discomposed silhouettes. Their bodies were stained with blood and their faces were pale and drawn. They were without a doubt Tan Zhi Hao and Tan Lang.

Tan Zhi Hao was already a Combat Emperor and Tan Lang had reached a high grade in Combat King realm. However, since they required an outsider’s help to travel in air, their injuries were quite serious.

“Jiang Chen, I have already brought them here. Release them first.”

The elder said.

The moment Tan Zhi Hao and Tan Lang saw Jiang Chen, joy instantly filled their faces, but a moment later, Tan Lang’s eye sockets were red and he almost cried while thinking back about the encounters in the Tan Family. It was more aggrieving and torturous than the time he was imprisoned in Asura Palace. He had thought that it was the end of his life, he never thought that he could still see the light of the day again.

“Brother Jiang.”

Both of their voices were faint.


A surging rage shot out of Jiang Chen’s body all of a sudden. Judging by his own eyes, he had already known what had happened. Tan Zhi Hao and Tan Lang’s meridian had been cut off, they had become completely disabled. If it wasn’t for their Qi Sea and the support of their Yuan Force, they would be a hundred-percent disabled. Even so, their Yuan Force wouldn’t be able to circulate through their entire body because of the broken meridians. It would be very difficult for their meridian to heal.

“Very good. Your people are truly ruthless. Tan Zhi Hao is one of your kind, even if he has committed something forbidden, the punishment of disabling him is totally outrageous”

Jiang Chen was enraged. His hatred towards the Tan Family who seriously lacked human kindness rose to the peak. With Tan Zhi Hao and Tan Lang’s current condition, if they were to be continuously humiliated and bullied by the Tan Family, he estimated that they would die in a year's time.

“Dammit! The Tan Family is too cruel, they could even do this to their own members.”

Big Yellow was also infuriated. In fact, it was not only him, most of them who saw Tan Zhi Hao’s condition couldn’t help but feel angry at the unfair and ruthless treatment. In the people’s eyes, the Tan Family was a holy land in the Mysterious Domain. Most of them longed to enter it to cultivate as it would be a very great and honorable thing.

Due to the circ.u.mstances before them, their impression for the Tan Family became one that is filled with hate. It was bitterly disappointing to know that this family actually treated their own family members in such a way.

“Jiang Chen, I have already brought them here. They have intruded the Ancestral Shrine and this was the punishment they deserved. Quickly, release them!”

The elder said rightfully and with confidence, as if the Tan Family was compa.s.sionate enough to keep Tan Zhi Hao and Tan Lang alive.

“They deserved the punishment? Okay, I will kill you first and let you understand what punishment exactly is.”

Jiang Chen raged. A murderous aura rushed out of his body along with a scary sharp claw. Its speed was fast. Before the elder could react, he had already fallen into the grip of the claw. The one who attacked was Ah Er.

*Pu Chi*

The terrifying sharp claw of the dark soul instantly pierced through the elder’s body.


The elder spurted out a mouthful of blood. He lowered his head to look at the sharp claw that pierced through his body. He could feel the huge threat of death, and his face turned very ugly. He couldn’t believe that Jiang Chen would dare to kill him, and it was even more unacceptable to him that he had to die today. He was a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor, which had a lofty status in the domain. He had never thought that he would die today.

“You, you dare to kill me…”

The elder’s eyes were filled with inconceivability.

“This is what you meant by punishment.”

As soon as Jiang Chen’s tone faded, Ah Er’s sharp claw shredded the elder’s body into two and he died on the spot.