Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 711 – Truly Overbearing

Chapter 711 – Truly Overbearing

Truly Overbearing

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The scene had gone chaotic. The five major powers were temporarily divided into two groups because of Jiang Chen. They were all prepared to start a battle, the murderous aura of one group was surging out of their bodies and the other group would also never give in. To the three major powers, the threat of Jiang Chen’s existence was just too great, they had to eliminate him as soon as possible.

Also, Jiang Chen had killed three of their leaders. To them, this expedition in the Death Mountain was undoubtedly akin to slapping their faces. Not just that, their disciples had become low-spirited because their leaders had died, it was also one of the reasons why most of them didn’t obtain huge benefits.

“Everyone, I would never be able to swallow this matter. Join me and attack together, eliminate this young scourge today.”

Yan Chang Ming said.

“Fine, we will kill whoever that blocks us.”

The elders of the Tan Family agreed to the resolution at once. They could also feel the threat of Jiang Chen. Since they had become enemies, there was nothing better than battling to solve the conflict. Such a great scourge had to be eliminated as early as possible. Once he had grown up, it would bring them great troubles.

“Battling? That’s my favourite.”

A great elder of the Dark Devil Religion directly unleashed his Qi. Although they didn’t have the advantage in terms of numbers, the people of the Dark Devil Religion would never retreat. If they ran away from the battle because their opponents had three more people, they would lose all of their faces. Wasn’t that bringing shame to the Dark Devil Religion?

*Hong* *Hong*

At this moment, fifteen Combat Emperor elders had unleashed all of their Qi. Hua Gu Yi and the two Feng Yun brothers naturally couldn’t retreat. Jiang Chen was a genius that would only emerge once every ten thousand years. If his life was endangered, they would be skinned by the sect when they returned.

As for the elders of the Dark Devil Religion, their responsibility was their young master. Now that their young master was standing beside Jiang Chen without hesitation, even if they weren’t protecting Jiang Chen, they had to protect their young master, standing on the same side with Nebula Sect.


Just at this moment, Jiang Chen yelled. His expression was casual. He went past Hua Gu Yi and the other elders and stood before Yan Chang Ming.

“You want to kill me?”

Jiang Chen revealed a cold smirk at the corner of his mouth, as if he wasn’t putting Yan Chang Ming in his eyes. Jiang Chen was now a Fifth Grade Combat Emperor, which meant that he didn’t need to depend on the two dark soul kings to help him handle a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor. At his current level, if he was determined to flee, none of them could stop him even if the nine elders jointly blocked him.

However, he wasn’t leaving now as he still had things that needed to settled.

“Jiang Chen, be careful.”

Hua Gu Yi quickly pulled Jiang Chen’s shoulder.

“Elder Hua, it’s okay.”

Jiang Chen smiled at Hua Gu Yi. When she saw those confident pair of eyes, she let go of her hands, as if she had unknowingly seen that anything was possible from his eyes. In other words, there wasn’t anything that Jiang Chen couldn’t do if he really decided to. Thus, he really didn’t fear Yan Chang Ming.

“Brat! You killed my grandson. Today, I will shred you into a thousands pieces for the revenge.”

There wasn’t a slight change on Jiang Chen’s facial expression, even if he faced an attack.

“Hehe, this old dude is finished.”

Big Yellow revealed a sinister smile. Others might not know, but he was crystal clear about Jiang Chen’s trump cards. As long as Jiang Chen was willing to, there would be tens of thousands of ways to let Yan Chang Ming die.

As Yan Chang Ming’s palm reached Jiang Chen’s front, Jiang Chen’s big hand struck all of a sudden. The moment Jiang Chen and Yan Chang Ming’s palm collided, Jiang Chen’s palm turned into a razor-sharp claw. It was a giant skeletal claw which clawed Yan Chang Ming’s palm tightly.

*Ka Cha*

That skeletal palm violently exerted its strength. With a ‘Ka Cha’ sound, Yan Chang Ming’s entire palm was torn off in a split second. Blood was gus.h.i.+ng out of the wound, leaving the white bone visible, which seemed very scary.


That instantaneous pain was unbearable by a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor, he couldn’t help but let out a wail of agony.

Nonetheless, his wail couldn’t change his fate. Jiang Chen struck again with that skeletal claw, gripping Yan Chang Ming’s skull at lightning speed. Under the terrified eyes of so many people, Yan Chang Ming’s skull exploded after being squeezed by the skeletal claw. An elder of Ninth Grade Combat Emperor died tragically just like that. The scene was full of blood and horror.


The scene had frightened everyone, causing a commotion of fright from the crowd. Most of the people who came out from the Death Mountain found the sharp claw very familiar. That was the sharp claw of a dark soul, but this claw didn’t consist of any death Qi but just looked like the one the dark souls possessed.

Logically, the claw belonged to the dark soul king. It was Jiang Chen who secretly ordered Ah Da to kill Yan Chang Ming. He covered the sharp claw with his Yuan Force, completely masking the dark soul Qi.

A Ninth Grade Combat Emperor was directly killed by Jiang Chen. It rendered the other elders to be dumbstruck. Even Hua Gu Yi and the two Feng Yun brothers were so stunned, their mouths were left open. Their faces were full of disbelief. It was totally beyond their imagination that Jiang Chen had grown to such a powerful extent.

“My G.o.d! What kind of attack was that? It was so terrifying. Even a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor was killed in an instant.”

“It was like the dark soul king of the Death Mountain. When we were in the Death Mountain, we knew that the dark soul kings followed his orders. Could it be that he has brought the dark soul kings out of the mountain along with him?”

“Prince Jiang has been audacious all along. In this world, there isn’t a thing that he wouldn’t dare to do, and people who he didn’t dare to kill. Now the great elder of the Skyhill School was instantly killed by him. To the Skyhill School, this is an extremely huge loss.”


n.o.body wasn’t shocked. Jiang Chen was just too overbearing and absurdly savage. He had straight away killed a great elder without any reason. Nonetheless, there wasn’t really anything that could be discussed or reasoned. His enemy was going to kill him. Was he going to just stand there and let his enemy take his life? No, that’s impossible, it was not Jiang Chen’s style.

“Jiang Chen, you are extremely bold! You dared to kill the Skyhill School’s great alder?”

Another elder of Ninth Grade Combat Emperor shouted at Jiang Chen.

“If you want to die so badly, I will fulfil your death wish.”

Jiang Chen glared at that elder. That elder’s neck shrank back in an instant and kept his silence. He had no idea of what Jiang Chen used to kill Yan Chang Min. It was seemingly a very easy job for Jiang Chen to kill him.

“Humph! Jiang Chen, we’ll meet again. Your debts with the Tan Family will be settled in the future.”

An elder of the Tan Family made a cold humph and motioned to leave. Jiang Chen had grown too powerful. It would be very difficult to kill him unless a Minor Saint expert was present. In that case, retreating was the best option.

“Stand there.”

Jiang Chen clamoured. This time, he struck with both of his hands. Two scary sharp claws appeared simultaneously, blanketing the two elders of the Tan Family. Those were the sharps claws of Ah Da. The two elders didn’t even have the chance to flee. They were promptly contained by the two claws that acted as an unbreakable cage, trapping them inside it.

He had some unsettled debts with the Tan Family and today was a good day to settle them.

“Open up!”

The two men were infuriated, using all of their strengths to break open the cage, but failed eventually. The cage of the skeletal claws were unshakable to them.