Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 710 – Chaotic Scene

Chapter 710 – Chaotic Scene

Chaotic Scene

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When the pa.s.sageway of the third level was opened, powerful silhouettes flew out from the inside. The moment these people became visible from the line of sight of the people outside, laughter of satisfaction and relief could be heard.

“Haha! I’m alive, the air outside is so much better!”

They were full of excitement. They wouldn’t know how good it actually felt to be alive if they didn’t experience that life-and-death battle. No matter whether they were out here to grasp a few breaths of air or admire the scenery, those were both beautiful things.

“Faster, look! They have all came out. The opening of the third level was a little late.”

Hua Gu Yi smiled. After confirming the opening of the Death Mountain, their tensed mood was relieved, but the faces of the elders of the other three major powers didn’t look so good—especially Yan Chang Ming. The three leaders for this expedition had all died under Jiang Chen’s hands. To them, this was an extremely humiliating matter. It was as if Yan Chang Ming had lost a part of his body for losing his grandson. He would grit his teeth whenever he thought of the name Jiang Chen. His gaze was now fixed onto the people who just came out. Once he saw Jiang Chen, he would immediately pounce on him and kill him, enacting revenge for his grandson.

After the people of five major powers had come out, they quickly went to their respective groups when they located their elders and stood behind them.


Zuo Ling Er saw Hua Gu Yi. After greeting her, Ling Er sprang at her—hugging her. In spite of being together for a short period of time, their relations.h.i.+p had already grown quite deep. Hua Gu Yi had set her mind and soul on Zuo Ling Er, so her fondness of her was absolute.

“Good disciple. To reach the Fifth Grade Combat Emperor in a month’s time, you surely didn’t let me down.”

Hua Gu Yi put her hands on Zuo Ling Er’s face, pinching her and said proudly. A twelve years old Fifth Grade Combat Emperor. An achievement like this was rarely seen even in the entire Divine Continent. Even the geniuses of the Immemorial Family on the Pure Land couldn’t be compared to her.


A strong Qi suddenly filled the atmosphere. The moment Guo Shao Fei walked out of the Death Mountain, he couldn’t hold his advancement anymore and directly stepped into the Ninth Grade Combat Emperor on the spot. His Qi was so strong, it felt like the world was turned upside down.


Guo Shao Fei let out a long cry to the sky. Of the five leaders from five major powers who led their team in this expedition, three had died. Although Mo Sang had gotten some benefits, it was still not as huge as theirs. Guo Shao Fei immediately reached the Ninth Grade Combat Emperor the moment he came out, which could also be said that he was the big winner of this expedition.

“See, brother Guo has advanced to the Ninth Grade Combat Emperor. Haha! Excellent!”

“Our Nebula Sect is the greatest. He was the only one who came out and advanced immediately.”

“Congratulations, brother Guo”


The disciples of Nebula Sect laughed one after another. They were naturally very happy as their sect was the biggest winner of this expedition.

“Greetings, three elders.”

Guo Shao Fei came before Hua Gu Yi and the two Feng Yun brothers, and showed his courtesy. Although he had reached the Ninth Grade Combat Emperor, he didn’t dare to give the three of them the cold-shoulder. The eight great elders of Nebula Sect carried the majority of the weight in the sect, even the number one on the Sky ranking didn’t dare to show any arrogance or disrespect in front of them.

“Good! Shao Fei, not bad. You have helped Nebula Sect flourish its reputation this time.”

Feng Yun San said.

“Elder has overly praised me. The one who has truly flourished the reputation of our sect should be junior Jiang. Even my life was saved by junior Jiang. Without his presence, I would have died in the mountain earlier.”

Guo Shao Fei didn’t dare to take the credit for himself as Jiang Chen was the one who had the most contributions, he had saved the entire Mysterious Domain.

“Okay, this Jiang Chen is truly astonis.h.i.+ng and has really increased our reputation, but where is he?”

Hua Gu Yi couldn’t help but feel delighted when she heard Jiang Chen’s name again.

“Master, big brother was just behind us and will come out in no time.”

Zuo Ling Er said. Her mood improved drastically when she mentioned her big brother.

The rest of them who just came out also found their own formations. Those odd cultivators and cultivators of intermediate and minor powers hadn’t left yet, they wanted to thank Jiang Chen again.

“Where’s Jiang Chen? I want him to give me an explanation.”

Yan Chang Ming said loudly.

“What do you want me to explain?”

As soon as Yan Chang Ming’s voice faded, a hearty voice was heard from the pa.s.sageway. A few silhouettes appeared at the same time. The first was a white-clothed youth, if he wasn’t Jiang Chen, who would he be? There were three people and a dog who followed behind him. The three were Han Yan, Nangong Wentian and Tyrant.

*Swoosh* *Swoosh* *Swoosh*

The moment Jiang Chen appeared, the elders of Freedom Palace, Tan Family and the Skyhill School—a total of nine of them turned into nine rays of light—instantly das.h.i.+ng forward, blocking Jiang Chen’s path.

“Outrageous! Are you all treating Nebula Sect as non-existent?”

Hua Gu Yi raged. Given her erupting temperament, how could she possibly let these outsiders bully her disciple? That was undeniably impossible.

“Let’s see who dares to touch the young master of our Dark Devil Religion.”

The great elders of the Dark Devil Religion had also flown over. The current situation was already very clear. Although the Dark Devil Religion wouldn’t make an enemy with the other four major powers in the past, it seemed that the current circ.u.mstances had changed everything. Also, the Dark Devil Religion and Nebula Sect’s relations.h.i.+p had changed positively because of the brotherhood between Jiang Chen and Han Yan.

“Jiang Chen is the saviour of the entire Mysterious Domain. If it wasn’t for his help, don’t even think that your people can walk out freely of the Death Mountain alive. Is this how you all treat the saviour?”

Han Yan said loudly.

“Young master, what are you saying?”

An elder of the Dark Devil Religion was stunned by the statement, not knowing what his young master actually meant.

“Humph! On the last day of our expedition, a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor suddenly appeared and unleashed his own Qi, causing such a big ruckus under the Death Mountain, releasing a ma.s.sive army of dark souls, including a Minor Saint dark soul king. All of us would have died there if it wasn’t for Jiang Chen and this monk’s help.

Han Yan said.

“Bulls.h.i.+t. If there’s really a Minor Saint dark soul king, did you think that it’s possible to survive by just relying on Jiang Chen’s strength?”

An elder of Freedom Palace didn’t believe it.

“Is that so? Then you should ask your disciples and the other major powers or anyone who was present on the scene.”

Han Yan said.

Those elders turned to looked at their disciples after hearing that, but they just simply put down their heads and remained silent, some of them even directly nodded.

“That was right, Prince Jiang had saved all of us. You can’t harm our saviour.”

“We, the Wolf Fang Gang, will follow Prince Jiang and Nebula Sect’s lead, he had saved our lives.”

“Jiang Chen had saved all of us. This was an irrefutable fact. It was the Ninth Grade Combat Emperor that should blamed as he wanted all of us dead in the Death Mountain, a truly ruthless motive.”


All of their emotions were stirred up. There were at least a thousand Combat Emperors in the group of the odd cultivators and the intermediate and minor powers.’ Based on their looks, they would disagree with anyone who wanted to fight Jiang Chen.

“People of Freedom Palace. I want to know how you all came out earlier than us. How did you all know the other pa.s.sageway? I am pretty sure that it was Freedom Palace who sent the Ninth Grade Combat Emperor in to sentence the geniuses of the entire Mysterious Domain to death. What’s your motive for such actions?”

Han Yan transferred the flame of anger to Freedom Palace. Even if they don’t have any proofs, he wouldn’t let Freedom Palace feel any better.

After Han Yan spoke, everyone’s attention was put onto Freedom Palace. It seemed like there was indeed a big incident that happened in the Death Mountain. It was Jiang Chen and that monk who saved everyone. It was because of a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor who entered the mountain without permission, intending to kill them all. This incident was way too chaotic, it even gave all the elders a frightening chill. If all of these people really died under the mountain, the Mysterious Domain would be in serious trouble.

Freedom Palace’s activity was the most suspicious. The people from all of the other groups had suffered heavy casualties, but they didn’t. Everyone else wasn’t informed of the other pa.s.sageway of the Death Mountain aside from them. The motive of this incident was not clear but it made them suspect Freedom Palace.

“Freedom Palace, I have never thought that you are so vicious, you wanted to eliminate all the gifted talents. Is that appet.i.te of yours to conquer the domain growing absurdly?”

Hua Gu Yi raged and started to question them.

“d.a.m.n! Trying to throw the sh*t on our Freedom Palace? If it was all planned by us, why did we not bring out all of our disciples, but instead, brought some of your people as well?”

An elder of Freedom Palace was irritated. Initially, he was trying to confront Jiang Chen, but now, Freedom Palace was the one being confronted instead. This sh*t was ma.s.sive, once they had carried over the guilt, Freedom Palace would be the common target of all powers, which meant that they wouldn’t be able to continue their paths anymore.

The other elders didn’t say anything. They already know it in their hearts, this incident required a thorough investigation until an evidence is found. Any arguments would be deemed useless unless they could find that Ninth Grade Combat Emperor to prove the innocence or guilt of Freedom Palace.

“Don’t mind it too much as the witness hasn’t died yet. I want to settle debts with Jiang Chen first. Jiang Chen brat, you dared to kill my grandchild, give me your life!”

Yan Chang Ming bellowed. His Qi surged to the sky and was about to launch his attack on Jiang Chen.

“Yan old brat, you think I am a vegetarian? I will see who dares to touch Jiang Chen.”

Hua Gu Yi stood in front of Yan Chang Ming, stopping him from launching any attacks.

Jiang Chen smiled faintly. His impression of Hua Gu Yi had always been good. She’s very overbearing, a woman who would protect her family.

“Hua Gu Yi, even if you combine your strengths with the Dark Devil Religion, there are only six of you. We, the three major powers, have nine in total. Jiang Chen had killed three of our leaders. This is a revenge that we have to seek. If we attack together, how are you all going to defend against us?”

Yan Chang Ming said loudly. Although he had already suspected the Freedom Palace based on what he heard, his main priority now was to kill Jiang Chen—to avenge his grandchild.

“You want to have a life-and-death battle? Then, try it!”

Hua Gu Yi’s Qi bursted.