Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 709 – The Opening of the Passageway

Chapter 709 – The Opening of the Passageway

The Opening of the Pa.s.sageway

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A month’s time was up and the pa.s.sageway was opened for the second time. Thousands of cultivators were flying out of the pa.s.sageway. Faces full of happiness could be seen on these people. The smiles on their faces showed that they had gained a lot of benefits in the Death Mountain.

Of course, there were also quite a lot of them who looked like they had encountered whammy instead of precious things. Some had even lost their arms. Apparently, even if one didn’t have the luck to find any treasure in the Death Mountain, one might still have the chance to encounter danger. Thus, it was not easy to keep one’s life. It was understandable that the people who came out were ten percent lesser than the amount that had entered. Based on this, it could be seen that even if this period was the safest over the thirty years, dangers were still unavoidable.

After the outer and inner disciples saw their elders, they returned to their groups.

“Very good, congratulations to all of you for being able to walk out of the Death Mountain alive. I have seen that a lot of you have gained a lot of benefits. Listen up, all outer and inner disciples, return to Nebula Sect at once and continue to cultivate.”

Elder Feng Yun San said loudly to the disciples of Nebula Sect. Meanwhile, the elders of the other major powers also gave orders to their disciples, letting them return. Naturally, none of them dared to delay in response to their great elders’ orders and quickly returned to their headquarters.

A large number of odd cultivators and cultivators of intermediate and minor powers also left with them, but there were some of them who stayed. They all wanted to witness the glory of the Combat Emperors.

The elders of the major powers didn’t comment about those cultivators’ decision to stay, as they were free to choose to either to stay or leave.

“The pa.s.sageway of the first and second levels have already been opened. Why are those people of the third level not coming out yet?”

An elder of Freedom Palace asked. As for the Death Mountain plot of Freedom Palace and Nan Bei Chao, no one knew about it—not even the great elders of Freedom Palace. He was still waiting for his disciples to come out.

“Yeah, it should have been opened by now.”

The elders of the other major powers were also becoming impatient.

All of a sudden, a clear sound was heard. A pa.s.sageway was revealed, but it wasn’t as big as the pa.s.sageway of the other two levels and the number of people coming wasn’t that many.

When these people got closer to them, only then could they see them clearly. It astonished them. Those who came out were mostly people of Freedom Palace judging from their uniform. People of the other powers were in the minority. Besides Freedom Palace, the people of the other four major powers were, in average, only five to six. Even after adding the odd cultivators and cultivators of intermediate and minor powers, the total didn’t even reach a hundred.

The people of Freedom Palace flew towards their elders after seeing them. The other disciples also went to their elders.

“What happened? Why is there so few of you? Aren’t they all your Freedom Palace’s disciples.”

Hua Gu Yi was the first to speak.

“The others haven’t come out yet? If that is the case, this is not the last pa.s.sageway of the Death Mountain?”

A disciple of Nebula Sect saw their group were quite empty and felt clueless about what had happened.

“What the h.e.l.l is going on? Why are all your disciples here? Where are the rest?”

An elder of the Dark Devil Religion raged. He too didn’t know what had happened.

These people who came out—including those of Freedom Palace—also looked dazed. They were told to exit through the other pa.s.sageway. They thought that it was the second opening of the Death Mountain, but realized that only a few of them had come out. As for what had happened in the Death Mountain, they were totally clueless.

“Freedom Palace, did you kill the rest?! Otherwise, why are those people mostly composed of your disciples?!”

Yan Chang Ming of Skyhill School had also lost his temper. His grandson was still inside. There were only five to six people who came out, which was a total nonsense. They had sent almost all of their core disciples to the expedition. If the Skyhill School had lost all of them, they would feel hurt and would probably cry over their losses.

“Elder, brother Li was killed by Jiang Chen of Nebula Sect.”

A disciple of Freedom Palace said.

“What? Killed?”

The three Ninth Grade Combat Emperor elders of Freedom Palace changed their facial expression instantly. They knew how powerful Li Long was, why could he be killed? This was something that they couldn’t think of. After hearing this, Hua Gu Yi and Feng Yun Er were startled. Their impression of Jiang Chen were quite deep. This was the man that was protected by Nebula Kidd personally. If they guessed correctly, Jiang Chen should only be a Second Grade Combat Emperor at that time. Li Long, an Eighth Grade Combat Emperor, was actually killed by him? This was beyond anyone’s expectation.

“Hua Gu Yi, Feng Yun Er, how do we settle this now?”

One elder of Freedom Palace bellowed.

“Settle your a**, what do you want to settle? This is a battle of the younger generation. Whoever lives or dies depends solely on their own ability. Li Long is an Eighth Grade Combat Emperor and also the leader of the Freedom Palace’s group but he died under the hands of an inner sect disciple of Nebula Sect. This is truly shameful. If I were you, I won’t even dare to raise it up. You still have the courage to ask for settlement? Truly shameless.”

Hua Gu Yi didn’t fear her opponents at all. In this world, there wasn’t a single person that she was afraid of.

“Elder... brother Yan was also killed by Jiang Chen...”

At this moment, a disciple of the Skyhill School said carefully to Yan Chang Ming. He had a good knowledge of the relations.h.i.+p between Yan Hui and Yan Chang Ming, and knew how precious his grandson was to him. Thus, he carefully said it in a very meek tone.


Yan Chang Ming, who was taking pleasure from other people’s misfortune, got infuriated after hearing the news.

Hua Gu Yi and Feng Yun Er almost fainted after hearing what was said. This Jiang Chen was a real a**h**. He straightaway eliminated the leaders of two major powers. This would certainly pump up the morale and fame of Nebula Sect, but at the same time offend both Skyhill School and Freedom Palace.

“Haha…Two leaders of the two dignified major powers were actually gotten rid of by a brat.”

An elder of the Tan Family ridiculed them, as if their losses pleased him, but a few disciples’ faces beside him were also unpleasant. Someone cleared his throat and said, “El…Elder, brother Zhi Bai is also dead.”

His laughter stopped. The elder’s face immediately turned pink-red and glared at the disciple who spoke. “What did you just say? Zhi Bai is dead? How?”

“He was killed by Jiang Chen and the Dark Devil Religion’s Mo Sang and Han Yan.”

That disciple said with caution.


Feng Yun Er almost spurted out a mouthful of blood. This Jiang Chen was just too good at stirring up troubles. He had actually killed the leaders of the three major powers.

“Haha! I didn’t misread him.That kid really has some ruthlessness. I like it.”

Hua Gu Yi—a person who was afraid of peaceful situations—said as if she didn’t notice the elders of the three major powers were already on the verge of spurting out fire from their eyes.

The elders of the Dark Devil Religion smiled coldly but didn’t speak. They had already known about the relations.h.i.+p of their young master and Jiang Chen. So, they were not surprised at all when they heard that Han Yan and Mo Sang were involved in the killing. Furthermore, the people of the Dark Devil Religion were always forthright. They would kill when they had decided on it—never hesitating.

“d.a.m.n! I must shred that Jiang Chen into pieces to avenge my grandson.”

Yan Chang Ming’s eyes were red, his rage was bursting.

“We should wait for them to come out before we continue, we have no idea what has happened in the Death Mountain.”

An elder of the Dark Devil Religion frowned. Only a few of the ordinary disciples returned out of the Dark Devil Religion’s group. None of the genius had appeared. Most importantly, their young master was not out yet.


At this moment—inside the Death Mountain—the silent spatial zone began to shake. A giant whirlpool as large as forty meters in diameter appeared in the sky, gradually turning into a large pa.s.sageway.

“Quickly look, the pa.s.sageway of the Death Mountain is becoming visible. Everyone, ready. We are going out.”

“Haha! Great! I have never thought that we could still live. I’m really grateful to Prince Jiang.”

Upon seeing the exit of the Death Mountain, everyone became excited and shouted. Thinking back to their life threatening situation, there was no way that they wouldn’t be excited. Only the people who had experienced it knew that feeling. Being alive was definitely much better.

*Hong Long*

Very soon, the giant whirlpool had become a giant pa.s.sageway, appearing in front of them. All of them were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with enthusiasm and made a jump, das.h.i.+ng towards the pa.s.sageway in groups.

“Big brother, we should go now.”

Zuo Ling Er said.

“Alright, you all go first, I will be the last. After all of you have entered the pa.s.sageway, I will summon Ah Da and Ah Er.”

Jiang Chen said.

Everyone nodded and quickly flew towards the exit in just a few blinks. Now, there was only Jiang Chen—alone. With a sway of his body, he came closer to the pa.s.sageway and used his divine sense to summon the dark soul kings. Two large silhouettes instantly flew to his side.


Ah Da and Ah Er bowed.

Jiang Chen waved and took out a spatial ring. He opened the spatial ring and said to the two dark soul kings, “Ah Da, Ah Er, the two of you go in. You are only allowed to come out when I summon you again.”

“Yes master.”

Ah Da and Ah Er didn’t dare to delay their response and entered the spatial ring one after another. They were souls of the dead, which means that they didn’t require Yuan Force. It wouldn’t affect them being inside of the spatial ring. These two beings were too big to be kept by his side, and they would certainly stir up a commotion if they were seen in public. If their existence had drawn the attention of some powerful experts, they would be eliminated instantly.