Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 708 – A New Game

Chapter 708 – A New Game

A New Game

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Arrogance and pride, these are the feelings filled the faces of Nebula Sect’s disciples now—it made their faces s.h.i.+ne. Jiang Chen had saved all the people, which also meant that Nebula Sect had saved all the victims. Even the group who helped them initially, the monk who formed the s.h.i.+eld, was Jiang Chen’s friend too.

For the disciples of Nebula Sect, it was a very dignified thing. After today, every disciple of Nebula Sect could hold their heads high while walking on the streets and they would be respected everywhere.

“The trouble with the dark souls has already been eliminated. Everyone, there’s no need to worry anymore. Monitor your injuries for now. It won’t be long before the second opening.”

Jiang Chen said loudly to everyone. The crowd became silent instantly. Most of the people here had suffered some serious injuries, they needed some time to recover. However, since most of them had obtained a lot of herbs and pills it wouldn’t be hard for them.

“Little Chen, where did that light beam brought you to? And why did it took you so long to come here?”

Nangong Wentian asked curiously.

“I too have no idea where that place was. That light beam brought me to a death spatial zone where I encountered a Minor Saint dark soul king. I have been fighting it for many days, and only managed to edify it today.”

Jiang Chen said. There was nothing to hide among his brothers.

“How did you do that?”

Tyrant’s eyes widened while staring at Jiang Chen. His expression was like he had seen some kind of ghosts. He still couldn’t figure out how could Jiang Chen use his edifying light to subdue a Minor Saint dark soul king. He also saw the obvious difference between edifying Ah Da and Ah Er. Jiang Chen could edify Ah Er with the help of Ah Da, simplifying the entire process. If one was to edify the monster alone, he wouldn’t stand a chance.

Jiang Chen pointed at his head using his finger: “You have to use this.”

“You are mad.”

Tyrant felt speechless. It didn’t matter how much you squeeze his brain cells, he believed that Jiang Chen was the only one under the heavens who could perform such a feat. Even if he had eighteen brains, he still couldn’t find a way to deal with the dark soul king.

“Those two dark soul kings were subdued by you but why did you free them?”

Guo Shao Fei couldn’t understand Jiang Chen’s actions.

“You fool, did you think that Little Chen would be willing to let those dark soul kings go?”

Big Yellow stared at him. An outsider might not know Jiang Chen, but he knew him very well. Those two were very powerful Minor Saint dark soul kings and could be kept as trump cards. Given Jiang Chen’s att.i.tude, would he really let them go? It was like what Jiang Chen had intended, he was just hiding his trump cards from the public.

Jiang Chen smiled faintly. He swept around the crowd and identified their level of grades, he couldn’t help but nod in satisfaction—even Xiao Er was a Fifth Grade Combat Emperor now.

“It seems like everyone has gained a huge amount of benefits in this expedition, not bad.”

Jiang Chen s.h.i.+fted his gaze to Tyrant. “Tyrant, what happened in this place? Why were there so many dark souls?”

“Dammit! This place was initially calm and tranquil. We were all waiting for the exit to show up and walk out of it but we have never thought that a foreign Ninth Grade Combat Emperor would suddenly emerged and unleash his own Qi, causing big movements in the Death Mountain, releasing an army of dark souls.”

Big Yellow stole the chance to explain.

“A Ninth Grade Combat Emperor? Why would a ninth grade appear in this mountain? It was obvious that he was here to kill all of us, causing chaos to the Mysterious Domain.”

Jiang Chen frowned.

“Little Chen, I doubted that this matter is related to Freedom Palace. Try to look around, there are many people of the four major powers but there’s only a few people left coming from Freedom Palace. No one knows where the rest of them has gone to.”

Han Yan said.

Jiang Chen s.h.i.+fted his attention to the group of Freedom Palace and also felt something strange about their number of people.

“Nan Bei Chao.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes sparkled. He had known that Nan Bei Chao had connections with Freedom Palace. Nan Bei Chao was a monarch who desired to conquer the entire Mysterious Domain. If there was anyone who would put Mysterious Domain in chaos, it had to be Nan Bei Chao. The fact that Nan Bei Chao had a connection with Freedom Palace, a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor appearing, and the number of disciples left from Freedom Palace were all linked, does anyone still need to think about who was behind all of these?

“What? Nan Bei Chao is not dead yet?”

Han Yan was very surprised.

“That’s right, not only did he not die, he is already a Sixth Grade Combat Emperor now. I fought him when I was still in the herb garden. I have used the broken pot but couldn’t put him down.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Truly a being who has great life force. Don’t even think about peace when that man is around. However, what connection did that man have with Freedom Palace? And, where did all the people of Freedom Palace go to? There is only one exit in the entire Death Mountain, don’t tell me that they are going to stay here for another thirty years?”

Han Yan said while frowning.

“Don’t you remember the Fan Tian Valley of the Eastern Continent? Freedom Palace is exactly like that now. Nan Bei Chao wants to borrow the strength of Freedom Palace to complete his path as a monarch. As for those people of Freedom Palace, they must have ways to get out of here. Others may not be able to do it, but Nan Bei Chao can or else how did a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor enter?”

Jiang Chen’s eyes glinted with a cold and brilliant light. This Nan Bei Chao possessed the immortal physique, which had granted him an extraordinary status compared to any other beings. He viewed all living things as insects. He wanted to bury everyone here alive for his path—a ruthless move.

“Who is Nan Bei Chao?”

Guo Shao Fei asked.

“He is the incarnation of an immortal soul. The year the Greatest Saint slashed open the heavens and the door to the Immortal Realm. Some immortal souls descended. Nan Bei Chao was formed by those souls and is a very powerful being.”

Jiang Chen said. He couldn’t help but smile when he recalled this memory. From this aspect, it seemed like he was really fated to face Nan Bei Chao, his slash from his previous life had unknowingly brought upon himself an enemy. This was called fate.

“Freedom King isn’t an idiot. If he was really behind this, won’t it be very hard for him to explain this to the other four major powers?”

Guo Shao Fei said.

“Explain? If we all died here, who will know of what had happened here? Who will know that a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor had come? Freedom King won’t need to explain anything and at that time, he just have to say that his people had found a new route out of the mountain. There has to be some people of the other powers as well, which would act as his witnesses for this incident. All of these have been planned out nicely.”

Jiang Chen smiled coldly. His intellect plus his understanding of Nan Bei Chao’s personality allowed him to quickly link all of the facts together and found the key behind this.

“A very vicious plot. If it wasn’t for Tyrant and you, we would’ve died here. Humph! I will certainly find Freedom Palace to settle this score after going out of this mountain.”

Guo Shao Fei made a cold humph. Mo Sang also gritted his teeth.

“It is useless, you all don’t have any evidence, unless you caught the Ninth Grade Combat Emperor to prove that Freedom Palace was really behind all of these. It would be impossible to overthrow Freedom Palace by just using words, it would only happen in a dream.”

Jiang Chen knew Nan Bei Chao all too well. When that man wanted to do something, he would use any means necessary to achieve his goal.

“Ah Yan, when you return, inform your master of what had happened here. The situation of Mysterious Domain will have major changes. The Dark Devil Religion and Nebula Sect will secretly form an alliance. Humph! Since Nan Bei Chao wants to play, I will definitely accompany him. Back then, I didn’t kill him in the Qi Province but this time, I will never give him any more chances. Since the domain is fated to be chaotic, we will take this place and lead them.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Junior Jiang, why don’t you tell this news to the Skyhill School and the Tan family? If the four major powers combine, we can easily eliminate Freedom Palace.”

Guo Shao Fei suggested.

“Why do we need to combine our strengths? The Skyhill School and the Tan Family are also our enemies. Do you think they will believe our baseless statements? I have killed so many of their people. When I get out, the conflict will become more obvious. Who will work together with their own enemies? And, we don’t have the need to work with them. Most importantly, our biggest foe is Nan Bei Chao, not Freedom Palace. Even if Freedom Palace is taken out of the picture, Nan Bei Chao still has other ways. I want to make an impactful move.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes glittered with a brilliant light. He wanted to play another game with Nan Bei Chao to see who will die first, and to see who is really the greatest.


At the present moment—outside the Death Mountain—all the experts of the five major powers were already here to welcome their juniors. They were divided into five groups, and a total of fifteen people in a group. Every power had a.s.signed three Ninth Grade Combat Emperors elders.

Nebula Sect had sent Hua Gu Yi, Feng Yun San and Feng Yun Si.

“What do you all think? Out of all the five major powers, which will obtain the greatest benefits?”

An old man of the Skyhill School stroked his beard while saying proudly.

“Isn’t it obvious? Of course it will be our Nebula Sect.”

Hua Gu Yi said immediately. “Yan old brat, I don’t think that that spoilt grandson of yours is really that capable. He probably obtained nothing due to his bad luck. So you don’t have to carry such big hopes for him.”

“Hua Gu Yi, why is your mouth so foul despite being a woman? We’ll wait and see. When Yan Hui comes out, he would immediately reach the Ninth Grade Combat Emperor.”

Yan Chang Ming raged. It was pretty hard for their conversation to turn out good every time.

“Old brat, you dare to say that my mouth’s smelly? Are you seeking death?”

Hua Gu Yi was angered and wanted to charge at him instantly. If she wasn’t pulled by the two Feng Yun brothers, she would have engaged in a big battle with Yan Chang Ming.

“What’s the use of arguing now? We will know once they come out.”

An elder of the Tan Family said.

*Hong Long*

At this moment, along with two resounding sounds, two black pa.s.sageways were opened. From it, silhouettes were jumping out one after another, but the elders of the major powers didn’t pay much attention to them, some were even reluctant to give them a glance as this was the pa.s.sageway of the first and second level, they were all Combat Souls and Combat Kings.

The elders’ concerns were at the Combat Emperors in the third level.