Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 707 – Ah Da, Ah Er

Chapter 707 – Ah Da, Ah Er

Ah Da, Ah Er

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The scene had amazed nearly everyone, including the army of the dark souls. The people in the golden s.h.i.+eld left their mouths wide open, their faces were full of disbelief. They were staring at the dark soul king in the sky which didn’t even dare to raise its head. They felt that the logic of this world had been overthrown. They had no idea how Jiang Chen did that.

This entire scene was like a dream. That was right, it was an event that could only happen in one’s dream. As cultivators who had lingered around in the Death Mountain for a month, no one would know better than them the scariness of the dark souls. Not to mention, this was a First Grade Minor Saint dark soul! Now, such an overbearing being unexpectedly knelt before Jiang Chen with sincerity.

“My G.o.d! What am I seeing here? That is a Minor Saint dark soul. It actually knelt before Jiang Chen? This is pretty hard to imagine.”

“How did he do that? Is this Jiang Chen really a mortal? He actually had the means to subdue a dark soul king? Truly a monstrous genius!”

“I am truly taken aback, but it excites me even more. At any rate, Jiang Chen’s action has guaranteed our lives. He has now become our saviour. That is an undeniable fact.”


No one wasn’t surprised as this spectacle was too shocking. The people’s impression of Jiang Chen had instantly become lofty. Without a doubt, it was high and n.o.ble. Putting his terrifying means of subduing the dark soul king aside, his attempt to save all of their lives had re-modified their impression of Jiang Chen in their hearts.

“This dude’s edifying light is actually more powerful than mine. Truly an abnormal being.Whatever he cultivates would always amaze you.”

Tyrant smiled. He had also successfully cultivated the edifying light, but his light could only edify a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor dark soul. Of course, this was because he was merely a Fourth Grade Combat Emperor.

The same concept was also applied to Jiang Chen. He was a Fifth Grade Combat Emperor and could only subdue a First Grade Minor Saint dark soul which was standing there, motionless. His edifying light had no problems edifying two First Grade Minor Saint straight away, definitely more abnormal than Tyrant.

“Junior Jiang is really a once in every ten thousand years genius, he is the most heaven defying genius I have ever met.”

Guo Shao Fei spoke from the bottom of his heart.

“Brother Jiang has subdued the dark soul king and saved all of our lives. This incident will certainly spread all over the Mysterious Domain. Later, Nebula Sect’s fame will rise to the top because of brother Jiang’s deed. To put it bluntly, brother Jiang’s action today convinced the hearts of the people inside the Mysterious Domain.”

Sot Old Man said. There were a lot of people here who came from every corner of the domain. Except for the three major powers that had already made Jiang Chen their enemy, the others would certainly feel indebted to him. It was because Jiang Chen was a disciple of Nebula Sect that the name of Nebula Sect would rise to the pinnacle.

“That is obvious. Big brother is the best.”

Zuo Ling Er said proudly. In her heart, her big brother was the only one who was very awesome and handsome, no one could be compared to him.

Jiang Chen stood in the sky like a tyrant that had descended. All of the dark souls turned towards him. They had no idea of what had happened and why their dark soul king was kneeling down before this youth, but as the two dark soul kings were present, they didn’t dare to make any movements.

Jiang Chen was staring at the dark soul king who knelt before him. He felt very pleased. He initially thought that subduing a First Grade Minor Saint was already the biggest reward he could get in this expedition of the Death Mountain. He had never thought that he could subdue another one.

“The two of you will be my followers from now on. I will name you Ah Da and Ah Er.”[1]

Jiang Chen said to the two dark soul kings. If it was only one dark soul, a name was unnecessary, but now, he got two dark souls following him. To avoid confusion, he needed a representation, a name, so that it would be easier to command them next time.

“We thank master for granting us the name.”

Ah Da and Ah Er replied in an extraordinary manner, they used divine sense. After being completely edified by Jiang Chen, they whole-heartedly followed his order without having a single thought of resistance.

“Very good. The two of you, immediately order this army of dark souls to withdraw, then hide yourself somewhere until I call you all out.”

Jiang Chen said using his divine sense.

“Yes, master.”

Ah Da and Ah Er replied to the command. Ah Er stood up and howled loudly towards the army of dark souls.

*Hua La*

Moments later, lines of cracks appeared in the sky. The army of dark souls headed towards the cracks. After a few breaths time, the more than tens of thousands of dark souls vanished completely along with Ah Da and Ah Er, and the entire spatial zone returned to its usual silence.

All the dark souls had disappeared. The human cultivators heaved a long sigh of relief.

Tyrant clawed upwards, his robe and Buddha beads returned to him and the monument was retracted and was kept by him. The disappearance of the dark souls had eliminated all their mental pressure.

Jiang Chen made a sway and came towards the formation.

“Little Chen, you are truly bulls.h.i.+t! You have saved everyone here. Ya, where did those two dark soul kings gone to?”

Han Yan said.

“I freed them all. The exit will be opened soon, so we can safely leave this place at that time.”

Jiang Chen said loudly, deliberately letting everyone to hear him. Ah Da and Ah Er were his biggest trump card. He naturally wouldn’t want any outsiders to know about it. He said that he freed the dark souls but it was just a lie. The truth was that he had hidden those dark souls. When the exit appeared, Jiang Chen would summon them again and keep them in his spatial ring.

“Prince Jiang, it is only thanks to your help today that we could keep our lives. Your kindness cannot be repaid. We are the Wolf Tooth Gang. If Prince Jiang asks any favor from us in the future, we will be glad to help out Prince Jiang and Nebula Sect.”

“Prince Jiang’s righteous deeds had saved all of us. From today onwards, my life belongs to Prince Jiang. As long as Prince Jiang sounds an order, Lao Liu will complete your favor willingly and fearlessly.”

“That’s right, our lives are saved by Prince Jiang, as long as you need anything, we will absolutely never twitch our eyebrows.”


Those intermediate, and minor power’s cultivators, including the odd cultivators, said solemnly. This was rather unexpected to Jiang Chen, something which he didn’t expect. He still didn’t know what had happened here or how it happened. What he knew was that he was muddle-headed while convincing these people of the domain.

“Everybody, this is something that I should do. My sect, Nebula Sect, always thought that righteousness should be the backbone of our every action, we can never fold our hands and see someone die. You all don’t have to put this matter in your hearts.”

Jiang Chen showed a humble face and had brought out Nebula Sect to support his actions. He wanted Nebula Sect to be a model for everyone—which would be very advantageous when he dominates the entire domain.

After hearing this, the disciples of Nebula Sect all raised their proud heads one after another.


1. The names 'Ah Da' and 'Ah Er' means 'First' and 'Second,' respectively.