Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 706 – Another Subduing

Chapter 706 – Another Subduing

Another Subduing

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*Hong Long*

The two Minor Saints gave each other a blow, releasing an incomprehensible destructive force. Even with the protection of the s.h.i.+eld, the cultivators could still feel their eardrums buzzing, the tightening of their chests and pain that they couldn’t describe.

*Ka Cha*

That dark soul’s attack was stopped by another newly-emerged dark soul, but the aftereffect of the exchange of blows almost crushed the defensive s.h.i.+eld to powder. The cracks had increased by one fold. Now if the other dark souls launched their attacks together, they would have no problems in shattering it completely.

“Everyone! Maintain the s.h.i.+eld, someone had come to save us!”

Tyrant made another shout. Everyone regained their senses. Although they didn’t know who had come to save them, but they already knew that the final attack that was supposed to break the s.h.i.+eld was blocked, otherwise they would be facing their death already.

The human cultivators began to exert their Yuan Force once more, repairing and fortifying the golden s.h.i.+eld. Their worries however was unnecessary as the rest of the dark souls had already stopped moving after the appearance of the Minor Saint dark soul. That was because without the order from their king, they wouldn’t dare to move.


Under everyone’s shocked eyes—along with the howl—another very powerful dark soul rushed out from the sky. This dark soul’s Qi was on par with the Minor Saint dark soul or even stronger than it. After seeing this new Minor Saint dark soul, they gasped a breath of cold air out of disappointment.

“We are finished. I thought it was suppose to be our saviour, not a Minor Saint dark soul. We are really finished this time.”

“Nonsense. Why will this new dark soul block the attack of the previous dark soul? And it looks like it is making an enemy with the dark soul king, what is happening?”

“Not sure, let see. Hope there’s a miracle.”


At this time, everyone’s mood was at the peak of their nerves. The sudden foreign reinforcement was actually another dark soul king. This really created a lot of doubts for them.

The two dark soul kings stood facing each other as if they were conversing. The dark soul king whose attack was blocked was very furious as though it wanted to know why the other dark soul king stopped it and why it helped its enemies. Nonetheless, the new dark soul king was firmly standing at the other dark soul king’s front, not allowing it to pa.s.s.

The other dark souls didn’t even dare to move one bit. Now that two dark soul kings were present on the scene, they didn’t even dare to converse. Without the order of the dark soul kings, they didn’t dare to do anything.

The scene had become strangely silent. The human cultivators in the golden s.h.i.+eld were gasping for air heavily. Facing such a situation, the others were clueless as well as Big Yellow and Tyrant.

“Dark soul, take it down.”

At this moment, a loud yell resounded in the entire spatial zone. Then, a white-clothed youth—that was basking in a golden light, like the saviour of the world—stood in the sky. His eyes were as dazzling as the bright sun, rendering the others not to dare to face him.

“Little Chen!”

“Big brother!”

Jiang Chen’s sudden appearance stirred up a huge commotion, especially so for Big Yellow and Zuo Ling Er. Everyone became excited by the fact that Jiang Chen had finally appeared at this crucial moment. He was like a brilliant star that had suddenly appeared on the battlefield.

“It is Jiang Chen. He finally arrived at this critical time!”

“It looks like that dark soul is following Jiang Chen’s order. That is why it helped us. My G.o.d! Why would a dark soul follow Jiang Chen’s command? How did he do that?”

“Don’t talk first. Continue to observe, and hope that no accidents happen again.”


Their emotion had been stirred up. Jiang Chen’s appearance had given them a glimmer of hope because, at least, Jiang Chen was a human—they were sure that he would stand on their side.


Seeing an intruder, the army of dark souls instantly turned into a frenzy. Some couldn’t help but launch an attack to Jiang Chen.


The dark soul king that was edified by Jiang Chen clamoured. Under the overbearing suppression, all the dark souls’ movement stopped immediately and stood there without taking another step.

“Kill it!”

Jiang Chen gave another order to the dark soul. It howled wildly and stuck out its razor-sharp claw, charging towards the other dark soul king.


The other dark soul king was infuriated to its fullest. Besides the infuriation it had, there was also disappointment. It didn’t know what had happened. Why would its own comrade listen to an outsider’s command? This was really incomprehensible.

*Hong Long*

The two Minor saint dark souls engaged and were inextricably involved in an intense battle, but it was obvious that the dark soul king which was under Jiang Chen’s command had gained the upper hand. Despite the fact that they were both First Grade Minor Saint, their strengths slightly differed. However in this short period of time during the battle, it was tough to decide a winner.

The two giant dark soul kings had opened up a battlefield. None of the other dark souls were moving. Some were angrily glaring at Jiang Chen but didn’t dare to make a move because they didn’t dare to oppose the order of the dark soul king.

“Little Chen, come in quickly. The army of dark souls will attack you.”

Tyrant shouted at his friend.

“No worries, they won’t dare to make a move. I want to get rid of that dark soul king.”

Jiang Chen’s pupil glittered. His gaze fell upon the two dark soul kings that were fighting. He had advanced to the Fifth Grade Combat Emperor and his strength was powerful enough to edify two First Grade Minor Saint dark souls. This was a great opportunity that he wouldn’t miss.

“Big brother is awesome! Big brother can actually subdue a dark soul king!”

Zuo Ling Er was delighted. She had been worrying about her big brother all this while. Now that she was able to see Jiang Chen again there was no way that she wouldn’t be happy about it. Moreover, in Zuo Ling Er’s heart, her big brother was someone who could do anything—a war G.o.d who could penetrate the heavens and earth. It was as she had expected, the task of rescuing these people fell on Jiang Chen’s hands eventually.

“I know, this Minor Saint dark soul must have been edified by Little Chen and, thus, it only listens to his orders. Truly scary. He can edify a First Grade Minor Saint with his level of grade, it’s truly beyond my imagination. I really don’t know how he did that.”

Tyrant couldn’t help but heave a sigh. His admiration for Jiang Chen had risen by another level. He had also cultivated The Edifying Light. Despite how scary The Edifying Light is, it was useless to this army of dark souls. It would be even more impossible to edify a First Grade Minor Saint dark soul king, but it was possible for Jiang Chen.

“Haha! I knew it. There is nothing that this brat can’t do.”

Big Yellow laughed.

“He can always create miracles.”

Han Yan smiled. Jiang Chen’s appearance had relieved their tensed minds. They hadn’t realized that Jiang Chen had become the backbone of the group subconsciously. With Jiang Chen’s presence, they wouldn’t be scared even if the heavens fell down. His appearance was equivalent to a miracle, even if a stronger being was present, it wouldn’t pose a problem to them.

“Jiang Chen is really a n.o.ble man. He has saved us all.”

“Ya, although this man is tyrannical and cruel he is still a man with compa.s.sion. This really makes people admire him. And his techniques are numerous. He actually has a way to subdue a Minor Saint dark soul king. I won’t believe it if I did not see it happen in person.”

“If we can walk out this place alive today, Jiang Chen will be our saviour. I will definitely do him any favour if he needs one in the future.”


Jiang Chen’s action had convinced a lot of people, especially those odd cultivators and cultivators of intermediate and minor powers. Even the people who turned against him, Freedom Palace, the Skyhill School and the Tan Family—were all touched with a slight grat.i.tude in their hearts. This wasn’t the time to settle their grudges and conflicts. Above everything else, Jiang Chen was their saviour.

*Hong* *Hong*

The battle of these two dark soul kings was in a stalemate and Jiang Chen was still looking for a chance to strike. He secretly knew that it was impossible for a dark soul king to defeat another dark soul king of the same grade, thus he must launch his attack.


The two dark soul kings were tangled with one another. The other dark soul king was angry and was in a gloomy condition while continuously howling. This provided a very good chance for Jiang Chen to strike.

“The chance has come.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes sparkled. He saw that the dark soul king he edified had clawed its opponent’s shoulder, leaving its back unguarded for Jiang Chen. Why would he miss such a good chance? He instantly casted his Spatial s.h.i.+ft and, with a swoosh, appeared behind the dark soul king.

His fingertip was vibrating and The Edifying Light emerged, then he shot it to his target. The movement behind the dark soul’s back had raised its awareness, it immediately turned around. The moment it turned, The Edifying Light drilled between its eyebrows like a spiritual serpent.


The Edifying Light was the biggest rival of all evils. The Edifying Light caught the dark soul king by surprise, thus the light entered its body. At that moment, it could feel that all of its nerves were being pierced through. Both of its hands grabbed its head —like the dark soul king before—used its claws to continuously pound its skull, trying to force The Edifying Light out.

“Hit it.”

Jiang Chen gave another order to the dark soul king. He had used almost half a month of time to edify this dark soul king, but that was without the help of anyone. Now it was different, he had the a.s.sistance of a powerful dark soul king, which could easily knock it out and, successfully edify it.

The edified dark soul king was very obedient, its sharp claw promptly slapped the other dark soul king’s head.


Its slap sent the dark soul king more than three hundred meters away. It was currently pinned down by The Edifying Light, s.n.a.t.c.hing away all of its chance to counterattack.


The edified dark soul let out a howl and charged at its opponent. It wildly hit its opponent’s head. In a few breaths’ time, its opponent became ramshackled and had completely given up,

Under the gaze of countless people, the initially extremely ferocious dark soul king’s knees fell to the ground with a puff before Jiang Chen while its body was trembling.