Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 700 – A Plot

Chapter 700 – A Plot

A Plot

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“What? You said Little Chen had also obtained The Edifying Light?”

Tyrant couldn’t help but feel shock, then he rolled his eyes, admitting silently that Jiang Chen was a monster grade being. Jiang Chen had acquired The Edifying Light despite the fact that he wasn’t a member of the Buddha Sect. This was truly a miracle. Tyrant could also not stand Jiang Chen obtaining The Edifying Light earlier than him, this gave him quite a blow.

However, he still felt relieved about it as he had known Jiang Chen for quite a while. Tyrant knew the miracles that Jiang Chen had created all this while, it was senseless to be compared with him.

“But, why would a light beam rush out and take Little Chen away? Where did it brought him? Is it related to edifying?”

Tyrant had many doubts that needed to be answered. If there were peculiar things that happened, it should’ve happened to the both of them since they obtained The Edifying Light together. Instead, the light beam had only taken Jiang Chen away, it truly sounded strange.

“The Edifying Light is a supreme existence. Is it because junior Jiang isn’t a Buddha Sect’s disciple and the light beam is there to punish him for cultivating The Edifying Light?”

Guo Shao Fei said while frowning. Big Yellow and Nangong Wentian were silent for a moment. What Guo Shao Fei said wasn’t unreasonable. Jiang Chen wasn’t a member of Buddha Sect but Tyrant was, so it was natural that he wouldn’t encounter any problems while cultivating The Edifying Light, but only Jiang Chen disappeared without any reason.

“Don’t worry. That kid won’t die. He can deal with anything even if it is an extremely difficult problem. We don’t have to stay here worrying about him, even if we exhaust all our minds worrying for him, it will not solve anything. Moreover, we don’t even know where he has gone to, which makes it impossible for us to help him.”

Big Yellow shook his head. Although he was also worried for Jiang Chen, he had confidence in him because he followed Jiang Chen the longest. Thus, he naturally knew his friend’s capability. They had encountered many life threatening situations, but they still survived and continued on their path.

“That’s right, not even the lightning tribulation can kill Little Chen. He is a heaven defying being, he won’t die easily. We don’t have to worry. We should take care of ourselves now. We have been in this ancient tower for three days. Half of the period had already pa.s.sed since the opening of the Death Mountain. We should continue moving into the deeper regions of the Death Mountain or we’ll be finished if we are not at the exit when the next opening comes. I don’t want to be trapped here for another thirty years. I think Little Chen will meet us there when that time comes.”

Nangong Wentian said. He had already gotten bored of staying under this mountain, any longer would really drive him mad. He wanted to go out of the mountain so badly and look at the situation and environment of the Divine Continent. If he had to stay in this mountain for another thirty years, he would rather die.

“Hold on for a moment, let me advance first.”

Tyrant sat down quickly. A wave of Qi started to fluctuate in his body. The scene rendered the three of them to have the urge to beat him up.

However, he was really abnormal. When he said advance, he really did advance. Buddha light glowed out from his body. Then, he reached the Fourth Grade Combat Emperor. However, his Qi didn’t pause after that, it continued to rise until he reached the peak of the Fourth Grade.

It was The Edifying Light that a.s.sisted Tyrant in his advancement. The Edifying Light originated from the Great Compa.s.sion Mantra, it could bring endless benefits to any disciple of Buddha Sect. Tyrant was different from Jiang Chen as he was a legitimate disciple of the Buddha Sect who was always filled with Buddha light and without a single impurity. That was why he could obtain such great benefits from it. It could be said that the first being that The Edifying Light cleansed after it was fully condensed was Tyrant’s soul.

“Alright, I have finished my advancement, we can go now.”

Tyrant gently patted his backside and stood up. With a sway of his body, he flew out of the ancient tower. Big Yellow wasn’t affected by it but Nangong Wentian and Guo Shao Fei were totally speechless. The look of the monk really needed some beatings, he made the advancement look so simple as if it was something that could be done effortlessly. This truly gave them a blow.


On the other side―in the spatial zone―Jiang Chen’s battle with the dark soul was still ongoing. The dark soul had gone ballistic, the entire spatial zone was filled with its howl. It was using its sharp claws to continuously pound its head―but too bad―he was disrupted by Jiang Chen’s flames and spiritual force, which gave it a hard time in focusing its efforts on forcing The Edifying Light out.

Jiang Chen was sitting cross-legged on the opposite side. His entire body was fully blanketed with a pure Buddha light. His eyes were tightly shut, focusing all of his attention in fighting the dark soul. This type of battle was the most dangerous, showing any signs of weaknesses would lead to death.

With the constant circulation of the Dragon Transformation Art and with the help of numerous powerful herbs and medicines, his injuries were being repaired at a very fast rate. The other thing that he felt joyful about was―that as his injuries were recovering―new dragon marks were also condensing in his Qi Sea.

Jiang Chen understood that this was a blessing in disguise. The previous battle with the dark soul had pushed him to his limits―once again activating a part of his potential strength. In the process of recovery, his body was also constantly absorbing the essences of the medicines. These essences were converted into pure energy and was absorbed by Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen estimated that as long as he had completed recovering, he would be able to edify this dark soul successfully and advance his cultivation simultaneously.

Nonetheless, he wasn’t in a hurry. He was firm and calm as he knew that he couldn’t be careless or hasty while dealing with such a dark soul. It was fated that this battle would be a lengthy one.

He was trapped in this endless battle while the others were already seeking for potential treasures. However, to Jiang Chen there was no treasure that could attract him now, the giant dark soul in front of him was the most attractive to him.

If Jiang Chen could edify this Minor Saint dark soul and totally subdue it. It would become another trump card of his that could be used without limits―unlike the Talisman of Origin Combat Power of Great Master Ran Feng, which only could be used once.


At the top of a huge castle in the Freedom Palace, Freedom King was sitting on his precious throne. He closed his eyes slightly, traces of golden light was s.h.i.+mmering between his eyebrows. The surrounding was filled with a strong aura with him at the centre. This shapeless aura was of a Minor Saint grade, anyone who stepped into this area would be totally manipulated by him.

At the bottom of the hall, a st.u.r.dy White Tiger was lying on the floor with its indifferent look, but Freedom King didn’t dare to provoke it. If the White Tiger goes mad, he wouldn’t stand a chance―the White Tiger was a lot stronger than him.

At this moment, the air in the hall trembled, followed by a ray of golden light. It turned into a man, Nan Bei Chao.

Nan Bei Chao’s face screamed murder. His Qi was slightly unstable and his eyes were insidious.

“Prince Nan Bei, how was it? Have you killed that Jiang Chen?”

Freedom King saw Nan Bei Chao appear and asked promptly.

“Humph! That b.a.s.t.a.r.d was already a Fourth Grade Combat Emperor but his combat strength is on par with mine. And he still has a scary weapon in his hand that can unleash a terrifying magma. If I wasn’t strong enough, I would have been incinerated in our battle.”

Nan Bei Chao made a cold humph. He felt very gloomy and aggrieved when he thought of the battle in the Death Mountain. This is the second time that he had failed to kill Jiang Chen. He swore that he wouldn’t let another failure happen.

“What? Fourth Grade Combat Emperor? He was merely a Second Grade Combat Emperor when he entered the mountain. How long has it been for him to reach the Fourth Grade? This Jiang Chen is truly scary, he needs to be killed as soon as possible.”

Freedom King’s face changed slightly. Jiang Chen’s speed of advancement was too quick and scary. He thought that Jiang Chen’s death would be certain when Nan Bei Chao attacked, but Nan Bei Chao was the one who suffered instead.

The fact was that Nan Bei Chao possessed the true Immortal Physique. An extraordinary genius like him was one of a kind, but Jiang Chen was way too scary when they were compared. Jiang Chen, a Fourth Grade Combat Emperor, was on par with Nan Bei Chao―a Sixth Grade Combat Emperor.

“That man will die under my hands sooner or later. Tomorrow, I will go to the Immortal Possessive Mountain to obtain the Immortal legacy. By that time, my progress of advancement will be astonis.h.i.+ng. A mere Jiang Chen won’t be worthy enough to be put in my eyes.”

Nan Bei Chao said.

“Alright. If Prince Nan Bei really obtained the legacy, I believe you will become more powerful. Our plan for conquering the Mysterious Domain can be executed ahead of time.”

Freedom King’s face was full of surprise. He knew what kind of benefits Nan Bei Chao would get if he entered the Immortal Possessive Mountain.

The Immortal Possessive Mountain was one of the forbidden areas in the Divine Continent. The legend said that the Immortal’s possession lied beneath the mountain but those who entered in search for the Immortal’s treasure died within. Only a few of them came out, but they had all turned mad.

Therefore, this mountain had become forbidden. However, Nan Bei Chao was a reincarnation of an Immortal Soul, which carried the will of the Immortals. Thus, he could go in or out of the mountain as he pleased.

“Not just the Mysterious Domain, there are also a few large domains that must be under my control. Our first step towards conquering the Mysterious Domain is to eliminate the four major powers’ geniuses.”

Nan Bei Chao revealed a cold smile.

Freedom King was startled for a few seconds, he couldn’t grasp what Nan Bei Chao meant.

“Most of the geniuses of the major powers are currently in the Death Mountain and the highest grade to enter was only an Eighth Grade Combat Emperor. If we secretly send a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor into it and allowed him to release his power, it could possibly ignite the reformation of the seal―bringing disaster to everyone under the mountain.”

Nan Bei Chao said coldly.


Such words had rendered Freedom King to heave a cold sigh. This method was too sinister. If such an accident were to happen in the Death Mountain, no one would be able to escape from the mountain. To the whole Mysterious Domain, it would be a disaster.