Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 699 – No Way to Retreat

Chapter 699 – No Way to Retreat

No Way to Retreat

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The process of defeating the dark soul was entirely based on Jiang Chen’s resourcefulness and bravery in his attempt. His battle strategy was marvellous. He had already known that, besides using the Talisman of Origin Combat Power, he could also depend on the strength of The Edifying Light. It would be the worst choice to use the talisman unless he was faced with a truly life-threatening situation.

Thus, he had planned to use The Edifying Light to get rid of it by provoking and letting it strike first. His True Dragon Palm had defended a part of its attack and the remaining was borne by his body. He had estimated the power of the dark soul and his physical endurance at the same time. He would be able to bear it using his physique.

He had also planned to act dead so that the dark soul would let its guard down. When it wanted to dig his heart out for consumption, it would be caught unprepared for any unexpected attacks, which was the moment that Jiang Chen had betted on. He then used The Edifying Light to shoot through its body at lightning speed. If the dark soul was on guard, his Edifying Light wouldn’t be able to get near it.

The truth was, all of these was according to Jiang Chen’s plan. The Dark Soul had underestimated him and was surprise-attacked by him.

The Edifying Light was the greatest foe of all evil creatures. Even an evil Minor Saint couldn’t escape its fate after being edified by the light.

However, it’s either that the dark soul was just too strong or Jiang Chen’s level of grade was just too weak. The Edifying Light was not as powerful as he had thought. After the light had entered its body, it wasn’t edified immediately like the previous dark souls.

*Howl* *Howl*

The dark soul shouted madly, causing this piece of land to be ruined. Both of its hands were holding its skull, scratching and rubbing its head. The ghostly fire in its hollowed eyes had become blood-red. It seemed very ferocious and looked as if it was in a very agonising situation, suffering an unprecedented torture. It didn’t even dare to relax as a slight relaxation would cause it to be edified.

Jiang Chen was standing far away, healing his wounds. His eyes were observing the dark soul’s response without even a blinking. He too didn’t dare to loosen his guard.

*Jia Jia*

The movement of the dark soul became quicker. It was constantly hammering its skull using its sharp claw. It produced the sound of tingling metals. Every pounding produced a big spark. Its pounding had actually made The Edifying Light visible between its eyebrows, seemingly being forced out at any time.

Jiang Chen’s facial expression changed upon seeing the situation. “This big dude is just too scary and very difficult to handle. I can’t let it force The Edifying Light out. Once the light is out, it would be impossible to edify it again and I will be finished. I have to bet on it and see who’s greater.”

Jiang Chen gritted his teeth. He didn’t dare to relax his movements. He had to do his best to edify the monster completely even if his injuries weren’t healed yet. Without caring about what the benefits of the dark soul were, it could at least guarantee his life.

He didn’t have any hesitations as the consequences would be devastating if the light was forced out. He sat cross-legged, not far away from the dark soul and circulated his Great Soul Derivation Technique. His powerful spiritual force sprang out like a tidal wave, completely blanketing the dark soul. He wanted to use his spiritual force to distract the dark soul’s mind, rendering it difficult to force the light out.

“True Dragon Fire, True Thunder Fire, get out now.”

Jiang Chen bellowed. He casted a sea of fire that immediately enveloped the dark soul and trapping it.


Its wail became louder as it was affected by the foreign spiritual force and flames. It sounded like it was suffering an endless torture. The sound was shouted out at full force. Part of the light that was hammered out entered into its body once more.

Jiang Chen was circulating his spiritual force and flames while controlling The Edifying Light. He wanted to use The Edifying Light to completely destroy the dark soul’s evil mind and edify it, totally subduing it.

However, the difference was just too wide. This was destined to be not an easy task. Jiang Chen and the dark soul had reached a stalemate. A winner couldn’t be determined in this short period of time.

Given this circ.u.mstance, Jiang Chen and the dark soul didn’t have any routes of retreat. The dark soul didn’t spare any effort to deal with Jiang Chen as it needed to fully concentrate on getting rid of The Edifying Light. Once the light had destroyed the dark soul's final mental line of defence, it would be finished. Jiang Chen was in the same situation, he too didn’t have any other routes. He had to use The Edifying Light to edify this monster. If he failed to do so, he would be left with only an unpleasant solution, the Talisman of Origin Combat Power and that would certainly cause greater troubles.


The dark soul's howl was non-stop. There were traces of blood on the side of Jiang Chen's mouth. He was controlling the raging flames to deal with the dark soul while refining the medicine he took in his body and was also circulating the Dragon Transformation Art at the same time to heal his wounds. Their battle was still in a stalemate. None of them were willing to give in.

Meanwhile, in the ninth floor of the ancient tower. Big Yellow and the others were guarding Tyrant and felt worried for Jiang Chen. However, they understood that it was impossible for him to return after being brought in by the light beam into the Buddha statue. Even if he did, he wouldn’t come out from this Buddha statue.

“Where has Little Chen gone to? I am clueless about what is happening to him right now. Furthermore, Tyrant hasn’t awakened yet.”

Nangong Wentian sighed. Jiang Chen’s disappearance had dampened his effort to cultivate the Boundless Stars Transformation.

*Weng Weng*

As soon as Nangong Wentian’s voice faded, a golden light glowed out from Tyrant’s body. The pure Buddha light was like a tidal wave that had enveloped it. He shouted lightly and opened his eyes. On his fingertip was a brilliant ray of light circulating, but it was weaker compared to Jiang Chen’s.

“Haha…The Edifying Light. I have finally obtained it.”

Tyrant laughed. There wasn’t any reason to be unhappy about it. As a member of Buddha Sect. He knew better than the others what The Edifying Light actually represented.

He was truly a rarely seen genius of Buddha Sect to be able to successfully condense The Edifying Light.

“Tyrant, you have finally awakened. I feel happy that you have successfully condensed The Edifying Light.”

Big Yellow said.

Tyrant turned his head and found Jiang Chen missing beside him. He looked around to find him but he was nowhere to be found. In the end, he couldn’t help but wonder where he was. He kept his Edifying Light then stood up and asked, “Where is Little Chen?”

When he stood up, it made them stunned. Nangong Wentian looked at the Buddha statue and couldn’t help but ask, “How come you are fine?”

“Why would I be not fine? I have found The Edifying Light and will reach the Fourth Grade Combat Emperor in no time. I am fine.”

Tyrant gestured his hands pompously.

“Dammit! Why did it become like this? Little Chen has also condensed The Edifying Light but a mysterious light beam rushed out of the Buddha Statue and pulled him in, causing him to disappear, but you are fine…”

Big Yellow was full of doubts now.