Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 701 – Zhuo Yi Feng

Chapter 701 – Zhuo Yi Feng

Zhuo Yi Feng

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‘Eliminate everyone under the Death Mountain.’ This was undeniably a plot for a ma.s.sacre. If this was spread out, the entire Mysterious Domain would be shaken. Not only were the five major powers part of this expedition, there were also many intermediate, minor powers and odd cultivators who joined as well.

If a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor cultivator entered the third level of the spatial zone, it might not affect the levels below, the ones that were for Combat Kings and Combat Souls cultivators. However, this would bring a great calamity to the Combat Emperors in the third level spatial zone. These Combat Emperors were the true a.s.sets of the major powers. If all of them were eliminated, each and every one of the major powers would suffer a terrible and an unimaginable loss.

In spite of Freedom King’s desire to dominate the entire Mysterious Domain, he wouldn’t dare to commit such a thing. Putting his disciples that were in the Death Mountain aside, if this matter was spread out, he would immediately become a common target of all.

“Prince Nan Bei, I’m afraid that this is inappropriate. Our geniuses are still inside as we speak.”

Freedom King’s eyebrows furrowed. Even if he had a violent heart, he couldn’t sentence his own people to death for no reason. This suggestion had allowed Freedom King to understand Nan Bei Chao ruthlessness. He was a person who would achieve his goals by any means necessary. Freedom King knew that Nan Bei Chao was walking the monarch path, a path of conquering to complete his profile of tyranny. Every sentient being were ants to him. Someone like him is the scariest.

“There is no need to be anxious. I can simply enter the Death Mountain and create another pa.s.sageway for the people of Freedom Palace to exit earlier. You can be rest a.s.sured of this arrangement.”

Nan Bei Chao smiled and said. He knew that if he couldn’t guarantee the safety of Freedom Palace’s people, Freedom King wouldn’t permit him to proceed.

“When all of the disciples of Freedom Palace have exited the mountain while the rest remains, won’t that raise doubts among the people.”

Freedom King frowned.

“Also, when the disciples of Freedom Palace have found the exit, the other major powers and the odd cultivators with them must also be brought out. At that time we will have proof. If necessary, we will leave some disciples of Freedom Palace inside the mountain as we need to neglect some unnecessary details if we were to achieve something big. This is a good chance to attack the other major powers. Freedom King, you can never miss such an opportunity. After I come out from the Immortal Possessive Mountain, at that time, you can claim the entire Mysterious Domain.”

A strong Monarch Qi was exuded from Nan Bei Chao’s body which intimidated people, making anyone not dare to look at him directly.

Freedom King sat on his throne with a sunken expression. If this matter wouldn’t go as smoothly as it should be, it would bring enormous troubles, but if it worked, the entire Mysterious Domain would be in chaos. He had to ponder deeply about this plan.

Nan Bei Chao was standing beside the White Tiger, while his hand gently stroked its skull. He didn’t pressure Freedom King to decide quickly. He believed that Freedom King knew what to choose.

The silence in the hall lasted for about a dozen minutes. Freedom King’s eyes revealed traces of violence. Both of his hands grasped the armrest producing a creaking sound.

“Good, one must not be sloppy to achieve big things. The losses to the four major powers would be tremendous and unimaginable if all their elites died. After you come out of the Immortal Possessive Mountain, we will launch an attack on them together.”

“Don’t worry my king, the domain will be yours. It’s just a matter of time.”

Nan Bei Chao smiled.

Moments later, Freedom King summoned someone using his Divine Sense. Afterwards, an imposing youth walked into the hall. He has a good-looking face and had a messy hairstyle that portrayed his att.i.tude. He was known for having such a character. He seemed very young but it was his level of grade that caught people’s attention.

The peak of Ninth Grade Combat Emperor―only a slight step away from the Minor Saint realm.

Zhuo Yi Feng, the number one genius of Freedom Palace, also the number one on the Sky ranking.

“My king.”

Zhuo Yi Feng greeted Freedom King with politeness and looked at Nan Bei Chao who was standing at the side. After realizing his level of grade, he frowned and thought, ‘What is this place for? This is the most sacred place in the palace! Without Freedom King’s permission, not even the highest ranked elder could enter such place.’ This was the second time that he, Zhuo Yi Feng, came here but a Sixth Grade Combat Emperor youth dared to stand here.

“Yi Feng, this is Prince Nan Bei. Don’t be impolite.”

Freedom King said.

“Yes my King.”

Zhuo Yi Feng nodded and instantly kept his condescending thoughts. Anyone that was selected by Freedom King must not be an incompetent figure.

“Yi Feng, the reason I called you this time was because I have a big task for you, will you accept it?”

Freedom King looked at Zhuo Yi Feng and said. His tone was solemn. There were quite a lot of Ninth Grade Combat Emperor elders and core disciples in the palace but he only summoned Zhuo Yi Feng. It was not because of him being the number one in the Sky ranking, but because he was picked up by Freedom King when he was still young. He was a very loyal disciple since young. The mission was a very big matter and had to be entrusted to someone who was faithful to the king.

“I will complete the task even if it means making the ultimate sacrifice.”

Zhuo Yi Feng held his fists and said. He could sense it from Freedom King’s tone, this task wasn’t going to be easy.

“I want you to enter the Death Mountain to carry out the task.”

Freedom King said.

Zhuo Yi Feng was stunned. “My king, the Death Mountain doesn’t allow Ninth Grade Combat Emperor to enter. Plus, the pa.s.sageway into the mountain is already gone. I don’t have ways to go inside there.”

“Prince Nan Bei will have his own ways to send you in, what you need to do…”

Freedom King told Zhuo Yi Feng the plans he had discussed with Nan Bei Chao.

After hearing his words, Zhuo Yi Feng’s facial expression changed instantly. It never even crossed his mind that the task that he was going to do was such a… Once this incident happened, the entire domain would fall into chaos.

“Yi Feng, the Freedom Palace is going to accomplish great things and dominate the entire Mysterious Domain in no time. After you have completed this task, I will greatly reward you. Now, you have to go in there earlier, hide your ident.i.ty and never let anyone know who you are. You have to find ways to lead most of our disciples to the exit pa.s.sageway earlier and also bring along some of the other powers disciples and odd cultivators. At the final moment, unleash all of your power to shake the Death Mountain. Remember, after entering the Death Mountain, you can never reveal your ident.i.ty and kill anyone. Even our disciples aren’t allowed to know your existence.”

Freedom King solemnly gave the instructions for the task. He wanted this mission to be executed secretly and cause a great shock wave in the mountain before Yi Feng left, bringing the rest of them to their deaths.

“I will ensure the completion of the task.”

Zhuo Yi Feng confirmed. He was a smart person and knew the importance of this mission. Most importantly, it was arranged personally by Freedom King, so he had to execute the order perfectly. Even if Freedom King wanted him dead, he wouldn’t wrinkle his brows. In his heart, Freedom King was akin to a father and master. If it wasn’t for him, he would have died.

Therefore, Zhuo Yi Feng did not hesitate to obey and complete the mission a.s.signed by Freedom King, contributing his own youth to help Freedom King realize his tyrannical empire.

“Let’s go.”

Nan Bei Chao said and was the first to leave the hall. Zhuo Yi Feng followed behind him. Both of them were heading towards the Death Mountain.

Nan Bei Chao possessed the Immortal Physique. There were Immortal realm marks on his body and the inheritance of his ancestors which allowed him to do a lot of stuff which no other people could do. For instance, entering the forbidden areas like the Death Mountain and Immortal Possessive Mountain wasn’t a problem to him.


In the Death Mountain, countless of people were seeking for treasure everywhere but the treasures were very hard to find. There were many overlapping spatial zones here, but most of them were empty. Also, due to cultivators crowding these places, scenes of fighting for treasure began to happen everywhere.

Most of them had been through many spatial zones. The deeper they went, the lesser the spatial zones were. They knew that the only way to leave this mountain was to go to the deepest spatial zone on the final day and they would exit through it.

Multiple cultivators were heading towards the deeper region but no one had realized that a black-clothed man had mixed into the group secretly like a shadow.

The next opening of the Death Mountain was getting closer. The spatial zones ahead were getting lesser. Cultivators of every powers had gathered together. The number of people had increased in different spatial zones, and the fights became more frequent. Everyone was trying their best to obtain the treasures but no one realized that the disciples of Freedom Palace were constantly reducing, a big portion of them had disappeared.

In a flash, there were three more days left until the opening of the exit. At this moment, most of the people had reached the final spatial zone. This was a big spatial zone, but it was undoubtedly empty. The air was contorting continuously. Here was the final checkpoint of the Death Mountain. Three days later, the only exit would be opened here.

People’s nervousness were stirred up as the final day was approaching. Everyone had tighten their nerves, none of them could relax. Most of them had obtained some benefits and some had successfully advanced their level of grade. Furthermore, this was also the moment where fights and robbery would happen easily, so no one dared to loosen their guards.

Big Yellow, Nangong Wentian, Guo Shao Fei and Tyrant appeared together in this place. Each of them had a huge harvest. Big Yellow and Tyrant acquired the most benefits. As for Nangong Wentian, this dude had been staying in the herb garden for so long and his body had become a treasure itself. Whoever could catch him and slew him up, the person would obtain boundless benefits from it. Besides that, Nangong Wentian had also obtained the Boundless Stars Transformation. Guo Shao Fei had also gotten the Indistinct Sword Art. Once he got out of the Death Mountain, his benefits would be shown. He had been suppressing his advancement due to the situation in the mountain. Thus, after he got out, he would instantly advance to the Ninth Grade Combat Emperor.