Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 70 – Three Feet of Ice Does Not Form in a Single Day

Chapter 70 – Three Feet of Ice Does Not Form in a Single Day

Chapter 70 – Three Feet of Ice Does Not Form in a Single Day

“There’s something fishy here…”

Jiang Chen furrowed his brows. This pond really had something unusual, and it only served to make him look at Big Yellow differently. If this was his past life, he would easily be able to tell if there was something unusual about this pond. But currently, his level was just too low. His current abilities couldn’t be compared with his past life. In other words, Jiang Chen now only possessed the experience, knowledge, and att.i.tude of a Saint, but he didn’t have the abilities of a Saint yet.

“Big Yellow, how did you sense the peculiarity?”

Jiang Chen asked curiously. This valley was so small and hidden, and this pond looked normal as well. Even if someone pa.s.sed by, they wouldn’t notice anything, but Big Yellow could feel that there was a treasure deep within this pond from a few miles away.

“There must be a treasure within this pond, but what that treasure is, I don’t really know. Also, I forgot to tell you, your father here has an awesome ability! An ability that can sense any treasure! If there’s a treasure within five miles, I will be able to sense it. This radius increases with my level.”

Big Yellow said proudly.

“Such an abnormal ability!”

Jiang Chen instantly felt surprised. Big Yellow was a Dragon Horse, so it was only natural for him to possess some special abilities, but this ability to seek out treasure was really abnormal. It could be said that it’s a Divine Ability. Looks like as long as Big Yellow was with him in the future, he would be able to find treasures endlessly.

“Puppy dog, that’s amazing!”

It was rare for Yan Chen Yu to praise Big Yellow.

“Hehe, of course, there’s even more greatness within me! When we reach the Qi Province, your father wants to have a few thousand human pets!”

Big Yellow’s face was filled with pride. His big goal almost made Jiang Chen and Yan Chen Yu lose their footing.

“Let’s go check out what’s inside the pond.”

Jiang Chen took point and walked into the valley first, he was getting close to the pond.

“There’s an invisible barrier one feet away from the pond. Be careful.”

Jiang Chen reminded everyone.

The trio stood one feet away from the pond. They looked at the pond in front of them which looked incredibly normal, but their expressions were serious.

Jiang Chen slowly moved his hand forwards, an inch at a time.


Just when Jiang Chen’s palm crossed the one feet distance, a buzz resonated out and Jiang Chen immediately pulled his hand back. His two fingers were covered in frost and felt extremely cold. Jiang Chen shook his hand and unleashed a fiery red flame, getting rid of the frost.

“Such an intense cold.”

Jiang Chen felt helpless.

“Big Bro Jiang Chen, let me give it a try!”

Yan Chen Yu said as she walked forwards. Other people were scared of cold, but she didn’t fear it. She had a Divine Body with Nine Yin Meridians, and it was the coldest power in this world. Any coldness was just a tonic for her.

“Xiao Yu, how is it?”

Jiang Chen looked at Yan Chen Yu who was two steps in front of him. Judging from the outside, Yan Chen Yu still looked normal, everything was peaceful and calm. But from Yan Chen Yu’s eyes, Jiang Chen could tell that what Yan Chen Yu was looking at from within the barrier was completely different from what they were looking at from one feet away from the barrier.

“This pond, such an intense cold!”

Yan Chen Yu was really shocked.

“Come, let’s go and have a look.”

Big Yellow covered himself in a golden barrier, and Jiang Chen covered himself in a fiery red flame. This man and this dog were both beings with strong qi and blood; a normal chill wouldn’t scare them away.


When Jiang Chen and Big Yellow went through the barrier, what they saw changed. At the surface of the pond there were cold winds, white frost floating around with an intense chill surrounding the entire pond… This intense cold would freeze and kill any Mortal Core warrior who entered.

Behind Jiang Chen, an invisible icy barrier was wobbling.

“This icy barrier is preventing the cold from leaking, and it’s also creating illusions for this cold pond, making it so that no one can exactly see what is inside. Within this cold pond there must be some good stuff. It there isn’t, there wouldn’t be such an intense cold.”

Jiang Chen said.

Yan Chen Yu stood aside and let the cold enter her body freely. She still had a normal look because this cold could not cause her any harm. It was actually good for her Nine Yin Meridians.

“Let’s see what’s actually under this cold pond…”

Jiang Chen unleashed his strong Divine Sense, penetrating directly into the cold pond. He could immediately see a fist sized stone that looked like a crystal at the bottom of the pond.

“A Ten Thousand Year Freezing Crystal! There’s a Ten Thousand Year Freezing Crystal at the bottom of this pond. That’s the reason why this is such a special place! This icy barrier was formed because of this freezing crystal. This is a good treasure!”

Jiang Chen’s vision landed on Yan Chen Yu’s face. A Ten Thousand Year Freezing Crystal was a rare natural treasure as it was really hard for nature to form it. This fist sized freezing crystal was a rare treasure even in the Heavenly Continent. No one would expect that this remote place would have a Ten Thousand Year Freezing Crystal.

The Ten Thousand Year Freezing Crystal didn’t have much use for ordinary warriors. The huge amount of cold stored within made it so that no warrior would be able to get close to it. But for warriors who were cultivating a cold skill, this was a divine treasure. The freezing crystal doesn’t have much use for Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, but it was incredibly helpful for Yan Chen Yu.

“Oh no, there’s danger!”

Jiang Chen’s expression changed. Just right after his words, ripples started appearing on the surface of the cold pond, and a huge roar sounded out followed by a huge being leaping out from within the pond.


A loud roar resonated within the valley, Jiang Chen looked at the source of this roar and saw a huge monster in front of them. This monster was ten meters tall, and it looked at the trio angrily.

The monster looked like an ice statue. Its body was emitting a cold white mist, and only half of its body was on the surface of the cold pond; the rest of it was still inside the pond. If it emerged from the pond completely, it would be at least twenty meters tall.

The chill emitting from this monster was incredibly cold. Both of its eyes were like glaciers, and cold white mist wisped out of its mouth with every breath; it looked terrifying.

“This Ten Thousand Year Freezing Crystal has been here for too long. That’s why a life form has been born from it. This monster is at the Mid Mortal Core realm, and it has an endless energy source because of this freezing crystal. It will be really hard to deal with.”

Jiang Chen said with a serious expression. Judging from his abilities, a normal Late Mortal Core warrior would not be his match, but this monster in front of them was different. The environment was just too cold, so if they tried fighting the monster here, Jiang Chen would have to focus on fighting while at the same time withstanding the cold, limiting his ability to unleash his full power. Besides, this monster had help from the freezing crystal. It was far beyond any other monster.


The monster roared out angrily. Those who dared to step into this pond would be treated as its enemy. In this monster’s mind, this Ten Thousand Year Freezing Crystal belonged to itself; no one else was allowed to touch it.

The monster shook its body. Dozens of icy arrows shot out and started flying towards Jiang Chen.


Jiang Chen let out a cold humph. He fought back with the Double Solar Finger. The huge golden finger clashed into the icy arrows, and large quant.i.ties of energy ripples started wreaking havoc in this icy s.p.a.ce.


The monster kept roaring and attacking. It looked at the trio who hurriedly retreated, and it didn’t return to its original peaceful state until it saw that they had completely exited the pond.

“This monster won’t leave that place. It’s just guarding the Ten Thousand Year Freezing Crystal. As long as we go through the barrier, it will start attacking us again.”

Big Yellow said.

“Big Bro Jiang Chen, let me give it a try!”

Yan Chen Yu suddenly said.

Jiang Chen looked at Yan Chen Yu and nodded his head, “Fine, you have the Nine Yin Meridians so you don’t need to fear the cold. Maybe you’ll be able to deal with the monster. The freezing crystal can provide you with endless benefits.”

Yan Chen Yu took a deep breath and started walking towards the cold pond. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were scared something bad would happen to her, so they followed closely behind her.


When the three crossed the icy barrier, the monster roared out again. It leapt forward, and its whole body left the pond. The twenty meter tall body was like an icy mountain. The intense cold filled the surrounding air; the monster had gone completely mad this time. It was going to rip these three beings who had intruded its territory into a thousand pieces.


Right at this moment, Yan Chen Yu shouted out as her hands began moving like they were dancing. After that, she began pus.h.i.+ng towards the monster.

The air started trembling. The cold unleashed from Yan Chen Yu’s body was significantly colder than the chilly pond. Even Jiang Chen and Big Yellow who were standing behind her had a hard time resisting, their bodies starting to tremble.

Yan Chen Yu unleashed an icy blizzard from her body. When the monster felt the icy wind, a surprised expression appeared on its face, but it didn’t avoid the blizzard, allowing it to collide with its body.


When Yan Chen Yu’s blizzard attack made contact with the monster’s body, it immediately changed into a huge net and covered the monster. The monster was instantly covered in thick ice.

It wasn’t until now that the monster started feeling danger, but it was too late for it to fight back. The cold from the Nine Yin Meridians, the origin of all cold, made it feel endless fear. It was completely suppressed.


The monster roared out again, and then it became completely silent. Its huge body had been completely frozen, right above the cold pond. The monster had turned into an icy statue.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow who stood aside were so shocked that their mouths were wide open. This monster was an icy being. Or simply put, by itself it was a huge chunk of ice, and this huge chunk of ice had been frozen. This was incredibly shocking to them.

“The Nine Yin Meridians is the origin of all cold. This is terrifying! Xiao Yu, what’s the name of your attack?”

Jiang Chen asked. Big Yellow was also looking at Yan Chen Yu curiously.

“This skill is called Three Feet Deep Ice Sheet.”

Yan Chen Yu said. This was an innate combat skill she had obtained when she successfully formed her Nine Yin Meridians, a powerful skill.

“It takes more than three days for a river to freeze three feet deep, no wonder it can freeze this monster.”

Jiang Chen sighed. Although Yan Chen Yu had incredibly powerful combat abilities, she was still lacking in combat experience. With this Three Feet Deep Ice Sheet skill, only a few Mortal Core warriors would be able to withstand.

“Big Bro Jiang Chen, I’m still not very familiar with this skill… it can at most freeze this monster for one minute.”

Yan Chen Yu said.

“Fine. One minute is more than enough! Xiao Yu, go into the cold pond and retrieve the Ten Thousand Year Freezing Crystal.”

Jiang Chen said.


Yan Chen Yu nodded her head before she jumped into the cold pond. After three breaths time, Yan Chen Yu reemerged from the cold pond. In her hands was a milky white Ten Thousand Year Freezing Crystal.