Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 69 – The Pond

Chapter 69 – The Pond

Chapter 69 – The Pond

Origin Mountain’s length and width were both more than ten thousand miles long; it was an extremely large mountain range. The landscape within the mountain range was rough, filled with numerous trees and valleys. Crossing this mountain range was not an easy task. This expansiveness was the reason why Chen Shuang and the other disciples were lost in the mountain for more than a month when they were in pursuit of Big Yellow.

Big Yellow was a brilliant being. He had learned all the paths within the mountain range. Under his lead, they had venture more than a thousand miles into the mountain range in just half a day. The demon beast’s level had become much stronger where they had arrived now.

The demon beasts in the outer parts of the mountain were just normal beasts and animals. When they ventured more than a thousand miles into the mountain, they would find that the demon beasts were mostly at the Qi Hai realm, with only a few of them being at the peak of the Qi Hai realm.

Of course, this level of strength could just be considered strong for normal people. For someone like Jiang Chen, they were still too weak.

Right now, Jiang Chen and Yan Chen Yu were both Early Mortal Core warriors, and Big Yellow had recently awoken his bloodline and entered the Mortal Core realm as well. This powerful combination allowed them to walk through Origin Mountain like it was their own backyard.

Of course, there were still places where they would need to be careful. Origin Mountain was a mountain with a long history. There might be some rare demon beast hidden deep within the mountain, and no one could really know if this was true or not. Therefore, they started venturing at a slower pace the deeper they went.


Suddenly, a huge roar sounded out from within the woods in front of them. After that, a heat wave emerged from it. Jiang Chen looked towards the source of this and saw two tigers with small dots all over their body. The two tigers suddenly leapt out.

Both tigers were as tall as a man, and they looked fierce and strong. The tigers looked identical to each other, and their cruel eyes gazed upon the trio.

“Twin tigers! And both of them are at the Late Qi Hai realm, haha!”

Jiang Chen started laughing, he still looked calm and relaxed. Along their way there had yet to be a single demon beast who could block them from going forwards; that was why after journeying for half a day they had yet to engage in a fight. Now, however, they had met two beasts who obviously didn’t have any good judgment.

“Hehe, these two little tigers have real bad judgment! They didn’t run and hide somewhere when they saw us; they instead want to kill us! Look at how I bite them to death!”

Big Yellow had an insidious smile on his face. He raised his head high up into the air and started walking towards the twin tigers.


The twin tigers roared out again. Although they were just at the Late Qi Hai realm, because they were twins, they could easily help each other, and their combination allowed them to fight a warrior at the Mortal Core realm.

The twin tigers simultaneously leapt up into the air. Their target was the big yellow dog in front of them. Their huge bodies had caused the air surrounding them to explode; they were pretty strong.

“Hehe, you want to show off your strength, but you’re really far away from your father here!”

Big Yellow started laughing out loud before he leapt forward and turned into a golden light. His body was glowing as he clashed into one of the tigers.


A subtle yet loud bang reverberated out followed by the sound of bones being crushed. After taking such a huge blow from Big Yellow, the once strong and confident tiger cried out in a horrified matter. His st.u.r.dy body was sent flying away like a kite.

Bang bang bang……

The tiger had no control of its body. After smas.h.i.+ng through dozens of trees, its body finally landed on the ground twenty meters away, blood pouring out of its mouth like a waterfall. There was a huge crater where the tiger had landed. It moved its body slightly before finally dying.

The other tiger saw its companion being killed in such a terrifying way. It immediately became enraged and leapt towards Big Yellow crazily. Unfortunately, it was just too slow in front of this big yellow dog. Big Yellow opened up his mouth wide and moved as fast as lightning, biting down on the tiger’s neck.


A stream of blood sprouted out from the tiger’s neck, Big Yellow tore off a huge chunk of meat from the tiger, creating a huge b.l.o.o.d.y hole in its neck.

This was a wound that guaranteed death. It had caused the tiger to instantly lose all ability to fight. It cried out in a terrified manner, but this wasn’t the end. This big yellow dog was ruthless and cruel. He used his steel hard head and crushed the tiger’s skull, cracking it open. Even the Demon’s Soul was squeezed out from it. What a terrible way to die.

“Hehe, two little tigers, how dare you fight me. You’re just looking for death!”

Big Yellow was laughing out happily. He looked at the broken tiger bodies. Finally, he had been able to joyfully kill something.

“When did this dog level up?”

Jiang Chen rolled his eyes. With Jiang Chen’s experience he could easily tell Big Yellow’s level when he attacked. Big Yellow had broken through to the Mortal Core realm. What really made Jiang Chen feel upset was that this dog had been following him every single day, and aside from eating and sleeping, he never really focused on cultivating, yet he had just leveled up silently. This was a huge blow in his face.

“Puppy dog, you’re too cruel!”

Yan Chen Yu gazed at Big Yellow. Such a b.l.o.o.d.y scene, she still wasn’t used to seeing one like this. If she was the one fighting against the tigers, she would kill them, but she wouldn’t use such cruel methods like Big Yellow did.


The proud big yellow dog fell down onto the ground immediately. He then stood up angrily again with his front legs in the air. He stared at Yan Chen Yu and said, “Don’t call me puppy dog! Which part of me is little?! And I’m not a dog!”

Big Yellow roared out loudly. Being called little by someone, this wasn’t something he could bear. This was an insult to him, a neglection of his st.u.r.dy body.

“Puppy dog, you’re so cute when you’re angry!”

Yan Chen Yu blinked her beautiful bright eyes. She felt no fear when facing the angry Big Yellow.


Big Yellow fell down on the ground again. ‘How dare you use cute dog to describe me? Can’t you see that I’m a cruel and fierce dog? Have you ever seen a cruel and fierce dog that is cute?’

Big Yellow’s body was trembling due to the anger. But in the end, he just rolled his eyes and sighed. He told himself to just let it go. He was a man with a good temper; he could just forgive this ignorant girl.


Jiang Chen started laughing out loud. This cruel dog had finally met its match.

Jiang Chen walked up to the front of the two tiger’s dead bodies and picked up their Demon’s Souls. Late Qi Hai Demon’s Souls didn’t have much use for him, but they’re still considered valuable. It would be a waste if he just left them there.

During the next seven days, the trio had walked for more than four thousand miles. This speed could be considered very slow. Along the way, they had been blocked and hara.s.sed by quite a number of strong demon beasts. They had even encountered an Early Mortal Core demon beast. But, all of them were killed by the cruel and fierce big yellow dog. This dog had released all the anger he felt towards Yan Chen Yun on these demon beasts. Therefore, these demon beasts’ endings could only be described as horrifying.

“This place is the deepest area in this mountain. There’s a possibility that even stronger demon beasts live here.”

Jiang Chen said.

“We are walking in a straight line now. This place should be the most dangerous area of this mountain. But, the more dangerous a place is, the higher the chances are of it having some good items! d.a.m.n it, after walking for so long, we still haven’t gotten any good stuff!

Big Yellow said angrily. Both his eyes kept looking around, trying to find some good stuff.

“Let’s go, there won’t be any real treasure here.”

Jiang Chen shook his head. He had the experience of a Saint, and his sense towards treasure was far greater than anyone else. If there was a nearby treasure, he would definitely be able to feel it.

“Big Bro Jiang Chen, let’s hurry, continue our journey, and try to leave this mountain as soon as possible!”

Yan Chen Yu said. After journeying for seven days, she was getting more and more used to the cruel and fierce nature of Big Yellow. This was a good improvement for Yan Chen Yu. Her mind would mature faster by experiencing cruel killing situations.

“Alright, this mountain range is too remote. Besides, this territory is lacking in natural energies; it’s impossible for any real treasures to be produced here.”

Jiang Chen nodded his head. Rare treasures were naturally formed in special places, but it required special conditions. Natural energies would help produce the natural treasure. Places with low amounts of natural energy would obviously not produce any rare natural treasures.

This was also the reason why warriors from different territories had a big difference in strength. The difference between the amount of natural energy would impact cultivation speed and create different results. So, when a place was lacking in natural energy, it would only make cultivation slower.

In Red city, a Mortal Core warrior was a true warrior. He was respected by people. But, in the Divine Continent where Jiang Chen lived in his past life, it was not even worth mentioning a warrior at the Mortal Core realm as even a warrior at the Heavenly Core realm would struggle with survival. This was the difference.

The trio continued their journey. After walking for two or three miles, Big Yellow’s ears suddenly moved. He sniffed with his nose before he turned towards his left.

“Puppy dog, where are you going?”

Yan Chen Yu asked.

“Don’t talk any nonsense, follow me!”

Big Yellow said without turning his head back. As for Yan Chen Yu calling him a puppy dog, Big Yellow had finally, silently accepted it. There was a saying that if life gave you a lemon, and you couldn’t reject it, just enjoy the lemon.

Big Yellow vowed to himself, only Yan Chen Yu could call him puppy dog. If another person dared to call him a puppy dog, he would definitely tear them apart.

“What did this dog discovered?”

Jiang Chen furrowed his brows and followed Big Yellow’s footsteps together with Yan Chen Yu.

After crossing a small forest, they arrived at a narrow valley. Within the valley, there was a huge pond, and looking at the pond from above, it was crystal clear and seemingly normal.

“Big Yellow, this valley looks normal to me. Why did you bring us here?”

Jiang Chen asked with a puzzled expression.

“Do you see that pond?”

Big Yellow’s eyes were glowing brightly. He looked at the pond in the valley.

“It is just a normal pond!”

Yan Chen Yu said seriously.

“There’s treasure in the pond!”

Bit Yellow said with a smile.

“Big Yellow, you must be joking. This is just a normal pond… How could there be a stupid treasure here?”

Jiang Chen teased Big Yellow. He had already scanned the pond with his Divine Sense, and it was just a normal pond. There wasn’t even a strand of fur here.

“Kid, how dare you doubt me?!”

Big Yellow showed his teeth to Jiang Chen angrily.

Jiang Chen furrowed his brows again. It looked like Big Yellow wasn’t joking. Besides, this dog was incredibly smart. Perhaps there really was something in the pond. Therefore, Jiang Chen started circulating his Great Soul Derivation skill. His powerful soul force moved towards the pond. When his soul force arrived one feet away from the pond, he was unable to advance forward any more. It was as if there was an invisible barrier blocking his soul force.