Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 71 – A Roar’s Power

Chapter 71 – A Roar’s Power

Chapter 71 – A Roar’s Power

“Big Bro Jiang Chen, I’ve got it!”

Yan Chen Yu looked happy. She held the Ten Thousand Year Freezing Crystal in her hands. Only Yan Chen Yu, who had the Nine Yin Meridians, could hold this freezing crystal with her bare hands. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow needed to use their strong Yuan energy, qi, and blood in order to withstand the intense coldness.

“The Ten Thousand Year Freezing Crystal is a rare, natural treasure, and its rank amongst all the natural treasures isn’t bad either. Xiao Yu, this is your fortune.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile. This freezing crystal could provide great benefits for Yan Chen Yu’s Nine Yin Meridians.

“Big Bro Jiang Chen, this treasure was discovered by you and puppy dog. How could I accept it?”

Yan Chen Yu was too embarra.s.sed to accept it.

“Little girl, as long as you don’t call my puppy dog in the future, this freezing crystal is yours.”

Big Yellow didn’t want to give up any opportunity to change his destiny. He looked at Yan Chen Yu with a begging look.

“Alright, then I won’t call you puppy dog any more… I’ll just call you puppy, alright?”

Yan Chen Yu said seriously.


Big Yellow fell down again.

“Alright Xiao Yu, this freezing crystal is a rare treasure, but it’s not useful for those who aren’t like you. Hurry up and kill that frozen monster. Then, we’ll leave this place.”

Jiang Chen said.


Yan Chen Yu kept the freezing crystal and turned back towards the monster. Her purple robe was floating without any wind. She waved her hands. A decently lengthed double-edged ice sword appeared. Yan Chen Yu waved her hands again, and the double-edged ice sword flew towards the monster.

Without help from the Ten Thousand Year Freezing Crystal, the frozen monster was weak against any attacks. Under Yan Chen Yu’s attack, it was cut into half and smashed into icy ashes.

The Nine Yin Meridians were terrifying once awakened. Yan Chen Yu had no experience with combat, but because of her strong natural abilities, ordinary people would not be able to fight her.

“Xiao Yu, it’s better not to absorb this freezing crystal right away. Although the Nine Yin Meridians can absorb the coldness within, there’s still a huge amount of energy stored within this freezing crystal. That energy is not someone you can withstand right now. Therefore, you’ll need to absorb this Ten Thousand Year Freezing Crystal slowly!”

Jiang Chen reminded.

“I understand! I plan to use my Nine Yin Meridians to merge this freezing crystal with my Mortal Core first. I’ll then slowly absorb the energy!”

Yan Chen Yu said.

By merging the Ten Thousand Year Freezing Crystal into the Mortal Core, Yan Chen Yu could absorb the energy stored within the freezing crystal anytime she wanted to. This unique cultivation condition could really make people feel envious.

About half an hour later, the trio left the valley. Yan Chen Yu had already broken through to the Mid Mortal Core realm. Merging the freezing crystal into the Mortal Core had brought Yan Chen Yu great benefits, making her strength reach a new level.

Yan Chen Yu had retracted all of her coldness, and she was now walking besides Jiang Chen. From an outside perspective, she looked just like a normal person, which meant that she now had perfect control over her Nine Yin Meridians. She could unleash the chilliness whenever she wanted.

“Both are equally freaks…”

Big Yellow mumbled to himself as he walked behind them. There was no need to even describe Jiang Chen; he was just a freak, a man similar to those ultimate demons. But now the girl next to him possessed a Divine Body. The heavens must love these two humans.

“Puppy, you’re also a freak.”

Yan Chen Yu patted Big Yellow’s head.

“Grandaunt, you better call me puppy dog!”

Big Yellow wished to cry but no tears were coming out; he had been completely defeated by Yan Chen Yu.


One day later!


A load roar sounded out within the woods. A muscular golden lion was blocking Jiang Chen’s group. Both of its blood thirsty eyes were glowing brightly. Obviously, it thought of the two humans and dog in front of it as its prey.

The golden lion in front of them belonged to a rare species. On its back was a pair of weird wings. The name of this lion was the Revolving Golden Lion. Although it wasn’t a demon beast with a rare bloodline, it was still a rare species amongst the lions.

Not only did the Revolving Golden Lion have a strong body, it also had powerful attacks. Aside from this, it could fly. Although its speed wasn’t as fast as the real aerial demon beasts, it still possessed some advantages compared to others because of its pair of wings.

This place was the center of Origin Mountain, and this Revolving Golden Lion in front of them was at the Mid Mortal Core realm, just one step away from the Late Mortal Core realm. It was a difficult enemy to defeat.

“d.a.m.n it, another one who doesn’t cherish his life… Let your father go and bite it to death!”

Big Yellow showed his ferocious teeth to the beast. With Dragon Horse blood flowing through his body, normal Mortal Core beasts would have a hard time dealing with him.

After saying that, Big Yellow turned into a golden beam and dashed forward, cras.h.i.+ng directly into the Revolving Golden Lion.


Looking at the dog that was rus.h.i.+ng towards it, the Revolving Golden Lion immediately became mad. It roared out loud and shook its lion head. It dashed towards the big yellow dog in front of it.

This was the most primal fighting method amongst demon beasts, the ultimate fight between two strong beasts. The woods around them trembled, as if there was an earthquake.


Big Yellow and the Revolving Golden Lion crashed into each other. The intense collision set the area around them on fire, and even an explosion could be heard.

Two beasts rammed into each other as if two mountains had just been smashed together. The energies spread out everywhere and frightened anyone who was nearby. If they were to just compare strength, this Revolving Golden Lion was on a higher level, but it was still not a match for a freak like Big Yellow.

The Revolving Golden Lion’s huge body was sent flying away by the impact, and it broke a few trees along the way. The once bloodthirsty eyes were now filled with shock. It looked at the ferocious big yellow dog in front of it with fear.


Of course, this Revolving Golden Lion wouldn’t give up so easily. The wings at its back started flapping, and its huge body immediately flew up into the air. The Revolving Golden Lion currently flying in the skies resembled a huge sun.

The Golden Lion of Propel Wings roared again. It spitted out few golden beams like they were sharp swords, descending from the sky towards the Big Yellow Dog.

Big Yellow spat out a few golden beams before he rammed into the Revolving Golden Lion’s a.s.sault. These golden beams obviously wouldn’t cause any damage to the Revolving Golden Lion who was now flying in the skies.

“d.a.m.n it! Your father dares you to come down right now! See if your father will tear you into a million pieces!”

Big Yellow was jumping up and down while scolding the Revolving Golden Lions. He hated the fact that he didn’t have a pair of wings because if he did, he would definitely fly up and crush the lion’s b.a.l.l.s.

Bang bang bang!

The Revolving Golden Lion kept attacking. When it looked at Big Yellow’s mad face, it started displaying a teasing and happy expression. This expression, however, only served as fuel for Big Yellow’s anger.

“Screw you! Come down for your father right now!”

Big Yellow was so angry that smoke almost started coming out from his nose.

Jiang Chen, standing to the side, couldn’t bear to watch this any longer. He shook his head and looked up to the Revolving Golden Lion who was feeling superior above them. His body trembled slightly. A pair of blood red wings then appeared on his back. Jiang Chen flapped his wings before he flew up towards the sky like a blazing sharp sword.

The human who had suddenly started flying had shocked the Revolving Golden Lion. It turned around and looked at the blood red wings behind Jiang Chen’s back, its eyes filled with disbelief.


Jiang Chen let out a cold humph as he punched towards the Revolving Golden Lion with lightning fast speed.


As the distance between them was so short, bundled together with Jiang Chen’s speed, the lion had no chance to react. The punch connected with the lion, and its body was sent flying through the air. The powerful punch had caused the lion to spit out huge amounts of blood in the sky, and its body could barely stay in the air.

The Revolving Golden Lion was terrified. It had bad luck this day. What kind of beings did it meet today? A powerful dog that is so powerful that it could completely overpower him, and now a human who could fly and who looks even stronger than the dog?

What should it do now? There’s no point in fighting any more… Run!

The Revolving Golden Lion didn’t dare hesitate any further. It flapped its wings and tried getting as far away from here as possible with its seriously wounded body. Unfortnately, its speed was just trash compared to Jiang Chen’s speed. Even if it was in its perfect form, its speed still wouldn’t be anywhere close to Jiang Chen’s. Not to mention the fact that it was currently wounded, Jiang Chen had inherited the Blood Winged Hawk’s blood red wings. The hawk was an aerial species, and the Blood Winged Hawk was the king of all the hawks.

Jiang Chen simply flapped his wings and arrived in front of the Revolving Golden Lion.

“Still trying to run away? Try my Sonic Hawk Cry!”

Jiang Chen’s lips curved upwards. He started circulating his Yuan energy and cried out loud towards the Revolving Golden Lion.


A sharp and penetrating hawk’s cry screeched throughout the skies. The invisible sound waves emerged from Jiang Chen’s mouth like ripples on an ocean’s surface. At this moment, the sound waves covered the surrounding and reached high up into the sky. Layers of sound waves formed into an invisible giant net that instantly covered the Revolving Golden Lion.

The sound waves were like blades that could only hurt the Revolving Golden Lion’s body. It even caused damage to the soul. Jiang Chen’s sound waves had penetrated into the lion’s body.


The Revolving Golden Lion spat out a stream of blood. Its eyes turned dark instantly. After that, it shook its head and started screaming out in intense pain. Jiang Chen’s sound waves had not only seriously wounded its soul, it had also cause damage to its Divine Sense.


The Revolving Golden Lion couldn’t control its body any more. It fell down from the sky and smashed onto the ground, creating a huge crater. There were plenty of wounds on the lion’s body. It kept spitting out blood, and just a few seconds later, it fell completely silent.

A Mid Mortal Core demon beast was killed by Jiang Chen with just a cry. This was the first time Jiang Chen had used the Sonic Hawk Cry, and its power was far beyond what he had imagined.

Jiang Chen flapped his wings and slowly descended from the skies. When he came down, he could see Big Yellow’s eyes that were filled with envy and jealousy.

“Big bro, your Sonic Hawk Cry is really terrifying! I wasn’t prepared just now, and it almost caused me to lose my mind!”

Yan Chen Yu said with a shocked expression. Sound wave combat skills were the most difficult skills to defend against, even more so with the innate skill, Sonic Hawk Cry.

“The Blood Winged Hawk is the king amongst the hawk species. Of course its innate ability is powerful.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile. He was really satisfied with the power of the Sonic Hawk Cry. He walked up to the golden lion’s body and pointed his fingers towards it like a sword. He unleashed a small Single Solar Finger beam and cut open the golden lion’s skull. Afterwards, he extracted its Demon’s Soul.