Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 698 – The Moment of Life-And-Death

Chapter 698 – The Moment of Life-And-Death

The Moment of Life-And-Death

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The facial expression of Jiang Chen completely changed. He got the urge to express his anger. If this Edifying Light brought him here to test him, it wouldn’t have let him fight this big guy. How could he possibly edify this giant dude using The Edifying Light with his current grade? It was certainly impossible.

His True Dragon Fire, True Thunder Fire and his Dragon Transformation Art could suppress all evil creatures, but the suppressive power of these skills were totally useless in front of this evil giant human skeleton. Even if he casted all of his fiery skills and attack with all of his strength, without a doubt, he wouldn’t deal a considerable amount of damage to this big guy. The difference between a Fourth Grade Combat Emperor and a First Grade Minor Saint was akin to heaven and earth.

What is a Saint? As the sages used to say, once one achieved the enlightenment, one would become a Saint. Even a Minor Saint was considered a Saint. Thus, the gap between a Combat Emperor and a Minor Saint was undoubtedly huge. Even a powerful cultivator at the peak of Ninth Grade Combat Emperor would simply be killed by a true First Grade Minor Saint with just a slap.

It didn’t even cross his mind that there would be such a powerful Minor Saint dark soul inside this spatial zone. He had already thought that he wouldn’t stand a chance against it unless he used the talisman of Great Master Ran Feng. However, if he really used that talisman, the Minor Saint dark soul would naturally be killed. But this would also bring a very big calamity, not only to him, but to everyone under the Death Mountain.

Thus, the talisman of Origin Combat Power was unusable here. He had to use other means to deal with this guy.


That was the most sensible solution if one couldn’t defeat his enemy. Jiang Chen’s body swayed and pushed the skill of the Nine Phantom Wolves and Spatial s.h.i.+ft to its limits. He turned into a green smoke and disappeared in a twinkle. He had moved at least two hundred miles. However, he was terrified when he sensed that the death Qi was still wrapping him. He turned and saw the scary dark soul still standing not far away from him. The distances of two hundred miles that he travelled didn’t bring him any further from the Dark Soul.

Jiang Chen circulated his Great Soul Derivation Technique and realised that a shapeless force had sealed this entire place. It was sealed by the dark soul using the thick dark and death Qi. In other words, this spatial zone had become a prison cell that he couldn’t escape from, even if he was a smart one.


Jiang Chen cursed. The Edifying Light had put him in such a predicament. He had encountered an unbeatable opponent.


That giant dark soul produced another howl, walking ever closer to Jiang Chen. The ghostly fire in its hollowed eyes was circulating, indicating that it wasn’t hurried to kill Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen could read the meaning from its eyes. He almost spurted blood because of the insult. This giant thing actually viewed him as a prey? That kind of eye expression was akin to playing pranks and tricks. If the dark soul wanted to kill Jiang Chen from the very beginning, it could just end his life as easy as squeezing an ant, but it didn’t make any killing move which meant that it wanted to toy Jiang Chen.

“Go and f*** yourself, you dare to play tricks on me?”

Jiang Chen raged and instantly casted the Fire Dragon Seal. A giant fire dragon with a long tail charged at the dark soul.

As if it was able to feel the intense flames charging forward, its eye showed a stunned expression as it didn’t think that the outsider would be able to cast a fiery skill. It gave off some kind of pressure, the feeling of its greatest rival.

Nonetheless, the dark soul wasn’t concerned that much. It raised its cattail-leaf-fan-like hand and softly gripped the incoming flames, crus.h.i.+ng Jiang Chen’s Fire Dragon instantly, making it dissipate in the air.

The result was as expected. He didn’t want to continue battling with it because he knew that their difference in power was just too great. He was certainly not its match, so he better turn tail and ran.

*Hong Long*

While fleeing, he was constantly casting his Fire Dragon Seal, but too bad, it didn’t have any effect on the dark soul at all. Every strike of the Fire Dragon was instantly crushed by it. Another infuriating thing was that no matter how fast Jiang Chen ran, he couldn’t leave it behind. It always stuck to him.

The dark soul didn’t attempt to attack, it just crushed Jiang Chen’s Fire Dragon strike continuously. This situation was a huge humiliation for Jiang Chen. He had the feeling of being toyed. This dark soul could kill him with just a simple attack, but it hadn’t attacked until now. It seemed like it would only kill him after it was satisfied with its toy.

“This isn’t going anywhere. I can’t escape from its grip, seems like I can only confront it head-on.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes revealed a violent expression. His death was certain, facing such a circ.u.mstance. If he was replaced by an ordinary human, he would be paralyzed from extreme shock or would even be in despair. Jiang Chen, the Greatest Saint of the world, could undoubtedly maintain his calmness and cool-headedness under such a life-threatening situation. It is because only a calm mind could handle things properly.


Jiang Chen immediately stopped and turned to face the dark soul. He pointed at the dark soul and said loudly, “Big dude, I dare you to have a real fight with me!”

Jiang Chen knew that the dark soul understood him. A Minor Saint grade being. Even it was dead, its soul was conscious. In other words, the dark soul was also a living creature but in a special way. The dark soul in front of him was only a mere human skeleton, but its intelligence was not any lower than a human being or else it wouldn’t be able to toy with Jiang Chen.

The dark soul didn’t expect that this human would suddenly halt and dare to challenge him. From its point of view, its opponent should be running away for his life. Now, it seemed like the human had already known his end, so he had completely given up his life.


The dark soul made a deep howl. The toying intention in its eyes disappeared and was replaced by a strong killing intent. Since its opponent had provoked it, he was definitely seeking death, so it should just fulfill his death wish as anymore toying would be meaningless.

A cold energy shot out from its body, instantly locking Jiang Chen, eliminating all of his chances to escape. The next moment, it raised its giant palm and slammed on Jiang Chen.


Jiang Chen made a cold humph. He could feel the force that was as heavy as a mountain weighing down on him, but he too made a counter-attack because he was aware that if he didn’t make any attempts, he would be slammed to death.

Also, he could feel that this strike from the dark soul wasn’t its most powerful attack. Perhaps, it thought that killing someone like him wouldn’t require its full strength and this had given Jiang Chen a chance.

Jiang Chen exerted his full strength, and circulated the Dragon Transformation Art to the fullest, striking out with a True Dragon Palm. A giant blood-red dragon claw rushed out, blocking the incoming the dark soul’s giant sharp claw.

*Hong Long*

The heaven and earth were shaken. Jiang Chen’s True Dragon Palm was directly destroyed and the giant palm crushed down on him. He let out a wail when his body was slammed by it.

The solid ground was slammed into a big pit. In the big pit was a man stained with blood, with many parts of his body shredded, having sustained serious injuries. He was Jiang Chen. If it were someone else, he would be crushed into meat paste and die instantly.

However, Jiang Chen’s strong physique wasn’t merely because of the Dragon Transformation Art. Pa.s.sing the tribulation three times was also another reason for it. Every lightning tribulation had strengthened and toughened his physique by a notch. This was why he chose to face the dark soul head on. To say it bluntly, Jiang Chen was risking his life.

At this moment, Jiang Chen forcefully bore the pain in his body. He laid there, motionless. He had kept all of his Qi. He was no different from a dead man, based on seeing him from a distance. However, under his body, a brilliant light was glimmering between his fingers.

This was Jiang Chen’s last resort. If the dark soul was not duped by it, he had no other choice but to use the Talisman of Origin Combat Power as he couldn’t die here, no matter what.


The dark soul produced a satisfied sound. It came to the edge of the big pit. After seeing Jiang Chen’s condition, it had no doubt about it. Its skeletal mouth opened a few times. Obviously, it was laughing heartily.

From the looks of it, it had confirmed that Jiang Chen was certainly dead.There were no doubts about it because their gap in power was just way too wide. It was very confident that the palm attack had slammed a Fourth Grade Combat Emperor to death even without even using its full strength.

*Hua La*

The death and dark Qi surrounding it was kept inside its body. It was like what Jiang Chen had expected. The dark soul had completely loosened its guard now. Its body bent down and extended its giant arm towards Jiang Chen’s heart, wanting to eat it.

The moment the sharp claw of the dark soul touched Jiang Chen, the supposedly dead Jiang Chen moved. He forcefully bore the pain from his injuries and twisted with lightning speed. His finger was like a sword as The Edifying Light shot out like a meteor shower. This sudden change caught the dark soul unprepared. It was stunned, causing Jiang Chen to succeed. The Edifying Light shot between its eyebrows, akin to a serpent drilling in.


A moment later, the dark soul howled madly. Both of its hands were grabbing its skull and constantly hammering it, wanting to squeeze out The Edifying Light. It could feel the fearsomeness of that thing and it was going to forcefully subdue him.

Jiang Chen took the chance and jumped out of the big pit. Without saying a word, he quickly retrieved a large amount of Saint Grade healing medicine and a fine holy medicine obtained from the herb garden and swallowed it all in one shot. At the same time, he circulated his Dragon Transformation Art, starting to treat his own injuries.

The injury was very serious. All of his internal organs were shaken badly, but he was fortunate to have the Dragon Transformation Art that was recovering his injuries incessantly. Including a large amount of pills, his speed of recovery was amazing.


The dark soul roared. It was battling intensely with The Edifying Light, determined to get it out of its head.