Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 697 – Dark Souls of Minor Saint

Chapter 697 – Dark Souls of Minor Saint

Dark Souls of Minor Saint

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The three powerful dark souls launched their most ferocious attack at the sudden intruder. They had almost integrated with the environment, rendering them untraceable. Literally like haunting spectres, they appeared in front of Jiang Chen in a split second.

However, the difference of power between Jiang Chen and these dark souls was too big. Jiang Chen was calmly casting his spell when the Dark Souls arrived before him. A ray of brilliant light appeared at his fingertips. It was The Edifying Light.


Jiang Chen ordered. With a swoosh, the light raced out of his fingertips. It went through one of the dark soul’s eyebrows and came out from its skull, it then went for another dark soul. It was so fast that in a breaths time, the light had went through all three dark souls.

After that, the initially violent dark souls stopped their movements, petrified and rooted to the ground. A moment later, the ferociousness in their eyes started to fade slowly. The green-coloured ghost fire beneath their skull flickered twice and the three dark souls looked at Jiang Chen simultaneously. Then, their knees fell to the ground with a puff and prostrated with their trembling bodies and were thoroughly subdued.

After seeing their changes, Jiang Chen’s disposition became so cheerful he almost jumped. This Edifying Light was really a treasure. Three ferocious dark souls instantly surrendered and they would follow Jiang Chen’s order from now on, becoming Jiang Chen’s loyal followers.

This power was undoubtedly heaven defying. The Edifying Light was the inescapable nightmare of all the devils in the heavens and earth. The power of the light wasn’t about the ability to kill them, but getting the devils edified by abandoning the evil inside them and returning to righteousness, and thus completely giving in to the master of The Edifying Light. Even if Jiang Chen instructed them to kill themselves now, they would execute his order immediately without a second thought.

“The Edifying Light evolved from the supreme heart sutra of Buddha Sect, its power was truly unimaginable. So this wasn’t just a mere description. I’m not sure if Tyrant had obtained The Edifying Light. I have already entered this spatial zone, I have to use these dark souls to test the power of The Edifying Light.”

Jiang Chen’s mouth revealed a faint smile. He gave the three dark souls a glance and said, “Stand up.”

Miraculously, the three of them could understand Jiang Chen and didn’t have any objections. They quickly stood up respectfully.

Jiang Chen shook his body and continued to fly towards the inner part of the spatial zone.

*Jia Jia*

In the Dark, a gloomy voice resounded. This time, a dozen powerful dark souls emerged, blocking his path. These dark souls brought a brutal Qi with them and the sound they produced gave people a sense of numbness on their skin.

Jiang Chen used his Divine Sense after realising his circ.u.mstance. The three dark souls who followed him suddenly lunged at the other dark souls while wildly howling at them, they were risking their lives in this attack.

Those newly-emerged dark souls were frozen after seeing their comrades launching an attack at them, but the three edified dark souls didn’t slow down and blew three of the opposing dark souls on the spot, then they continued to charge towards the rest of them.


The rest of the dark souls finally regained their composure. Even if they still didn’t know why their comrades were attacking them, they didn’t dare to let their guards down. With some clatter of noises, they surrounded the three dark souls.

“ Edifying Light.”

Jiang Chen shouted once more. The Edifying Light was casted by him, it raced towards the dark souls. The light was gradually increasing its size to fully cover all the dark souls.

*Whizz Whizz*

The light was like a meteor shower that pa.s.sed through the bodies of the dark souls. All of them were edified instantly, totally subdued by Jiang Chen. Their knees fell to the ground.

The situation made Jiang Chen very pleased. These dark souls have the combat strength of Combat Emperors, they could be quite scary when they launch their attacks in unison. But after Jiang Chen had edified them, he started to gain a better understanding of it. The Edifying Light couldn’t edify every single devil in the world, it could only edify devils that were relatively close to his strength.

The Edifying Light could only easily edify devils if it has the same grade as him. If he encountered devils which are stronger than him, it would become very difficult for the light to work. For example, Jiang Chen was a Fourth Grade Combat Emperor, but he was powerful enough to kill a Seventh Grade Combat Emperor or even an Eighth Grade Combat Emperor, so if he encountered an Eighth Grade Devil Emperor, The Edifying Light can easily subdue it without any problems. However, if he was confronted by a Ninth Grade Devil Emperor, it wouldn’t be easy to subdue it and if he wants to kill it, he had to give it his all to find a good chance to settle it.

If he were to encounter a Minor Saint devil, the chances of him killing it would be zero, unless he is lucky and caught the devil totally off guard, only then could he succeed.

*Jia Jia*

More dark souls raged and roared. In half an hour time, Jiang Chen edified roughly a hundred powerful dark souls. They had all surrendered themselves to Jiang Chen. entirely following his orders.

At this time, Jiang Chen was surprised to find that his Edifying Light had reached the maximum limit. He couldn’t edify any more dark soul, he immediately understood that it was because of his own strength. In short, there was a limit to the number of devils that could be edified. Without a doubt, it was impossible to edify all sentient living creatures like the Buddha before in the illusory zone.

Also, the devils he would be facing would only become stronger. The devils he edified would be scarier and their number would be smaller.

“Seems like I have to focus on my level of grade. This Edifying Light is used to edify all sentient living things and because I’m not a member of Buddha Sect, it can’t help me enhance my level of grade even if I have successfully cultivated it.”

Jiang Chen sighed. He initially thought that after cultivating the light, he could use it to improve his level of grade, but now, it seemed virtually impossible. If Tyrant had cultivated it, he might be able to obtain the blessings from The Edifying Light and increase his level of grade.

In reality, if anyone outside knew that Jiang Chen had edified over a hundred dark souls, and they were all following his commands, most of them would faint from extreme shock. However, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d still wasn’t satisfied with the result, he truly lacks a beating.

A hundred dark souls made a terrifying army. Jiang Chen was leading this big army now, he had virtually wiped out the entire spatial zone. Now, he was searching for a way to exit this spatial zone. He had already tested the power of The Edifying Light and was quite satisfied with it. He guessed that the reason he was brought here was that he needed a place to test the power of The Edifying Light. In that case, he didn’t have any reason to stay here anymore.

*Hong Long*

Combat movements were everywhere. The newly-appeared dark souls were all defeated miserably, most of them were shredded into pieces which made the battle scene slightly intense.

Jiang Chen’s arms were crossed in front of his chest. He was very happy to see such a scene. This edifying light was really a paramount treasure.


At this moment, a howl suddenly sounded from the air. This mere sound trembled the entire spatial zone intensely. All of the dark souls who were still fighting fell to the ground. Jiang Chen’s soul also trembled slightly, he could feel his ears turning temporarily deaf. If he didn’t use the Great Soul Derivation Technique to block a part of the sound wave, he would also fall to the ground like the other dark souls.

“Minor Saint dark soul.”

Jiang Chen’s face instantly turned ugly. He had never thought that the light beam would bring him to a spatial zone which had a Minor Saint dark soul. He felt the urge to curse at that light beam.

With his current strength, facing a Minor Saint would cost him his life. Not even his broken pot could handle it unless he use the Talisman of Origin Combat Power given to him by Great Master Ran Feng, but the combat strength talisman was very precious. He couldn’t use it, not until he was truly faced with a life-and-death situation. It would be a waste to use it here under the Death Mountain.

Furthermore, the highest level of grade allowed to enter the Death Mountain was an Eighth Grade Combat Emperor. Guo Shao Fei suppressed his advancement because he didn’t want to create an accident in the Death Mountain. If Jiang Chen released the strong force of the talisman, it would immediately reactivate the sealing formation of the Death Mountain.

This dark soul was different. It might be a Minor Saint but it was a non-living thing, so it wouldn’t bring any impact towards the mountain’s formation.


A huge figure emerged after a series of howling. It was a giant human skeleton that is fifty meters large. Its body was covered with death Qi. It looked very gruesome. Its eyes were like two ghost fires that could frighten one to death. This large dark soul merely made a step on the summit of a mountain and it crushed the mountain into powder.

“It has the strength of a First Grade Minor Saint.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes turned red. He had already estimated its power to be at least a First Grade Minor Saint.

It might be a Minor Saint, but it is still considered a Saint. It was a big leap to enter the Saint realm. Anyone who was a Minor Saint had surpa.s.sed one’s expertise. His power would become so strong that it was regarded as invincible.

The Minor Saint dark soul in front could only release death and dark Qi. Both its expertise and his power of expertise was gone, but the combat strength of Minor Saint still existed inside of it. Even if it had its expertise with it, it couldn’t do much help as its only priority now was to kill without conscience.


The Minor Saint dark soul continued to howl. It opened its big mouth and blew out a death qi which is similar to piercing blades. These death Qi instantly blanketed all the other dark souls.

*Ka Ka*

Like a wild thunderstorm. All the dark souls instantly turned into powder. The death Qi was replaced by a strong wind. All the powdered dark souls swirled into the Minor Saint dark soul’s mouth and were swallowed by it. This scene was so ghastly, it gave frightening chills to anyone.