Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 685 – Exhibition of Supernatural Powers

Chapter 685 – Exhibition of Supernatural Powers

Exhibition of Supernatural Powers

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Jiang Chen and Nan Bei Chao hardly received any serious effects from the attack, their destructive force was on par so no one seemed to have gained the upper hand.

Nan Bei Chao’s facial expression changed. He never thought that Jiang Chen, a mere Fourth Grade Combat Emperor, had such a great combat strength that was able to match his. He felt uncomfortable to think that Jiang Chen could defend his attack with a two-level deficit, it was a great blow to his mental state.

However, Nan Bei Chao wasn’t extremely shocked about it because this wasn’t the first time that he had met Jiang Chen. The two of them had fought before back in Qi Province. He knew very well how scary Jiang Chen was. His opponent was able to initiate the heavenly tribulation. Someone like him couldn’t be evaluated using logical means.

“Jiang Chen, you may be powerful but you are only a Fourth Grade Combat Emperor. Do you really think that you can fight me? Truly r.e.t.a.r.ded. I will show you my true strength and kill you today.”

Nan Bei Chao’s Qi powered up. His body emitted a boundless golden light as if his entire body had become a wheel of scorching sun, s.h.i.+ning brightly on everything.

Both of Nan Bei Chao’s hands were hitting the air and a billow of black flames was created. It was rippling continuously, black skulls drifting above it. This made it seem powerful. It was merely a cloud of flames but it emitted such a chilling Qi.

“Jiang Chen, this is the Nether Cold Fire. Besides its scorching heat, it also carries a bone-stingingly cold Qi. Once you have been incinerated by this flame, you will be turned into fine powder. This is the Yin Yang Fire. You have no way to resist it.”

Nan Bei Chao said while looking at the jumping flames in his hands.

“Playing with fire in front of me? I’m the ancestor of fire. But since you want to start a game of fire, I naturally have ways to deal with you. The Nether Cold Fire is a rare flame where coldness and darkness exist simultaneously, making it extremely difficult to defend against. Unfortunately, regardless of how divine the flame is, it's still a flame!”

Jiang Chen revealed a smirk. Nan Bei Chao wanted to use his Nether Cold Fire to incinerate him, but it would only happen in his dreams. Even if it was a cold fire, it couldn’t deviate from its fire property which could be suppressed by its greatest foe, water. Of course, for a flame like Nether Cold Fire, ordinary water wouldn’t be of any use. However, it would be a different story if the Heavenly Earth Pure Water was used.

“You’re truly unaware of your own ability! I will let you know the power of Nether Cold Fire. The Nether descends and takes the lives of the living.”

Nan Bei Chao bellowed. He waved his hands and the Nether Cold Fire turned into a sea of black fire, charging towards Jiang Chen. The black flames were very vigorous and had turned into a giant skull, as if the king of the dead had emerged in this world, releasing a Qi that made them shudder.

“Dammit! This dude is strong.”

Big Yellow couldn’t help but say. The dragon horn on his head was glittering with sparks. He was preparing to use his scary special abilities to fight Nan Bei Chao. He had to cast his most powerful skill against Nan Bei Chao with his Fifth Grade Demon Emperor cultivation base.

“Big Yellow, don’t strike first. Let me handle this. You should go and seal this entire spatial zone using a big formation. We can’t let him escape today.”

Jiang Chen sent the message to Big Yellow using his Divine Sense. He had decided to kill Nan Bei Chao in this battle. His opponent was very strong and was improving at a scary rate. If he wasn’t eliminated today, it would bring about a great disaster in the future. Back in the Qi Province, Jiang Chen had crippled half of Nan Bei Chao body. That kind of injury was enough to kill an ordinary person or at least paralyze and disable him for the rest of his life, but not only had Nan Bei Chao recovered, he had also reached a scary level of grade within a short period of time.


Big Yellow said. He understood Jiang Chen’s plan. The battle today was a life-and-death one. He had already witnessed the ability that Nan Bei Chao had used to escape in Qi Province. If they wanted to kill him today, they had to be fully prepared.


The Nether Skull let out a soul trembling roar. It opened its mouth wide and lunged towards Jiang Chen.

“Water Dragon Seal!”

Jiang Chen wasn’t afraid. He shouted and a giant water dragon shot out of his body. A water dragon spanning a hundred meters long appeared, its Qi wasn’t any weaker than the Nether Cold Fire. It made a earth-shaking roar. Its arrival released a chilling Qi that lowered the temperature of the entire battlefield.

The boastful Nether Cold Fire felt the scary chilling Qi from the Water Dragon’s body. The giant skull halted and revealed a fearful face as if it had encountered its archenemy.


The Water Dragon didn’t care that much about that and collided with the Nether Cold Fire.


Two extremely powerful attacks collided, causing some of the spatial zone to be annihilated. Due to the impact of the Heavenly Earth Pure Water, the scary Nether Cold Fire was extinguished. Not only did the Water Dragon not stop, it continued forward to Nan Bei Chao.


Nan Bei Chao was stunned and his facial expression changed drastically. No one other than him knew how scary the Nether Cold Fire was. The flame was sufficient to incinerate an Eighth Grade Combat Emperor, but it was easily put out by Jiang Chen. He could feel the strong chilling aura from the water dragon. That kind of coldness made one feel like it was the coldest thing in the world, it could even freeze one’s soul.

Nonetheless, it was merely a feeling that he felt in a split second. Even if it was the case, this wouldn’t make Nan Bei Chao retreat. The moment the water dragon reached him, he struck it with a wheel of the sun which collided with the water dragon, destroying it.

“What water is this?”

Nan Bei Chao asked.

“Heavenly Earth Pure Water.”

Jiang Chen didn’t attempt to hide anything as there was nothing to worry about. He believed that even without him saying anything, Nan Bei Chao would still be able to guess what it was. There wasn’t any water in this world besides the Heavenly Earth Pure Water that could extinguish his Nether Cold Fire.

“ I never thought that you could obtain a Saint item, it seems that I have underestimated you. Jiang Chen. I have to admit that you are strong, but you are still going to die by my hands. White Tiger Divine Roar!”

Nan Bei Chao launched another attack. His Qi had increased much more. Suddenly, there was an illusion of a huge White Tiger above his head. The White Tiger opened its mouth and roared at Jiang Chen with its heaven and earth-shaking roar.


Edgeless waves of sound charged over. This was the special ability of the Divine Beast White Tiger, a legendary divine roar that could directly tremble one to death by crus.h.i.+ng all their internal organs.

Jiang Chen’s face smiled slightly. He could imagine how Nan Bei Chao got this skill. Nan Bei Chao should be using it with the aid of his Monarch Heaven Art. Adding to the fact that he had high affinity with his White Tiger, the power of the White Tiger Divine Roar would be tremendous.

“Big Yellow, cast your Soul Crunching Tune.”

Jiang Chen shouted at Big Yellow. Big Yellow then turned into a ray of light and appeared before Jiang Chen. A man and a dog’s Qi combined together, Jiang Chen instantly pumped in all of his force into Big Yellow’s physique.

This is an inexplicable companions.h.i.+p working together that required both individuals to fully trust each other. They must open their state of mind and allow the other person to enter his body. Although Big Yellow and Jiang Chen’s relations.h.i.+p weren’t as close as Nan Bei Chao and White Tiger’s relations.h.i.+p, they could still perform a fusion skill together. Their connection was almost as strong as the connection between the other two beings.


Big Yellow made a dragon roar, it was a scary wave of sound that made the spatial zone ripple and become wavy. This was the attack that they had unleashed, and it collided with the White Tiger Divine Roar.

The White Tiger and Dragon-Horse were both pure bloodlines of divine beasts. Both the White Tiger Divine Roar and Big Yellow’s Soul Crunching Tune were special abilities of the most powerful beings, they can’t be compared to any ordinary beast’s special abilities.

*Hong Long*

The scary sound waves turned into sharp sickles, ramming into one another and cutting the vicinity of the spatial zone into pieces. Such a scary battle would definitely put one into a state of extreme fright.

Two waves of sound weaved together for a few minutes before stopping. The power of both sound waves was on par with each other, resulting in a draw.

Nan Bei Chao didn’t look pleased. He had never thought that the White Tiger Divine Roar could be defended by his opponent so easily. For a sound attack like this, it could only be defended by another sound attack.

“I am the Monarch.”

Nan Bei Chao motioned. His body became larger. The illusion above his head changed. The illusion of the White Tiger disappeared and an illusion of a heavenly sky with a sun, moon and meteors circling around took its place. Nan Bei Chao was standing at the internal part of the heavenly sky, illuminating with a golden light. He who possessed the physique of the Monarch governed this entire heavenly sky and was seen as a true monarch.

At the same time, he bellowed and the terrifying heavenly sky crushed Jiang Chen from above. The amount of force that was used to crush Jiang Chen was stronger than that of dozens of mountains added up.

“Five Elements of Combat Dragon Seal.”

Jiang Chen’s pupil irradiated. Nan Bei Chao’s powerful attack had completely ignited his combat aura. Instantly, three dragons of different properties namely the Fire Dragon Seal, Water Dragon Seal and Earth Dragon Seal appeared at the same time and lunged towards the heavenly sky from different directions.

This was the first time Jiang Chen casted the three dragon seals at the same time, it seemed that Nan Bei Chao was the only one who could force him to the edge of his limits.

*Roar* *Roar* *Roar*

Dragon roars trembled the sky, a sea of fire was created by the combination of True Dragon Fire and True Thunderfire was lingering above their heads, electric sparks could be seen from below. The power of the Pure Water and Pure Soil was perfectly unleashed. The three dragons rushed into the internal part of the heavenly sky and exploded. The destructive force collided with the sun, moon, and meteors in the heavenly sky.